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THe Spohane Press
Published Every Evening Except Sunday
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The Business of New York
You are Interested in New York.
Every American is interested in a city that in many
ways dwarfs every other municipality on tlie globe. You
would go to Boston if business or pleasure called you
there; to Chicago if you were forced to, and even to Phila-
hut everybody has gone or will go to New York
some day because it is THE American city— in a class by
Its growth is something to marvel at. A western boom
town seems like a country cemetery in comparison.
There are 60 theatres—more than in any other city in
the world—and one-third of them were erected in the last
six years.
A few years ago, after an expenditure of millions, the
New York water question was supposedly settled for half
a century. Now more millions must be Spent, for the
population has overtaken the supply.
The new school buildings completed last year will
house a school population equal to the entire public school
attendance in the state of Washington, yet thousands of
school children are going to school half time in order that
double use may be made of school buildings.
Every year there is added to the fire department men
and equipment equal to the entire' department of a city
like Kansas City. Still there is a cry of "inadequate fire
There are over 8000 men on the New York police force.
They, with their families, would populate a respectable
city. New Yorkers say thugs run riot because of the
smallness of the force.
Homes are no longer erected in New York proper.
That is because the entire territory is being given over to
flats, hotels, theatres, skyscrapers and business houses.
It is a city of churches, of saloons, of politicians, of
graft, of pleasure and of sorrow.
Its pleasures, its philanthropies, its business and its
sins are all on a gigantic scale.
It is today a pulsing, living advertisement for a mighty
nation, and Americans are proud of it.
Some Popular Education
"When thieves fall out honest men get their dues."
Doesn't that make you think of the various forms of
*'Frenzied Finance" that are being fed to the public in
unlimited quantities these days?
Mr. Lawson exposes Rogers and others, and Mr. Dono
hue exposes Lawson, and it is entirely in order for some
body who can sling a vitriolic pen to expose Mr. Donohue.
But out of it all comes a mass of trickery that can be
traced and verified, and light on swindles that have been
dignified with the name of business, until THE PUBLIC
For the warning is plain, It has been shown that
mighty fortunes are the simple result of selling something
that is worthless, or selling something that has value for
many times its value; that the central idea of Wall street
is to drain the country of its accumulations; to skilfully
plunder the public.
Finance, in its modern meaning, is remorseless. It
would make money by fair means or foul. Outside of
business it can sign a check for a thousand and shed tears
of sorrow for suffering. In its business capacity it has
no scruples. It views the suicide of the gambler in stocks
unmoved. It slays and picks the bones of the victim as
clean as ever vulture could.
It capitalizes a hole in the ground for millions, baits
the trap with glittering literary fabrications; declares
that fortunes can be had for the asking, and backs the
statement up with an array of names that stand, or seem
to stand, for solidity and integrity.
And the public, the dear public, with its few dollars
laid away for a rainy day, is expected to, and does, hand
over its money to that pirate crew.
Lawson says, "Sell Amalgamated for what it will
Donohue says, "Sell Trinity (Lawson's stock) for
what it will bring."
Let the people gain wisdom. There never was a bet
ter opportunity.
What is in a site? Just now the question is bigged to
the engineers and couueilinen than is the pink slip to the
waiting business man.
ißerpicide Will Save It. Xarplclde Will lava it. Too Lata for MerpUlde.
Tee OBXaXBAI. remedy Uiat "kllla the Dandruff (term,"
Many ladles compel their mirrors
t*> bear silent witness to necdlees
hall destruotlon. Day after day
they ace beauty and attractiveness
••■polled by the-removal of great
Kibfulls of sllfhtly diseased hair
t rould bs saved. If your mirror
osuld talk It would plead with you
(Brum k Braley, Inc.), Special AffaK.
AppUcatloxs at Prominent Barhar Sbopi.
Brag Bttores, •1.30. Ban* 100, etainps, to KBBPI
OXDB CO., Dept. X, Detroit, Mlob.. fox a Sample.
to "save your hair—not tha comb
ings." It can be done with New
bro's Herplclde, which kills the mi
crobe that causes dull, brittle and
lusterless hair, also dandruff and
falling hair. Destroy the germ and
the hair's natural luster snd abun
dance will return. Marvelous re
sults. An exquisite hair dreaslng.
Entered at Spokane,
With., as second
claaa matter.
makes home baking easy. Nothing
can be substituted for it in making,
quickly and perfectly, delicate hot
biscuit, hot-breads, muffins, cake and
Price Baking Powder Co.. Chicago.
It scorns to me that my wise friend,
Eddie Rothroek, lias just about hit
the center of the pugilistic target
when lie asseverates that nobody be
lieves that Jack Kellly doped him
self, nor that eJrry McCarthy trained
so faithfully for an easy finish, or
that anybody has yet been found to
say that Iteilly's second. Qoodman,
was too good to turn the trick Reilly
accuses him of. Eddie got In a solar
plexus in that last remark about the
unmirrored chastity of Mr. Goodman's
"hasdoneness." Evidently he has
been looking up the Story of a past
Ry the way, nothing lias been
heard from Jerry McCarthy since he
started for Butte. Jerry is just now
keeping several people on the anxious
in the first place, Jerry had nKreed
to tisht "Honey" Mellody before the
S. A. A. C. for tlie welterweight
championship. This match, if ar
ranged, would be a great feather in
Eddie Quinn's cap as a matchmaker.
But there was some doubt of when
Mellody would come west and no
definite arrangements could be made
before Jerry left for Butte.
Before having McCarthy was of
fered a match with Barney Mullln for
a $suo side bet. Barney jumped a
train and went to Pendleton, where
he secured his $500 and is back wait
ing to hear from Jerry.
A tight for a thousand dollar purse,
such as this would be, certainly
would prove interesting and arrange
ments were practically made to pull
off the bout under one of the out
side clubs as Barney and the S. A. A.
C. are at outs.
But since then Jerry has sent no
word and some of his friends have
spread about the rumor that he ls
trying to arrange the Mellody match
for Butte, where there would be
bigger money in the house for a
championship battle and they claim
Ancient, crude at times, but with
the fragrance and flavor of age hang
ing about not only the lines, but
about those who spoke them, giving
a glimpse of the glorious successes
of the past when the "legit" was the
thing, "Kerry Gow" was put on at
the Spokane last night by Joseph
Murphy and a strong support.
The presentation was a pleasing
one to the old timer who 20 years
ago never missed attending and ap
plauding the bit of Irish comedy dra
ma, just as be will go again tonight
to see his old favorite, "Shaun
Mr. Joseph Murphy is some older
than when he appeared as the husky,
rollicking, happy-go-lucky blacksmith
of two decades ago. His voice has
thinned, there are wrinkles and puffs
which the "makeup" does not wholly
conceal and there's a slight stoop of
age, but In the main the same strong
spirit, the same energy and spright
liness U there that ln the days gune
to know that the negotiations are on
for the mining camp to swipe the
Jack Reilly has succeeded in get
ting hacking ln Walla Walla for a
return go with McCarthy. Jhok, as
I predicted, has found friends In tlie
prison town and they will go their
last dollar on his ability to do Mc-
Carthy under even conditions.
But I do not think there is much
chance for the two to get together
As a matter of fact, Jack should
get himself in condition again and
then tight Burrows. A victory there
would do more than anything else
to convince the public that Reilly had
tilings handed to him In bis recent go.
If those directors of the Pacific
National league overlooked anything
in the nature of an offense on the
part of little Bill Lucas it certainly
wasn't their fault or the fault of
their lawyers.
It looks to me ns if the time Is
coming when the public will be given
the official truth regarding the Lucas
regime which came near to the dis
ruption of the league.
When those truths are made public
the defense of little Bill will be of
much interest to the baseball public.
I suspect it may seriously Interfere
with the belief ln some quarters that
Lucas Is the whole thing when It
comes to "honest baseball administra
Frank Gotoh won from the English
wrestling champion, Jim Parr, last
Young Corbett and Battling Nelson
will meet again ln 'Frisco next Tues
day night.
The speculation on tlie outcome, in
a money way, is muchly on the side
of Nelson.
But 1 still stick to the Corbett
colors. WILLIE B. GOODE.
back won him a leadership In Irish
The play last night was Well re
ceived and Interest in tlie presenta
tion was Increased with the appear
ance of a Spokane girl, Miss Annie
Mabel O'Brien, who was given a
hearty reception when she appeared
in the third act as the Jockey. Fol
lowing her dances a splendid floral
piece was presented.
Miss Mary Fermier was good as
Bora, and John Daly as Major Gruff
divided the honors with Mr. Murphy.
Tonight will be given "Shaun
® ® ®
Police Patrol.
"Jack" and "Hen," and Howard
Parrish and the patrol wagon from
police headquarters made the big hit
at the Auditorium last night when
"Tlie Police Patrol" was put on for
the benefit of tho police benevolent
"Jack" and "Ben" are the hand-
mm" greys that pull the patrol
wagon and Howard Parrish le—well
—one of the handsome men who drive
"Jack" and "Hen."
It took some skill to throw the
big wagon nnd the spirited team on
the scene at the proper time and the
excitement of seeing the big grays
dash around, followed by a scram
bling crowd of bluecoated policemen,
just filled to overflowing the cup of
the gallery lad and tlie sensation
The play Is being repeated this
afternoon and la booked for a third
performance tonight.
A new financial system hy W. K.
Gordon will be the subject under con
sideration In the Economic club Sun
day, February 2fi, 3 p. m. at 810%
Riverside. Good music is promised.
, All will be welcome.
At the German Kvangelical Synod
Sunday School will be held at 1:30
p. m. and preaching service at 2:30
P. m. Rev. K. J. Fleer will have for
his subject. "The Parable of the
Sower." The (piartet will sing. The
church Is located at the corner of
Sinto avenue and Mill street ln the
Centenary Presbyterian church.
First Baptist church, corner Lin
coln street and Second avenue. At
10:30 a. m. Dr. Van Osdel will preach
on "Mow He Got Into a Dilemma,"
and at 7:30 p. m. he will speak to his
congregation on "Some Spokane Slum
Statistics." This address will give
the results of long and careful gath
ering of reliable information as to
the moral condition of our city and
the state of our government. Illble
school at noon. Young People's meet
ing at 6:30. Midweek meeting Wed
nesday evening. At the morning serv
ice the church will consider the ad
visability of inviting the Ollphant
sisters to the church to sing during
a series of evangelistic meetings.
David left Spokane in great haste
last August. h a\ ing his wife and a
young babe at his former home, 2111
Gardner avenue. For several months
prior to his departure he had spent
money very freely and was a patron
of ttie racing poolrooms. It was
afterwards learned that the money
so lavishly expended was Obtained on
forged checks and from collections
made by David for his employers.
CLEVELAND, 0., Feb. 25.—Cus
toms Collector Leach returned from
Washington and New York this morn
ing with considerable Jewelry which
at one time belonged to Mrs. Chad-
Wick, said to be worth $50,000. It
hud never been entered for import
duty. The possessors surrendered Hie
jewelry without a protest.
A cetipede was found this morning
on tlie cider patli on the north end
of Hie Division street bridge. It was
found hy J. C. Stewart, and It will
be presented to the high school.
Winter coughs are apt to result In
Consumption if neglected. They can
he soon broken up by using Foley's
Honey and Tar. Sold by Chas. Mc-
Nab, 402 Riverside avenue.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Feb. 25.—Up
to noon today 103 bodies had been
recovered from the Virginia mine and
three more are in sign and It is be
lieved that at least 10 or 12 are In
tlie more remote parts of the mine.
Many funerals were held today.
The relief fund now amounts to
Mr. W. W. Baker of Plainvlew,
Neb., writes: "My wife hail lung
trouble f.ir over 15 years. We tried
a number of doctors and spent over
a thousand dollars without any re
lief. She was very low and I lost
•11 hope, when n friend suggested
trying Foley'* Money and Tar. which
1 did! and thanks he to this great
remedy. It saved her life She Is
stronger and enjoys better health
than she has ever known In 10 years.
We shall never be without Foley's
Honey and Tar and would ask those
ntlilcted to try It." Sold by Chas.
McNab, 402 Riverside avenue.
Ree R. Davis, formerly in the em
ploy of the Ames Mercantile agency
In Spokane, was arrested yesterday
In Denver on a charge of forgery.
Tlie accused man will be brought
to Spokane for trial.
Take Laxative Rromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money
If It falls to cure. K. W. Grove's sig
nature ls on each box. 2Sc.
NEW YORIC, Feb. 25.—Cornell
men will gather in force at the Wal
dorf-Astoria tonight nt a dinner to
be given in honor of Dr. Andrew D.
White, former president of the uni
versity. Senator Foraker will be
among the speakers and President
Roosevelt has sent a letter to be rend.
Six college presidents have accepted
the invitation to he present. They
are Presidents Hadley of Yale, Me-
Cracken of tlie University of New
York, Butler of Columbia, Finlay of
the College of the City of New York,
Wheeler of the University of Cali
fornia, nnd Bchurman of Cornell.
Foley's Honey and Tar cures the
cough caused by attack of la grippe.
It heals the lungs. Sold by Chas.
McNab. 402 Riverside avenue.
(Scripps News Association.)
Mothers can safely give Foley's
Honey and Tar to their children for
coughs and colds, for it contains no
opiates or other poisons. Sold by
Chas. McNab. 402 Riverside avenue.
(Scrlpps News Association.)
But a pleasing sense
of satisfaction is en
joyed when settling
day comes around
and your lightieg bills
arrive if we're sup
plying the current.
TelepHone Main 184"
The Washington Water Power Co.
(Special to Tlie Press.)
WASHINGTON, Feb. 25. — One
week from today 400,000 persons are
expected to be In this city to witness
the Inauguration of Theodore Roose
velt as president of the United States.
Thla will he the largest crowd that
has ever witnessed such an event.
Tangible preparations for the great
event are now In evidence on every
hand. The great grandstand along
the front of Lafayette Park, facing
the reviewing stand of the presi
dent, Is almost completed. It will
seat 0000 persons. The president's
stand, which will accommodate 1000
persons, is .also virtually completed.
Windows fronting on Pennsylvania
avenue are bringing hundreds of dol
lars for a single day.
In the great procession which will
follow President Roosevelt from the
capitol to tlie White House there
will he about .15,000 persons. Seven
thousand of these will be regular
United States troops, marines, mid
shipmen from Annapolis and cadets
from West Point. Fifteen thousand
militia will be In line. The other
twelve or fourteen thousand will con
sists of political and civic organiza
tions —rough riders, cowboys, In
dians, etc. There will be bands in
a great multitude of them.
The south. It is confidently stated,
will he better represented at this in
auguration than at any previous in
auguration of a republican president.
As for tlie event itself it will fol
low the lines of other inaugurations.
The congressional committee on ar
rangements, consisting of Senators
Spooner, Aldrich and Bacon and Rep
resentatives Crumpacker of Indiana
and Williams of Mississippi, will call
at the White House early, nnd With
President Roosevelt will leave that
point for the capitol at 10:80 o'clock
in the morning. Veterans of (lie
civil and (Spanish wars will act ns
escort on this journey. Tlie president
will be taken to the president's room
in the senate wing, of tlie capitol,
where he will remain until the stage
la set—so to speak—in the senate
chamber. This must be done by
11:80 o'clock. The stage dignitaries
will include house members and
judges Of the United States supreme
court, former speakers of the house,
and a multiplicity of others who have
tlie Moor privilege for the day. The
supreme court judges will take their
places at 11:50 o'clock, and immedi
ately afterward the president will
enter the chamber and sit Immediate
ly In front of the desk of the presi
dent of the senate. President of the
Senate Frye will declare the senate
of tlie Fifty-eighth congress adjourn
ed, will swear in Vice President
Charles W. Fairbanks and hand the
gavel over to him. The vice president
will make a short Inaugural address,
after which the procession will move
to the east front of the capitol, and
there, on the stand prepared, Presi
dent Roosevelt will take the oath of
office, administered by Chief Justice
Fuller of the supreme court. The
president will give his Inaugural ad
dress. He and the congressional com
mittee will enter carriages and head
the procession back to the White
House. About 50 of the Rough Rid
ers and Squadron A of New York will
act as personal escort on this trip.
The military will come next, and ci
vilians will fall in behind. General
Chaffee will be grand marshal of the
it Is expected that the president ;
on his return trip will rench tliei
Whits House at 2 o'clock. He nnd '
his committee, with possibly a friend
or two, will have it hurried luncheon
togsther, and they will hurry out im
mediately afterward to the reviewing
stand, where the president will re
view the parade. Genera! Chaffee,
General John M. Wilson, chairman
of the local committee: cabinet of
ficers, governors and their staffs, a
few senators and representatives and
personal guests of tlie president will
occupy the reviewing stand Only
tho guests of the president will bo
It is expected that the prOOOSSIOII
will keen on moving until nearly 7
O'clock In the evening. As soon as It
has passed the president will ex
change his black frock and other
morning dress for an evening suit
and will get a hurried dinner. Me
will nppear at the grand hall in the
Pension Oiiice building ut U:3O. Prcsi
Riverside and Lincoln.
dent Roosevelt will lead the grand
march, and after that is over will
make a program for himself. Since
it will be Saturday night, the ball
will close promptly at midnight. Then
the inaugural will have become his
At the hotels It Is stated that no
advance ln rates has been made on
account of the Inauguration, but the
leading hostelries are taking guests
for no less than a week. The advance
guard of visitors Is already putting
In an appearance. Not the least con
spicuous among those already on
hand are the multitude of street
fakirs who are gathering from New
York, Philadelphia and other cities
in anticipation of reaping a harvest.
Owing to tlie extraordinary precau
tions taken by the Washington police,
in conjunction with tlie detective de
partments of the chief cities of the
country, it Is expected that few of
the light-fingered gentry will put in
an appearance.
Grain and Stock
We Charge No Interest for
Carrying Long stocks.
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.
Booms 200-1-2 Traders Bank Bldg.,
Spokane, Wash.
IN. B. —We will send you our I
dally Market Letter on request. I
Exchange National BanK
Designated Depository United statue.
Capital $:i60,000.00
Surplus and undivided
prollts $173,538.92
K. J. Dyer. preeldent; Charles
Bweeny, vice president; C. K. Mc-
Broom, cashier; W. M. Shaw, assist
ant cashier.
tbf mmy national bank
Capital $200,000
Surplus nnd prorl's $130,000
Officers—Alfred Coolidge, president;
A. Kuhn, vice president; Chas. S. El
tlnge, cashier; J. Elmer West, assist
ant cashier.
Directors—M. M. Cowley, Patrick
Clark, James Monaghan, A. Kuhn. Al
fred Coolidge, D. M. Drumhcller, J.
Elmer Weit
Ticket omcc. 701 Riverside Avenue.
Leave, Fast Mali » 45 p. ra.
Leave, The Flyer k:3t a. m.
I-eave, Tho Flyer 7 00 a. m.
Lv.. Puget Bound Express. . 1:10 p. ra.
For tickets and full Information
call on or addreaa
Professor Reemer, loader
of tho Inland Empire Hand,
has lensed Swedish Broth
ers' hall, WIS Hiversido.
The place will be cleared
from all of Its former oc
cupants, he refitted and
made a respectable place.
Tlie hall will from this time
be called Riverside hall and
will ho for rent to fraternal
orders and for entertain
ments at reasonable rates.
Phone. Main 46*.
Effective May 29, 1904.
Westbound I
126-27-29 Riverside. Phone M. 34»«
Here Is a chance to start ln right:
Eighty acres, nine miles from Spo
kane, all No. 1 soil, all under culti
vation, three acres orchard, good
well, living spring, small house and
barn, four good work horses, three
cows and calves, 10 head hogs, 50
chickens, new carriage, new wagon,
new Piano binder and two plows, one
harrow, garden tools, two sets of har
ness, 20 tons hay and nil household
goods, all for $9000. Terms.
6 and 6 Symons Block.
TeL Hals 1377.
We still have some of those cheap
lots In Hay's Park and First addi
tion to Hay's Park, two of tho best
additions In the city. Street car runs
full length of the addition and slx-
Inch water main ln front of every lot
ln Hay's Park. The BEST VIEW ln
the city. Your own terms.
The Big Bend
Land Co.
No. 3 Washington Street Near
Spraguo Avenue.
Removal Notice
After February 1 I will be located
at 702 First avenue, northwest cor
ner Mill street. Houses for rent and
sale. .
101 Bprague. TeL Main 810,
Room Fifth Floor Jamleson Bloclc
L K. Monfort & Co.
029 Riverside Avenue, Ground Floor.
$190)} —A new four-room modern
cottage on Montgomery avenue, near
Monroe street. There is a finished
stairway and the attic ls floored. One
or two nice rooms can be finished ln
the attic. It will take but $50 cash
to give you Immediate possession.
The balance may be paid at tho rate
of $25 per month. If you aro in need
of a nice little home, investigate this.
Go see the Two Bobs
$1400 —Four room modern house,
good cellar, lawn, barn, close to car
line. Terms, $200 cash, balance easy
monthly payments.
No Trouble to Answer Questions.
Cavette & Gladstone
315-310 Tho ROOkery, Tel. 11 3929.
Corner Front and MIU.
In cssh has been paid to the
Boston Painless Dentists
by the best people In Spokane for do
ing the best dental work at reasonable
prices. Our painless system, couplod
with long years of experience nnd tho
best high grade, materials, has given
us such a largo business thnt on
March 1 we will enlarge our Spokane
parlors to twice their present ca
pacity. )
All our opnrators are licensed by
the state of Washington, and these
Introductory prices will only lust un
til March f,
Examination.rreelExtractions ...rree
Gold fllllugs.. 75o|Sllvcr fillings..3Bo
Gold crowns.. .ill Full set teeth...#3
Crowns ami luldyo work nt low
prices h specialty. Our patent double
unction will hold your teeth up.
Oomo ln at once and take advantage
of low rates. All work done by spe
cialists, without pain, nnd guaranteed
for 10 years.
Boston Painless Denlists
810.. Riverside Avenue
r.rancU Offices 111 Seattle. Pottland
and Tseomo,
$40 Folding Bed,
$60 Folding Bed,
House Furnisher.
Tel. Main

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