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The Future in Politics
The supreme
moment for So
cialism It ap
proaching. If the !
workers are cap- j
able of playing
the political game
then proof of that
fact must be had
in the forthcom
ing political sea
son. Never again
may we expect
to sit at that
grimy board with
the cards so fay-
orably dealt for our success.
. Our Party Different.
We have the advantage in organiza
tion. We are in fact the only genuine
political party functioning as such at
all' times; the only party with thor
ough going permanence and stability.
All other political parties organize for
the political season only, for looting.
and then vanish before the light of
the gray dawn of the morning after.
It is significant that the Socialist
party is the only party with printed
bank checks, with financial credit and
liquable assets. It means much that
we are the only political party with
■ pay roll, with clerks, secretaries and
committees transacting the national,1
state, county and even the precinct
business of the party, on duty at all '■
times. We are the only party with a
distinct literature. Shelf after shelf1
of our books are in the public libra
ries; but, unless the journals and
broker's ledgers of Wall street may
be considered literature, one would go
a long way to find books of the re-J
publican and democratic parties. We
are the only political party with a
science, and with such a science that
makes it necessary for the colleges
and universities to have separate de
partments teaching it. Moreover, we j
have students and teachers of those!
institutions organized into the Inter-'
Collegiate Socialist Society; but who
ever heard of an Inter-Collegiate Re
publican or Democratic society? Not
to enlarge, we are the only party with
a hearty emotion, with high resolves
and a historic mission.
Individual Socialists Do Not Acquire
;/.';: i Offices to Which Elected.
Not the least political difference be
tween the Socialist and other parties
is the attitude toward public office.
1 Vith the old parties such positions
We regarded as properties in which'
the individual acquires a tenure for a
term of years, just as one acquires a
leasehold in realty, a patent right, or
other property privilege. The indivi
dual office-seeker looks upon his cam
paign as an investment of time and
money for which he expects to reap
adequate returns when he lands the
job. Sometimes he borrows the money
needed in the form of "contributions"
from Interests who expect him to re
pay them when he gets in; and he
does, manyfold, and then makes what
he can out of it for himself. Periodi
cally the people at election time de-!
cide to turn the scoundrels out of:
these properties, but, unfortunately,
they decide at the same time to turn
another set of scoundrels in, likewise
for a term of years. It is simply un
avoidable that the new set must make
what they can out of their newly ac-1
quired properties.
When a Socialist is elected, how
ever, it means the acquisition of the
office by his constituency, for them
•elves; or, to state it differently, lt;
means that the people decide not to
vest the most valuable properties they
have in individuals. The office-holder
under the Socialist system becomes
merely the caretaker of the property; !
and with enough powerful offices in
the hands of Socialists to carry out
our regulations, the unfaithful would
find himself peremptorily ousted for
disobedience or malfeasance. This is j
accomplished In two ways: First, his
acceptance of the nomination is an
acceptance also of the condition that
he file his undated resignation from
the office to which he is chosen; sec-'
We're Going to the Big Socialist Picnic at Beautiful Hall's Lake, July 4th~-Sr^king7Dancin2
Music and Refreshments. Interurban Service and Good Auto Roads to Picnic Grounds _n_M A LA |
ana o _ AY LATE
-ond, bound not alone by a platform
but by our party constitution under j
the provisions of which he must con
duct the office under She direction of
his organized constituents, . the So
cialist party. This works no hard
ships upon him; for, in the first place,
ho is permitted to make no "Invest
ment" In the property, — lie docs not
finance his own campaign. In truth, i
he Is permitted to have no campaign
of bis own; and when specially se
lected for active campaigning, he la
paid wages by his party to run for of
fice! When these facts are carefully
explained to the people it should af
ford us a distinct advantage in a pure
ly political way.
The history of the present as well
as of all hitherto existing societies
is one of class struggle. The Issues I
raised by 'he Socialist party must end j
in a revolutionary re-constitution of
society, else the struggle will never,
never end; for ' the reason that labor |
on its part can never be wholly crush
ed and beyond hope of revolt. With
the material Interests of the voters
in implacable conflict, the very words
"non-partisan politics" are a parodox,
a contradiction in terms, an absurd,
piebald lie! THE PARENT "NON
CIALISM. No Socialist worthy of his
card will be beguiled In this fashion, j
no matter how pleasingly and -with |
what show of righteousness the trap- j
pers set their snares. Confessedly j
there are prominent schemers in our
own party, some of them with reputa
tions as slicksters and for treachery,
who keep edging up with non-partisan |
proposals. The time approaches when ;
we should denounce them by name and j
kick the' traitors out without ceremony
and without regret. Then there are |
the plain boobs, —but of opportunism .
The Enemy Hopelessly Divided
Never before have such deep and
fundamental currents of opinion so
riven apart the opposing political
parties as we shall witness In the ap
proaching campaign, and this It is
that affords us the supreme opportun
ity. It follows of course that to take I
advantage of it we must keep our So
cialism on straight lines, and not al
low the issues we raise to become ,
confused in the witches brew of state l
capitalism, new nationalism, single j
tax and similar fakes, progressiva™,
'prohibition and Utopian anti-mili
I shall mention a few of the rocks
that promise to render capitalist poli
tics asunder and afford us the special
opportunity I am harping upon. The
War and Militarism. This will un
doubtedly continue to be the chief
topic of public and private discussion
for some time to come and will af
ford the chief provocation of factions,
at least in the democratic party, which ■
it has already torn in twain, as will !
be seen when the yawping! of the
hysterical press and its support of
President Wilson are withdrawn; un
covering the duplicity and hypocrisy1
of his administration, to say nothing L
of its stupidity and incompetance. '
The democracy, essentially and tra-)
ditlonally the party of reaction, will
then be revealed as a party of two op
posing camps.
For eighteen years Bryan has been
the strongest man i n bis party,
whether in public or private life, and
still is. No matter how much fun is
poked at him, the fact that the admin
istration double-classed him Is sure to
disgruntle that large following which
has stood by him since his "cross of
gold-crown-of-thorns" speech, which
standing by at Baltimore enabled him
to dominate the last democratic na
tional convention. Profiting by the
inevitable reaction from the Wilson
! regime and what with his grape-juice
; proclivities he will emerge stronger
j than ever, dividing the party press
and sentiment. Hence it will be seen
! that the democratic party will flound
er hopelessly through the campaign
i without a common opinion on its larg
! Continued on Page 4.
The Declaration of Independence
Brought Down to Date
By Maynard Shipley f
When in the course of human events It becomes necessary for one class to dissolve the political bands which
have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and superior func
tion to which the laws of economic development entitle them, a decent respect for the opinions of mankind re
quire* that they should declare the causes which Impel them to the separation.
We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created with divergent capacities; that they are
all endowed by nature with certain needs; that among these are life, liberty, and the attainment of happiness;
that to secure these fundamental desires, governments may rightly be Instituted among men, deriving their just
powers from the consent of the governed; THAT WHENEVER ANY FORM OF GOVERNMENT BECOMES DES
COMMON SAFETY AND HAPPINESS. Prudence Indeed, will dictate that governments long established shall
not be allowed to outlive their usefulness, though all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to
suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.
But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing Invariably the tame object, the exploitation of the
workers, evinces a design to crush them under an absolute industrial despotism, IT IS THEIR DUTY, TO
Such has been the patient suffering of the American wage-slaves; but now necessity constrains them to alter
or abolish the bourgeois system of government and exploitation. The history of the present ruling class is a his
tory of repeated Injuries and usurpations, all having for direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny
over those who produce the wealth of the world. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.
The owning class has refused its assent to laws the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
The masters have forbidden their governors and legislators to pass laws of Immediate and pressing Import
ance, unless suspended in the operation till their supreme court shall have declared them unconstitutional; and
when not legally suspended or abrogated they have been complacently ignored by those in authority, who have
utterly neglected to attend to them. ■»'
Then have refused to allow to be passed other laws for the accommodation of large numbers of worker*
unless such laws still left the trading class in full ownership of the mean* whereby the working-class must
live— concession of no benefit to them and of use to grafters only.
The masters have called together their legislative bodies at convenient places, entirely comfortable, and not
too distant from Wall Street, THE REAL SEAT OF GOVERNMENT, for the sole purpose of enacting laws in
support of their own economic needs, regardless of the welfare of the workers. ,-"s -
They have declared law* unconstitutional repeated which opposed firmly invasions on the rights of the
working class.
They have refused to allow to be passed other laws'ment to allow others to be enacted, thus the legislative
power*, held in their own hands, have not been returned to the people at large for their exercise; the country
remaining in the meantime, exposed to all sort* of graft'", from without, and to frequent panicky convulsions
from within. ii '-'A.
• They have endeavored to prevent the further development of these states; for that purpose making laws
granting the lands to non-resident exploiters, refusing to P as» other* to encourage actual settlement of the same
and raising conditions preventing the establishing of ho me* thereon.
They have obstructed the administration of justice, by causing creature* of the corporations to be elected or
appointed to judicial seats in courts of law. ;■?*A- - i->_—--• •- ->..-
They have made judges dependent on their will alone for th» tenure of their office* and the amount and
payment of their salaries.
They have erected a multitude of new offices, and *e nt thither swarms of new officers, to harass the wage
slaves and eat out their substance.
They have kept among us, In times of peace, with out the consent of the people, standing armies and state
militia to assist their fellow exploiters in grinding the faces of the useful workers.
They have succeeded In rendering the military indef,endent of and superior to the civil power.
They have combined with other* to subject the work ers to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution and un
acknowledged even by their own class-made'laws; giv in - assent to acts of anarchy and violence In the Interest*
of members of their own cfass: — -.'-*'->-X v/:
By quartering their hired assassins, under cloak of c ourts martial, protecting them from punishment for any
murders which they should commit on the inhabitants of tne states;
By depriving us of jobs by means of the lockout and b'ackllst;
By imposing taxes on us through the mean* of wa9 slavery;
By depriving us, in many cases, of the benefits of trial by i ur
And by packing the jury when the workers are so tr,ed'
By transporting us to other states to be tried for pre tended offenses; ,
By abolishing the right to peacefully assemble mooru r own or a neighboring state, establishing therein an
arbitrary government, substituting post-mortems for ha beas corpus, tramping on the pretended constitutional
rights of citizens, enlarging the scope of the state* mill tia ' so as to render it at once an example and fit instru
ment for introducing the same arbitrary power in other states;
By taking away our suffrage through capitalist electiotl ,aws' abolishing our most valuable means of politi
cal expression and altering fundamentally the forms of ci v" government;
By suspending working-class laws and declaring themse,ves invested with power to legislate for us in all
cases whatsoever.
The masters have abdicated popular government he re ' by d-daring the workers out of their protection their
policeman's club having grown bigger than the consti 4-1' 0"1" ""
They have plundered our cities, ravaged our homes, deprlved us of the means of self-support and destroyed
the lives of our people; ' *' " .'
The master-class is at this.time creating large arm les of mercenaries to complete the works of death deso
lation and tyranny already begun In the days of Cleveland- with circumstances of cruelty and suffering scarce
ly paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally inexcusable In a civilized nation; ;
They have constrained our misguided fellow wage-slaves '*° Join the army, militia and navy to bear arm,
against members of their own class, to become the execu tioners of their friends and brethren in toil or ,„ , i,
mayhap, themselves by unwilling hands; ' '
The masters have excited domestic Insurrections amon9 st us, in the mad struggle for profits and have c
deavored to bring on the workers of our mills, mines and stories the merciless gunmen whose known rule of
warfare is treachery, secret assassination, incitement to violence and undistinguished destruction of all =,„»_
sexes and conditions. a9~s,
In every stage of these oppressions we have petition ed 'or redress in the most humble terms; our petitions
have been answered only by repeated "investigations." * class whose character is thus marked by every act
which may define a tyrant is unfit to rule over a people determined to be free.
Nor have we been wanting in patience toward our industrial masters. We have warned them, from time to
time, of attempts made by their legislatures to extend an unwarranted jurisdiction over us. We have reminded
them of the circumstances of our working and living here - '" a country of potential wealth and abundance for
all who labor. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the
ties of our common humanity to discontinue their usurp ati°ns, which would inevitably lead to working, class re
volt and final supremacy of the proletariat, marking the end of all classes and of class rule. But they have been
deaf to the voice of justice and reason. We must, there fore' acquience in the necessity which necessitates our
separation into two distinct classes, the exploiters and the exploited, the wealth-takers and the wealth makers
and hold the master class of this country, as of all other countries, our enemies in politic* and industry in
nothing friends. _--iry in
We, therefore, the representatives of the worker* of a" nations, in mass meeting assembled appealing to th
highest sense of justice for the rectitude of our intentio" 8' do, in the name and by the authority of the worked
of the world, solemnly publish and declare that the use ful wealth producers, now held in the bondage of wa"'
slavery, are of right, and must of necessity become, free and independent citizen* of a new industrial world re"
public, in which economic equality, justice and fraternity may become a glorious reality, Instead of a concatena
tion of empty words, a delusion and a snare to the exploited and economically enslaved workers- we further
declare that the wage-earner* of this and all other countries are morally absolved from all allegiance to the capi
talist class, and that all pretense of community of Interests between them is but a wicked and intolerable fiction
designed to hold the greater and better part of the human race in degrading bondage; and that the workers,'
__________________________^^_ Continued on Page 4.
Turning Out Patriots
Why does the ruling class so zeal
ously promote and maintain an effi
cient wholesale ; murdering machine?
A machine composed of - hired men
who are prepared and , expected ' to
murder men by thousands in a well
calculated and premidated manner,
whenever the big traders, who rule
the country, have a quarrel with the
big traders of some other country,
over markets for surplus products; or
to protect their hoards of wealth ex
ploited from the working class at
home and "patriotically" invested un
der some other flag, Mexico for" in
stance; or when the workers whom
they exploit, make an organized at
tempt to secure more of the wealth
they produce by going on strike for
better wages. '
These great "patriots" of the ruling
class are a very circumspect lot.
They determine what shall be taught
in the schools. Not only that, \ but
they have laws passed quietly to com
pel school children to; perform ; "pa-,
triotic" stunts, etc. What are these
patriotic stunts, and what does this
capitalist "patriotism" really consist
i of? Here is a sample from '■ the
schools of the state: Children in the
primary grades were drilled I with
wooden guns, as soldiers, and taught
to "ready, aim' fire." This was done
to prepare them for •' Washington's
birthday in the Centralia schools. We
now have a law to COMPEL the
children of this state to salute the
flag and go through the motions and
repeat the "salute" as soldiers are
drilled. Children are being doped with
this kind of training under the name
of "patriotism." But the i true intent
is only too evident. Now, fellow work
ing men and women get this:
Remember the big trades and in
dustrial kings rule this country, thro
their economic power. It matters not
who is president, nor whether the
government is democratic, republican
or bull moose.
"Patriots" for Profit*. "
These big traders and industrial
kings are all "patriots." Do you ever
hear of them going to the front when
battles are fought? No—but—
but—these big "patriots" are very
anxious to have our children taught
"patriotism" in I school, and they 'are!
having it done . It is done by putting
the soldier idea Into the tender minds
of the kids. ' •'.-'-,-> ' . |
You know that it is not practicable
to get all of the boys into the Boy
Scouts as readily as they can put the
military spirit into all of the school
children, both boys and : girls. We
find such, methods now being use% as
a recruiting ground for future soldiers
in the wholesale murdering machine.
This is done under the name of pa
triotism through the orders of our big
"patriots" who want an army of hu
man automatons who will shoot in
stead of think.
Owing to the extension of our
activities to the states of Idaho
and Oregon/and for other reasons,
the Washington Socialist board of
control unanimously decided to
change the name of the paper to
the Northwest Worker. We hope
our readers will work as hard for
the paper under its new name as
they did under the old. The field
open to us is large; has only just
been scratched; and if everyone
will do his or her best during the
next twelve months we shall have
put a kink in the ranks of the old
parties that their hope of retain
ing their power in the law-mills of
these states will have gone forever.
The matter of purchasing the
printing plant for which we have
been asking funds has been drop
ped, owing to the failure'of getting
the funds in the specified time.
All money received will be return
ed immediately.
There is 'no doubt -, but that». the
Dick Military law and the Washing
ton State Military law were passed in
SILENCE as a result \of ; a well-laid
conspiracy on the part of the big capi- :
talist "patriots" -and their politicians,
and that this j, school « training '.' under
the name of "patriotism," is designed ;
to fit the provisions of those : military '
laws - later on . . Why? As the big
"patriots" are having these things
done, we wonder why? - ■■'.'■ A.'
Surely it cannot be intended so that
we would have peace, because if that
logic was good everybody would \be
justified .in carrying a good ; gun in';
their belt so we could have peace! :'
Certainly the ruling class of other "
countries have no ; reason ■' to } invade i
this country with an army,-j: because ;
they ;• have already". Invaded It in a
more effective way Millions of acres
of • "our * country" is owned ;by them..
Many, many millions in stocks and
bonds of the industries of this coun- '
-*:-**.-—»-*-pi*«V- ■---- •-■• ■■ y .-: .., - ji..-.-- -_-JjM
try are owned by them Including the
Czar of .'; Russia and other ruler*.
These foreign capitalists are drawing
millions in interest and dividends from
the sweat and j blood of the working
class of this country each year.
Do our/big;"patriots" raise Ned
about this? No! . . ; '
A You : have 'just noted how the "pa- '
triots" of other countries are drawing
our life blood through the mystic sign
of ownership. They are just like our
own big "patriots" at home. They
merely assist our "patriots" to skin ■ ■
us, and they ■ want to keep us that ',.
way so they can keep skinning us but ;I
of; four-fifths 'of the wealth we pro
duce by. our labor. ,
Our big "patriots" want Va good ,
murdering machine. To get material •
for that machine jthey * have the kids
trained in the school and In the Boy '•:
Scout i movement, and have the ; mili
tary laws already, so that we of ] the
working class can be shot to death
if we undertake to claim the wealth
we produce by organizing together toll;
do it by our collective economic might. ■
The big . "patriots" 'want to keep
us in subjection as has ■ always been
done iin ' past history, ■■■' so they can'■' -
scientifically extract more and more
and invest it in Mexico, China, Africa,
Central America, South 'America and
other foreign countries under other
flags, and in turn exploit the workers
of these countries until a few big "pa-. '
triots" own the whole earth. 'A'
If we want to be patriotic, there is
a higher and nobler patriotism than
to boost the ownership of the entire
earth into the hands of a few property
owners.' . A,
Human life is the basis of the pa
triotism of the modern working class*'\
not property. Our" patriotism con-'
sists in being loyal to the working
class as opposed to the interests of
the exploiting capitalist class. It is
so. broad that the sun never gets on
it. ;It encircles the globe. "Workers
of all countries, unite."
We demand that human life shall
have first consideration above all
things, that each human life shall
receive and enjoy the equivalent of
all the wealth produced by its labor.
Official figures show that there is*
a total of $200,000,000 Mexican gold
invested in Mexican oil wells.
; Of that sum $100,000,000 is Ameri
can capital; $75,000,000 is English
capital, with the puny $25,000,000 re
maining divided between French, Ger
—and Mexican capital.
Bundle orders of the Northwest
Worker, one cent a copy.
The Montana Socialist is still in
the field. The dynamiting of the
printing plant that was owned by the
Butte Socialist Publishing company
and which resulted in a loss of about
$2,500 can be laid at the doors of no
other than the dominant mining inter
ests who have carried on a ceaseless
war against all those that were op
posed to them.
Send in the news of activities in
your burg.
No. 234

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