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Thursday. June 13 1913
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tlVW^t"* 's.^^ r''' ''" v-lii lcll ;ou *'lar>* the kind to •end- Send th«
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-,<-^.^~ <! -1' tf, —It not Red Gravely without thit Protection Sid A
i \TZI>S <"" r*'1 ' •Uiblished IS3I &(r\
BOSTON—The convention of the
International Ladies' Garment
Workers went officially on record
as indorsing the Socialist Party
as the political organization of
the wot king class in a resolution
adopted yesterday. The vote was
unanimous, with the exception of
two Socialist Labor Party dele
The resolution as amended
"WHEREAS, The Socialist
Party represents the workers in
the political fields; and
"WHEREAS. The Socialist
Party depends upon the people of
the working class for its sue
cers: and
"WHEREAS, It has been real
ized that if solidarity prevail
among the workers they can
(Continued .Tiom page one I
world and they will repudiate
them after taking over all the
mines, factories, oil fields, etc.,
as the' collective property of the
Oil Operates and Detective
Under cross examination it ap
peared that one of the secret
service men, Wm. E. Pope, was
an ex-mine and oil operator and
is at present heavily interested in
the oil industry in that part of
Texas where Clark was arrested
last August. According to his
own statement, however, Mr. Pope
was only interested in any re
rrarks that might sound seditious
and not at all in Clark's ad
vocacy of government ownership
of oil field* and mines or in his
denunciation of the oil and cop
per operators who would rather
see these industries tied up with
bitter strikes than to accede to
the workers just demands for j
living wages and humane condi
tions. These things Mr. Pope,
very conveniently, forgot.
Another special agent for the j
department of justice, Claude Me-;
<"a]<\j. sought to show that the
I. W. W. defendants, W. H. Lew
is H. V. Kane, };. J. McCaskin
end Abraham Rodriguez were ac
tively in charge of the copper
miners' strike in Miami, Arizona
last year. Speeches and state- !
ments supposed to have been made
by these men before and after
their am were reported to the
jury. About the only thing made
•■'ear by their testimony is the
fact that the miners were on
strike in this «;rnp. that conditions
had been intolerable arid that both
the W. F. of M. and the I. W.
W, had gone out in an effort
achieve their goal, as has been
11 oven at the last election in the
■ity of New York; and
'WHEREAS, The coming elec
ioi is very important, being a
it Mional election; and
"WHEREAS. Congi*M is th«
body that can make food legis
!r:fion; he it therefore
"RESOLVED, That the 14th bi
ennial convention of the I. L. G.
W. U. indorse the Socialist Party
and ex«rciM all possible means
of urging and encouraging its
r?embe?s to devote their energy t<>
this reuse, for the purpose of
bringing about successful results
in the coming election. And be
t further
RESOLVED That we exercise
a!! our energies in aiding the can
•!i«l..t«.-s of the Socialist Party far
'■'■rv ro'itical nffice."
; o better them. Mr. MeCaleb.
under cross examination Ay de-.
i f'.nse attorney Vanderveer ad
; -nitt^l that W. H. Lewis stated
i he ft-neial t-t.-ike vote was an
xprtssion of tlie will of the mem
tership of the union. Abraham
Rodriguez, it was said, resisted
•.nest, claiming that his home
; had been entered without due
'roeens of law, and only gave
himself up after a mob armed
leputies had threatened himself
; and family with Winchesters and
]yr:;imite. Rodriguez is a Mex
ean copper miner and a member
f Industrial Union 800. He is
well known throughout Spanish
America as a poet and song writ
er. Mr. Claeb's story stems im
probable in the extreme.
Secret service operative David
Proctor told of a speech supposed
to have been made in Jerome,
Arizona during the big strike by
E. J. Coshan. Attorney Vander
veer protested against the admis
sion of the evidence on the grounds
that this speech was not men
tioned in the bill of particulars
presented against this defendant. !
In fact all but one or two of the
speeches about which testimony
wns given were not mentioned in
the different bills of particulars
at ail. The court requested the
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prosecution to present a more
specific Statement "<f these de
Strikers vs. Profiteers
Dozen of letter! were introduced
from various members and dele
ir.-ites of Indus!.! ial Union 800 to
Grover H Pen y, Secretary of
ihe Metal Mine Workers and also
with William D< Haywood, Gen
eral Secretary Treasurer of the
I. W. W., R. .?. Culver, J. R.
Baskett, EL .1. Bobba and Julio
Bianco are Included with these
letters, most of which were writ
ten doling the heat of the big
copper strike and deal with the
conditions that led to the strike
and the efforts of the defense
| committee to raise funds for the
I families of the strikers. Indeed
these letters, written in frank,
blunt working class language
throw remrakab'e side lights on
the industrial condition which
have prevailed in the greatest
copper campF in the world. They
form a vast background for the
ptesent proceedings in Judge
Landis' court room—a panorama
sordid with armed gun-men, lynch
ing* and deportations. And the
ficticious charge of "disloyalty"
placed against the Industrial
Workers of the World shows up
as hieing very "thin" in the face
of !lie actual results of the war
| profits-at-all-price policy of the
labor-hating copper trusts mag
nates, that these letters disclose.
Just before court adjourned
Wednesday, May 29th, the prose
cution presented two witnesses
a-.'airist William Tanner, a Fin
nish machinist indicted with the
I. W. W. men. Tanner is sup
posed to have torn down a re
cruiting poster in the shop where
he was working in July of last
year. He has been in the Cook
County jail ever since, and, some
how or other the prosecution has
seen fit to include him in the big
I. W. W. indictment—probably
for the effect the charge of dese
crating the flag will have upon
the jury supposed to render im
partial judgment as the facts
about the so-called "conspiracy."
The prosecution has done strang
er things than this.
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A Side Light on (he Mexican
(Hy Upton Sinclair)
Come to Los Angeles, rich ami
prosperous, and hear General
Nicholas Zogg tell about Zapata
land, where there i. no money at
General Zogg compels the re
spect of Americans, because he is
a man of wealth—that is, he was
a man of wealth under the old
regime. Ik 1 is cultured and
gracious, looks like an Italian, and
speaks' with a pair of eloquent
and slender hands. If I were to
tell his own life story in a book,
you would call it melodrama, as
utterly impossible as his real
Utopia. After the first revolu
tion, he became governor of Low
er California; and there was a
hundred and ninety thousand dol
lars in taxes due on six hundred
and fifty thousand acres of land
owned by Harrison Gray Otis,
proprietor of the Los Angeles
"Times." The old Walrus of the
"Times" was not accustomed to
paying his taxes at home, so, of
course, he had no idea of paying
them to a bunch of low-down
peons. General Zogg was told
to collect them;, but Otis being a
Gringo, and having the Gringo
government behind him, it was
hard to bring him to terms. So
Zogg came up to Los Angeles,
and laid before Otis a plot for a
counter-revolution. This was the
sort of thing Otis was accustomed
!to paying for, so he put up a
hundred and ninety thousand dol
| lars for arms and ammunition to
overthrow Carranza; and Zogg
! went back to Mexico and reported
! that he had collected the taxes!
But the Mexican made the mis
take of returning to Los An
geles, where Otis was the govern
ment; so Otis had him grabbed
—on a charge of over-drawing
his bank account a few dollars.
Zogg had thousands of dollars in
other Los Angeles banks when he
made that little slip, but that
didn't help him—his witnesses
were driven away, and he was
railroaded to Folsom for a couple
of years!
The little General claims to
j have a letter from Otis, offering
him twenty-five thousand dollars
to blow the Imperial dam. You
see, Otis wanted to "break" Car
ranza, he wanted riots and dis
order, so as to force American
intervention in Mexico; And
the Imperial dam is a ticklish
proposition, being just inside the
Mexican border, but controlling:
the water-supply of the whole of
Imperial Valley in California. To
blow up this dam would mean
ruin to the people of a whole
country; but, if it brought on a
war, it would have doubled or
trebled the value of the six hun
dred and fifty thousand Mexican
acres belonging to General Otis.
Zogg declares that he has been
arrested three times by various
American authorities in an effort
to get that letter from him; but
they haven't succeeded yet, be
cause he keeps it in Mexico. I
find it easier to believe his story,
becau.se of the fact that Hairy
Chandler, son-in-law, heir and
successor to Otis, was recently in
dicted by the Federal authorities
for trying to ship arms into
Why attack a dead man ? you
may ask. The reason is — one
might paraphrase the old song:
Old Otis' body lies a-moulder
ing in the grave,
But his soul goes cursing on.
Once every twenty-four hours
the Los Angeles "Times" appears,
and pours its venom over all
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movements for social progress
It is the most abusive and most
bigoted newspaper in America.
so far as I know; its news col
umns are as dishonest as its cdi
torial, while its advertising col
umns are a ma:-- of patent-medi
cine fakes. Its profits are ovei
half a million a year, and it set.\
the intellectual standards of the
Roof-garden of the World.
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