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The newsboys, messenger boys,
poor women arid children of the city
will eat turkey and cranberry sauce
tomorrow as the guests of the Vol
unteers of America, Tlie banqueting
room will be In tlie basement of the
city h.iil building. Provisions have
been made to accommodate 40 0 guests
nnd dinner will be served from 3:110
to 5:30 in the afternoon.
Every year the Volunteers aim to
give a banquet to the poor and needy
nt Thanksgiving time. It is a part
t>t their religion to do good in the
lowliest walks of life, even ns did
their Bavlor during his career on
There is pleasure for them In the
thought that they are helping some
one In need. Nothing is sadder than
a child deprived of the luxuries of a
good meal. The growing body craves
food and to one not accustomed to
dainties It Is a rare treat, Indeed, to
be Invited to eat turkey, if only once
during the year.
The good cheer always accompany
ing a Thanksgiving dinner will glad
den the hearts of the little street
urchins who are out in all sorts of
weather selling their papers. Already
their expectations have reached the
stage of the happiness In store for
them tomorrow.
ring nnd suspected an energetic rat that had bean running around his
house. To catch the rat ho placed an Imitation diamond ring on Ills dresser
and attached a thread to it. The rat came hack nnd stole the second ring.
Then Young only had to follow the thread. It led him through several
partitions and under a few floors, but he eventually found the rat's nest
and both lings.
A medical authority has recently
Uttered a wn mi ng against the habit
.of sitting witli ouo knee crossed over
the other. "Thla apparently harm
less habit," he snj'H, "la likoly to
cause Sciatica, lameness, chronic
numbness, sscendlasj paralysis,
crampa, variooes veins, and other
evils, The i sasmi is simple: Tha
bat k of the knee, it i.h explained, as
well ns ttir front of the elbow and
wrist, the groin ami armpit, contains
nerves and blood vessels which srs
less adequately protected than In
Other partS of the body. Tile spare
behind tlie knee contains Iwo large
nerves, a large nrtciy, and numerous
VelnM and lymphatic glands, it Is
the pressure of these net yes ami yes-
Liver and Kidneys
I It li highly important that these or
gans (tumid properly perform their
When they don't, what lamenem ol
tlie tide and bark, what yellowness ot
the skin, what constipation, bad taste
In the mouth, nick headache, pimples
and blotches, nnd lost of courage, t« II
the alory.
The great alterative and Inula
Hood's Sarsaparilla
(lives these orrani vigor and lone and
auret all their ordinary ailments.
sV Accept uo substitute.
All honor and praise to tho Volun
teers. Four hundred of the poor
people of the city will bless them and
their goodness will ever be remem
The cost of foedlng 1000 poor will
not exceed what one rich man of Spo
kane would expend in entertaining to
of his friends at his house. Yet the
rich man sits In his elegant home,
bounteously provided for nmid mag
nllicent Surroundings, und gives no
thought to his less fortunate fellow
mnn. The wind may blow a gale, the
snow Hy and the air lie bitter cold,
It moves him not. He is comfortable
and In his selfishness lie forgets
when he was not so blessed with tills
world's goods.
Does anyone stop to think what a
large amount of work is necessary to
get a dinner for a hungry mob of
400? The collection of n little here
and there, the preparation and the
serving, all require time and labor.
The Volunteers do It lovingly, cheer
fully nnd without thanks In many
cases. The busy world looks on,
remarks it Is a good thing, but lends
no helping hand. It is (inly the Vol
unteers, they say. They are used to
earing for the unfortunate.
Ood bless the Volunteers,
Would thnt there were more of
sels whirli Is apt to give rise to the
VSrtOUS troubles against which we
are warned."
It Is not so very long ago since
every greet noble thought i» Incum
bent upon bis dignity to surround
himself with ns strong a force of
armed retainers as he could afford
to upkeep. And even today, within
the confines of the British Isles the
custom still lingers, si though few
people probably are aware of the
fact. One of the most numerous and
best equipped of these present-day
private armies Is that maintained by
the duke of Atlndl, at Blair Alboll,
111 Perthshire. It consisted, accord
ing to the latest returns, of 1!:'S of
ficers ami men, whose armament Is
of the most modern and approved
pattern. Trior to 1141 Ibis was not
the case, the privates retaining their
ancient loeluiber uxes, c laymores and
targets, while UtS Ofleerg carried the
traditional short broadsword (fal
chion) of the Highland chleftHliiß.
The proprietor of the Hotel Bt. Re
gis, in New York, claims people nre
being scared away from his place by
fHlse stories of high prices. A nice
room may be had for |x a day, he
nays, while roast chicken Is only $:i a
portion In his restaurant. Now, who
could ever have started those false
The 20th annual report of the
I bureau of animal industry is be
fore us. This is a substantial vol
ume of 018 liases, and covers the
I work done in the bureau during the
I year 1903, in the study and control
of the various animal diseases of
: the year together with a large num
her of descriptive articles hy ex
pert in various lines of animal
', work.
Tlie edition of this report is lim
-1 I ted to 30,000 copies, 21,000 copies
of which are given to members or
■ congress for distribution. As the
supply is limited everyone desiring
I a copy of this useful book should
I apply to his senator or congress
' man at once.
In Japan there is no such thing
as disrespect from youth to age. No
Japanese boy or girl could ever think
In a light or disrespectful manner
of his or her superiors or torn hers,
and this may account for the earnest
ness so unusual among young chil
When a student enters a master's
presence in Japan he bows to the
floor, und when the lesson is finished
he bows again, with expressions of
She Is the daughter of the governor
of Wisconsin, and has derided on a
theatrical career. Hhe Is 21 years old
nnd very ambitious. Hhe succeeded
In gaining the consent of her parents
Always Remember tbe full Name a>
laxative Rromo fr f & o„evc
the deepest gratitude as he takes his
The teacher, sitting In most cases
upon his feet on the floor, grasely re
turns each salutation, then lights his
little pipe at the inevitable bit of a
smoking box, and waits fo r Ids next
The total number of all known
varitifs of postage stamps issued
by all the governments of the
world up to the present time is
19,242. Of this number 205 have
been issued In Oreat Britain, and
5711 in the various British colonies
and protectorates, leaving K).;!2h
for the rest of the world. Dividing
the totals amongst the continents
Europs Issued 4089, Asia :!H2S, Afri
ca 4006, America including the
West Indies, 0095, and Oeeanlea
1425. Salvador has issued more
varieties of postage stamps than
any other country, the number be
ing 450. Poland ami Wad h wan
have each found a solitary Fpeo.i
men suffice for their postal needs.
To Be Established by the Bureau of
Forestry. ,
The bureau nf forestiy Inrs recent
ly signed an agreement to make ex
tensive timber seasoning tests in two
western states. In co-operation with
two telegraph and telephone com
panies. Experimental stations will l>e
located at Marinette, Wis., and Ks
canabSi Mich., and probably a third
station will be established at Ash
bind, Wis. The expense of tho ex
periments will be borne jointly by
the bureau and the companies. Ce
dar and tamarack telephone and tele
graph poles will be furnished hy the
state of Wisconsin free of cost, and
two railroad companies have agreed
to haul them to the experiment sta
tions without charge for freight.
The object of the experiments is
to determine how ninny years can
be added to the life of each pole by
proper seasoning.
Health is absolutely impossible If
constipation be present Many eerieus
eases of liver and kidney complaint
have sprung from neglected. consti
pation. Such a deplorable caeditlon
is unnecessary. There is a rjßre for
it. Herbine will wpeedlly remedy
matters. C. A. Lindsay, p m.. Bran
son, Fbv, writes February 18, IMS
Having tried Herbine, I find it a in,
medicine for con- it -n
stlpatlon." 50c a YUlklUOmf fl"11
Por • *»»»Ja¥aWM|paW
-ale by V V
A violinist says spiders are no
toriously and historically fond of
music. At a performance In Mis
souri the concert hall was made dis
agreeable by a sudden invasion of
spiders, which were drawn by his
violin from the cracks and grannies
of tlie ancient building. They crawl
ed about the tloor and onto the stage,
and he could see the annoyed audi
ence stamping on tlie insects.
There are seven schools in (Jer
many devoted to the training of
blacksmiths—at Burgstadt, Orossen
hain, Frankenberg, Meissen, QlaU
chatl, Rosswein and ZlttaU, The
course of Instruction In three of tho
schools last three years; In three of
the others it Is shorter.
Thanksgiving day will be celebrat
ed in Our Lady of Lourdoa 1 church.
Solemn mats will be followed by a
sermon by the pastor, Rev. Father
Verhsgsn, Other Catholic churches
will have similar services.
Do you want to rent or sell a
house? Sec what a Press want ad
will do!
and dISCQVI red that years ago In 1
dignified father also had stags am
bitions, but failed t go behind the
footlights because of his dtaeunltlve
London! Statuomnnln having now
brought about the erection of statues
to every honest celebrity, living or
dead, throughout Europe, It was only
to be expected that fumous criminals
would be Called Into requisition.
Accordingly, In the little town of
Forlimpopoll, near Bologna, a me
morial tablet is about to be unveiled
in tlie Municipal theater to the mem
ory of n famous robber chieftain
named Passatore, the only son of
Forlimpopoll who has yet risen to
fa me.
The theater Is chosen for the home
of his memorial because In It was
performed his most famous exploit.
In September, 1754, while one of
Rossini's operas was being performed
tn the presence of all the local beauty
and fashion, Pnssatore nnd his band
"held up" the audience and robbed
them of all their valuables to the last
Mrs. B W. Evans. CleArwater,
Ken , wrltea: "My husband lay sick
tor three months. The doctor* said
that be kad <juA roWmptJOn We
procured a bettj? of Bafiard'a Here
liound Syrup, and It eiWsO fcrm That
was six years ago. Since than we
have alwayi kojl a bottle th the
house. We can tjet do without It.
HV>r oeughs arid rinfafSMsWasOL
it has no /3BM ILft
equal." ale, 80c, V W
tl 00. Sold by w
Senator Piatt will give a breakfast
to Empire stute republican leaders,
at which the menu will consist of
buckwheat cakes, maple molasses,
venison, hard cider, mince, pumpkin
and apple pie, Tom would have liked
to steer Teddy up against a dumdum
breakfast like that about four years
May Irwin has made a will, leaving
$100,000 to endow a National Art The
ater in New York, to be built when
the fund aha]] have Increased to $5,-
--000,000. As it will be about the year
2081, it is not believed Klaw & Er
langer will dictate the opening at
It Is now reported that the Baltic
fleet sailors saw war balloons off the
Dogger bank. The only blessed
things in the world they didn't see
were fishing vessels and Russia's fin
Henry I). Baldwin, superintendent
city water works, Shullsburg, Wis
writes: "I have tried many kinds of
liniment, but T have never received
much benefit until I used BallaVa'a
Snow Liniment for rlieutnatlsm and
pains. I think It Ad .
the best llnlme; t 'rf-TW/TrVitjuJk
on earth." L'fie, 50c,
$1.00. Bold by " V
0. R. Ml
Each Afternoon
and Evening.
Everybody YVelcoms
A ii.i.. s on Free
H INI IT N_WTON. . . r-ijtr.sler
The Sloane-
Paine Co.
Store Closed
Phone Exchange 0.
521-52:? Sprague Aye.
the only concern selling- groceries that
dares manage its own bnalneaa and
make their own selling pricea. It's
not very soothing to tho retail gro
cers' trust of Spokane, hut they will
hnve to take their own medicine. Pen
pie have welcomed the change and
we are glad to have been the ones
to bring It about.
Jeannot Itros. will sell you more good
goods for v little cash than anyone
dares in the city of Spokane.
Nice, Juicy hams, the lie kind,
at, lb 13c
Thnt nice bacon in small strips
and wrapped at, lb 12Hc
Best lard In , r .-lb. pails at 59c
Best lard In HMD, pails at $1.10
Beet lard in 3-lb. pails at 35c
And the best potatoes, 100 lbs.. $1.00
Best dry onions nt, lb 3c
And fancy lemons at, each 10
Best sweet cider nt, gal 300
Nice new canned tomatoes at....10c
That new can corn nt 100
Very choice can tomatoes, worth
IBc, nt 120
Belmont French peas nt, can 190
Belmont mushrooms at, can 190
Home made mincemeat, :i lbs Bsc
Best sweet potatoes, 7 lbs 25c
Best fresh eggs, 2 doz 550
Best laundry soap is Jeannot's
Purity Mini only, bar 3c
Nine frosti canned salmon nt lOc
And don't overlook that we give
you six ISc packages nf Maltoo
Flake* for 9So
Very nice apples at, box 500
And, say, just order that 10c hot"
tie "f blueing front us. We give
you nve bottle* for 250
And w« five you four 10c buttles
nf ammonln for 880
Just got In one ton Of very nice
Jni>nn lire und we nre going to
let you have five lbs. for 95c
And that nice coffee Is hi st when
you buy it from v store that don't ba
tons to the trust. \\V have the hest
on the market nnd charge you less
money, iiunlity considered. 150, 17c,
aoc, 35c, 30c, 35c and 40c buys the
hest in Spokane,
And those teas of oura have no
Nice spider leg tea, others' price
BOc, at •. . 290
Nice gunpowder tea, others' price
BOc, nt 29c
Nice young Hyson tea, others'
price BOc, si 29c
Nice sun cured Japan, others' price
1 oe, nt 29c
Fancy sun cured Japan, others'
price 't Be, at 45©
Any fsnCJ lias In l ib. packages,
others' price 7T.r, at SOo
ConiS to Jeimiot BrOS.,' the only
firm Hint stands for you und against
tlie trust.
La* 2 © Pays
Soe flnanmenns© Wim<al®w
should ho tlie hest and brightest known. Electricity
is ns yet unequalled for illumination! in any form.
Can we figure with you?
The Washington Water Power Co.
Riverside and Lincoln.
The Hiioimi Yon Rtornntrg, wlf* of Hn OrtrnMin nmbunsii<ior, v»i
look n promlriont port In the unveiling of the statue of Frederick the Orel
on November 19. I

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