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Win. T. Stead, editor of the Review of Reviews and
the most famous newspaper writer in tlie world, recently
became convinced that the remarkable religious revival
in Wales was but the beginning of a world-wide move
ment for the extension of Christ's kingdom.
Mr. Stead thereupon visited Wales to get a personal
view of the phenomenal events progressing, and upon his
return was commissioned by the Newspaper Enterprise
Association to write a report on the movement and the
possibility of its spreading over the earth.
The accompanying article, which we have obtained
exclusively in this territory, is the result.
eThe grand duke's horses and carriages were blown lo
Sigut Are Blpe for a Great Awakening That Will Spread Around the
World and Bring 1 Fence and Good Will to Nations and People
Armament of Europe Has Brought the World to the Verge of a
Catastrophe From Which the Imagination Recoils, and This Re
vival. Only Started. May Save TJs From the Impending Disaster.
Editor Review of Reviews.
LONDON, Feb. 21.—There is no
phenomenon so constant as the
periodical recurrence of revivals of
religion. So judicial an observer
as John Stuar Mill remarked this
as a phenomenon of Christianity,
"Although the religious spirit may
flow as a perennial fountain. It ha?
ever its flux and reflux like the
tide. Its history is a series of al
ternations between religious laxity
and religious earnestness." But
while "every mariner is furnished
with exact particulars as to the
hour of high tide in every harbor,
the navigator of the vaster sea has
no exact Information as to the
dates of the ebb and the flow of
these great moral forces which
govern the progress of mankind.
All that can be said is that when
the tide is lowest it will soon begin
to turn. As it is ever the darkest
hour liefore the dawn, so the very
prevalence of religious laxity, of
materialistic self-indulgence is a
prophesy of the approach of the
revival. Such great religious
awakenings have occurred every
hundred years with tolerable pun
ctuality in the history of England
and they have always been fol
lowed by great social and political
changes. Alike to the statesman,
the reformer or the philosopher,
the possible advent of a revival
is only one degree less important
than to the church itself.
Revivals in History.
The political and national signifi
cance of a revival in no way de
pends upon the nature of the reli
gious doctrines associated with the
rising tide of moral earnestness.
In English history we have had
revivals in which the revivalists
were Roman Catholics. Caivanistic
Puritans, Armenian Methodists and
Quakers. Each of these revivals
directly heralded the dawn of an
era of social and political progress.
From the point of view of tlie dis
passionate social student, the phe
nomenon would almost seem to
justify the famous sneer of Gib
bon, that all religions were to their
followers equally true, to philoso
phers equally false, and to states
men equally useful. This is true
within limits, the definition of
which would have dulled the edge
of Gibbon's wit.
Ln England and in America, there
has been no such thing as a purely
secular, or even a non-Christian
revival. All revivals have hitherto
been associated with some form of
Christian faiih. The fundamental
doctrines; the existence of an ever
living God, who has not retired
from business, but is the loving
Father of all men; the manifesta
tion of His love through the life
and death of Jesus Christ; the di
rect influence of an invisible Di
vine Spirit upon the hearts and
souls of men; the need for repent
ance; the efficacy of prayer; the
Importance of public worship, and
the certainty that after death man
must account for deeds done in the
body; these are common to all the
Fac simile Signature of
mT\ml a*. & .
Pg**** Wrapper Printed on
revivals which have profoundly in
fluenced the course of human his
tory. Granting that these leading
principes are preached as absolute
truths, it seems immaterial how
the revivalists adorn, disfigure, or
embellish the central body of their
creed with their own notions on
matters of detail.
Signs Are Ripe.
Those who are students of the
signs of the times have for the last
few years agreed in predicting the
early advent of a revival, which, in
the words of Dr. R, \\\ Dale, of
Birmingham, would be greater
than any that had blessed the
world since the day of Pentacost.
It is, however, not the old years,
so much as politicians and states
men who teach us that the revival
is due. When evil doth abound
then it is needful that grace should
much more abound. Without at
tempting a general survey of the
present state of the world in this
year of grace, I may point to the
appalling, irresistible advance of
the expenditure o£ the nations
upon armaments as the simplest
and most uncontrovertible demon
stration of the need for a revival.
The armaments of the nations are
the outward and visible sign of tlie
negation of the principle of bro
therhood which is a fundamental
principle of Christianity. Jingoism
is the anti-Christ of our time. Mo
loch-Mars has dethroned Christ.
And in the almost fabulous in
creas of the military and naval
estimates of Great Britain we see
the register at once of our sin and
of our doom. ,
It is the fashion in some quar
ters to pretend that the cause of
armaments is to be sought, not
in tlie nn-Christlike temper, but in
the clash of material interests.
But material interests would be
much more effectively defended if
they were pursued, not in the
spirit of anti-Christ, but with a
genuine determination to put our
selves in our rival's place, and do
for him as we would have him do
to us if lie were in our place. Cer
tain it is that persistence on the
other tack is bringing European
civilization to the verge of a cat
astropbe from which the imagina
tion recoils.
The czar saw it six years ago.
and proclaimed it aloud in the
hearing of all nations. They met
ta The Hague and devised machin
ery whereby, if the nations were
but in a Christian mood, their dif
ferences would be adjusted by an
international tribunal. But the
mood was lacking. Hence the
South African war, which was the
direct result of refusing the oft
repeated request of the Boers to
end all differences to arbitration,
but procrastination on the one
hand, and precipitation on the
other, brought down on both dis
asters, of which we have but seen
the beginning. What is wanted
everywhere is a change of mood,
similar to that which has quite re
cently taken place in the relations
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of England and France. Anglo
i .>....- ...lci'c- 1., oia... ... .i.i..... ...o
world as much today as they ever
did. But in the changed temper of
Paris and London they are seen to
be capable of amicable adjust
ment, and the race of competitive
armaments between France and
England has been suspended by
mutual consent. Nothing material
has altered, there has only been a
change of mood, which may be des
cribed as a change of heart. It is
zecause such a change of heart,
not in two nations, but in all na
tions, is indispensable if civiliza
tion is not to perish beneath the
weight of its armaments that there
is growing up a wonderful belief
that the revival which nas broken
out in Wales is but the precursor
of a great international revival,
which, if it does not lead nations
to beat their swords into plow
shares and their spears into prun
ing books, will at least produce
such a return of santy and good
feeling among our nations as to
lead to an enormous abatement of
the crushing burdens of military
and naval armaments. For a re
vival that did not effect that, would
lie a revival hardly worth the
name. It is no use proclaiming
Christ as our Savior, Lord and
King in our churches when in our
senates and courts we pay supreme
homage to the anti-Christ of jingo
Domestic Strife Ends.
In Wales, where the revival has
the most hold, the result is most
marked In the cessation of domes
tic strife. There is an almost ma
gical disappearance of wife-beat
ing, of fighting, of violence and of
crime. Long separated families
have come together, ancient feuds
have been healed, a new temper
prevails. It was the same in South
Africa after the revival services
held by Gipsy Smith at the begin
ning of last year. The most aston
ishing reconciliations Uijk place
between the English and Dutch.
Men who had never spoken since
the outbreak of the war ment ni
tears, in the inquiry room, and
united in praise and prayer to their
common Father. What the revival
lias effected in private life in
Wales, and in a community torn
by racial war in South Africa, it
may yet accomplish on a still
wider scale in allaying internation
al enmities, and substituting a
sense of international brotherhood
for the dominant mood of interna
tional hatred. In other words, I
hoep and believe that in the good
providence of God, the good pre
liminary work begun at The Hague
in 1899 may be made effective by
a great revival of a spirit of bro
therly love and the enthusiash of
There is an awakened interest
in the revivals in Wales, through
out the whole of Europe, that is
astonishing to those who know the
cold indifference of contempt with
which evangelical movements are
regarded by free thinkers and Ro
man Catholics alike, in Russia, if
the present turmoil should result
in any relaxation of the severity
of the law against religious propa
ganda, we may expect to see a re
vival of religious enthusiasm the
like of which »s comparable only
to the passionate enthusiasm for
liberty, fraternity and equality of
revolutionary France. For the
French revolution was in its way
a revival, a revival clad in hell
fire, as Carlyle would say.
Dut it is in the English speaking
world that we may expect to see
the first manifest signs of the reli
gous revival working out good re
sults in social, political and inter
national affairs. The great mission
which Dr. Torrey, of Chicago, and
Mr. Alexander, of Tennessee, are
conducting in the Royal Albert
hall, of Loudon, is a striking illus
tration of the unity of the English
speaking world in the field of
Christian service. Dr. Torrey, on
his arrival in England from a mis
sion tour round the world, tnade
the following remarkable declara
"I believe that you and I—l was
going to say are at the dawn, but
we are beyond that —we have
( crossed the threshold to one of the
a/eatest euochs ot the church of
Christ on earth. I believe you and
I are to see one of the greatest re
vivals of all time—one of the
greatest revivals in all the world's
If so be that Dr. Torrey and
other watchers of the signs of the
times be correct, then a great
blessing is in store for mankind
It is about time we had it. And
in view of the incalculable benefits
resulting to the world from any
great international religious awak
ening. I venture in all earnestness
to appeal to all those who care for
the welfare of their fellow men.
whether they call themselves by
the name of Christ or no. to be on
the lookout for the first signs of
the coming of the revival.
"Prepare ye the way of the
Lord; make his path straight!"
W. f Slcad
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Smith contracted to furnish a mon
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the graves was also contracted for —
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Mrs, Bonr.er declares that the job
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Tlie same rule will apply to the
M. Sellers building on Riverside
Last night the building trades
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fair list. This order applies to the
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After trying to bring about a set
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COPENHAGEN, Feb. 21—The Rus
sian third Raltle fleet today Is coal
ing near the Skaw, preparatory to
proceeding on its journey to the fat
TOKIO, Feb. 21.—Anticipating nn
attack on Vladivostok, the Russians
are throwing up entrenchments on
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