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TKe SooKane Press.
Published Bvery Evening Ex ept 8 und&> by Thr Publishing Co.
One eeot per copy, cix n>nt.< per week, tW!Oty-five cents per month
or 13 per your, delivered by carrier. No free copies. Entered No
vember 10, i<»o2. .it Spokane, Wash., as second-class matter, under
Act of Congress of March is? 1 .'."
Cheerfulness costs nothing, and it is the besi capital.
It draws dividends all the time.
It is always going out in boundless beneficence, but the supply is
aivays Increasing.
Even the stingiest may spare a Smile, It costs nothing. Refusal
Is due to plain meanness.
Cheerfulness in a good partner in business, li helps wonderfully
fn making money and is Indispensable in truly enjoying it when made.
The traveling salesman furnishes good example of the actual cash
raiue of cheerfulness in business. His stories, his jokes and his hearty
laugh clinch many a contract that has been held open for him because,
he is a good I'eilow.
People instinctively fall Into a habit of going 10 a store where a
salesman or saleswoman gives a g'-nerous meed ol' cheerfulness along
with the purchase.
The lawyer or doctor who is a good fellow more friends and
SV'ts more good will and more money than the crusty fellows do.
It Is proverbial that the politician owes mosi ol his success to his
Jollity. He may be a small mac —generally is but in his veneer of
.bright smiles he is acceptable, when an ablu man, without cheer, is
'unconcernedly passed by.
It matters little what business one Is In. cheerfulness is a good
side partner.
Even the undertaking business offers Opportunities where cheer
fulness may be coined into cash.
People like to deal with the cheerful man. it make business a
Besides, the cheerful man is usually more honest than the sour
tnan--anyw ay, he is more trusted.
It the sculptured group of Thorwaldscn's Lions of Lucerne —sym-
bolic of the death struggles of the heroic Pisiss Guard—find In the
beholder a response that touches to tears, What --hall be said of that
pathetic figure of his time, the living lion of the Transvaal, Oom Paul
Lone as Kapoleon mi Helena, silent as Cram.'unyielding as Rich
'»rd tho Lion-Hearted, devout as Isaiah, the heroic outlines of Paul
'Krttger will always loom large on the horizon of Africa's bloody his
When others surrendered, the venerable lion roared and refused.
And now the old man must perforce drink a, bitter cup to its
dregs. He is compelled to ask his dearest foe, Joseph Chamberlain,
for permission to return to South Africa to die.
His big heart, like that of mighty Caesar's must haye burst to
make this humble plea.
Because to Paul Krttger, Joseph Chamberlain, secretary of state
for the colonies, is the Alva of the nineteenth century. In Joseph
Chamberlain he sees personified the power that ravaged his country
and robbed him of wife and children and grandchildren.
Nevertheless, defeated, broken, humiliated, neither Chamberlain
nor England can ever rob him of his place in history.
"'Hope looks for unqualified .success. Faith counts certainly on
failure and takes honorable defeat to be a form of victory.''
"Truth lias lost many battles, but never a war. Freedom has never
made a fight in vain. The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the
Church. Defeat can never imperil the glory of heroic strife.
O: good gray head that all men know. O! noble old lion, wound
ed, serene, pathetic, slowly dying with the light la your eyes that pre
sages ultimate victory! May you live long enough to go with mourn
ful dignity to your grave, and not be Carried thereto I
Mr. and Mrs. Miles, or perhaps in view of the sequel it would
better be written, .Mrs. and Mr. Miles of Detroit owned a business col
But in the phraseology of the street Mr. . Miies was "the whole
thing ' She taught and managed the school while Mr. Miles, loafed
and in * I ted his soul.
The subordinated husband should have been content with statu
quo. but something stirred within him and he Bued fdr a divorce.
Mrs. Miles did not resist the application bui alter the manner of
her kind claimed she was entitled to alimony.
But the judge, bearing the evidence, concluded the shoe was on
the Other foot. He ordered Mrs. Miles to take charge 01 the business
and pay Mr. Miles alimony to the amount of *5".:!3 per month.
O. just judge.
Men have paid millions in alimony. The> havt supported divorced
wlve> until tiny could flutl ne>»: husbands. Mr. Miles is without a Wife,
to support him. He is alone in the world and unprotected, deprived
of his living. .Mrs. Miles is rightly made to pay for his support un
til he can hnd a wile to care for him.
Dependent husbands have some rights thai energetic wives aro
bound to respect.
Work at the California mine, lo
cated a few miles up Nine Mile
sreek from Wallace, Idaho, hat, sus
pended for the winter.
The Quilp mine at Republic Is
ibout the busiest property on the
North Half just now and is working
> large crew getting out ore for
Rossiand (B. 0.) advices say that
the ore production of the camp to
late is almost 40,000 tons greater
than last year and the prospect is
bright for a net iucrease of 60,000
tons on the year.
J. W. Mcßnde of Bolster, Wash.,
Ik having a large group of claims
on Copper mountain surveyed. Mr.
Mcßride announces that part of
the tract comes in contact with
part of the Buckhorn people's
ground and he announces thai when
they apply for a patent ho intends
to contebt their right.
The Republic ft Kettle River rail
way hat i>ia<-. il an order for 40
new steel oara and expect them
early in January. They are much
needed to handle Republic ores.
The Bearer Creek Gold Mining
company bought from one of
the dredge companies at Delta, Ida
ho, six placer claims for a consid
eration ol 15500, The claims com
prise 140 acres,
The announcement has been
made that Lhe plant of the Granby
smelter at Grand Forks will be
doubled. S. vera! prominent Ameri
cans ha\f been <aken into the com
Judging by the figures for the
i past 11 months the output of the
Boundary district in British Colum
bia for the .-ear will be consider
ably over * half million tons. This
[is an advance of more than 2D per
I pent out til.- output of last year.
I LONDON, Dec. 8. — Scotland
Yard. England's great detective
bureau, has great importance chief
ly because England has a highly
centralized government. The new
York police deal only with New
York, but the London police have
to do with tho whole United King
dom and the British empire.
Local police forces In England
deal with little crimes, but when
they amount to anything down
comes a detective from Scotland
Yard to take things in charge. Two
years ago there was a sensational
murder on the beach at Yarmouth,
a woman having been strangled
with a shoe string - The Yarmouth
chief was passed over In the inves
tigation. He came up to London to
see about it and assert bis own im
portance. He bad an unsatisfactory
interview at the Yard and on his
way home missed his watch. The
next morning he received it by mail
"with the compliments of Scotland
Yard." The intimation was that a
man who did not know enough to
keep his watch did not know
enough to find a murderer. So the
i larmouth chief left things to the
London detectives, who soon found
the criminal.
The origin of the name Scotland
Yard Is involved In mystery. One
account says that the name comes
from the place where Scottish
troops were at one time quartered
in Cromwell's time. There is no ap
parent reason why this institution
should be so named. It stands be
neath the shadow of the houses of
parliament and has no more con
nection with Scotland than with
any other quarter of the British
The chief commissioner, Sir Ed
ward Bradford, who controls the
Vienna: There are only 24 men
of wealth in Austria whose Vienna
rolls run Into seven figures.
Calcutta: The towns of Kioto
and Nagoya are lighting for the i
possession of some fragments of:
the bones of the prophet Buddha,
and considerable blood has been 1
shed over these "bones of conten
Berlin: The general impression
here is that the kaiser's visit to
England won't do the fatherland
any good. Germans are always 1
j finding fault. They at least didn't
Wave to listen to any war lord
[speeches while Willie was away.
i f"
BBRLIN, Dec. B.—Frl. Irene Triesch is probably the most admired
actress in Berlin this season. She is a beautiful woman and is con
nected with the company which occupies the Royal theater.
whole machinery of the Yard, is
an Irishman. Donald Swanson and
William Melville, his lieutenants,
are Scotch and Irish respectively.
The latter holds the more responsi
ble office of the two, because he is
the head of what is known as the
political and foreign department. He
is responsible for the prevention of
offenses against tho state, tho
safety ot royalty, when traveling
at home or abroad, and also for the
safety of royal personages visiting
England. He is. in fact, the king's
most confidential traveling com
Melville is a remarkable man in
many ways. Born of humble parents
lin the wilds of Kerry in IrelAnd, un
der ordinary circumstances] in his
own country he would have grown
up a rebellious subject, yet. he is
now entrusted with confidences
which weigh so heavily on him that
he looks old before he has reached
what is considered the prime of life.
He received a modest education as
a boy. but he Is now a linguist of no
mean attainments. His offlce of
chief superintendent was [created
specially to mark the government's
appreciation of his ability. All his
chief lieutenants are Irishmen, too,
and Englishmen watch their promo
tion with jealous eyes, but there is
no question about such promotion
being purely the result of merit.
Melville and his subordinates
lhave brought dozens of their own
i countrymen to justice for dynamite
| and other outrages. Irish-Ameri
cans like Ball, Ivory and Gallagher
fell into their hands.
While every man connected with
Scotland Yard is charged with the
i responsibility of preventing crime
Of all kinds, Melville and his staff
are devoted more to the tracking of
London: Colonial Secretary
Chamberlain will have an American
manager for his South African tour.
He took his wife with him.
j St. Petersburg: The c/.ar is said
to be suffering from melancholy.
He has probably been reading about
that Moscow peasant, who is the
father of 24 sons.
London: Next spring King Ed
ward will entertain the czar, King
George of Greece, Oscar of Sweden
and Victor Emmanuel of Italy. The
' bunting season then being over.
! they will probably be requested to
! bring their Ashing tackle and a can
of bait,
anarchists, dynamiters, spies and
the personal protection of royalty
than they are to the capture of
burglars or petty thieves. Donald
Swanson and his staff are responsi
ble for the latter offenses.
Melville is acknowledged to be
the ' - Sherlock Holmes" of the de
tective force, and in the art of
makeup and disguise he has no
equal. He haß slept in prison cells
with prisoners whose identity could
not be established otherwise, and,
pretending to be a prisoner himself,
succeeded In getting information
which afterwards led to their con
viction. This was his chief occupa
tion for years before he was pro
moted to the department he now
The conviction of forgers is one
of the most difficult tasks of the
detective department. The prison
authorities give every facility to
prisoners under remand to commun
icate with their friends, but the
forger is adverse to taking advan
tage of It. This is how such a man
Is trapped. An expert in handwrit
ing Is kept at Scotland Yard. He
sets into communication with a
friend of the prisoners, gets a speci
men of the friend's handwriting.
Writes a letter to the prisoner pur
porting to have come from his
friend, and in an innocent moment
the prisoner commits himself to*
paper. In the same way letters art
written to burglars in the language
they employ, to watch-snatchers,
coiners, etc. Of course, the prison
officials assist the police in all these
undertakings, hut only officers of
high rank are entrusted with such
Officers of the detective depart
ment who show an aptitude for ac
quiring a knowledge of street slang,
that is, the language in which the
costermonger, the racing man, or
the saloon loafer communicate, are
marked for every promotion, lie
cause it is from those classes the
majority of petty thieves are re
Photographs of all confirmed
criminals are kept in the "museum '
at Scotland Yard. This museum it
self is one of London's institutions
and it is visited daily by travelers
from all parts of the world.
Admission into the offices is by
no means an easy task, especially
sine the dynamite outrage that was
perpetrated at the old building near
by some years ago. Dong before one
reaches the main entrance you are
carefully scrutinized by a smart of
ficer in uniform. If you bear no
suspicious characteristics you ar?
allowed to pass on. Inside you are
asked the object of your visit by a
plain clothes man, who weighs you
up with a critical eye. Then two or
three other officers will pass you
by. apparently quite heedless of
your presence, but in reality they
watch every move you make.
There are secrets in these offices
which the king himself would like
to know, but which are the sacred
possessions of the chief commis
sioner and his superintendents,
Melville and Swanson. Scotland
Yard likes an atmosphere of mys
tery and- ah-nns publicity as likely
to remove some of the glamor.
Living Picture Machine Identified
Sir Hiram Maxim at a Criti- ..
cal Moment.
LONDON, Dec. B.—The remark
iable use to which a mutoscope as
a recorder of living events may he
put to was well Illustrated in a lit
jtle incident, which happened in con
jnection with the visit of Sir Hiram
j and Lady Maxim al a southern
watering place near Brighton a few
! days since.
| The famous gunmaker, when he
i was getting ready to return to
town, presented a check to the ho
tel proprietor in payment of his
bill. The proprietor said it was a
rule of the house, not to accept
j echeks, and especially from total
strangers. "You must pardon me,"
Ihe apologised to Sir Hiram, "but I
J don't know whether you are the
< man yon say you are or not."
The inventor readily appreciated
j the force of tho landlord's remark.
He was in rather of a quandary and
I stammered out that he did not have
sufficient ready money with him to
J pay his bill." Hut Lady Maxim had
a happy thought and avoided what
might have been an awkward situa
I She told (lie proprietor that, if he
j would go with her tothe pier, put a
! jenny in the slot of the mutoscope,
turn tho handle, he would see a
j "living picture" of Sir Hiram firing
js maxim gun in the presence of the
: shah of Persia.
i The hotelkeeper acted on the sug
gestion, and, returning, admitted
that the distinguished visitor was
! really Sir Hiram, and, of course, he
"violated" the rule of the house so
far as to accept the check, with
j profuse apologies.
1 WASHINGTON, Dec. B—A large
mass meeting was held last night
In honor of Michael Davltt, Edward
Blake and John Dillon. The ad
dresses delivered by tho Irish en
voys provoked groat applause. All
those who spoke dwelt on Ireland's
struggle for relief from English
ntle and they were optimistic as to
the future of the' island. Mr. Dil
| lon was detained at Chicago
through illness, his wife joining him
I there today.
J. P. Uluine. an assayor of Cho
'saw. Wash., has negotiated a deal
'whereby the Hen Harrison group of
five claims passes to the Opal Min
ing company of Columbus, O. A
stamp null Will be installed .-shortly.
Paris: An anti-automobile union
has been formed here. The object
will he to t|ud till scorching chaf
feiirs to jail. There are evidently
some things too fast even lor the
, Freucu.
Do you know the se
cret of good prlhtlnjf?
Perhaps you don't 5s
none hut the great ar
tists have it exactly lo
cated. We cannot place
our tlngyr upon It, but
wo know that some
whero within fine work
manship, the beat of
materials and perfect
equipment tho secret
lies, ami la order that
no chances may bo
taken we Include all
these In our scheme of
business. The result Is
a grade of printing that
hundreds of Spokane
business men have come
to know and appreciate.
priming Co.
610-613 Spraarus At*
No. 222-224 Post St. Tel. M. 63».
Residence Phone 8. 871.
STORAGE—Wo store all kinds of
VI MOVl—Machinery. boilers,
merchandise, household goods, every
Phone Main 517
John T.Huetter,
Contractorand Builder
Phono Main 13.
Symons Block,
Armour's Star Mince Meat, 10c
per pound; three pounds, 25c.
Norwegian Stock Fish, 20c per
Have you tried Oona Coffee?
Only 25c per pound.
Butterine, 35c nnd 40c per roll.
Cash Qpocert
Sll Sprapus Aye.
Phons Slack 3551.
The Popular Resort.
Repair Work a Specialty.
1003 Sprague Aye.. Spokane, Wash.
Telephone iilue 266.
After all, what can improve on (he food which
the child get* from its mother. Mother Nature
provides us, her children, with a perfect medi
cal food in fledical Lake Salts, and fledlcal
Lake Toilet Soap containing as it docs lOf ol
+h«.*e famous Salts, is the purest, sweetest
m medicated soap made. Use ft In the little
one's bath, for it will make the skin bright ana clesr
it from all irritations and blemishes of the skin caused by PrlcKly
Heat, Rash, riosquito Bites, etc.
It's soothing, healing, purifying qualities are especially beneficial to
babies and young children—a necessary toilet article for every house
hold—you will never be without it onco you have proved it's charming
efficacy. Druggists sell it—2s cents a cake.
Buy fledlcal Lake Ointment, 25 cents a box, and vie it for all
eruptions of the skiq, It will improve the complexion andts inval
uable for Sunburn, Windburn, Eczema, Itching Piles, Mosquito
and all Insect Bites, Not greasy or sticky—is immediately absorbed
Keep Out
of the Wet
The station wanon which we ars
Offering dt prices ranging around
IGOO Is one of the best bargains
ever offered in the way of com
fortable and serviceable vehicles,
If you drive after night or In wet
or dtormy Weather. It In Just tho
kind of a wagon you must have.
Now on exhibition.
B. E. PLODOB. Agent.
cured while you work and without
pain of lost manhood, gonorrhoea,
syphilis, and all wasting diseases
by our wonderful vegetable rem
edies. Our great solvent crayons
dissolve stricture in 15 days. If
unable to call at the office, writo
for particulars regarding our latest
improved home treatment which is
always successful. Office hours, 9
a. in. to S p. m.; Sundays, 10 a. in.
to 5 p. m. P. O. Box 044.
Tho Savoy, Main Aye. and Howard
St., Opposite Grand Hotel,
Spokane, Wash.
The Pennsylvania Mort?a§e
and Investment Company
Basement of Auditorium
We make FARM and
CITY Loans at as low
rates as is consistent
with legitimate bus
iness, on carefully se
lected properties, and
faithfully and hon
estly attend to all mat
ters of a Fiduciary
character in Eastern
Washington and West
ern Idaho.
Exchange National Bank
Designated Depository United StatM.
Capital »2r.0,000.00
Surplus and undivided
prollts J179.558.92
.E. J. Dyrr. President; Chas. Sweeny,
Vice President! c. n. Mcßroom,
Cashier; W. M. Shaw, Assistant
Oscar Sowarda, Prop.
Suits made to order. Lady tailor
ing a specialty. Steam cleaning,
dyeing and repairing. Will press
one suit a week for $1.r.0 a month.
217 Temple Court. Spokane, Wash.
I Phono Front !)&»,
10c per line.
Auditorium Bldg.
StudebaHer carriage Rcposirorg,
513-515 Spraffna Are.
This is the l ight
Order From
The Washington Water Power (o.
Empire State Building.
Spohane fain? J llaltin; Co.
The lideimi National Bank.
Spokane, Wash,
Capital fIOO.OOf
Surplus *■ ai.uuo
OUi.Ti-s and Directors:
Geo. B. Brooks, President
It. K. Mel'ln rson, Vieo President.
A. W. Lindsay, Cashier.
B. H. Ilrowuell. Asst. Cashier.
We have for Sale
n B:<*n*»r«l morilmn<llnr» aton* at
Invoice pilot-. <ii»oil location,
l'lrhifiit Hales aro over > i :>uJ
per month.
Ames Mercantile Agency,
Oregon R. R. & Nay. Co.
Oregon Short Line it. it.
loloi Pacific it. it.
Salt Laße and Denver
TWO Tll.tlNd DAILY,^
Steamnlilp tickets to Europe and
other foreign countries.
DHllv Spokano Time Belieilule Dally
Dep. Kffcctlve June 22, I!'U2. | Arr.
7T»B FAST MAIL—To and "
A. M. from Coour d'Aleno dis
trict, Fio mlngton. Oar
llcld, Colfax. •Pullman,
man, 'Mohcow, *Fom
roy. Waltsburg, Day
lon, Walla Walla, Pen
dleton, linker City, and 6:911
all points 10A ST. P. Mi
3:411 HXPRHBB—For Furm-
P. IX. liiKton, Colfax, Pullman,
Pullman. Moscow, Lewls
l.slon, Portland. S n v
I'rnnolseo, Maker City
all points BAIT.
E3XPHEBS — From nil
points BAST, IJaksr
City, Ban Francisco,
Portland, Colfax, uur- »:so
lit Id mcl F.'trmlnrrton. A. w.
•Except Sunday.
Short line to California, San Fran
clsco-Portland route. ■testnsra sail
from Alnsworth dock, porland, at I
p. in., every five days.
GEO. J, Mnm.icit Gen. Aft,
Ha" Riverside Aye., gpoksne, wash.
' Telephone Main 1(2.
Umpire State Block.

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