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Citizens of Everett! You have demanded a municipally owned water and
power system, abolition of graft and elimination of waste. You have asked
for economy, efficiency and a square deal all around. Very well. Commissioner
Salter has given you all these things, and more! He has protected and aided the
workers to the full extent of his powers. All things considered, he should be
re-elected by an overwhelming majority.
Who represents the Stone-Webster
interests in this city election?
We know who represent the "drys"
and who stand for the "wets," on
both commissionerships.
But in the office of Public Works,
would either J. M. Salter or D. D.
Merrill represent the interests of the
Stone-W Tebster company?
Which of these two contestants for
this office would be most likely to
succumb to corporation influence, In
the event of his election?
The Stone-Webster hand is very
likely pulling the strings for one of
these aspirants—or will be later, if
not now. Many believe their "influ
ence" has already been felt.
Does any voter think for an in
stant that the Socialist candidate
would be the choice of any corpora
tion looking for sympathy?
No one would be that foolish.
But see here: there is a little mat
ter of $250,000 at stake. Get that?
The people of Everett voted to al
low the present city council, or com-
mission, to iofiur- 11,700,000 worth of
bonds, so that they might purchase
the Stone-Webster system and build
a new pipe line to a better water sup-
The Interests fought hard to defeat
this bond issue, but were defeated.
No one above the age of fourteen
believes that the Stone-Webster peo
ple are taking no further steps to
block, or retard, the development of
the new municipal water and power
The question to be answered is:
are they backing Salter, or Merrill?
Which of these two candidates
would you back, Everett voter, were
you a member of the Stone-Webster
You wouldn't back a Socialist, "con
trolled by Local Everett No. 1," would
You would want "some man in the
office who had no strings on him,"
and who had "a mind of his own."
Eh, what?
You'd supply the "strings," would
n't you?
And they wouldn't be pulled in
"open meeting," neither, as with the
Socialist organization.
Of course not.
Now get this—
The present commissioners offered
the Stone-Webster people $850,000 for
their water system.
But they were empowered to pay,
If necessary, $1,093,000 for the old
Now, It's up to the Interests to get
hold of that extra $250,000.
And you, voter, —no matter what
your ideas about Socialism may hap
pen to be, —you don't believe, your
self, that the Stone-Webster people
will be able to "glom" that extra "vel
vet" with Sailer's aid and consent, do
Well, how do you think they will
expect to get it?
Maybe the Interests don't want
that extra money.
Maybe they haven't been willing to
make any promises or pay out any
coin in order to get the "right man"
in as Commissioner of Public Works.
Maybe they haven't
But they say Jake Furth used to be
pretty "liberal" with his friends, as
head of the Stone-Webster interests
in Seattle.
And it is common knowledge in Ev
erett that D. D. Merrill and Jake
Furth, President of the Seattle Trac
tion company, were business asso
So it is not very likely that they
would ko to Socialist Salter for sym
pathy in case they wished to retard
Ignore Eleventh Hour Campaign Lies-™ Good, Honest Criticism Is Made Earlier, Always
That "Flag" Incident
The Man at the Cig»r Store "knows
all and sees^ll," juit like the Pic
torial news service.
After lighting his union-made Ev
erett cigar, the Man at the Cigar
Store feels communicative. He hears
so much it hurts his head to hold It
all. So he puffed the following off
to The Northwest Worker, In sub
"You see, it's like this: Merrill is
a Progressive, and Sam Walker Is
also a Bull Mooser. So he Is lining
up all the anti-Socialist votes he can
Influence In favor of Merrill. In or-1
der to get his man into office he has
stirred up as much prejudice against
J. M. Salter as he possibly could. Sal
ter's record is clean, and this makes
anti-Salter sentiment hard to stir up.
As a hist resort, and because there j
was no real basis for a fight on Sal
tit as Commissioner of Public Works,
an effort was made to line up the
Knights of Columbus and the For
esters against Salter."
"But," we interjected, "a number
of good Catholics have declared they
were going to vote for Salter —Catho-
lics have nothing on Salter."
"I know they haven't," retorted the '
Man at the Cigar Store. "But the i
Knights of Columbus always fight So
cialism, and Socialists, whether they
have anything on them or not."
"But not every Knight is against
Salter," we protested.
"I know it, but a number of them
are being led by interested parties,"
said the Man, as he quietly puffed at
his "clear Havana."
After a pause and a few more puffs
the Man continued:
"I'll tell you another thing: Walk
er's got the 8010 Club, the political
wing of the Spanish War Veterans,
lined up against Salter. They're pull
ing off that old 'bull' about Salter
not respecting the flag."
"But Salter has shown that ho did
not really do anything to offend peo
ple who are sensitive on this point,"
we objected. "There was no flag ex
hibited on the occasion mentioned,
merely an orchestra playing The Star
Spangled Banner. Salter and the man
next to him did not rise, as the rest
did, and for the very good reason that
they were holding up from their laps
a crippled bench which was in front
of them, and gave the matter no seri
ous thought, one way or the other."
"Well, answered the Man, "when a
man has been Commissioner a year
and they can't rake up something
stronger than a little thing like that
to attack him on, it lookß a good deal
as though he would be re-elected. And
I say he ought to be, though I am not
a Socialist."
The Man at the Cigar Store has the
situation well sized up.
Salter deserves to be re-elected,
and he will be.
The Stars and Stripes symbolize
for the people of the United States
religious and political liberty and
equality before the law. As Social
ists are fighting for all of these
things, with the addition of Industrial
the progress of the proposed Sultan
River supply for Everett.
Nor would they expect Commis
sioner Salter to help them out on that
little matter of $250,000 "clear vel
vet." Hardly.
Think these well-known facts over,
voters. Then vote in whatever way
that seems to you would afford the
greatest protection to the common
people of Everett, and the earliest
possible completion of the new water
system and power plant.
F>. D. Merrill does not deny that he
opposed the minimum wage at the
Riverside Taxpayers' League meeting
Oct. 5. If ever a man showed his true
colors he did on that occasion. What
can the workers expect from a man
who opposes a wage that Is lower
than that paid by the City of New
York? There is absolutely no excuse
for the opposition to this minimum
wage except that it eats Into the pro
fits of contractors and Merrill, being
an employer of labor at different
times, must naturally oppose It He
claims to have always paid the high
est price for labor, but this was only
in cases where he was forced to do
so by the union scale. Unorganized
workers would get the bad end of the
deal and as there are always more un
skilled workers than skilled employed
on contract work it only goes to prove
that the more unskilled workers em
ployed on the job and the lower the
wage the bigger is the profits of the
contractors. Merrill is a boss's man
and as long as the workers persist in
voting In the interests of their mas
ters so long will they get the bad end
of the deal In every instance.
liberty, it cannot be truly said by
anyone that "Socialists are against
the flag." Socialists are against hy
pocrisy, fraud, ignorance, corruption,
violence for profits, oppression and
all forms of exploitation of the weak
by the strong. Is this "against the
If you want to know Salter's record
on the question of real patriotism, ask
his pupils.
Salter has taught school In this
county for years, and It Is a well
known fact that not a single boy or
girl who has once been under his In
struction, for even one school term,
has ever been sent to the reform
A teacher is often known by his
No one Is against Salter's re-elec
tion on the ground that he owns and
lets buildings for houses of prostitu
tion and saloons.
Ib Merrill's slate clean on these
You good people who are so much
afraid that Socialism will "break up
the home," are you going to cast your
ballot for Merrill?
The rumor comes to us that cer
tain cheap defamers are spreading the
ridiculous report around town that an
applicant has to pay Salter $7 00 in
order to get a job In the street de
partment. It goes without saying
that if there were a scintilla of truth
In this charge, the men concerned
would have gone before the proper
authorities and exposed Salter before
the primary election took place, or at
least would have done so since then.
Some complaint has been made that
Salter gave no man a job unless he
carried a Red Card. As there are a
number of men working for him who
do not have a Red Card, this "objec
tion" vanishes into thin air. Salter
hired the best men he could get for
the jobs that were open. Every man
who wanted work and couldn't get it
—and there were always 20 to 30 men
for each job open —went away "sore"
on Salter. Those who vote for a sys-
Maynard Shipley will give an Illustrated Lecture Sun
day evening, at the Forum, 1612 California Street, between
Colby and Wetmore.
Commissioner J. M. Salter will also Speak. Hear Kis
Reply to Traitor Brown's Attack. Admission free
There are many and cogent reasons
why J. M. Sailor will be re-electod
Commissioner of Public Works. Here
are a few:
First—Because ho haß fully carried
out tho platform on which ho was
elected a year ago.
Second—Because he has "made
good" on all points not specifically
anticipated by platform pledges.
Third—Because he stands for a
clean city government.
Fourth —Because he Is personally
acquainted with every detail of the
water and power system project, and
has no personal friendship with cor
poration officials, and is not backed
nor approved by the Stone-Webster
Fifth —Because Everett is a work-
Ingman's town, and Salter has always
fought for all the interests of labor.
Sixth —Because he has proved to be
not only honest in all his business re
lations, but "square" even with po
litical opponents.
Seventh —His administration has
been economical in the best sense, en
tirely efficient, with the promise of
still greater results in the future as
the result of a year's close study, at
first hand, of every 'detail of the vari
ous departments under his supervi
Eighth—Salter has the full backing
of the organized Socialists, of Social
ist sympathizers, of organized labor
(as individuals), of the church ele
ment, of the "drys," and of hundreds
who feel that the same commission
ers should be re-elected in order to
complete the work so well begun on
the water project.
For the benefit of our out-of-town
readers, it should be explained that
traitor Brown hired the biggest thea
tre in Everett last Wednesday even
ing in order to attack J. M. Salter,
seeking to prevent his re-election,
thus playing into the hands of the
enemies of Socialism.
E. J. Hrown has no standing in the
Socialist Party, neither with the
"Reds" nor the "Yellows." Most of
the "Yellows" have repudiated him
and his vindictive tactics.
tern which makes men jobless should
be the last to kick when they get
what they vote for.
They say that the men who had
easy work and easy money under
Salter's predecessors, and were re
placed by competent men under the
present regime, or their einlcures abol
ished, are "out for Merrill."
Question: Is It true, or not true,
that if Merrill wins these gentlemen
are to be restored to their soft
berths? Who Is to be fooled, these
pork-choppers, or the Merrill voters?
No one that we know of has charg
ed Salter with nepotism in office: the
giving of jobs to relatives, fit or un
fit, worthy or unworthy. But some
of Salter's relatives, it is said, are
sore about something. Did they ex
pect to land a soft job when their
kin was successful at the polls? Some
how or other, Salter stuck to his plat
form pledge, and appointed men to
positions according to their qualifica
tions for the jobs. This is enough to
make almost any relative sore—if he
couldn't qualify.
Seattle Dentist Gets Free Lime
E. J. Brown, the P. T. Itanium of
tho dental profession, has been get
ting himself and his business into
the lime-light again. And the capital
ist press fall for his stuff because
they believe it hurts the Socialist
party. Wrong again. Nearly every
body knows "Barnum" Brown and
his peculiar methods of advertising.
No one takes him seriously but his
office boy. He has to.
Some years ago the Seattle egoist
was in good standing with the major
ity of Socialists in this state. Later
he exposed his hand and then seceded
from tho party. E. J. has been sore
ever since, naturally. J. M. Salter
and some other members of the pres
ent State Executive Committee were
among those who opposed and ex
posed Brown's scheme. So
"Barnum" Brown, seeing Salter up
for re-election, as Commissioner of
Public Works in Everett, thought this
an opportune moment to expose his
vindictive nature. It is. Even an op
ponent of Socialism understands that
the Seattle egoist would not seek to
hurt the Cause of Socialism by at
tacking candidate J. M. Salter at this
time were he a real Socialist. Such
malicious notoriety seeking and petty .
vindictivencss comes only from the
heart of a shameless self-seeker and i
The public of Everett can take their
choice between the irresponsible rant- ;
ing of Egoist Brown, and the im- i
partial judgment of seven honored i
members of the Socialist Party of
Washington, elected to the position i
of state executive committeemen by :
the whole membership, on a referen
dum ballot. :
It was not expected by those who I
know Brown's record in the party I
that he would accept the unanimous i
vote of the State Executive Commit- :
tee in the Barth case. He never Has
submitted to majority rule; at least
not in any case where he could get
chenp advertising and notoriety by
disruptive tactics.
Brown is a rich profit-monger. He 1
has no material interests in the suc
cess of Socialism. His tactics have i
always been disruptive in their na
ture, and inimical to the progress of
the movement in this state. Do his
inordinate vanity and love of tne lime
light and talent for using the Social
ist Party to get free advertising
wholly account for his being always
busy trying to injure the Socialist or
ganization, and ever maligning its
most faithful, active and able mem
bers? Or is Brown the hired agent
of some secret organization interest
ed in impeding the rapid progress of
Socialist sentiment in this state?
"By their fruits ye shall know
A man who would seek to injure
the cause to which he profe.Bses alle
giance, for the sake of cheap adver
tising and notoriety, is not likely to
be honest in his professional life.
. A traitor carries his dishonesty into
every walk of life and can be trusted
in no capacity.
Socialists do not "create class an
tagonisms"; they merely recognize
them, that they may eventually abol
ish classes.
What About Your Girl?
By Katherine H. Hodgins
If a girl is out of employment, after
having exhausted every resource to
obtain work, or if her wages are in
adequate to purchase the barest ne
cessities of life, what will she do?
She may commit suicide, forthwith.
The papers contain so many accounts
of such incidents that they cause al
most no comment
But the Instinct of self-preservation
la a strong one. The report of the
famous Chicago Vice Commission
shows conclusively that tens of thou
sands of girls choose a slower but
just as certain death—prostitution.
The work of this commission re
vealed some startling facts. Thou
sands of girls were interviewed, and
the substance of their life history re
corded. And it was found that, with
few exceptions, they had been com
pelled to take up the profession of
prostitution through sheer want
And remember that the members of
this commission were not Socialists.
Far from it.
They were perfectly respectable
citizens, in sympathy with the indus
trial system that compels frail wom
en, girls and little children to sell
their labor power In a competitive
market. One of the members is not
ed for his antagonism to Socialism.
Yet they were compelled by the evi
dence presented to support the So
cialist contention that women sell
themselves, not because they are de
praved, but because they cannot live
off the meager wage paid in store,
shop or factory.
And, in many instances, she is not
expected to live on it. The manager
sometimes frankly tells her so.
For, unfortunately, a woman's sex
service is as much a commodity on the
market as is her labor-power, and
there is often less competition in the
sex market. So she is expected to
find a man who will supplement her
pitiable wages to insure necessities, —
which is a very economical arrange
ment, —for the boss.
But I am not one of those who has
vials of wrath to waste upon him and
his kind. They are neither better nor
worse than the procurer and other
agents of the underworld. Each acts
in conformity to his environment and
Socialist Victories
The Socialist vote of Everett in
creased 40 per cent, over that of 15
months ago.
The Socialist tote of New York
City increased 25 per cent.
Hamilton, Ohio, gained 10 per cent.
Abraham I. Shiplacoff has been
elected to the state assembly from
Brownsville, N. Y.
Chas. H. Merrill has been re-elected j
to the Massachusetts state ligislature.
Dr. George H. I»unn carried Sche
nectady for mayor, receiving 6,069
votes, and Dr. P. EReinmetz was elect
ed president of the common council,!
with a plurality of 792. Five other
Socialists were elected to the council. I
The Socialist vote of the City of.
New York totaled 44,290, a gain of
8,643 over that of a year ago. The
Socialist candidate! lost out in many
districts by very gmall margins.
The democrats and republicans of'
Hamilton fused to beat the Socialists
of Hamilton, Ohio, who had control of
the city. The Socialist mayor lost
out by 1,200 votes, but enough Social
ists were elected _♦ netain control of
the administration.
Willard Barring»r, Socialist, has
been elected city commissioner of
Dayton, Ohio. Barringer received
10,872 votes, an increase of 3,600 of
four years ago.
George K. Harril, Socialist, has
been elected city commissioner of
Williamaport, Pa.
BOOST FOR 10,000
needs. If one is making his living by
■exploitation, he must exploit to the
limit. These people are but the nat
ural products of the system, a system
that all but Socialists vote for. The
ability to exploit in order to compete
successfully with other exploiters, is
the standard of fitness to survive In
any business under capitalism. Fail
ure to use this power to exploit to
the extreme limit, can have but one
result — failure in the "business
world." Therefore Ido not place
the blame upon any Individual or
group of individuals.
I use my enegry in dealing with
CAUSES. The brutal exploiter, of
whatever kind, is not a cause, he Is
an EFFECT. I keep my attention fix
ed upon the economic system that
permits the natural resources and the
vast machinery of production and dis
tribution to be held by individuals
and small groups of Individuals FOR
It is estimated that nearly a million
women in the United States are com
pelled, through this competitive aya
tem, to live wholly or partially from
barter of their sex.
This method of earning a living
precludes the possibility of a normal
length of life, to say nothing of the
The greater part of this vast army
of women fall victims to alcoholism
and veneral disease; so that they
must be replaced about every eight
years with a new army of the disin
Where will these new recruits come
from? Who will they be?
They will come, as always, from
among the weaker or the most tempt
ed girls who work in office, shop, fac
tory or kitchen, or who are not per
mitted to even try to eke out an ex
istence anywhere. And your girl may
be among them. Ido not know.
I take it for granted that millions
of mothers who have raised beautiful
girls for the brothels of "our country"
thought, as perhaps you do, that a
special provision mould be made for
their particular girls. But the system
shows no favoritism to a girl just
because she is some mother's pride.
Continued on Page 4.
Anything that will not hurt the
capitalist class much will not help
you much. Between you and the
capitalist class there can be no peace.
So long as either of you exists, there
can be only war. You will continue
to fight for the right to live. The
capitalist class will continue to refuse
you the right to live except at the
price of a profit.—Benson.
It is estimated that John D. Rocke
feller Is realizing about $2,000 every
hour from bis stocks, real estate and
mines. Carnegie reaps an annual in
come of $15,000,000 from his Invest
ments in the steel industry.
New occasions teach new duties;
Time makes ancient good uncouth;
. They must, upward still and onward,
Who would keep abreast of Truth.
"Providence takes no notice of
; which side is right or wrong in any
war. Providence is always on the
side of the heaviest artillery. Na
poleon Bonaparte.
i ,
Labor's solidarity means the union
|of many peoples now weakened and
divided. —Peter E. Burrows.
I —
I Ye shall know the Truth and the
Truth shall make you free. —Scrlp-
| ture.
International solidarity means the
world for the world's workers.
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