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Twenty-Five Cento Per Month.
SEATTLE, Nov. 2.1— Leon Edward
Yukon Seattle No. 1 Woodpile Batt
lett is tlie very large and unusual
Christian name of the very small SOB
of Mike Bartlett, the former Klondik
er who shot and killed his wife, the
little boy's mother, and is now await
ing trial.
The small bearer of the big cognomen
was, three years old last August, and,
no* withstanding the great tragedy,
W'jjjcli will ever darken liis life, is one
of'the healthiest, happisst little fellows
that ever lived, and has only recently
succeeded in memorising his own nam?,
which was ohosen for him by the crew
And 65 passengers of a steamboat on
the Yukon river.
Mining Camp Fire.
(Special to The Press.)
WALLACE, Idaho. Nov. 25.—A
disastrous fire occurred at * p. nt.
Inst night at the Bald .Mountain Min
ing & Milling company's mine, seven
miles west of Saltese. It started in
the bunkhouse and gained such head
way that It was- impossible for the
men to save their personal effects.
The Are spread to the cookhouse nnd
adjacent buildings, and, as no water
wss at hand, the men were unable to
stop Its progress. Messrs. Wilkin
son and Hslelof Wurdner bad recent
ly taken a contract to drive a tunnel
and hud laid In a supply of pro
visions sufficient to last all winter.
The men Came to Saltese on snow
shoes and work will be suspended
until buildings can be erected and
supplies packed In. The total loss
falls on the contractors. The men
employed In the mine lost all their
property and came to Saltese in their
digging clothes. The manager of the
company, X, W. Conrad, I* at Gar
field, Wash., but will return and ar
range for the quick resumption of
Operat lons.
Actor Who Shot His Wife
Claims That lie Has Been
Greatly Wronged
NE\KyoitK, Nov. 2.1.- Barry Rose;
gator ana stage manager, who shot
and killed his wife September 2t) of
last year, made a dramatic scene iv the
criminal branch of the supreme court
when he was sentenced to It* years in
Ping Sing, on his plea of guilty to man
slaughter in tjio Brat degree.
When Clerk I'enny asked him wheth
er he hud anything to say. Hose drew
from hi- pocket »ome foolscap and be
gan to read.
CHICAGO, Nov. ll.—Tht striking!
street car men this morning went
Into a mooting Whioh nt noon ratified
tha strike BOttlomont, thereby ending
the great strike, and notified th
company to take out traine. Opera
tions were commenced this after
Fires were lighted under the holl
ers, the pickets were withdrawn and
there was universal activity rround
the barns and machine houses as the
men again took hold of the work of
resuming operations. Men aro assist
ing all along the lino In the repair of
switches und trolley wlr •». It ls ex
pected that regular traffic win bo re
turned by nightfall.
The strike lasted U days and cost
the company and strikers ulone In
excesn of 1(00.000. while the loss to
trade will aggregnte millions. Due
department store reports Ihe falling
off In trade of nearly $10,000 dully.
Tiie agreement as finally ratified
provides for the appointment of a
Both Arrested.
Harney Goldberg, a Wont avenue tai
lor, was arrested last night by Officer
ffhannoa on the charge of living with
a crib woman, wns arraigned in police
Court this afternoon and the ca«e waa
continued until Friday to (five the po
lice opportunity, lo collect more evi
dence, Goldberg [s uut oP a MO bond
j.illian, Peel, the womaq wi'v T'lfV
Goldberg is said io be Using, was also
arrested last night, charged with the
larcssiv of $ll(> from Charles Alkereon,
oiio'ot the owners of the Commercial
saloon, on Iprsgus uv*nu*, west of
Lincoln street, She was arraigned tins
afternoon and was bound over to tbo
superior court for trial In 13(H) bonds
by Justice Hinkle.
His Scales Are Shy.
Inspector of Weight* and Measures
Green tailed on Justice Hinkle and
askod for a warrant for the arrest of
T. K. Weetlakc, proprietor of a bu
market on Riverside avenue, west of
Barnard «treat, whom he charged with
chcaling in tlie weight of Thanksgiving
According io Mr. Green, weitlake
was iihiiih n pair id' scales that Wart
shy about three ounces per pound in
weight. Willi tuikcv at cents per
pound, il wns plain to Justice Esinklel
and those who beard Green's story, thai
if the facts were accurate Waatlakc
must be doing very well in the tin! c\
It ia likely the case will come up Fri
day and at thud time Wcstlukc Will
hnve a chance to tell what be kia v s
ibenl the turkey business.
Thuukagli !ng dinner to be served
t» the prlannera in the. city tail to
morrow will lonalat of chicken, crnn
he"ry inUCf, baked awert potatoes,
The Spokane Press.
Leon was the name chosen for him
by bis mother. Edward was for an
uncle. Seattle No. 3 was the name of
the boat on which lie was born, and
tlie crew insisted on it being a part of
the name. Yukon was inserted out of
deference to the icy river, and Wood
pile because of the fact that on the*
day he was bom the boat was taking
on a pile of wood from a big woodpile,
73 miles above Rampart.
The baby was christened informally
in the cnbin of the boat, after a dinner
which his father had given in honor
of the occasion to "all souls on board.''
It was in the midst of this festivity
that the name was selected.
This Man All Right.
Charles Carson, owner of the Cable
Exchange saloon on North Monroe
street, called at the police station
lust night snd said Jacob Auwater,
a German from Harringtun, who ls
said to have been missing for the
past two weeks, is working for a
rancher near the city. Auwater's fam
ily. In Germany, has been making in
quiries about him, and it ls b*llev<M
he has deserted the wife and chil
Will Abandon Light.
Bad boys In the neighborhood of
Division street and Ninth avenue
have oner the First ward the loss of
the are light at that corner.
Last night the seventh arc light
globe on the corner was shot out, nnd
this morning a communication was
received at the city hall from the
Washington Water Power company
stating that they will no longer keep
the light In repair.
The board of public works there
upon agreed to abandon ths light for
the time being at leas*.
''I have a few words to say to your
honor." he began. "When I married
my wife 1 loved her for herself"—
"Now. Mr. Hone." interrupted Judge
Davis, "don't make a speech."
"I am not making n speech," said
Rose. "1 am reading something I have
written down. 1 was a happy man. be
lieving in her love for me. Attn wauls
it dawned on me mj' love was not recip
rocated. Then came the awful tragedy.
"The details of the tragedy are a
blank to ran. Now, i have regained my
board of arbitration within 10 days
to take up the wage quoetlgg. The
decision of the board ot arbitration
Is to date from today. A day's work
Is consist of front night to 11 hours,
the maximum watch to bo 11 hours.
Neither side is to discriminate
against union or non-union men The
Joint grievance committee will hire
after hear all complaints
The most important guarantee In
connection with the settlement was
sec ured from Mayor Harrison and the
aldsrmanlc mediation uommlttee,
which Is If nny man Is unjustly treat
ed In reference to being taken bn-k
the mayor nnd committee will Maud
by the carmen and see that Justice
ls done by the company In the rein
statement. The company agrees to
reinstate nil except those guilty of
The decision Is practically a de
feat for the union, as the greatest
contention, that of dosed shop is
lost, although tho union gains minor
Given a Divorce.
Mrs. I.emona A. CUSlok obtained
Ibis morning a divorce from J. How
ard Cusiok In very short order. Her
complaint set up that the couple were
married Iv June, 181*9. at Rlttvllle
und that tlie husband has deserted
nnd abundoned the wife, who hud sup
ported herself In Spokane for more
than a year lust past.
"Has he the ability to support
you?" asked her attorney.
"He has not, hut he could If be
wanted to,' 1 wns the reply.
The woman was nervous and on n
repetition of the question released the
negative from the ability to support.
That constituted the evidence and
tho decree was signed, the findings
of fact bring that the husband hud
abandoned the woman.
Standard Oil Fights.
F. A. Williamson, manager of the
Itandard tid onmpany'i branch in tins
ity, wu« arraigned before .luslice llin
de this afternoon on the charge of
efusing to comply with the law as re
tards the inspection of weights and
aeaauros, Ho wag repreeentsd by At -
Omsy Tl .1. Hanson, who pleaded "not
niilly" for him, and on MT'DhIWOU'I
notion the case was continued until
December l.
It is understood thut Mr. Williamson
>\ ill contest the law.
lie has refused Inspector Green pcr
tsion to inspect the Standard oil
Must Leave Town.
1 One-eyed Mike t'mwv and Hen Diuke
had a b10047 tight iii t'x* Damps**
nVflOl Inst night, anil in police MMItl
tin- afternoon Coat] was lined $&■> snd
roata, and Dmki waa fined $1 ami
Veterano, at 20 to 1, Wins by Two Lengths from Fossil, Backed by All
Spokane and Touted the Only Thing in Sight.
Click! Click! Cllek-k-k!
How the poolroom telegraph key
sobbed! What excitement among the
men with, the race tickets!
Now. this Is the simple story of
how Hildenbrand. manager of tha
Warwick, showed his iron nerve,
stood to lose many thousands, the
biggest bunch of the year. Stood to
lose against a storm of wires, hot
tips and hunches. Everybody was
"On." Fossil, a lean runner belong
ing to Parker, a Spokane man, had
baen tipped to win, at Oakland, in the
fourth selling event, IV* miles. And
the local talent saw nothing but Fos
sil. From early morning Fossil news
came creeping In, secretly, you under
stand, private wires from friends at
Oskland track, reading like this:
"Fossil, sure." "Go broke on Fossil."
"Fossil can't lose." One of the
strongest tips, at which The Press
had a peep, was sufficient tn make
an old racing man go out. pawn his
overcoat nnd put every dollar on Fos
sil. The wire road:
"Play our hora* till they quit tak
ing the money."
Men wandered about trying to
look unconcerned. The "wise" felt
that It was a "dead open and shut."
for Fossil. Thlß is what they read
on the big blackboard under the
blinking lamps:
Odds, Entry. Jockey Weight.
lfi-20—Chub. Donovan, 106.
8-3 —Greenock, Powell, ion.
memory, thank tied, and I have plead
ed guilty for two reasons. One is that
1 now lcnc.w I transgressed the law.
Secondly. 1 should he punished for that
ait. When 1 pay that debt 1 will
come out und try to !i\c down tlie
Here Ros tore the foolscap Into
shreds and dropped them on the Boor,
"Rose," Judge Davis said, "yon as
sume the altitude of the injured hus
band. Is that correctJ"
"That'e it," replied Roife.
"Well. 1 don't agree with you," said
the judge. "1 have information at
hand that shows conclusively that
whatever your wife was, you made her
After sentence bad been passed Hose
was taken to the Tonics by Deputy
Nhciiti Kelly. A commission appointed
jto examine Rose after the tragedy
found that Rose was insane and ha
was taken to the Mattenawan asylum-
Superintendent Allen later declared
. Hose sane, nnd he was brought back for]
! trial.
A New Scheme.
GALVESTON. Tex.. Kov. 23. One
Way to get rid of suspected yellow
fever victims as applied by the Mexi
can authorities, is to poison them.
Word from l'rotcra. Alex . where fever
lias been discovered, is to the etfen
that the authorities decided to poison
every person afflicted us soon as the
case was discovered. The Msnatrog
mountains are tilled with refugees, who
have tied from the towns to escape the
disease and the authorities.
Hew Tort.—Mrs K. M. Culver,
duughter of Senator Clark of Mon
tana. Is defendant In a suit for $500.-
--000 for alienation ot the affections
of n married man.
New "Ism" Breaks Out and
Makes Many Converts in
Complaint has been made to the police
against L\ M. Darling, who calls him
aelf "N at ureinau." He wears only i
fishnet shut, short troufcers. and
preaches on a hill top. He gained many
converts. Members of his band roam
fashionable streets early in (he morning
with little or no clothes. Darling is a
Stanford graduate.
It is not expected thut the ernie for
church attendance, in scantiest attire,
hns hroheti out in I,os Angeles. Dar
ling Is s hollow-cheeked, lean, hromi
Five Collisions.
No one welcomes the change in the
weather any at ore than doaa the Wash-
Ington Water Power company, for they
mot with a series of ratlin scnou
nri'iilrnta during tha wrt. snowy siege.
Last Monday tlie company had live
collisions reported from different purls
of the city, These were caused i>\
the (Itppary condition oi the track*.
•ud moat of them occurred on hilly
All tlie olty oflUes of the railwagg
will remain closed tumoilow on ac
count ot TaankagdvlnOi
4-s—Meehanus. Hill, lOi.
6-6—Galanthus, HI Cornell, 98.
20-30—Burdock, Smith, 9*.
20-30—Veterano, Hildebrand, 88.
JO-40—InVCCtUS, Kunre. 98.
1-6-s—Fossil, Buxton, 106.
"Chub ain't dont nothln' fer a time,
and ain't In the money. G'"*enock la
fair. MeehanuS was odds-on favor
ite, golh the hinkey-dlnk, but re
deemed himself, next time. Watch
him. GnlaiHhus win once, lose ones'.
Burdock, dead one. Veterano, no
good. Fossil, win one, and looks
large. It's a lead pipe on Fossil.
Hush, don't give It uway. He's tipped
to win."
That was the way the "gang" look
ed nt It. There wasn't anything in
sight except Fossil.
Manager Hildenbrand frowned and
shook his head. Fossil didn't look
good to him. His half dozen clerks
began writing Fossil tlckels. at even
money to win; 6 to 6 for a "place."
The boys were delightad. Tlity dug
down, for tlie last gold piece. In- a
few mlntites Hildenbrand was stand
ing to lose thousands.
"Hil's daffy today!" was the way
tlie gang put it.
As the moment of starting, sus
pense reached an excruciating point.
Men who had up thousands felt they
couldn't lose. Visions of big cham
pagne suppers, Christmas presents
and a general racket lusting weeks
filled their minds.
"id or
Some Things Doing in the
New Mining Camp on
Poplar Creek
W, P. Pool, the "King of the Lar
do," arrived in the city last night
from Ferguson, B. C, and will remain
here a few days in the interest of
bis extensive mining operations. Mr.
Pool is the gentleman who secured
control of the Poplar creek properties
which have startled the whole north
west by their richness. He bus or
ganised the Great Western Mines
company, limited, one of the largest
companies in the north. In speaking
of the new camp this morning, be
"Poplar Creek is now a mining
camp of considerable size. We have
nil the Up-to-date business bouses of
a city. Hotels, merchandise stores
and next week will start our news
paper, It will he called the Poplar
Creek Nuggett. nnd will be devoted
exclusively to the mining Interests of
that section. Percy F. Qodenratb nnd
Mr. Lowery of the Claim will be the
64 and 75 Eloped.
KENOSHA, Wis. Nov. 35. — AI
charming widow, who blushingly con
fesses to "til." and an Adonis, who b« 5
just turned 75. figured in an elopement
because the children and grandchildren
of each objected. The couple, wno
were John MoCsughen and Mrs. Lot
tie Heach. came here from Raciue
county and obtained a special dispen
sation from County Judge Slosson, as
iv Wisconsin it is necessary to wait
live days after procuring a license. The
court heard the story of the elopers
and tied the knot, and now they are
fellow, with a lace ns line as a Creek,
set off with fine brown Curly hair. ITe
has great grey eyes in which is the
wild look of a fanatic. For weeks, un
molested by tjie police, he wandered
gbout town, timet! in a atate of nude
ness The -cvii tropical climate matte
it possible for bin to live outdoors.
He claims to |ivs on a hamliul of wheat
which he eats raw. He also devout,s
roots, herbs und barks. His idea is
that nature made the fruits, flowers
and foliage for man but the de\ d Intro
duced frying pan un/l flesh pott and
lire Darling io convinced that the
Just Plain Chicken.
All the offices in the county court
house will be closed tomorrow In honor
of Thanksgiving. In visa of market
prices, SherilT IXuisi has decided that
there will be no turkey handed out to
the prisoners in the jail, but he bai
arranged to give his official guests a
goad iced 0| chicken, and some ot the
prisoners have reason to be thankful
that they did not get penitentiary sen
Washington.—A conference waa
held at the Whit- House yesterday
at wlihli differences between (Jovrr
nor Odell and Hrnulor Piatt were set
tled and New York's solid support
of Reonsvelt aawtresl
off nt Oakland!" cried the
man behind the counter, ns tlie key
Bobbed, "Mehanus leads passing the
Standi Greenock. second! Chub,
third!" It was all In his professional
monotonous voice. The house felt
elated. "I told you so!" Aftj?r a few
ntnments the key broke the hush nnd
the man called, "Meehanus at the
quarter, by two lengths! Burdock and
Fo»sil head to head with Burdock
slightly in tlie lead!" A huzzah of
approval broke from the packed room.
Hundreds of men gazed with strained
eyes at the blackboard, under the
green globes. "Meehanus. at the half,
and running easily, by two lengths!
Vwtorano second and coming up fast
by one length! Greenock, third!" A
might roar swelled to the ceiling.
"Veterano, a 20 to 1 shot. In the
money!" "Who's on him?" The ex
citement almost carried men off their
feet. "Where is Fossil?" gasped doz
ens of men. It seemed ages before
the key throbbed again. with Its
rasping click, click. "Veterano at
the three-quarters, by three lengths!
Fossil and Meehanus neck and neck,
and running hard!"
In the indescribable confusion men
grew crazed with sudden Joy, grief
and rage.
Suddenly came a terrible lull, so
characteristic of poolrooms when a
big race Is on. Kverybody waited
on the key to click, waited, yet fear
ed (to hear the news. Still in bis in-
Mrs. Bennett Says She
Was Handled Roughly
at Auditorium
With hei little girl sitting on her
kneV. Mrs. .lennie Bennett told Judge
BeU about her experience in tryini;
to get to a matinee performance at
tlie Auditorium last summer, She i«
suing the Hjpotheek bank, owner of
the building, and Harry Hnyward,
manager of the theater, for $1(100 {lam
ages for being "rudely" handled and
put, lOtrt of the theater. The little girl
we* merely an exhibit, supposed to
deinonst; ale her size as big enough 10
get all that might be claimed by the
\erje»* matinee niil in the wide land.
Mi*. Bennett told of buying two tick
ets.- for herself and hei friend. Mis.
Snyder, for tlie show, just which one
she could not tell because she did not
see,'! and because "he forgot the show
bills She snVs that she was
the could not be admit ted without
a ticket, she got one and then was
not allowed to get in, but was rudely
handled, she denied striking the tick
et taker, but -aid that the ticket tak
er (truck her.
The defense is that no children were
admitted and a sivui posted in the lobby
told everybody to that effect. Mis.
Beinett says that she -aw children
amg-Uet than her own little darling in-j
side ami she thought her own should 1
not be denied admittance. Attorney
Lewis brought one little girl into court
this morning for exhibition purposes
to trudge Kelt to enable him to decide
Mrs Bennett's contention.
Later .lodge llelt decided the case
this afternoon in favor of Harry Hav
ward and the Auditorium owners, hold
ing that they have a right to exclude
children by posting proper notice, and
j that in this case there bed been no
undue violence used.
way to live UK! your* is to live in the
ope.i air, don't wony about anything,
have no wife or children, pay no flirt
atinu- attention to tlie fnir sex, eat
raw food, aud. in a WOtd, Mnile and
let the world wan as » l may. Darling
is St leu-t »i\ feet tall. Ilia gaunt,
haggard foirn appearing almost like a
inex tie. Impressions blf followers nail
hiia"tui a disciple of « grand new meth
od ot living. Hi* meetings, in the foot
hiiu. >r.- attended by vast crowds, In
terfoienrc by the police being; regarded
81 persecution.
Duibng i- not the first fanatit that
hua u|»et Los Angeles. This town
is a hotbed of "isms." There are to]
lowers ol Mmc! ill.ivatsky here, with
their strange cult of the fur east. Quak
ers. Miaket., Mormons and other freak
reunion* from tho etuis ol the earth.
Ti.e town is in a stute oi turmoil on
"MM ." and about every so often v
"Uo'.v ruler" or v "tlving roller" grave
ly pn diets the end of th* woild.
Tlu- l.os Angeles library often pre
sents a Strang* scene. Many freak tall
era us «e«n pondering over book, on
occtytlatjon and the black arte.
J. In. Bmory of Kallspall, Mont., la
at tip Rldpath.
Vti S l.lnds.iy of Powder River,
Idaho, Is In the city
J_ 8 gtacey of Hope. Idaho, Is at
the Rldpath.
J J Bueoh of Oakesdule Is visit
ing here today.
11. A. Jones of Resurrection, Alas
ka, is at the Paeinc.
It, H Rakee, a sttathg man ogOhs
i welah is here today
J M Ptsh. a mining mvii ot Kettle
Kalis is at the Paclltv.
Michael Duff) of WiUistoo, N, D , ia
at the Cadillac He is looking for a
bastneaj apenigg,
different professional drawl, "Veter
ano leads Into the stretch by two
lengths! Fossil, three lengths behind
Greenock and running with whip und
The explosion of a volcano under
neath the house could not have caus
ed greater panic. Men cursed, grew
white, beat their clinched lists.
Click! Clfrk! Click!
Then fell that awful iilence again
as the runners In imagination came
neck and neck under the wire.
Fossil was carrying the thousand.--,
the hard-earned thousands. the
Christmas money. Where was Fos
sil? Come on Fossil!
Click! Click! Click!
"And Veterano wins easily by two
lengths! Greenock, second! Fossil
third, by two lengths; time, 1:59\!"
monotonously bawled the man behind
the desk.
Yes, a 120 gold piece, split In two,
would have won each mother's son
1200 straight and 1200 place money
for Christmas.
But oh. what a swearing, raging,
excited gang it was that tore up the
Fossil tickets and swarmed about the
room! .
Hildenbrand was the only one who
smiled. He looked a bit white, but
his eyes snapped with joy. The big
"win" evened up a month's bad luck.
It's a mistake to think even pool
rooms, are a gold mine. They've been
hit hard of late.
This, though, was a bright day.
Railroad Crossing.
The board of city commissioners i
and Corporation Counsel Judson held
a discussion this morning to consider '
the matter of* hulldidg crossings over :
the Northern Pacific tracks at Perry
and Napa streets In the eastern part
of the city.
To make the crossing at Perry
street, which would be the first north
and south crossing cast of Division
street, would require a-bridge more
than 200 feet In length. It Is argued
that this crossing would be import
une however, because it would divert
much of Ihe traffic that now has to
use the grade-level crossing at Di
vision street and Sprague avenue.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 25.—The ma-1
chlnery of government in the national
Capital will come to a standstill to
morrow, the Panama affair, tlie Cu
ban treaty nnd other momentous
questions will be forgotten for the
time being and everyone from the
president down will unite In the ob
servance of that most characteristic
of all American holidays—Thanksgiv
ing day. The day is usually a quiet
one In Washington, socially ns well
ns officially but congress being 111
session this year things may tie dif-
I ferent. The turkey dinners, at least,
will be more numerous than In pre
vious years.
President Roosevelt believes In
celebrating the holiday in the good,
old fashioned way ami conseuuently
a Jolly Thanksgiving in the Whit,
j House would take place were it not
for the death of the president's uncle,
who died in New York yesterday and
will Is. interred on Friday, the presi
dent attending. The Roosevelt chil
dren are at home from school and the
! Thanksgiving dinner will be for the
i family alone In the morning the
president and family will go to
church. Dinner will be served at "
I P m.
The president's steward gives him
self no concern regarding a Thanks
giving turkey for the executive table.
For more than 26 years Horace Vose
of Westerly, K. I . has fiad the privi
lege of supplying tlie president's tur
key. This Is In pursuance of a cus
tom which whs established by Sena
tor Anthony when President Grant
Who'll Pay the Bllll?
Qrand avenue grading and street im
provement lias been completed and the
lit}' father! are now woinlenng if the
• taxes to pay for the work can lie rol
i lee ted, *
facing the improvement are 100 lota
! and the coat Resigned againat eaeb 'ot
[for the betterment of the avenue is
about gSSO. Most of the shutting lot
ate owned by the i.laves Traction
company and the Cowley estate. The
Cowley estate is said to have bitterly
opposed, the grading. In some instance,
the assessment amounts to more than
the lot is actually worth.
It is not improbable that the im
provement will be adjudicated in the
1 OUI Is.
Marries a Count.
NEW YOHK, Nov. 23. -Dispatch*!
received hSrS (row Florence. Italy,
tell of the wedding there today of
Miss Cornelia ROOSOTCIt Kcovel,
dv ugh ter Of Chevalier and Mra. Kd
ward Scowl, to Count Klcear I J Kab
brkottl. The mai riage was pel foi m
cd at St James' church nod wan fol
lowed by a brilliant reception at the
vnia Tsrraaaa, viaie Maeohtevelll,
the beautiful home ol (he ScOVSta
who have lived in Klorei.ee foi many
The bride la I cousin of President
Roosevelt, once itiucvJ. tier mother
Doing a Hist cousin I.aft winter file
and her mother were in this country j
and passed some tune In Washing- I
ton and New York.
Was a Baptist Preacher
OWCNgBORO, Ky . Nov !J - Rev.
Charles YYathen, v Baptist Minister,
convicted in the federal iMUrt of rals
lug a II bill to 110 and naaetng '* °"
a woman, was today sentenced to two
yearn iv the penitential y.•
DARLINGTON, Wis., Nor. *).—
Mat then- Murphy died a few days ago,
nnd his will has just been probated.
To the surprise of his friends and the
disappointment of his relatives, this
provision was in the document:
"That 70 per cent of all 1 leave it to
go to Lafayette county for a new court
This means that 1139,800 will be put
into a swell new courthouse, unless
the big crowd of relatives succeed in
breaking the will, and they have start
ed to do it.
Spokane Needs the Woman in Politics.
The woman In politics, why not? After giving man a chance,
for at least 20 years. BpolCAne is still a long, lone; way from civic
virtue. The average man In Office spends too much of liis time
counting- tujses. lie wants to know which way to Jump. Ilia
alleged political work often has a corrupting influence on his char
acter. He learns to drink, swear, chew, gamble, and sometimes
even neglects his family. With Unsteady step. If rolls home about
daylight, after a hard night's work in the back room of a saloon,
to which the brewery trust holds tho key. And when his term of
office expiree and he runs again only to meet defeat, bis friends
lenrn, too late, that political life did him no good. He has acquired
the whisky habit, and, under the of going to work nt 8
and 'tutting at 3 or 4, as practiced in ofllce. finds himself out of
touch with a busy workaday world. This is the rommon, everyday
vulgar story of political life—what It does for thousands of men
over all this country.
And Spokane is nn exception.
Now. to sny that woman is more SUSSSgtible to a higher ideal
ls trite. And that's the very reason why she should not be encour
aged to enter political life. The Press is urging her to come In
one another basis entirely. The Press recognizes that Mrs. Ureen
berg's place, Mrs. Emery's place, and woman's place, is the home;
but certainly on those school affairs affecting the habits and welfare
of children, woman's Intuitions are more correct than man's. So,
this newspaper sincerely Invites two ladies to take seats on the
board, not as a reform movement In politics, but for expediency.
The Presß poo poos tho reform Idea. It Is not woman's business.
She's here to be a mother, not a ward boss. The vile intriguing
to rob the people of rights should be as rem it- from woman's life
ns are the plundering* of the cracksman with the mask and dark
lantern. Woman would be fooljsh to put her White lingers Into the
political pitch. It Is not only unnecessary, but Is damnably fool
ish. She'd better keep out.
No reform can take place. In any po!ltfca!ty-r!dden city in
America. Including Spokane, unless the people themselves take a
larger interest. And Americans are monomaniacs on the subject
of money. That's their one great mania It absorbs all their time,
talent and thought. So, they relegate politics to ward boescs, sa
loonkeepers and political shysters. Who furnish the votes, when
Purification of politics means sacrifices, on part of the Ameri
can people, who, at present, aren't willing to make the sacrifices.
There's the whole reform idea. In a nutshell
But on school matters, this city might with safety, honor and
pride, without fear of smirching white feminine hands, welcome at
least two of her mothers to seats In the board. The work calls
for high Ideals, Is not too exacting, and appeals to something
women understand, the children. On thn Whole, there's no good
reason why she shouldn't ornament the school board. The Press
welcomes two Spokane matrons to make the run.
The Holiday Bird Will Be
Eaten Without the Usual
was ihe chief executive, As long as
the senator lived he bought turkeys
for the presidents, nnd When he tie I
Mr. Voce kept up the custom, and
each year sent the best bird he could
lind in bis home county. The colos
sal fowl which will satisfy the appe
tites of the Rooaevett household to
morrow and fill the White House
j kitchen with its fragrant sroma
weighs In the neighborhood of SO
' pounds. Ho was hatched last spring
' and as tenderly reared as a young
colt destined for the race track.
The menu for the Thanksgiving
dinner Is always a simple one. Mr.
I vone's turkey is the piece de reelst
! gnee, and the other dishes served ure
i typically American. The dinner In
' variably begins with Chesapeake oy-
I sters. Flaky rock fish from the Po
j tomac, terrapin from the eastern
j shore nnd cranberries from Cape C «l
| are Included in tin menu.
The Pre** suited today to t nd the
biggest, fattest tuikei m town. The
March revealed that there are plenty
of go turkeys on the market, going
off rapidly to the boarding houses, ho
tels, restaurants and other placet " l
good cheer.
A Ihipi'und* turkey at 2o cents a
pound, will cost you a *■"> gold piece.
There is a demand for this heavy
"turk." The big. fat, coin-fed look'd
exceed i ugly tempting. Women were
busy marketing. Men* satined to be
no object. A Invkej i* an averag*
The biggest talk that The Press
could bud was at the Mo.inc-l'uiiie Co-
He certain!) is fat enough to grace the
table oi a lord. At the pine charged.
Names for a Bishop.
An bnportnnt meeting of Cathoh-s
will be hekl in this «.ity tomonow M
select three name) be sent to Pop*
Puis X. for i hove of tlie Mmv*»or of I
the late Bishop John I!. Ilion.lell, wboj
died in Helen.i. Mont,
The meeting will be presided over
by Archbishop Alexander Christie of
Portland, Ore, Rev. Father \'nt i
Day of Helena. Iter, b'atbet Dealer*
I uiul Rev. bather Callahan of But tee,
the oensulUra of the drx-eae, arrive*!
lin the iity ibis mm uing. They were
I entertalued by Catholic, ol the elty
ami visited tlie iintitul.on- here, and
also took a drive around tlie city ago'
lug the falls, the residences ami the
business plates.
K. Morgan, one of the owner* of
Poplar Creek nroperttea, i* in the elty
fiom the new ramp
Any Advertiser May Imiiii Om
Circulation at Any Time.
WSATTOB—Tonight vi Thursday, etc****.
Mr. Murphr'a fortune foots up $WM
OO). and as be never manied and had
no brothers or sisters living, there aro
tin very ueir elatives. A section in the
will declares thst any legatee contest*
ing the will will forfeit the share left
to him or bar*.
A few very distant ones, who wera
left $100 or $200, declare Mr. Murphy
was not in bis right mind when M|
wrote bis will. Intimate friends, how
ever, *ay lie was in possesion of all
his (acuities until the day of bis death.
All the mem)i»rs of the cabinet will
eat their Thanksgiving dinners at
their Washington homes. Secretary
| nnd Mrs Hay will have a family
party t at their hoard Secretary ami
j Mrs. Shaw will dine at their home
jln Massachusetts avenue, and will
share the holiday feast with their
children. Th • attorney general is
fond of his own fireside and prefers
a simple home diner or to any of tho
feasts in which he might partlolgats
The secret ii y of agriculture has little
to buy for hi- Thanksgiving dinner
as turkeys and other gifts come to
btm from all over the country. The
Js '.luy of tlie Interior. Mr. Hltoh-
COCk, ami his family will dine In their
' home in X street. The secretary of
! the navy though the recipient %
many invitations, will probably fol
low bis usual custom and dine with
his bachelor, cronies in the Worden
| bouse.
.'8 nut- a pound, the custeiner was
*7.tt4 out of pocket.
'I'll ",, will lie no oveiplus of tur
key- thin year, said .i manager. "The
demand for turk- i> large Iwyond our
expectation* but ue will not carry
.my our this aeasou. A year ago the
pines iveni up and tons of fowl lauded
into cold storage. This year you can
bu> about anything in town at a uni
form price "I S3 . cuts per pound, and
(oi extra Urge birds, over 15 pounds,
the price i- but three cent- higher."
The Press heard a rumor that
"turks" had gone to SO cents a pound,
but couldn't find a down town grocer
wh ' was making any such charges.
Th* grocer* and meat men are certainly
happ) with overwhelming trade.
To Raise Revenue.
At a meeting iwiwcm Mayor Boyd,
Comptroller Uagcett and the license
oiiholUoo ot the city eounetl laat
light tt wis pruottoallv agreed tliat
11 the in w license ordinance to be
ntitegueed at tho next meeting ot the
•f> to. it rentnnrunte, retail gro
•ory stores dealing io spirituous
liiuors itiul wholesale Honor housis
nill he taxed <-To> per year. In the
aast wholesale liquor holme* have
been taxed ohly'lM iter quarter.
It is :|so II!, l. thai the Hi . use for
11 lis-s will h- on the lines of
shnrge* mailo in Seattle, which were
published In The t'resa lust week
Saloon lleeusep and a wgojoat to
I.in lodging houses by the loom weie
nut considered last .-not
Ur 8 It PI iii. of (toregue la %
fciiesi of tin fio Ine hole: today.

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