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Make Alliance With Union and Fight For
[xistence-Triist Builds Mew Factory.
CHICAGO. Pec. 27.—Tho fight 1< -
tween the Retail Cigar Healers' asso
ciation and the Tobacco trust is wag
ing fiercer than ever. The Independ
ents say that they are In the ; g..t
to win «nd nre gaining many ad
The retailers have made nn ."lli
ar.ee with the Tobacco Workers' In
ternational union and while the for
mer nre lighting the products of the
trust the tobacco workers are ren
dering effective service In another
quarter by pefslstcnt work towards
the unionisation of all tobacco fac
tories. In this Way the union will
assist In the overthrow of the trust
and at the same time force its ally
to handle nothing but union goods.
The trust announces that it will
establish In Chicago the largest union
el gar factory in the west. This may
have tho effect of swinging the sym
Frederick Gillmore, n miner fresh
from the diggings on the south half
of the Colville reservation, wrier* the
Only excitement is the chasing of the
festive coyote or the jerking of tinny
beauties from the icy trout streams —
Where anything approaching woman'i
shape even si remotely ns the India*
pcpiaw creates a furore —Where the
insidious red-eye's lures are dimmet
with distance, and the Seductive sa
loon hand troubleth not the dreams
came into town on Christmas eve.
His "object here was pure ly one o:
business. He was after mone yto pa!
off his mine hands, and not feu- the
sake of purchasing the proverbial IE
cent present to reward himself f..
the abstention of months in a minim
But the pitfalls of the wicked are
pet for the just ami the unjust alike
nnd unfortunately the miner w.es no'
looking for the grafter.
Northern Pacific No. 1. westbound,
due here at C this morning, arrived
two hours late. No. 5. westbound,
.Came In 4 hours and 30 minutes be
hind its regular time.
Tile line on the Great Northern is
Still blocked, though things are mov
ing more freely in the Rocky Moun
tain division. Great Northern No. 3,
.going west, got in only three hours
late. No. 4. eastbound, came in over
the N. P. tracks, four hours late.
F. J. Welsh of the O. R. & N. is in
the city today.
C. C. Turgee of the Illinois Central
Bt Portland, is in the city.
G. A. Mussgang, ticket agent at the
Great Northi i n depot is expected
home from the east Sunday.
The Great Northern ran a couple of
fast freights from here to Seattle last
night over the Northern Pa' die
Overtures have been made by E. 11.
Harriman, president of tin- Union
Pacific, for a settlement of the strike
of 3<uj shopmen. The strike lias been
on for six months.
The O. R & N. Will start work
Monday to const."], t a temporary
depot near the old ■ ..e recently burn*
cd. Work of charing away the de
bris from the oil structure will he
gtS rted next Week.
Judge Richardson today granted a
fjlvorce to v. W, Roberts from N. E.
Roberts on the ground of desertion.
NEW YORK. Dec. 27.—New York
ers will receive an opportunity to see
n host of prominent amateur athletes
in competition at the hrst annua]
winter meeting of the Qraater New
York Irish Athletic association in
Madison Square Garden tonight. The
committee in charge of the games
has catered to the popular fancy v. iLh
a sei ies of relay races in which the'
crack runners of Philadelphia, New
Yoik and other Cities Will be seen at
their best.
Other events on the program arc:
Fifty yards, novice; itßo-yard run,
handicap; 60-yard run, handicap; 0 '"-
yard run, handicap; 800-yard run,
handicap; one-mile run, handicap;
three-mile run, scratch; running hop,
Step and S jump, and running high
Arthur Dsiffey, A. H. Kent, Wash
ington Detgado, Pat Walsh and F, a.
Iddwarda gre the sprinters down to
compete in the special scratch 60-
--yard. DUffey Is the only man who
Jias ever been credited with running
leu yards In ft ;j-r, seconds, He hopes
to break tho present 60-yard record,
6 2-5 seeiiidc, end has trained care
fully With tlllS Object 111 View.
Jimmy Anthony, the l*6-pounder of
California, who failed t<i get s match
In "cither Seattle or Portland, has re
turn cf to 'Frisco and will Issue a deli
h» "ICIil" BragSl for a llu-rouiid match.
TbOM who are in Close touch with
pathy of the unions from the retail*
o's. Five hundred men Will be ■ ni
The trust as n retailer of c igars
Invaded Chicago four months ago.
t when it opened eight st >res. It now
has 25 Stores In tllO district bounded
by the Union Loop.
As competitors of the trust stores.
there are 100 Independent retail deal
ers within the Union Loop, The trust
leased many of its downtown stores
at enormous rentals. For one small
corner store In the heart of the cen
tral district it pays (14,000 a year.
It secured another for $11,000 after
paying a bonus of $1 100 to secure the
I removal of the firm occupying the
I place.
To protect their business Interests
against the inroads of the trust, the
retail c igar dealers of Chicago or
'ga nixed the Retail Cigar Dealers' as-
— I
l As the miner leaned over the bar
of a down-town saloon he almost
blushed with pure delight as a rosy
cheeked, bright-eged yduth approach- ;
cd with a bunch of mistletoe.
"Would he allow it to be pinned on
,to his lapelt"
Well, the miner guessed yes. nnd .
there was a two-bit piece in his vest
pocket that he was ready to part with
when the pinning was done. The rosy
cheeked youth finished the job care
fully and took the quarter.
Now Mr. Gillmore does not wish to
' accuse the pretty boy. hut he Is sure
there was a red morocco tlmebook,
containing checks of $70 each, three ;
in number, in his inside pocket before
he get under the mistletoe ami that
the whole business was missing
Shortly afterward. i
of course, the checks were worth
less enough to any thief, but all the j
same Mr. Gillmore paid the reward of ;
$6 he had offered for their return.
The First Methodist church of this
city will respond to the appeal eef the
Mi thodist bishops to Inaugurate n
spiritual advance, beginning Sunday
and holding meetings each evening
during the- balance «ef the year, clos
ing with a watch meeting, beve- feast
and communion Wednesday night at
midnight. Sunday, Monday and Tues
day c vening Rev. l>r. Lambert will
deliver sermons. The other Methodist
chtrrtnes <>f the city have not decided
as yet as to the course to be taken in
tin- matter.
This month enels the- time set
apart feir tin- twentieth century un
dertaking. The- $20,000,000 fund has
been raised, and American Methodism
; <*Buck" Harland, the gallant scout
of the First Washington regiment in
the Philippines, who Is serving a
term in the county jail for selling
I Whisky to Indians, was the recipient
lof a Christmas present yesterday. Al
[P. Hughes, one of'his comrades in
scouting duty in th" Philippines, was
[ the donor, Harland is in very poor
health and la In need of warm under
clothing, b lOkS and shoes, the' Jailer
' says, nnd any contributions bis old
never saw him so confident of a cup*
defender as fie is that the raw one
1" ing turned out now will easily de
feat anything the Englishmen can
turn out.
Robert Fitsslmmons knocked out
Mike Ranke at is iseman, Mont., in ir>
seconds last night by a heavy jab
on the jaw.
Al Wagner, third baseman for the
Providence team, has an off' r to play
a similar position with one of the
National league clubs.
T,.m Do ran, a catcher who played
last season with the N<w England
league, has signed with the Colorado
Springs team of the Western.
Dick Cafe of Seattle was given the
decision over Jack Leedham of Van*
| eouver in the third round of n fight
'at the latter place last night on ac
! count of fouls.
j Napoleon LajOle, the great second
' bas. man of the Cleveland club, began
1 ins theatrical career on the lstii by
taking part in a minstrel show at
l Youngstown, O.
Jack Q'K< fe of Chicago has nrriv
!ed In San Francisco and wants g 20-
--rOUnd go with Jimmy Uritt at 130
; pounds. O'Keefe recently scored over
Ruddy Ryan and McPadden. It la
: said that Benny ranger evlnoeg no
| disposition to ic*e on O'Keefe.
soclatlon nf America last October, it
began litv with a ra< mbershlp <>f
eight: it now has isoo members in
the city and b national membership
~f 1000.
The movement swept the country.
Branches Were organised in New
York, Philadelphia, Boston, Newark,
Troy, Rochester, Detroit, Louisville,
Omaha and San Francisco. Calls for
permission to organise and affiliate
with the association have been re
celved recently from the cigar deal
iis of Havana. Cuba and from Sev
eral cities in Puerto RICO, upon the'
trade of which the trust has begun
to encroach.
"The tight of the Retail Cigar Deal
ers' association against 4ho trust is
big with possibilities in the business
world, All trusts are watching the
combat. If the tobacco trust wins,
it means that the coal trust will wipe
out the c .ai dealers, the meat trust
Will clogc up the butcher shops, the
bakery trust Will run the bakeries.
it means that all lines of business
will be consolidated. The hatter, the
shoe dealer, the druggist, the furnish
ing goods man will have to go," say
the retailers,
30 Per Cent Increase,
Five hundred and thirty-six money
orders wen? paid out yesterday: a
year ago 299, or an increase of over
50 per cent as compared with last
year's record.
"This is far beyond anything re
corded in the office and it is safe to
say that yesterday was the day that
stretched the books." said Mr. Hart
son. "While we can not say positive
ly without a careful cheek, which
will not be made until the first of
the month, it is safe to announce an
increase- of over 80 per cent in this
year's holiday business.
The R. 1,. Polk Publishing company
is rapidly forwarding work on the
1903 directory, which will he ready
< for issue about February 1.
I Mr. Hutchinson, the local manager,
states that there has been a consider
] able incn ase in the city's population,
hut to just what extent he is unable
'ns yet to announce.
| was never so well anchored financial
ly as at the' present time. Hut the
I 2.000,000 converts have not been
made, Indeed, Methodism has bare
ly held its own In numbers.
Now tin- time of special prayers,
recommended by the bishops, is te> be
in behalf of the side eef the twentieth
cc ntury undertaking that has failed.
The bishops recommend that these
i f'eiir days at the c nd eef the edel year
be followed in the new year by re
vival services. The address of the
board of bishops is concurred in by
I the- bishops of tin- Methodist Church
South, and from reports received it
is be-ih-veei tin- period beginning to
morrow will lie generally observed in
the- manner recommended,
I comrades may make- will be greatly '
appreciated, lie will be discharged
early in January.
Petition for bankruptcy is filed in
the United states court by H. M.
Zinsmuster, giving (he names of a list
of Arms in Cleveland. 0., one in
' j Rochester, N. v.. one in Erie, Pa.,
land several others as his creditors,
' Zlnsmaster has been in business in
I Spokane for some time.
Articles of Incorporation have been
; filed fur the new baseball team that
will represent Seattle In the Pacific
Coast league, comprised of the cities
of San Francisco, Eos Angeles, Oak
land and BacramentO, In California,
and Portland nnd Seattle In the
northwest, Parker Wilson, the vet
eran catcher, will manage the team
and will arrive there In about two
Weeks, Work on the new grounds sit
First nnd Harrison sts. wIH begin
January 1, Improvements to cost
16000 Will he made.

Rube Waddetl, last year pitcher for
the Atlantic team, is Spending the
■ winter in Philadelphia,
The Pacific Northwest league will
take steps at the next meeting of the
board of directors to establish a club
,in Portland to be owr.ed and managed
jby the league in opposition to the one
that deserted to the California league.
James Morley, manager of the Ens
I Angeles baseball club and promoter
of the Pacific Coast Trt-StatO Uague.
says the new league will be one of
the Strongest financially in the coun
try and Its success already assured.
A meeting of the directors of the
! Pacific Northwest ISaschall league
j will he held In this city next week,
' wluu a war of extermination will be
) inaugurated against tho California
I league
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The Wonder
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Commencing Honda). Pec. 29th
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French plate mirrors and fine cast
brass hardware.
323-27-39 HIVEnSETiU.
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Special classical, scientific and bus
iness courses for those not intending
to enter college,
A primary and grammar school ad
mits pupils at the age of 6, and pre
pares them for the academy.
For information, address
lied. SfiOO. lfiof Pacific Aye., Bpokane. 4
Spohanc ill?. 8 Prinlin? (o.
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real estate at 5 to 0 per cent per
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Detective business and confiden
tial Investigations.
K. OenuurljT, Fbone S. 3953,
W. E. Staulfer, Fhoae E. 2C3S,
Headquarters, 218 Tomplo Court,
■ 11. — * « — 4 II /' ■)
with their Christmas gift of
a pair of shoes. Well
pleased because their
shoes were branded
which carries a positive
i guarantee of merit. If
ate not wearing a
pair you are missing
in inexpensive
luxury to
J?boue Main 263.
Our Specialty.
11k Union Special"
A Nobby
Hot for
Wilson, Sullivan & Co.
1713 Riverside. Tel. White 758-
We Promise Nothing
which wo can not
fulfill, nnd we are
Willing to let tho
patients wo have
I treated testify to
' our ability to euro
alter all othen
have failed.
No Money Until Cured
is nn offer to the afflicted which wo
alone can make.
Our combined elect ru-medloal treat
ment effects cures in those chronic
cases which no other methods can
If you can not call, write us fully
regarding your case, and usll for our
free book on diseases.
Progressive MedicalAssn.
122 Mill St., Opp. Telephone Ex
change, Bpokane, Wash.
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