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Twenty-five Cents per Month
NO. 27.
National Civic Federation Takes Up Many
ProWems=«Mark Hanna Presides
NEW YORK, Dec. B.—Prominent I
manufacturers and executive offl
cers of railroads anil leading indus
trial concerns, aud eminent pub
licists, educators, financiers and
chiefs of gr< at labor organizations
were assembled In the rooms of
the Hoard of Trade today at the
formal opening of the annual meet
ing of the industrial department of
the National Civic federation. Many
more men of prominence are ex
pected to be in attendance before
tomorrow, when the most important
discussions of the meeting will be
tal en up.
The present meeting is expected
t,i be the most important confer
ence of its kind ever held in this
country, Problems brought to the
.ront by the recent great strike in
•be anthracite coal region will be
Considered at length. The confer- '
once Intend* to touch upon ail the j
"practical questions underlying in- '
Austria! disturbances, such as the
Shorter hour workday, res! riot ion
of output, joint trade agreements,
piece and premium methods of pay
ment, Incorporation of unions, etc. I
A list of those who have accepted
invitations to attend the confer
ence, and the most of whom were
on hand today, gives assurance- that
the deliberations will be of more
than ordinary interest and import
ance. For the first time since the
annual meetings Started ex-Presi
dent Grover Cleveland, who is a
member of the executive commit
tee, representing the people at
■ VIENNA. Dec. 8.- Newspapers
today details of the
assassinate the czar
made by'foil!- supposed students.
The report says the assassins
pained an entrance to the private
grounds presumably through treach
ery of the servants. The men pre
tended that they waited to hand
the czar a petition. One carried a
W. S. Crccn. formerly a special
officer at the Stockholm, today pre
sented an application for a warrant
before Judge Stockcr for the arrest
of Police Commissioner LilioHthal.
whom he charges with permitting
the operation of open gambling Iv
the city of Spokane.
A case was up before Judge
Tlio ordinance recommending a
reduction In the salary of the police
justice, which passed the council
at its last meeting, has not been
approved by the mayor, who says
there Is no reason why it should
i>6 reduced. The police justice I
handles between $30,000 and $40,000
per year of the city's money and
gives the greater part of his time
to service of the city.
■''N'rcw YORK, Dec. B.—Cornelius
Ifanderbilt, it was announced this
afternoon, is seriously ill with ty
phoid fever, having heen confined
to his Umi a week. His wife, tor
' SBtu'ly TJllss Wilson. Tor whom he
gave tip a fortune, Is constantly at
I fig bedside, He had heen employed
IS 11 mechanical engineer for some
■no- past
• London, Deo, c In the house
of common today Mr, Balfour an-
Bounced that an ultimatum bad
keen sent to Venezuela by the gov
trnments of flreai Britain and tier
many, and that should an unsatis
factory reply be received from Yen-
The Spokane Press.
arge. is to attend and Speak. Presi
lent Charles W. Eliot of Harvard
university, who recently defended
tnd praised the non-union men who
-cumin at work during strikes, is
llso to l>e heard. Other reprosenta
.ives of the people who are to take
lart in tho discussions are Cor
iclius N. Bliss, Oscar S. Straus,
\rChbishop Ireland. Bishop Potter,
Charles Francis Adams and James
il. Eckles, ex-controller of tho cur
The employers' side of the ques
tions up for discussion is to be
presenated by Senator Hanna, Pres
ident Callaway of the American
Locomotive works, President Rip
ley of the Santa Fe railway, Presl
lent H. L. Vreeland of the National
Street Railway association, nnd
Marcus M. Marks, president of the
National Association of Clothing
President. Gonipers of the Ameri
can Federation of Labor, President
Shaffer of the Amalgamated Associ
ation of Iron, Steel and Tin Plate
Workers, and Immigration 1 Commis
sioner Frank P. Sargent ate among
those who are expected to be pres
ent on behalf of the {wage earners
Ot the country.
Ex-President Grover Cleveland
was not present, but Secretary
Easley said that he was expected
tomorrow. Alfred Mosley, the BSng
lish reformer and philanthropist,
and Karl Buens, oonsul general for
Qermany, were present, as also
were 1). .1. Ketie. president of the
high explosive bomb and all were
armed with revolvers and knives.
The police today Identified :>u a i
members of the (Cleft secret society
iv anarchists, papers Indicating a
big plot to assassinate (be czar and
Ills ministers were found.
The czar's guard has been In
creased tenfold. The palace is now
surrounded by an unbroken circle
Of soldiers.
Stockcr and Mr. Green bad not
been furnished with the papers
naked up to the moment of going
to press.
"What art- the charges you will
prefer against Mr. Lilienthal'.'" was
"Malfeasance of office," was tho
terse reply.
An appropriate entertainment will
Ibe given at Gonzaga college this
evening in honor of the Immaculate
conception. The public will not be
admitted to the performance, as
the program has been arranged for
the benefit of the students utkl
faculty exclusively.
The city was enriched today by
$30, being the amount of bond
money forfeited by X I. Torgeson,
Jennie Dubois ami Marie Turket. ■>
I Cornelius Vanderbllt has the sen
timent of the entire city with hint
ever since he abandoned his claims,
to the great estate on account of
his love, and the expressions of
sympathy and good will received in
tne sieii chamber from all walks of
life would do honor to tho greatest
of his name.
eisuola tin- British ami German gov
ernment* would take meaaurea to
LONDON. Doc. B.—The Gorman
British ultimatum was presented
Venezuela at Caracas at ;i o'clock l
yesterday afternoon. No reply has
i yet been made pubUi
THE WEATHER—Tonight and Tuesday, light rain or snow.
International longshoremen: James
O'Connell. president of the National
Association of Machinist:'; James
M. Lynch, president of the Interna
tlon Typographical union.
When President Mitchell entered
the chamber prior to the formal
opening at It o'clock Mark Hanna
warmly shook hands with him and
said: "He-Ho, John, 1 am glad to
see you again." •
Senator Hanna then I made the
opening address, in which he said
he took particular pleasure in not
ing that the masses of the Ameri
can people had demonstrated by
the experiences of the past year
that they were in sympathy with
tho federation and its work.
Mr. Hanna touched
on the anthracite strike, and said
he believed there was no question
in tho world paramount to that of
good relationship between capital
and labor.
Mr. Hanna closed bis remarks by
saying it was the purpose of the
meeting to discuss economic ques
tions fully, seeking the advice of
thoughtful and experienced men on
both sides.
Mayor Beth Dow then made the
address welcoming the federation
on behalf of New York, after which
Mr. Hanna introduced President
Mr. Mosley said that civic feder
ation would work benefit, not to
America alone, but to workers over
the entire world. Ho came here
to see American methods and was
glad to sa> he had boon convinced
they were much better than those
in England. He wished to express
gratittfde both to American em
ployers and workingmen for the
Uniform courtesy extended him dur
ing his visit to this country. He
says thai wages here are infinitely
better tb.nn hr Hnfflnnd.
CHEYENNE. \Vyo. Dec. B.—Tho
Cheyenne opera hoe .', the finest
in the city, wasxtlestroyed by lire
this morning with a loss of $100,000.
Pit/.simmons nnd Brockman, who
room at the Cleveland house, were
today fined lit' ll each on the
charge of the theft of a pair of
charges of corruption in tho police
department In this city will be in
vestigated rigorously.
The charges have been formulat
ed through the efforts of the news
papers, which urged that tribute
was being regularly levied upon the
disreputable women of the city and
many of the police officials high in
NEW YORK, Dec. 8. -It is prob
able that Lady Evelyn Ward will
visit the United States, either this
winter or next summer. Lady Eve
lyn is considered by many to he the
intost beautiful woman iv England.
Site has long been Interested in
[the United States and her contem
plated visit will include a tour of
the country that she may see every
portion of it.
S\N FRANCISCO, Dee. s.- The
wholesale plumbers' supply house
of linker & Kinney burned today.
Loss estimated at $60,000, insured
lor half thai amount.
Other losses are Herman Wei
iscb, trunk manufacturer, $4000;
Occidental supply company, liquors,
$5000, The loss of the building,
owned by the Bothln Realty com
pany, is from $30,000 to $60,000.
A. W. Mcl.eod versus Mr. and
Mrs. F. A. Lew is, a case of criminal
trespass, took up the greater part
of the session in Judge tiinkle'a
court today.
PORTLAND, Me. Dec. 8, -The
body of Thomas B, Reed arrived
at 1 o'clock Hits afternoon and wns
taken to the First Parish church.
The funeral will be held at l'
o'clock tomorrow.
Paris: With Charles M Schwab
and John D. Rockefeller, American
I multimillionaires both In town at
one time, the hot ol keepers at
Cannes expect to he aide- to retire
iv about two weeks.
Wendell Holmes was sworn in as a
member of the United States su
preme court this morning.
Mr. Holmes is well known as a
poet and philosopher and his ac
cession to the supreme bench is
somewhat of a departure from cus
tom in making up its me-iibership.
ney General Knox has gone to St.
Augustine. Fla.. to be absent two
fweeks on account of ill health. He
Is accompanied by Dr. McGowan.
CHICAGO, Dec. 8 —The advance
in freight rates, as ordered by the
joint meeting of executive officers
of the trunk lines and Central
Freight association two weeks ag.>,
went into effect today. The princi
pal item is the advance in grain and
flour rates whioh amounts to 2%
cents a hundred pounds and 5 cents
on provisions. The advance in
rates decided upon for most of the
other commodities will not become
operative until January 1.
PARIS, Dec. B.—Princess Chi
may. formerly Clara Ward, dauglf
ter of a wealthy citizen of Detroit,
who gained much notoriety by elop
ing with the gypsy musician Rlgo
four years ago, was robbed by her
husband's Hindoo servant of 10,000
francs and jewelry last night.
DES MOINES, la.. Dec. S.—The
second annual meeting of the lowa
Park and Forestry association open
ed in the state capitol today and
will remain in session through to
morrow. At the forenoon session
papers were presented as follows:
"Civic Improvement for Small
Cities." De La Sheldon of Ames;
"Government Timber Planting in
the Sandhills ol' Nebraska." J. C.
Blumer of Halsoy. Neb.: "Progress
of Forestry and the Work of For
estry in lowa." W. H. Mast. Wash
ington, D. 0.: "Our Wild Plants for
Parks and Gardens," Wesley Greene
of Davenport.
authority were implicated In the
A number of prominent heads
will fall and the Investigation lead
ing to others will likely result iv a
clean-up of all kinds of municipal
grafting here.
Where the charges may at all be
substantiated prosecutions will be
made vigorously.
CHICAGO, Deo. B.—The police
closed the 1 Investigation ot the
anonymous letter scandal and have
made their official report, which
says they have positive evidence
that the letters were mailed l>y a
prominent society woman, but they
say that unless some of those who
received the obscene letters will an
SCRANTON, Dec. I.—When the
strike hearing commenced this
morning before the anthracite com
mission Judge Qray said that the
operators bail been given ample
time to make their statements of
wages and. therefore, be desired
thai they be presented immediately.
He said that if the statements wese
Incomplete the commission would
ask for further data.
Miner Qallagher, formerly em
ployed by the Markle company, was
recalled to the stand.
To the surprise of everyone not
one of the Matkles' counsel were
present. Justice Qray held that if
Markle knew that testimony was
to be given against him it was his
duty tO present He ordered the
testimony to propped.
The most important point brought
out by Qallagher was that the coal
I cars had been made considerably
larger, but that the miners got no
extra pay in consideration of their
Increased Site.
Frank Peterson was tlned |100
and costs for the larceny of a fur
overcoat valued at ii',.
Representative Sherman of New York
1 Pays Glowing Tribute.
tions were submitted to the house
by Representative Sherman of New-
York this morning as follows: Re
solved that the following be spread
upon the minutes: "The Hon.
Thomas Brackett Reed, who died
in Washington on the 17tb instant,
for 22 years had been a member of
this house and for six years its
speaker. His services terminated
with the Fiftyflfth congress, and
within this chamber the scene of
his life's greatest activity was
laid. Here he rendered services
to his country which placed him in
the front rank of American states
manship. Here he exhibted the
characteristics which compelled re
spect and won the world's admir
worth and strength of character
w - ere the virtues that brought him
I his popular fame in congressional
leadership. In his depth and bfeadth
There Is a movement on foot,
started by five of the principal la
bor unions in the city, to organize
in Spokane a new central labor
body to be known as the allied
council. Its object is to bring into
closer relations the local unions
and to prepare for any concerted
action that may in the future be
organized against unionism.
■tlt-i*>*fho figure prominently in la
bor circles fear that the society
which has been formed under the
name of the Commercial club has
been brought into existence to war
on the principles of labor unionism.
P. K. Merryweather. the promi
nent drganizor who has the new
body'ajlaterosU in charge, in speak*
ing ofj tho matter this morning,
saiii: "We are acquainted with the
avowed purpose of the Commercial
club and are making preparations
to meet them on any ground they
may wish to declare themselves.
The cooks, waiters, waitresses, bar
tenders and butchers are forming
an allied council to offset the influ
ence which the club will in all
probability endeavor to exercise, if
any fight comes up at all it will
[hardly take place-until trie spring.
John Mackenzie delivered a lec
ture on Socialism last eveaing at
Oliver hall. His title was "Panics,
Crises and Industrial Depressions."
Peter Perendo. an Italian, whom
the Humane society charged with
causing his fortune birds to suffer
with the oeld was let go with the
fine of |5 and costs.
ply for a warrant they will make no
Nearly every prominent wedding
in the \\ indy City recently has been
marred by the reception by the
bride or groom intended ot letters
damaging to the character of their
flancea and this is what ac police
have at last succeeded in running
The following Quotations are fur
nished i<y tin- Ooe Commission com
pany. Rookery building:
CHICAGO, Dec. S—May wheat-
Opens, 751,0: highest, 760! lowest,
75t. 4 c; closing, TS%C. Muy corn—
Opens, highest, 4a%c; low
est. 43 l »f; Closing, 43% c May
oats —Opens. H-'-,c, highest, 33c;
lowest, ; closing, 33c.
wheat —Opens, 73% c; highest,
<74»i,e; lowest, 7;i-\c; closing,
" 4 '" r
HONOLULU, Dec S, via San
Francisco, Dec B.—Christianity la
having a setback in the Island, Xt
At Maul the Japanese church am!
Bc.iool. dcdicatedsls weeks ago tin
der Christmn auspices, were both
today laid claim to ami successfully
, maintained hold of by lluddkMs.
of intellect with full rounded de
velopments had produced a giant
who towered above his fellows and
impressed them with the power of
his wisdom. A distinguished states
man, a lofty, patriotic, cultured
scholar an incisive writer, a unique
orator, an unmatched debater, a
master of logic, wit and satire was
this the most famous of the world's
parliamentarians, this great repre
sentative citizen of the American
republic, who'has now gone into
history. In his honor the house is
declared adjourned.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 8. — Ex-
Speaker Thomas Brackett Reed
died here at 12:10 Saturday night
of uraemia at the Arlington hotel.
The remains were conveyed to
' Portland. Me., Sunday at 4:50 by
I special train, and the burial will
take place there tomorrow after*
| noon.
"The unions that will compose
the allied council already control
the whole town as far as they are
concerned, anil if it is intended to
antagonize them, we may see the
history of the great trouble in San
Francisco repeated here. In fact.
jit is not a d|ubttul question as to
whether the trouble will so result."
Dan Cartauo, president of the
typographical union, said: "I know
that the allied council will be form
ed among tho several crafts.
Whether the Commercial club is go
, ing to assume a hostile attitude
towards labor no one !s in a posi
tion to assert at this time: but I do
say tnat any effort on the part of
the business men to impede the
progress of unionism will meet with
utter failure, as was the case in
San Francisco."
I Members of the Commercial club
; announce that it is the club's inten
tion to include among its members
all of the business interests about
' the city, that it does not have it
in mind to make war upon any
other organization, but will put
; forth efforts for peaceful solution
of industrial disputes. Its mem
| bers refuse to be quoted as indi
| viduals. /■
"No, we don't intend to go," said
the chief operator of the Spokane
telephone company's office when
.questioned as to their intentions of
! attending the first performance of
<"The Telephone Girl." "None of
'the girls are going so far as I know,
iand under no circumstances are we
going In a party."
The Spokane "hello" girls draw
jthe line on the play. They claim it
is a burlesque on their profession
and, in short, they think the play
is under the wrong norn ds plume.
Officer McPhee. who went to
Portland, Ore., to get extradition
papers in the case of Trixie Jordan,
who is accused of "touching" a
man here for a considerable sum.
sends word that he can not get the
paper on a mere complaint. Other
papers will be signed ami sent from
London: One enterprising Eng
lish paper prints on a single page
these three interesting things about
the crown prince of Oerinany: (1)
The Gorman crown prince will visit
Denmark next spring to have a look
at one of King Christian's grand
daughters. If she suits he will
marry her. t-i The crown prince of
Germany win probably become en
gaged to Princess Alice of Albany
as a result of the kaiser's recent
trip to England. (:!) The kaiser is
emphatically opposed to the crown
prince's marriage to anybody for
several years at least.
I At Waielulu since the Completion j
oft he Buddhists' tempi* the large
ami Hitherto thriving Christian Jar- j
aneae school has been well uigh i
broken up. Japanese Buddhists arc
lighting Christians with their own
weapons, that of schools and kin j
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NEW YOKE, Dec. B.—lt is stated
in New York Yacht club circles
today that the new cup defender
will be named Eagle. It will be
launched from the Herreshoff shops
April 1.
LONDON. Dec. I.—Hurry McCal
mont, world famous in yachting cir
cles and a major in the British
militia in the Boer war. besides be
ing a member of parliament, died
The ÜBtt*d States marshal was
buay this morning with a ease em
bracing false claim ana perjury in
the matter of ■eleuiiu* » home
Spokane Bank Clearances Today
were $439,770
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