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Twenty-five Cents per MontK
NO. 44.
' Tint I. IN. Dec. 97.—1t is officially
announced that Germany has agreed
to accept Tbe Hague as arbitrator of
the Venezuelan question.
LOUDON, Dec. 87.—England for
mally accepted President Roosevelt's
proposal to refer the Venezuelan dis
pute to The Hague for arbitration
this afternoon.
BERLIN, Dec. 27.—-There Is a de
rided inclination In official circles
here to receive President Roosevelt's
1 Spokane business men nre inter
ested In another railroad project
which, It Is said, will be put through
early next season. The Seattle &
Canada Railroad company was incor
porated at Seattle yesterday nftcr
noon with a capital of J2.700.000. The
incorporators are Senator George
Turner and D. C. Corbin of Spokane,
J. H. McGraW and Jacob Furth of Be
little nnd Charles H. Blhler of Ta
eoma. This Is practically the samo
company that will build the Spokane
IK Kootenai road.
The west side road will extend
from Taeoma and Seattle to the in
ternational boundary, a distance of
180 miles. It Is understood that 1).
c. Corbin will be president and Jacob
Furth vice president of the new comp
At the meeting of the chamber of
tnmmerco immigration committees
presided over by President Ooodall,
tiic Harriman railroads In Bpokane
Were Beverly criticized, the reason
being the refusal by the read to ills
tribute any chamber of commerce
literature wrhe.ll did not dial wholly
.Willi lands and advantages lying Im
mediately along its route.
The chamber Is making prepara
tions to issue another of Its hand-
Feme booklets, the proofs for which
nre already in Secretary Munroc's
As reported by the Coo Commission
Chicngo— Opening. Closing.
May wheat $0.77', $0.77 Vi
May corn 48% .48%
May oats 83 7 » .84
Jday pork ithtio 16.48
M Inneapolls—
May wheat 7.">' i .75U
San Francisco —
[Wheat, cental l.Ss'i 1.88%
TACOMA, P. c. -T. -The young men
nf Bismarck, one of Tacotfta'a thrlv
Ins suburbs, aro to take advantage of
the correspond' nee from matrimonial
ly Inclined young ladles now bolus r<
oelved by Postmaster Cromwell, ohm
have perfected the organisation of n
matrimonial club, William llutchln
sun was) lasl nlghl eh ctcd president,
N. J. MoLoughlln secretary and
Prank Benjamin treasurer of tho new
(tegular meetings of i in- club sre
held, "t which the ardent epistles
from tho fair ones of Troy and othor
eastern «• i(ii-.s are read and discussed
.v illi r< llsh.
Qlris from the other cities nre re
queh teil to l ci in clubs, ami through
the regular organisation co-operative
eiuleuvor will be made to mate the
mbers. .
Each nvbsr of Ihe nismnrck dun
pa:..- as an Initiation foe $20, which
The members of (he Order of Rail
road Telegraphers, system division
No. BO of the l). R. N., are on the
verge of declaring war ogHinst their
employer. The order is comprised of
operators and station agents from
Portland to Bpokane, and unless tho
IIOW artlehs id' agreement which
''.rave been prepared are signed by
Ijanuury 15 the probabilities art that
hither a strike or boycott will be de-
Mmcd against th.' big corporation
mmodtatoly after that date,
lor tin past month a committee
l-eproßCnllng the telegraphers and
ttompoi 1 of w. .1. Ij-'hou of Hunting*
00 vv. Dnritv ageVa Prima, .
declination to arbitrate the Venezue
lan affairs us a snub to Anglo-German
WASHINGTON, Dec. 27. —The
state department positively denies
that this country is participating in
the formulation of a preliminary pro
tocol providing for arbitration be
tween the allied powers and Venezue
la, it is also stated that President
Roosevelt, in declining to arbitrate,
declined in spirit ns well as in letter,
having absolutely no desire to mix up
in the matter.
It is the general belief that both
of the proposed new roads will be
backed by the Canadian Pacific, al
though this is denied in a mild way
by tho promoters.
The Canadian Pacific has connec
tion with Seattle now by virtue of :\n
agreement with the Northern Pacific,
hut It is reasonable to suppose that
the Canadian road would much prefer
to come Into the United States over
lines under its direct control, and the
Indications are that the company is
arranging to enter the territory of
the Qreat Northern and Northern
Pacific on both sides of the moun
These two roads wjll do much to
develop Washington and northern
Idaho and will have a strong Influ
ence in securing for Spokane more
equitable freight rates.
President W. IT. Lucas of the Pa
elflc Northwest league laughed heart
ily this morning when asked by a
Press reporter if it wore true that
Henry Harris ot th'- California league
had him and Dugdule "on tho run.''
"That man Harris Is the worst ca
lumniator In tiic country," said Mr.
Lucas. "He is too small for anything
and is chock full of such spitework
nnd misrepresentation,
"fie hasn't got cither Dugdale or
myself on the run and wh«»u he says
Dugdale can not get grounds he
sheets wide of the marie. Dugdale
has grounds and I'll guarantee they
are well located and easy to reach.
".Seme time ago Harris made the
statement that when I had the Ta
eoma team in 1890 it was a team of
rowdies. If 1 ile say it myself, il was
will go toward paying for a house
and lot. tie sane to he made a gift
io nn- first of the members who shall
secure a girl from one of the eastern
clubs • a wife, 'ihe provision is
•innie :., that the youna lady mu»l
belong t c ,«i th." giiis' clubs in
the east, in order to head off any
lie mber lia\ Ing a local girl picked out
and making us, of the club to get a
good start In die.
The club started with n member
ship of la. and Is limited to SO, Mak
ing tiic available endowment fund
as fast as one member of the club '
marries a new member will he taken'
In. and lilt assessment made to pro
vide a stake for the next lover.
The girl-;' clubs will provide a
purse for the lucky maid chosen to
defray her expenses from her native
town to the arms of her chosen
and J. Bwart of Athena. Ore., has
be.'ii conferring with O, v. a N. of
ficials relative to the new scale of
wages adopted by tiic organisation,
i.nt further than an offer to com
promise! which was rejected, no re
sults have been obtained.
The new scale as arranged means
an Increase of about 20 per cent In
wages over that of the one now In ef
fect. The company agreed to com
promise by granting an Increase of
about - per cent, but tho committee
refused to accept it. and all negotia
tions for the adjustment of tho dif
ferences have beau bivus'ut to a teni
-1 aemtrrr otaask
The Spokane Press.!
Whether the blockade will continue
during the arbitration is yet to be
learned here.
PARIS, Doc. 21.~ Th0 Journal Dos
Debats, commenting on the settlement
by arbitration at The Hague of the
Venezuelan dispute Bays that Europe
owes President Roosevelt a debt of
gratitude for insisting: on The Hague
arbitration, if the tribunal in future
becomes of real worth President
Roosevelt will he handed down In his
tory as the one Who compelled the
world to take It Seriously.
Oscar L. BarroW of Chandler.
Minn., to G. B. Schultx of Cheney; P.
A. Harvey of Sprague to Canny
lehray of Rltsville; B. W. Barnes of
Mohler to Ada Carlson of Spokane;
Adolph Mllle of Renes, Idaho, to Kf
fle M. Barger of Spokane.
LONDON. Pec. 27.—Hundreds of;
Women and children—widows and or
phans of British soldiers who fell in
the recent South African war—were
made glad today by the thoughtful
generosity of Queen Alexandra. In
response to the proclamation an
nouncing the queen's Intention, the
bereaved, many in desperately poor I
j circumstances, gathered for a free
Christmas dinner and after they had,
I eaten their lill were sent home laden j
•no of tho best behaved trams In the
league at the time.
"Harris had the Portland rlul
those days and finished at the bottom
Df the ladder. He packed tip hli
things before the season was ovei
md wont to 'Frisco, where he stayed
"As to rowdyism, if it Is anywhere
it is probably in Harris' outlaw
league. Down there they have not the
control of tlu ir teams like those who
belong to the association.
"Vi s, sir." said Mr. Lucas emphati
cally, "you may state for me that a
strong team will he placed in Port
land and any time those outlaws
think they have us on the run they
we badly fooled."
on Monday a meeting of the league
magnates will he held in Spokane. It
Is not the regular meeting, hut is a
preliminary to arrange several im
portant propositions,
JACKSONVILLE, Fin., Fee. 27.—
'he thermometr was eight degrees
alow freesing point last night, it
s feared that the young orange trees
re seriously hurt, as the previous
sarin weather kept the sap in the
Imbs. Considerable fruit also is dam
FORT WORTH, Deo. 87. —A severe
bllssard is raging throughout the
Texas Panhandle, Four Feet of snow
covers tho country and the I >ss in
livestock promises to be enormous.
' gPRINOFIELD, 111. L c. E7c Vet-,
. lug Governor Nortltoott today official
ly directed the attorney general of
Illinois to Investigate the charges
' made against the railroads entering
Chicago Of holdingCOal 111 their yards,
although the city was suffering with
B fuel famine. It Is generally under-
Stood that the roads have coal enough
in their yards to supply the city tho
remainder of the wilder season, but
nre holding it to compel the public to
' pay higher prices.
CLEVELAND, 0,, Hoc. 27.—The
Pennsylvania railways have been ask-
i Determination on the pari of Rook*
i cry building oocupanta to see faith
ful service -recognized and rewarded
win result this evening In a sub
stantial puree, amounting nearly to
|7t, being handed to Postman Oeorge
a subscription list was quietly
circulated in the three blocks which
the popular postman serves with n
generous outcome.
The elevator man and the three
. other employes of the Rookery re*
ed purses or about t-'j each as
nBaUBbnUKM i-e< ituo<i mv visgt
Marriage Licenses.
The residence of W. J. Gollamnn,
No. SOI East Sprnguo aye., was de
stroyed by fire on Christmas eve and
a loss of $15<u> on building and con
tents was entailed. The building was
partly insured, but the loss to the oc
cupants amounted to $7uO. The family
is now residing witli friends in the
ZUjklh Grade Exams.
Tho annual eighth grade examlna
i tlons for the pupils of the schools of
Spokane county will be held on three
> dlffi rent occasions' the coming year.
' The first will take place January lo
and 18, the second April it and 10
and the third May 21 nnd 22. Tho
plans for holding them and the con
ductors have not yet been selected.
Tn the criminal department of the
I superior court this morning Judge
; Richardson, after listening to testl
j mony for the purpose of deciding as
[to the degree of the crime, sentenced
Cormlno Pettlnato to three years in
the penitentiary at Walla Walla for
the criml of rape. Pettinato had pro
i viously entered a idea of guilty.
With packages containing food nnd
The dinner was green at the Alex
andra Trust restaurant, of which the
queen is president, and which was
founded in March, I'JOd, by Sir
Thomas Upton for the benefit of tho
poor. During the afternoon their
majesties, escorted by Sir Thomas
Lipton, looked in upon the feast and
were heartily received by tho many
women and children present.
SUE FOP. $880.
IBd .T. Llnd and J. E. Burbanlc have
brought suit In the superior court
! agalnßt the Pacific States Telephone
; <!t Telegraph company to collect a
claim of $SSO. The complaint sets
forth that the plaintiffs had 100 tons
Of hay Situated on. a tract of land
near Tyler; that a lire started near
the hay and a telephone message was
j sold to the plaintiffs nt Cheney, to
be delivered by the defendant, notify
ing them that their hay was in dan
ger, but it was not delivered until
tiic next clay, When the hay was
bu rnlng.
Miss Minnie Swcedland has been
spending several days visiting friends
and relatives at Freeman, Spokane
LONDON, Dec, 27.—A head-on col- !
lision occurred last night at Wan
stead, in milei west of this city, be
tween train No. 5. known as the Pa
cific express, and a fast eastbound
freight train on the Barnia division
of the Grand Trunk railroad. The
engineer Of the freight and the fire
man of the express train are among
the killed, The ether dead were pass
engors on the passenger train.
All tiains on the division have been
canceled and passenger and freight
i,l to moke ratei for a minion and n
liulf toiis of coal to the windswept
portions of the northwest, lake navi
gation having closed. Thousands of
lives are Imperilled by tho shortage
of fuel.
WILKBBBARRK, Pa., Pec. ".7.—
Many families in the heart of tho coal
region are suffering for want of fuel
The force of miners this morning was
increased so that now 60 per cent are
working. Those still celebrating the
holidays arc the Slavs, wdio say they
won't return to work until after .New
Real Estate Trans-ei 3.
I As reported by tho Fidelity Ab
l Stract company:
11, Conway et al, to W. X, Congdon,
lots 11 and 11, block 11, lldlyard.
' $8100.
j, B, Howard to I t> Smith, west
half lot t. block R. Bingham's addi
tion, | MOO.
New York - Jockey ltelff arrived
hevo OH the Ann rican liner Philadel
phia this morning. He says that he
will visit California and then return
i to liTancs in ITsbruarXj
The case of the young lady In
! tights who appeared almost "In purls
naturalibus" at the French ball given
at Bats' Temple Christmas night
1 came up for investigation this morn
ing before Commissioner Dilienthal.
j The commissioner brought all his
' philosophical acumen to bear In en
deavoring to get at the true cause of
tho ejection from tho hall or the
young man whose modesty was
shocked at witnessing the Striking
attire Of the shy creature who took
advantage of the opportunity to place
her beautiful proportions on exhibi
tion In tights whose colors rivalled
the flesh tints of nature.
As Mr. Dilienthal belle yes that
such affairs are of n rather delicate,
nature, ho sat in .judgment upon the
ease behind closed doors and order
ed Several witnesses to his presence
in order that tiuy might enlighten
him as to the action of Special Po
liceman James Roberts and also to
explain what effect, if any. the cos
tume of the lady had on their nerv
ous systems.
Mr. Huberts was tho first witness.
He' said that he did not put the
young man out. but just simply es
corted him to the door, as ho was in
structed to do, but that no force was
necessary, although the young man
T-OS ANGELES, Cal., Hoc. 27.—
Eire which started early last night
In San Pedro is still fteroely raging
at noon. The town will be almost
entirely; wiped out. The loss will bo
over a million.
The following arc burned to death:
Joseph Swift of Loa Angeles, Vlo
Bilverof Wilmington ami James En
dolson, captain of the steamer Cas
Tho Are department of Ban Pedro
is volunteer, and its equipment prim
itive and entirely Inadequate. The
water supply is limited and but lit-
Sheriff Dyer of Kootenai is In from
Dr." Thatcher of Republic Is spend
ing the holidays In this city.
Con Crowley, who has been absent
from the city for several weeks, re
turned yesterday.
traius Have been sent over the old
main line from Barnia to Stratford.
BUFFALO, Dec. 27. —A special to
the ElnqUlrer says that the deaths in
last night's wreck on the Grand
Trunk railway have been Increased to
24, with IS injured. The doctors say
that the death list will reach SO,
Tho deatli list on the Grand Trunk
wreck has now reached 3 s . That
j many bodies have been removed from
underneath the debris, The rescue
work is still progressing and it is
expected tint more bodies win be
I found,
Articles of Incorporation of the
I Tenino Sandstone ,si Townslte com
pany, capital 1500,000, have been tiled
j with the county auditor. The trus
tees named are C. ir. Clodlus, v.
I gwanson, H. P. ■chee] ami William
I McArthur.
Cleveland, O.—-All county and city
offloes have been closed owing to the
lack of coal. There Is barely enough
lon hand to supply the prisons.
Oh Monday, December 21, four hoys
; reported to the police that they had
1 been held Up In a freight car on the
Spokane Palls »\i Northern railroad
, while on their way to this city and
robbed of all the money and valuables
they had.
They charred two hrikennn. <!.
W Burahsm, and J. C. Thompson.
With the crini and a warrant was
sworn out. the complain being signed
b) Alfred Wain, chaining the bvukc
men with robblni him of HA
Tiio two men were arrested and
their preliminary examination is in
[progress In Justice Btookers' court
' tiUaj. 'il.i.s fttfUUOVU Alfred W.ilu
continued to protest against the hasty
verdict of the committee.
Mr. Kramer, one of the members
Of the committee, was also sum
moned before the commissioner, lie
was not in favor of the fair sex us
ing Elks' hall as a stage whereon to
display their charming proportions,
but lie could have taken no action
In the matter as he was there only
to sco after the interests of the
After hearing the testimony of the
other membera <>f the committee the
dignified commissioner assumed nn
attitude of profound sagacity ami
proceeded In solemn tones ua a new
Daniel come to judgment!
"The officer was there to squelch
any disturbace and if a protest
against a pair of tights caused the
disturbance, then it naturally follows
that the protest and not the tights
was the cause id' the disturbance, and
tho cause has been removed.
"In a few days, when more evi
dence Is brought ft) light." concluded
the commissioner, "I will be able to
dispose of tlie case."
And now the question Is: Is the
young man guilty or is the special of
ficer guilty, or is tlie girl with flesh
tights guilty. And if any of them
are guilty, what are they guilty of 7
And what punishment will Commis
sioner Ltllenthal be guilty of Inflict
ing if he finds them guilty?
tie can be done to quench the flames.
Several buildings have been blasted
in the hope of staying the progress
of tho fire, but the stiff ocean breeze
carried the sparks to the adjoining
structures. j
Assistance was scut from Los An- j
geleS early this morning, and add.i- j
tion chemical engines were forward
!ed at 10 o'clock.
j San Pedro is a town of about 5000
! Inhabitants on tho bay of San Pedro,
I which is the port of T.os Angeles,
,20 miles from tin' city. It is also
I the ocean terminal or Senator Clark's
new railroad to Salt Lake City.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Dec. 27.—The
fast passenger train on the Illinois
Central crashed into a worktrain. SI
miles south of here, this morning.
Three men were instantly killed and
two seriously Injured. Mistake in
orders caused the disaster.
tary Cortelyou today issued the of- I
Ada! program of the president's New :
Year's reception. It provides for the
usual rules of precedence for mem
bers of the cabinet and diplomatic
corps being the first to be received,
the judiciary, the senate and house
next and then officers of the navy
and army.
mwm held.
Jasper Ilinman was brought to the
county jail from Cheney this morn
itflr. He was arrested on the charge
of assault While armed with a dan
gerous weapon, liis preliminary ex
amination was held before Judge
Webb at Cheney and was hound over
to the superior court.
The ease against Mrs. It. Winkle on
a charge of petit larceny was dis
missed by Judge Htnkle this after
noon on recommendation of the pros
ecuting attorney.
Philadelphia.—One policeman was
killed and tWO seriously Injured in
a collision between a patrol wagon
aed a trolhy car this morning.
and iiin brother, Brntit Wain, were
"ii the stand and told 111«- story of
the robbery, They testified that
Thompson held s iun pointed at AY
frod Wains bead whUe Burnliam
went through his 'pookets and ex
traoted the IH,
Deputy ProssoMttng Attorney Barn
hart is conductlna the examinattoi
for tlie prosecution and toe two de
fendants are acting as their own at
tot neys.
Tills afternoon the two ether bo)
who were with the Wains testified
practically (a the same story, Join
son and Burnliam were bound nvei
to the superior oourti bail being Us >i
at $1060 sacks
Throw Away the
Chopping Bowl
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It chops rapidly without mashing. It is
so simple that a child can take it apart
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liolley, Mason, MarKs© Co.
G. ORLIN SMITH successfully treats and cures any afflicted
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208 Mcntvale DIM., cor. First and Monroe, SpoKane, Wash.
Tel. Post 816. Home Office, 3825 Albion Place, Seattle, Wash.
Special Sales for
Holidays and
End of year.
LOWEST —Cash or
Easy Teims.
Some good bargain in slight
ly damaged and utcoud hand pi
anos aid organs.
Tuirg and repairing- a cpe
ci.iltj.. Work [ruaranteed.
605 and 607 Sprague Aye.
C. A. Heldinger, Mgr.
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one of our
Savings Pass-Books?
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plate having a savings
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must hay c a beginning.
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than the new year? It
need not be a large sum
to secure a book here.
The Spokane and
Eastern Trust Co.
fjold Crowns ss.oe
Silver Fillings 50
pginlcss Extracting M
All work guurHiuoed for
A specialist in chnrgo ot
cn< h department.
Pttfloiiclpiila Dental Parlors,
IIOIM! Wolvorton Blook
Over W. U. Tel. Co.
THE WEATHE-R.—Probably
light showers tonight with
fair Sunday.
Second" Floor MohawK SlocK
Telephone East 1874.
S. 1. ALi^_ A .M»i : K. Manager.
! m iir ~...
business college
that Ultra are more demands made
on it.is BChOO] for stenographers than
it can supply?
j Over 800 students last year. We
i expect more this year.
I H. C. BLAIR, Principal.
Owing to the extraor
dinary demand for
•we cannot fill any
nWe trial orders.
Wednesday, Dec. 10
the price will be
$7.00 per ton.
SO6-SlO Sprague Aye.
Telephone 305.
Trimmed Hat
Only $2.50 Hach.
Values $4. up to $12.
Cor. Riverside and Post St.
Washington Brick,
Lime & Mfg. Co.
White Lime
Clay Products
Ist and Stevens, Spokane

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