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25 CIS. Per Month.
NO. 11.
Pacific Leads With Marked
Reduction in Rates on Groceries
and lron c
As predicted in The Press sev
eral days ago, the railroads center
ing in Spokane are beginning to
make concessions In freight rates
to jobbers and wholesale grocers
The Northern Pacific is the first
to lead off with a blanket rate of
88 cents per 100 pounds, which will
apply on carload shipments, mini
mum of 84,000 pounds, of jellies,
canned fruits in glass, honey in
giass or boxes with glass fronts,
pickles, olives, Worcestershire
sauce, catsup, vinegar and olive oil
from Ban Francisco to Spokane,
Walla Walla and common points.
Carload shipments can be made
in either straight or mixed goods
In the police court this afternoon
Caroline Ness, charged with dis
orderly conduct, was fined $10 and
costs, but the fine was suspended
pending Mrs. Ness' good behavior.
The water rent In the Second dis
trict will lie delinquent tomorrow.
The Second district is situated west
of Division street and south of the
Miner Drops Case and Is
< ~ to Atoms.
SEATTLE, Nov. 19.—Robert
Btimson of the Treadwell mine in
Juneau while carrying a case of
dynamite on bis shoulder from the
powder house on the 10th Instant
dropped the eas*. a neavy ex
{dosion followed and Stlmson's
)ody was blown to atoms.
Nothing has been found but the
WASHINGTON, Nov. 19—Minis
ter Bowon cabled from Caracas
this morning that tho Venezuelan
government had terminated the
blockade of the port of Coro.
Wife of Roland B. Mollneux De
nies a Story.
SIOUX FALLS, S. D , Nov. 19 —
Srs. Molinoux. wife of Holand B.
olinenx. says that the story of a
quarrel with her husband In the
fleathhouße at Sing Slug Is a lie,
and that she never believed him
guilty of murder. She seeks di
vorce through personal reasons,
which she hopes she will not be
compelled to make public.
World-Famous Preaoher Sufferlug From Dropsy,
Not Expected to Survive.
LONDON, Nov. 19—It is report
ed this afternoon that Rev. Joseph
'Parker, the worldl famous preach
er, pastor of tho City Temple, is
pinch worso, and It is extremely
doubtful whothor ho can survive
I Carriers wanted.
and .he new rate applies both as a
commodity and class rate. This Is
a reduction of from 4 to 25 cents
per 100 pounds as compared with
*~e old method.
The company also authorises a
rate of 90 cents per 100 pounds
on fresh meats In carload ship
ments from Montana and common
points to Spokane.
A new rate on Birmingham pig
iron Ik announced —$13 per long ton
of 22H8 pounds, minimum carload
45,0(10 pounds. Prior to this reduc
tion Spokane has purchased all its
iron from San Francisco and the
coast. A reduction of $8.70 per ton
is made.
In an interview this afternoon in
regard to reduction in freight rate
over the Northern Pacific rai 1 road,
American Federation of Labor Goes After
Howard's Head.
1 NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 13.—Early
this morning tho session of the
Federation of Labor was devoted to
receiving resolutions. Tho resolu
tion referring to President Eliot of
Harvard university was added to
by a clause characterizing his ac
tion in commending scabs as un
heroic and despicable.
Delegate Drisooll devoted 15 min
utes to a scathing criticism of tho
He declared that Eliot showed
snobbery In a speech where the
professor Is quoted as saying that
Gets a Corner on Decem
ber Wheat.
CHICAGO, Nov. 19—With wheat
rising from 73V6 to 70 cents in one
day, Armour is increasing his hold
ings, of the December cereal.
He bought 3,000,000 bushels yes
terday, making his entire owning!
of December wheat amount to
8,000,000 bushels.
Jersey Central Raises Wages of Its
NEW YORK, Nov. 19.—The New
Jersey Oehtral today increased tho
wages of Its men 10 per cent, thus
meeting tho advances of tho other
the day. Dropsy has set in and the
•ad can not be far off.
Dr. Joseph Parker is to England
almost exactly what Henry Ward
Heoehor used to be to America.
His yearning to get back to the pul
pit of the City Temple, wfcare ho
had thundered unlntemiptwi. for
more than ;«» years, Is a'.niosl pa
Reports that Dr. QunsaulUS of
Chicago had been engaged to suc
ceed him well-nigh broke the ayed
preacher's heart, and in spite of his
physician's orders lie gut up from
; his sick bed lo appear before his
Congregation and to prove to them
thai he WgS by no means ready to
jgo on the shell. The gn at church
was crowded to the uttermost limit,
the enthusiasm was highly emotion
ial in its intensity, and the Grand
Old Man of I lie pulpit, always sen
sitive to the feelings or his audi
ence, was moved to play on their
heart strings wnh nil the old elo
quence. Hut the effort wan too
much for him and tho inevitable
relapse came.
He was carried down to tho south
coast a lew weeks ago In a state
of nervous exhaustion that would
[have been d&ngeroUQ in v man ol
i half Dr. Parker's 72 years.
The Spokane Press.
George O. Bradley, manager of The
Bradley Engineering & Machinery
company, stated that the reduction
would affect the wholesale mer
chant and result In an Increased
jobbing trade here.
"You see," said Mr. Bradley,
"Spokane firms have been handi
capped here tofore in co.mpetlng
with eastern manufacturers and
eastern freight rates. It will un
doubtedly make Spokane a supply
center for a more extensive terri
tory, but the Vice of iron manu
factures will probably remain the
Mr. Boothe of the wholesale firm
of Boothe-McClintock company, was
also questioned in regard to the re
sults upon the wholesale grocery
trade of the freight reduction.
Mr. Boothe stated that the reduc
tion affected but a few articles,
upon which there had been no
profit, and would therefore allow
but a small margin now. Mr.
Boothe also said that, while it
would materially affect the outside
trade, it would, allow them to carry
a larger variety of stock for local
no laboring man should be placed
on a public school board.
Mayor Schniltz of San Francisco
arrived shortly before noon today
and a largo special delegation met
and welcomed him.
He was introduced to the con
vention this afternoon as an ex
ample of what the labor voto united
can accomplish.
The opposition to tho reelection
of Oompers is becoming apparent.
First Vice President Duncan is said
to control 4000 votes, while the to
tal convention vote is 10,000.
CHICAGO, Nov. 19. — George
HanUins, the "gambling king" of
Chicago, entered bankruptcy pro
ceedings this afternoon with liabil
ities of |300,000 and assets $11,000
CHICAGO, Nov. 19.— Wu Ting
Fang passed through Chicago this
afternoon en route to San Francisco
Nute Zumwalt Receives
Painful Injuries.
"Nute" Zumwalt, proprietor of
the Bftgle saloon on Howard st
reet with an accident this morning
which came near ending his life.
Mr. Zumwalt, It is said, was en
tering tho back door of the Ideal
restaurant when he fell through an
open trap door and received pain
ful injurios.
President of Lehigh Valley Road
Quarrels With Directors.
President Alfred Walters of the
Lehigh Valley road has resigned
owing to a difference of opinion be
tween himself and' the directors as
to the road's management during
the anthracite strike.
Causes Death of President
Alaska Commercial Co.
Lewis Qerstle, aged 78, president of
| the Alaska Commercial company, Is
dead hero from a stroke of apo
Frank Gendrean, tt porter at tho
ICoeur d'Alene Inn, was arrested on
a request received last night by
'telephone. Two timber cruisers, P,
Cox and J. E. Cox, claim to have
left with tho porter four valises,
| valued at $125, which thoy Claim ty
bu vow misting.
THE "WEATHER—Tonight and Thursday fair; probably colder tonight.
The Spokane postofflce handled
$12,000 In money orders yesterday.
In explaining this to a Press repre
sentative Postmaster Hartson Bald:
"The Spokane office Is practically
a clearing house office, covering
over 400 smaller offices. The small
er offices remit to this office when
ever they have $60 or over on
The surplus money order funds
from the outlying offices is forward
ed to the United States treasury
department by the postmaster of
this office a general headquarters
for the transaction of such busi
Jas. D. Lombard, a Printer,
Dr. Lombard, the well known
dentist of Missoula, was In the city
this morning, in quest of his broth
er, James D. Lombard.
During the last few days much
anxiety has been caused on account
of the sudden disappearance of
1 Lombard.
He is a printer and has followed
the business for many years. He
I came to Spokane last week and
called on Harry Bronson, secretary
of the typographical uion here, but
since then has not been heard from.
Dr. Lombard stated that it was
feared his brother had become in
sane, as a letter received from him
a few days ago is written in a wan
dering style and in the letter he
states that his eyesight was falling
him. The matter has been brought
to police notice, but up to last re
ports nothing had been heard of
Lombard's whereabouts.
A new rule governing the hand
ling of the rural mail boxes was
received this morning. It says iv
"In the future the postmaster or
rural letter carriers shall not con
demn or decline to servo any box
which has been or Is now being
served on the routes supplied from
his office, In the event tho post
master or rural letter carrier is in
clined to condemn any rural box,
the matter must first be referred
to the first assistant postmaster
general, rural delivery division.
Vice Govenor of the Archipelago Received With
MEMPHIS, Term.. Nov. 19.—
General Luke E. Wright, viec-gov
eernor of the Philippines, was hon
ored by his home city today. Pres
ident Roosevelt and many other
guests of note took part in the
program and the occasion was one
of the most notable in the recent
history of Memphis. Residences
and business houses were gay with
bunting, the streets were jammed
with people wearing Wright but
tons and Wright baiigos during tho
entire day, and all busiuess was i
generally suspended pursuant to a
proclamation of the mayor.
General Wright was escorted to
the city hajl and welcomed by hun
dreds of the most prominent citi
zens of Memphis.
In company with President Roose
velt, Secretary Cortelyou, President
Stuyvesant Fish of the Illinois Cen
tral railroad and numerous other
visitors of prominence, General
Wright reviewed a procession com
posed of all the military organiza
tions and numerous civic societies
Of Memphis and vicinity.
When the parade had passed
Chairman Crawfgrd the general
Councels For the Operators Get Very
Decisive Replys to All Their
BCRANTON, TV, Nov. Preal- |
dent Mitchell was again placed on
the stand this morning. Walter
Ross, counsel for tho Deleware &
Western, conducted the examina
tion. Before be 1 commenced ques
tioning Mitchell Comhiissiouer
Gray suggested that as Mitchell was
ouly prepared to give opinions r.nd
William Dorn in Gustody at Wenatchee
Charged With Shooting Landlord
WENATCHEE, Wash., Nov. 19.—
A. Cloninger, an old-time resident
of Old Mission, a village 10 miles
west of this point, lies dead as the
j result of a shot said to have been
I fired by William Dorn.
Much excitement prevails all
'through this section over the shoot
ing, as both men were well known
| and good citizens.
! Dorn occupied a house owned by
Cloninger. Mr. Dorn decided to
! rent a portion of the house to an
other party and carried out his
] When Cloninger received infor
mation of the transaction he be
came angered. He went to Dorn
in a rage and denied Dorn the right
ito sublet any portion of the prop
erty. It is said Dorn was deter
: mined that the arrangement as
made should remain unchanged
SALT LAKE, Nov. 19.—The
switchmen of the Rio Grande &
Western were granted a raise of
4 cents an hour, the order going
into effect Saturday.
It Is equivalent to a 20 per cent
LONDON, Nov. 18. —A dispatch
has been received from the govern
or of tho Windward islands, con
veying the advice that Georgetown,
the capital, will have to be aban
doned and that all parts gf the Isl
and of St. Vincent are in danger
from La Soufriere. There are so
many people In the southern end
of the island that more can not
take refuge there.
i reception committee presented to
General Wright resolutions com
mending his conduct In the Philip
pines. General Wright accepted in
a speech full of gratitude."
President Roosevelt then deliver
ed a brief public address, express
ing tho nation's appreciation of
General Wright's services.
I The festivities in honor of Gen
eral Wright Conclude tonight with
a grand banquet, which promises to
ibe an affair of unusual note. In ad
dition to the president and General
Wright the invited guests include
Senator Hoveridge of Indiana, Arch
bishop Ireland of St. Paul. Melville
E. Stone of New York and other
imen of national prominence. Im-
I mediately after the function is con
cluded President Roosevelt and
party will leave the city by special
train for Washington.
General Wright met Roosevelt's
special train at the depot and greet
ed him, whereupon the two held a
private conference aboard the pres
ident's car.
j President Roosevelt will attend
two receptions this afternoon, one
being for White and tho other for
colored people.
loot figures, he he not asked ques- '
'liens already gone over.
Mr. Rosa followed MacVeagh's!
line of inquiry in attempting to tlx
the violence on the miners and
then took up tho question of tho
bituminous sections.
President Mitchell answered each
question decisively and was uever |
, Commissioner Gray finally lnter-
I rupted and said that the entire
while he was paying Clonlnger rent
for the place.
Cloninger was inside of the house
during the conference and he made
a dash for the furniture, Intending
to put the household effects Into
the street. Dorn, it Is said, object
ed to this Interference and became
When Cloninger followed Dorn
into a bedroom and was in the act
of trying to eject his tenant, Dorn,
it is reported, drew a revolver and
: fired point blank at the raging land
lord, the bullet entering under the
left shoulder.
The shooting occurred about 8
o'clock and Cloninger was immedi
ately taken to his home, whore,
after 10 hours of suffering, he died.
Dorn gave himself up to the au
thorities as soon as Cloninger had
been reported as dead, and is now
in the county jail in this city.
.The dead man leaves a wife and
several children.
I '
Two Civil Service Eligibles
Get Positions at Once
I The civil service examination la
taking place today at the county
courthouse under the supervision
of Mr. Riddeford. Throe young
ladies and 15 gentlemen are taking
the examination. In connection with
this examination it was learned
that two of those taking the ex
aminations have permanent posi
tions awaiting them.
It seems that two of the employes
now in hte service are only being
used for the reason that there were
no eligibles available at the time
vacancies occurred. These men
will be displaced by two of the
eligibles froip. the examination for
clerks and Carriers now taking
Additional help will be requirod
for the holidays and It is probable
that Mr. Riddeford will request Im
mediate action on the examinations
now being prepared In order that
the department may use these eli
gibles for the holiday rush.
Received With Honors at
Kansas City
KANSAS CITY, Nov. 19.—Ad
miral W. S. Schley arrived this
morning as a guest of the Com
mercial club. He was escorted by
tho full Third regiment of the state
national guard, while the immense
crowd lining the procession raised
enthusiastic applause.
The admiral held an open recep
tion at noon, after which he was
the guest of honor at a luncheon.
This evening a banquet will be
given him, at which he responds
to the toast, "The American Sailor."
Ernest Dannaman of Spokane to
Miss Emilia Wagner of Milan; Mer
ritt Wallten of Newport to Miss
Tillie Havorka of Usk; James W.
Woods to Miss Carrie ClUer, both
of Latah.
line of testimony had already been
gone over.
Mr. Uoss closed by declaring
that 75 per cent of the engineers
and pumpmen of his company had
refused to leave work until practi
cally terrorized.
Samuel Wolverton, counsel of the i
I Philadelphia & Heading, next faced
President Mitchell. He said he
wanted to ascertain, in view of the
differences between bituminous
and anthracite Interests if it would
not be better to make two separate
organisations of the United Mine
Workers. This Mitchell deuled ou
the ground of disintegration of the
labor unions. *
Atornoy Torrey of the Deleware
& Hudson confined his examination
|to certain features of the constitu
tion of district No. 1, where his
I company's Interests are largely to
i oated.
This picture shows one of the many good
values offered. It is finished in bronze and cream
eftamel, with fancy brass ornamenta
tion; judged cheap at $17.50, sale price:
Host of other pretty patterns Included In this sale.
825-27-29 RIVERSIDE-
The Wonder
Ladies Ready lo wear
In gray and blue etamlne cloth, made with inverted plait
back and 18 rows of stitching; excellent value for a« .>
five ninety-eight. Special price $3.1 O
Made of extra heavy golf oloth, In gray only) £« -mm
four fifty value. Special price....,.,.,. »«»•••
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Sheviot and zlbellne cloth; made with a flare and graduated
ounce, trimmed with strap seams and satin bands; good value
for from six to ten dollars. £ *
Special price 14.90
See our window display.
In gray etamine cloth, made with flare skirts, well lined and
with satin and stitched graduated flounce; *>a aa
regular fifteen dollar suits. Special price...,
In cloth, plush and fur; a lot of manufacturers' samples, all
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for those who want capes. Prices range up from. 1 «OU
We have a splendid line of fur scarfs, muffs and coats at rock
bottom prices. Call and see them. No trouble to show goods.
N. B.—All suits and skirts fitted free of charge.
any shape bag in any
Kind of leather
yon want,
$1.75 to $7.00
John W. Graham A Co.
707 to 711 Sprague Aye.
IF YOU have property for SALE,
1 can sell it. Havo cash on hand
for snaps In either vacant or im
proved property on North Side.
IF YOU want to BUY a home, I can
sell you a house and lot or va
cant lots and let you pay for It
with rent money. WHY PAY
We have for Slae
a general mcrchandlae store at
Invoice price. Uood location.
Present sales ato over fISOS
per month.
Ames Mercantile Agency.
Spokane Bank Clearances Today were
$378,971. A Year Ago, $312,748
Gain of $ 66,223
Art Dealers.
A Sale of
Iron Beds
at greatly
reduced prices.
These reductions are
such that if you are
wanting iron beds
you can not afford to
miss this sale.
„«:6-28-30 BPR AGUE.
109-13 Riverside
We will be glee to see
YOU, one and all, up to
9 o'tlstf feats crania*.
F.B.Wright 4 Co.
John T. Huetler.
Phone Mela IS.
Sysnons Sleek, Spates*

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