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Wst Co=operatte J?eto£
In ThinKs Essential, UNITY—In Thin** Doubtful, LIBERTY— All Things, FRATERNITY
5c per copy; 50c per year.
In spite of till that Labor has
done there is still danger that
Tom Mooncy will he tanged.
Thres tiniea has President Wilson
MOt work to Governor Stephens
rtf California »irj»inp him to ■#•
cure n n«w trinl for the con
demned mat), but no intinu ion
has been civrn out as to what the
•ate executive will do. On the
otVer hand, th powerful vested
interests of CVifwiu are brinjc*
irjr pressure to bear. They arc
nMsit"t!\ demand n»r Mooiiev's
tlcoil. And th.it abomination.
Pickett. has male a thit-U thut;
if the fSovcrror pardon* M«M>r«y
or commute* hi* «tr.ter<e to any
ti.irK lest than ! ft innM>i,nuit
he «il! jump into tf,» >!itual
ring &r maife *' :»nti-Stephi»r.B
aniar.ti>an.<irchi«t ampatc H-»r«e
it is doubtfn! if the pre?ont tX«C
uti"»~e c:in brave tie wr^th of tap
ital ari grant Mk e> a new
Eer.a M or v will pea* in Ev-
OTK*t on 'April 2H, and wjll> r.o
doubt give »tnr>' interesting -i It
lights on the subject.
— —
Kate Richards O'itere s to . |
V' ho o ntij on [behalf of tbp
Liberty Dcftrsc Union to help
• raise a frit be u.'«-»J in porvhl-
Injc lejful defense for persona who
have been prosecute! fv>r exor
cising their constitutional rights
of f.*es Bpfeeh a' 1 Ax press.
"In all ir j.ub!ic career," said
Sirs. ( H. re, *"! >-tt never found
anything »gr p^r *; arythirK to
which the public has tenpondeil
po rei'iilj- a-? .o the appeal of the
Libert;.- Defense Urirn. It ih
particularly gfatifyinsr that » p.
port of this work comes not ir «
from the rar.ks of labor ar.rf fad
icals than from thf Ilbxcrals ami
those who believe that there '-an
b« no possible justification for
the nullification of constitutional
rights. These eitixen ar»« de
termined that the courts hal! be
useti, riot to crush those who lift
their voices for the rights of the
people, but to protect those
"If. Washington I talked to
many Senators and Representa
tives who welcomed the idea of
xuch a movement as thin. These
men— ippo **■'* of the President^
all of them—*xjm'»f«'d the heart
iest di.«i:u.st at the effort of jk>w
erful business interests to prcvert
Wml processes o that th»-y might
railroad out of the way all crit
ioiHrn nd political opposition!
Th«se Senators and Rej re tents
tives pointed out to me that the
Administration's greatest enemy
ri^ht now Ii the war profiteer."
i then ■ OOC
rativi cm ietie , 2,000 of which
► • mior 'l he s a
*■■ b« hip of over half a
million. Thi- reprc enti a really
' yen r I toward Jap
e «• i conemk ems i i pation, mr
r ich h in 1900 then *• but
i 7 cq operative societies.
EVERETT, Washington. Thursday, ai'rtl 18, n\*
Prof. Cox to Speak
Prof. Bdw, Q. (*«» x. of the Department nf Bnfliih
in Urn University of Washington, will j*puak in The
Forum, Sunday evening, April 21st. on "The Hunis of
Nationality." Admission will be free.
Office of thf» Socialist Party of
Snohosntah County. Ea»t Stan
woo.!. Wttsh., April 15, I9ia
Local Jleml'em and Memliern
«it'«»»K'" of SntihoinUh Cod }
Tht* t »!»itv Committee nt its scs
ion on March 84, 1918, set Sun
lay, limy 5, for th* County Mass
I «ir.\t nti'M. for the purpose of
11 ir.n4t i« latta for the po
litical ticket for ihv fall Cam
paign; and also for the drawing
up o£ a p»4f«tin MeetinK will
be at the forum wt l p. m.
All members in the County that
are I a I up ..ml in kockl sUindinK
arr entititj to » HA( in the
Convention. >itr >c will have
to ha ♦• their red cards *ith them.
frattrfiiiHy «übinitt*«! by order
cf County Committee.
Arthur H. Hunsen,
County^ Secretary
Georjjej Martinich, an Kverett
i barber, who has been a Itcturer
for the Rifole Students, is now
ctetnin-»'I at the county jail on
the charge of having violated the
E#picna&e law N-cause of some
a!!f;»ed attempt to circulate "The
Finished Mystery." A county
officer whom we talked with about
tiiu book, a«i he could find noth
ing particularly seditious in it;
v«>t the F«-d«*rul authorities must
have Found something (perhaps
with a microscope) because the
poor man is placed under an im
possible bond—sls,ooo.
The. man was'/ivc-n'a pr-tlim-;
mary hearing before F. \V. Mans
field, U. S. Commissioner, and
by him bound over to the Federal
Grand Jury, which is to convene
shortly in Seattle. The evidence
110 far produced against him is
that be had a few copies of the
Finished Mystery in his posses
sion, but there ii no evidence at
all that he had sold or distributed
any since the book was inter
-1 dieted.
If the man were engaged in .
(lerman-spy work and was doing
anything to help the K:ii:~«T, we
would not «ay ii word in his be
ha'f; but we have satisfied our
selves that such ii not the case,
and there i« not the slightest evi
dence to support such a conten
tion, outiide of suspicious cir
eumetancea that have been «at
isfactorily explained. The case
han therefore simmered down to
a matter of official persecution.
We advise the authorities to j»o
easy on that kind of stuff. Have
a care.
T. L. Powell, Ridgefield, Wn. 2
Carl Malmgren, Everett, Wn . 2
Mabel Roessel, Everett, Wn. 1
Afternoon Se««!»n
Convention culled ,tc> »r<ltT lit
1:18 p. m. by Cltairman i o!m
l:.ili call; all thnt were prrftent
at the forenoon si-ani'in wr We «*J
present at tin- mtuniir nei
Secretary read ♦♦:• r« rt ©I
the Co-operative Npwh, «nd it
wa« moved and MC^nded thi» the
report bo a«»-j»t««l.* I u'tii^l
Resolution Commit was i- xt
to report and offered one »«fo
lution, in protest if the unfair
trial irivt-n Thomas Mihiiij, an.!
also against' the conviction of
Wells. Sadler and tin- Tar* Bros.
Moved that the mnlution be
adopted as read; ah (amendment
was made and seconded that th<
words "a speedy^ new trial" Jbe
strickt-n out. Cairvil. • Motion
as amended carried? At this time
Comrade Katherine Hodgins was
given the floor to discuss "The
Co-operative News," which was
well received by, the Convention.
Moved and seconded U
ai d «-x
of thanks to K. H
Peter fusby, 11. v\
nd the mailing foi
Tillie Roeder, Rom A n and
Delia Engstrom. Carried
' ■ ■ next
to report. Motion that the "pj
tstitution he adopt
eriatim. Carried.
■ ns were
I without objection with the
■■<<< ption of the following -i •
ided that \*
111, Sec. 1, Paragraph 1 • ti Ick
en out Carried.
Moved and seconded thai Art
111. Sec l, Par. "P M \h I
out Carried.
seconded that tha
two motions concerning, the
r-manager and press com
mittee be reconsidered. (ju
Motion that Paragraph "X" be
adopted. Motion lo I
Mot lon that pa ragraph " 1 " be
adopted. Motion carried.
Moved and seconded thai Art
IV.. Sec. I and 11 be tabled till
the State referendum i« tallied
1 ..1 led,
Moved and seconded that the
< on: titut 1,.11 be adopted as amend
cd. Carried.
Auditing Committee reported that
the Secretary* hooks h:t<l be4n
audited and found correct Sec
'•> irj did not ilgn the report,
Motion thai the report be ac
'•'•i |!i'(l- Carried
Next in order was the nominal
inK or candidates to k<> on the
!'■ Fei endum ballot. The Count j
Executive Committee wai Hi I
be nominated Following were
the nomination*) Hani Bolie, C.
P. Morrison, A. EL Holmberg,
Mike Kr'>n)iolm, w. J. Portion,
W <i. Orima, Arthur II llannon,
J. S. Holiier, Vi«<»i Cospion, Cord
1 •••III.IT, IH> J- 111 Nt'HH.
Moved iiii Mconded thut 'i.
declination of ii Soiie lie a<
eepted< Carried.
Moved anil seconded that th*
rorTihtninx 10 utrne* ! c the unan
imous choice of the Convention
to go on the ballot. Carried.
NominutforiH of County lecPO
tttiy-Ticaiiurer: Peter Hushy and
Prank Cnlg Moved and sec«
on -c) thut ti i- two rnmiH be
•ml nutted on the ballot. Carried.
N'ominutioMi of County Hoard
of Tiuateee Hans Soli*, Thomaft
Jensen, John HantbeTsTi Chris So
ui', Jacob Settee unit Kufus Wren,
"i motion the above six names
wit* made the uimnirnouH choice.
N« ' wai the election <.f m
I'rt'ss Committ « • The folloiring
*ere riotntriateil; A. E. Holmb«rg
('. i* Morrison, K. II Rodgini
F. S. I» »ar, ami W. J. Fort
son. Moved at ii laconded tlmt
the nominations close and tba*
tie five lie declared elected. Oar
On motion tr.e Convention set
Mi th« th us the d»t». for the
' County Mass Convention, for the
nominating of candidate^ for the
Political ticket. (Convention'will
Ik; held at th Porum, 1612 C.'.ili
fornia treet at Ip. m.l Moved
and secoride<l that the Convention
i?o on record a opposed to th«
I moving tf th«- Stite; He»d »
Utr to ttlo, on account of the
increased of office rant that v.ill
be asked in Seattle. The, rer.t
will be nt least two or three tin es
greater in Seattle and it will
mean that th»- bard earned coin
of the party members will j»<» to
fatten some landlord. Carried.
■At this time Comrade P. G.
McMurry, of Yakima, was called
on to Rive a short talk, which was
| well received.
Moved and seconded that this
convention go «>f! record in fa«
vor of endorsing any labor or in
dustrial organization that recoi
nizrs the class struggle. Carried
Moved and seconded that the
Convention «<■ on record a* fa
voi ng the County Secretary
sending prospectus, of what will
be done at the County Conven
tion, to delegates of the County
Convention at the time of call
ing the Convention. Carried
Moved and seconded to adjourn
me die. Carried.
Chairman of Convention.
Secretar) i>{ Convention
UNDER $10,000 BOND
KnnsnH City, Mo, —Mrs. lJ»s«
Pastor Stokes, of New York, ar
i- ted at Willow Springs, Mo.,
lnat Saturday «>n a charge of vio
iting the espionage act, waived
preliminary hearing here and her
bond was placed at 110,000, to!
await the action of the Federal
Grand Jury it. April. I
Don't <!i»*trity tail or any future
Issue.of thin paper.. Hand it to
ii neighbor or mail it to a friend.
Marfc M«>n»»« intrt eating artirleti
ami «sk them to HuhHcribe. The
Influence and rirruiatiun ran and
must be i"fn-Bhi-4 It ran be do*r,
with jour help.
Number .376.
Comrade Nils OKterberjr, who
is necretary of the local at Dar
r'miiton, has been arrested and
hell under $10,000 bail for an
alleged violation of the Espion
age Act The complaint was
sworn to by George Kngiish and
rente* that the defendant did on
the Ist day of February "unlaw
fully, wilfully and knowlingly
make and convey fal*e reports
ai' false statements with intend
to interfere with the operation
or success of the military or
rm»'al forces of the 17, S. in it*
w»r ajjatnHt the Imperial Ger
man Government." H»: <*as ar
m <n< before U. S. Comminsion
fr Mansfield, and pleaded Not
Guilty. The- ca3e was then set
for hearing before the same trib
unil on Friday, April I**, at which
time evidence will >•* heard an
th« taw wil! be either <li«"mist t.r
h«» priviner wil! be bojr.d over
t« the Federal t»r.»nd Jury for
f uitht- r pn.»»cution.
Comrade Osterbcr* has been an
active ? a!i ♦ licrir.gr all c;f tr,*
eiirht or ten >i«is that he km
i e-i at ParrirKt«.n. Hi- has run
for various l«nal offices tin **•*■
Socialist tickst; he has brought
radical j^peaker3 ♦•* the town . to
e» ♦*.•►•»» the workers aH be
hrs at all times talked and ex
pour.dsd f-cif-mific <oci;»lism to
tt;a native*. This activity on his
parishes gotten him the enm||»
•■f the P;irrir.?ton politiciarjs; and
it is not at all suryrisirj that
he should be arrested on rr>'
charge or other. I* is very im
probable that >■* has at any time
j.-iveri voice to "seditious uttt<w
H« was, arrested and fed in
tl <• county jail without warrant.
The complaint, on which the war
rant for his arrest was based and
■' sued, was sworn to AFTER h'
was in jail, and a sort of formal
■erving of the warrant jr.icht
have been fone through. This
sort of irregularity has c«»me to
be th*» regular thing.
Register now—then do some
i thinking —and thus prepare your-
I Mil to vote the Socialist Tarty
Ticket STRIGHT on November
«"th. Also be sure t»» sign our
petition for TIATIVK MEAS
URE No. 88" (for a universal
I eight-hour day for all workers
iii the State of Washington), ami
K«*t every (> th»r legal voter in
your neighborhood t» sign the pc-
I tion—rtnd then in to it that the
names on the petition are initial
ed IN INK and the petition prop
:iily certified to by the registra
tion officer —or (where regi stra
it ion 's not required) by the Post
1 Waiter, Road Supervisor, Mem
if'.r of the School Board or Jus
tice of the Peace.
j (Jet buny, and got everyone else
busy Hiding these petitions—must
have approximately 40.000 signa
tures of lej;al voters in this state,
i and we want you to help pet
( them to the State Office by June
80th so that I can get them to
• Olympia by July Ist thy? time
when they MUST be filed with
, the Secretary of State.

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