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Orr Succeeds Him to the
Presidency of New York
Head Says He
Made a Mistake but the
Stockholders Never Lost
a Dollar.
(Bcrlpps News Association.)
NEW YORK, Jan. 3—The resign
ation of John A. McCall, president
of the New York Life, was ten
dered and accepted by the board
this afternoon. Orr was elected to
succeed McCall at a salary of
The letter of resignation says:
WASHINGTON, v. C, Jan. 3.—
Capt. C. H. Robertson of Portland,
Ore., has asked the assistant of
Consul Dudley of Vancouver, B. C,
In having the Canadian law so mo
dified that he may be able to pur
chase for export puri>oses fir logs,
which the saw mills of that coun
try will not use. He would build
these logs into enormous rafts and
tow them to San Diego, Cal., to ho
there- cut Into firewood and sold.
The provincial law, however, re
quires all logs cut. upon provincial
lands he manufactured within the
province. ;
If allowed to raft the logs, Cap
tain Robertson has planned to make
considerable purchases of lumber
from the local mills, placing tho
same upon tho top of his rafts for
The captain is certain he could
The annual dinner of the Spo
kane chamber of commerce was
given at the Silver drill last night.
The dinner, which included a very
good menu for such an occasion,
lasted from 6:30 until 8:30. After
that the following lists ot toasts
were responded to.
P. E. Goodall, toast master.
"Our Lumber Industry and What
It Means for Spokane," E. F. V an
"The Press as a Factor in City
Building," N. W. Durham.
"Some Suggestions," R. S. Stern.
"Why I Chose Spokane for a
Home," E. J. Dahms.
"An Essential—Publicity," G. B.
"Problems Confronting Spokane
and Their Solution," Mayor P. L.
"The City Beautiful," J. A. Tor
"Why Spokane Will Have 150,000
Population in 1910," F. W. King.
"The Railroads and the 'Big
Stick,'" Judge W. E. Cullen.
A deed was filed with the county
mditor today conveying from Wll
■am R. Salnsbury of "the borough
of Brooklyn, city and state of New
ITork," to tho Union Gas company,
"corporation of the state of Vir
ginia," all of tract B whtch lies to
the north of the northerly line of
the Northern Pacific railway right
of w ay.
/. not her clause gives to the 'new'
gas company the "privilege of plac
ing an Intake pipe" in the Spokane
river and taking water therefrom,
according to the ownership con
veyed by G. B. Dennis of his rights
thereto In October of 1904, the Den
ilh & Bradley addition having in
tome way got water rights over
"I began life Insurance as a clerk,
and have been a state or company
official for 40 years. I have been
president 14 years. The progress
'of the company has been astonish
ing. The work was well done. I
made mistakes which it may ap
pear could have been easily pre
vented after events developed tho
tow mammoth rafts to San Diego
at a cost not exceeding |2 per 1000
■ feet, while cord wood can be sold
there for $12 per cord. The rafts,
, which he has demonstrated can he
{ safely towed on the Pacific coast,
j frequently attain a draft of 25 feet.
I They are built from the ground up,
las It were, and are put together
with as much care as the ribs and
plankiSg of a ship. Great chai#
j cables hold the gigantic rafts to
gether, and everything is made fast
I before they put to sea in tow of
powerful tugs. Captain Robinson
informed Consul Dudley that he
would use a site on the Fraser riv
er near its mouth for the making
!up of his rafts. The reason for
, building them on the Fraser river
Is that in fresh water the logs
would not be eaten into by the
President Ooodal read his an
nual address, covering the work ac
complished during the past year.
He appointed a committee to rec
ommend names for directors for
the ensuing year. It reported rec
ommending that the present hoard
be continued In office. A resolu
tion was unanimously adopted fa
voring the president's freight rate
fight. A scheme proposed to secure
a woolen mill was also approved
and the plan to invito all Inland
Empire merchants to Spokane was
also adopted.
D. T. Ham inducted a little poli
tical white washing into the pro
ceedings by making a motion to
thank the county commissioners
and the city council for their "very
efficient" work during the past
It was announced that the pub
licity committee had raised $40,000
to advertise tho town In tho east
and that It would all be spent
within the next year. This amount
Includes the $5000 each from tho
city and county.
looked by the Washington Water
Power company monopoly which he
handed over to Salnsbury.
The Union Gas company Is co
equal with the Spokane Falls Gas
Light company, which has pretend
ed to bo anxious that Spokane peo
ple get fl gas. Somehow or other
the Messrs. Peirce, Anderson, Al
drlch and company did not feel that
the laws of Washington governing
corporations was lax enough to al
low them to do their platted busi
ness In Spokane. They went clear
across the continent to get under
the wing of the "Old Dominion" in
order to get the exact strangle hold
they wanted to work on tho people
of Spokano.
The Spokane Press.
situation. It is Impossible to be un
erring always. Mistakes seem per
haps greater to me than to any
critic. My consolation comes from
the unprecedented achievements of
the company and the knowledgs
that no officer or trustee has pro
fited improperly during that tinu
to the extent of a dollar at the ex
pense of policy holders."
The board passed no resolution
of regret at the resignation of Mc-
Call nor any commending his work.
They changed the by-laws so as to
have only two vice presidents here
after. Darwin Klngsley becomes
senior, and Thomas Bucknow, jun
ior vice president.
ALBANY, N. V., Jan. 3.—Sena
tor Braekett Introduced a resolu
tion requesting Depew to resign
forthwith on account of disclosures
In insurance matters, declaring the
public has lost confidence In the
senator's ability.
Brackett's resolution threw the
senate into an uproar. In the end
he withdrew the measure with the
understanding it would be put In
later. No test vote was taken. The
only vote came on a motion to lay
on the table. Depew's friends
wanted an immediate vote on the
motion to lay on the table. It was
lost by 19 to 25.
NEW YORK, "Jan. 3— It is re
ported Depew is seriously ill as a
result of hard work and insomnia.
I WASHINGTON, D. C, Jan. 3.—
The supreme court continued the
hearing of the Illinois-Missouri
drainage case today. After this
case comes that of the United
States against tho ißtter Root De
velopment company and Senator
W. A. Clark, which suit was
brought on account of alleged il
legal fencing of thousands of acres
of public lands.
Shamrock, who Is accused of
being one of the three men who
held up the saloon out In Hlllyard
some time ago, and who is sup
posed to be the man who shot Ke
hoe, the owner, was taken from the
city jail to the courthouse this af
ternoon. Shamrock will have his
preliminary hearing before Judge
NEW YORK, Jan. 3—The re
signation of Richard A. and Roht.
H. MeCurdy as trustees of the Mu
tual were accepted this afternoon.
While "boosting" for "Spokane
industries" why do not some of
these monopolistic corporations
patronize the stato in which they
propose to do business?
Why did Anderson", Peirce, Al
drloh and company go to Virginia
to get their incorporation papers?
\* hat It the scheme?
The deed mentioned above was
datod July 1 of the past year. The
acknowledgments wore of the same
date. Why was not this paper filed
before today?
"Washington laws for corpora
tions working In Washington,"
should be Just us popular and patri
otic a slogan as "Boost for Spo
kane!" * ■ ►
(Bcrlpps News Association.)
(Scrlpps News
(Scrlpps News Association.)
Cabal of Morgan. Ryan,
Rogers and Belmont.
who climbed San Juan hill and is
now in the White House, presides
over the people of the United
States in their government.
But that same people are bossed
by the following absolute rulers:
J. Pierpont Morgan, Thos. F. Ry
an, H. H. Rogers and August Bel
If you are a close reader of the
news, the facts that make for the
truth of this statement have salted
themselves down In your brain
cells, anu you know that:
If you are In business, however
large or however small, your pro-
Ins will swing up or down as these
four bosses crack their whips.
If you are a wage earner, your
savings as well as your earnings,
will be largely governed by this
If you are a moneyed idler, well
you know that the amount of divi
dends you can throw to the birds
depends a good deal on the policies
of Morgan, Ryan, Rogers and Bel
During the last six months of the
year 1905 a great game of checkers
has been played in the United
States, a hundred millions of dol
lars to a checker and a billion to
a kiug, the winners to control the
money of the country. The game
is ended. The winners are Morgan,
Ryan, Rogers and Belmont.
"We made up a list of 2000 per
sons, taking the various clubs of
the city as a starter," said Chair
man White of the "Booster club's"
"City Beautiful" wing.
Did Mr. White note the aesthetic
adornment of a telephone, tele
graph or electric light pole stand
ing on the southerly curb of How
ard street about 20 feet westerly
from the southwesterly curb of
Howard street and Riverside ave
nue? Did he send "The Little Story
of Yea or Nay" to the "club* which
is responsible for that bit of non
chalant beautly in the very heart
of the "City Beautiful?"
Tho adornment of that cedar pole
yesterday consisted of .hese items:
One rusty scoop shovel, hanging
from a spike driven Into the cedar
Two scoop shovels lenlng
against the pole.
Two brown-painted boxes nailed
or screwed to tho pole.
One galvanized iron can, couch
ant at the foot of the pole.
Some alphabetical characters
telling tho public In effect to keep
hands off the property of the Wash-
' The cabal has just cracked its
whip in a little matter of $200,000,-
--000. Having acquired the throne
it <vas necessary to exhibit power.
All the street railroads, elevated
railroads and subways in Greater
New York have ueen merged in a
company backed by Morgan, Ryan,
Rogers and Belmont. Mergers are
common, but tills one tells the peo
ple of New York and all the finan
ciers of the country that this new
monopoly has money so controlled,
so tied up, that no combination of
capital could be formed to compete
with this mammoth transportation
This is power; power greater
than Roosevelt's. And here is the
way of it:
Morgan now controls the New
York Life, with Its allied hanks
and trust companies. He has his
fingers on all the dollars of the
steel trust and all the dollars of
the men interested in that trust.
Ryan owns the Equitable and
controls its allied hanks and trust
Rogers has taken over the great
Mutual, with its allied banks and
trust companies, and is hacked by
Standard Oil's hundreds of mil
Belmont is the agent in America
of the Rothschilds, the money lords
of Europe.
Consider well the kings of Ameri
ca and their power!
ington Water Power company.
The I » jvii palnted boxes are al
ways there on that pole In the most
conspicuous section of the "City
Beautiful." They remind one of
his early efforts toward perfection
of architectuarl creations iv the
dovecote line. The only Items
Which suggest any effort toward
cleanliness are the shovels and the
suggested garbage can.
They present winsome attrac
tions to the eyo of the visitor.
Says the brochure in question:
"Set yojir neighbor a good example
by keeping up your * * • build
ings, and call his attention to this
How about dovecotes, shovels
and garbage cans displayed on the
sidewalk at the most prominent
part of tho most prominent street
of the city?
DI'LUTH, Minn., Jan. 3. — The
north is swept by a blizzard. There
is a heavy snow. The trains are
Admiral Who Lost to Togo
Blames English for De*
feaU*He Is Better Letter
Writer Than Fighter.
Novoe Vremya today prints a
statement attributed to Rojestven
sky's saying: "At the battle of
Tsuhima, the British squadron at
weihaiwi had orders to attack the
Russian fleet in the event of Jap
anese defeat." The minister of
war has issued an order forbidding
officers of the army joining any
kind of political union. Professor
Migulinx, financial expert, has pre
pared an itemized estimate of the
losses as a result of the uprising.
He declares the direct losses are
$175,000,000; indirect, $900,000,000;
grand total, over $1,000,000,000.
MOSCOW, Jan. 3.—lt is estimat
ed the total casualties of the revolt
are 15,000. The majority of the
Twenty years In the state peni
tentiary is the sentence meted out
to George Bradley this afternoon
by Judge Poindexter.
Bradley made an impassioned ap
peal for leniency, alleging that the
whole machinery of law and jus
tice had been bent to his convic
tion of the crime of holding up the
Norden bar last May.
replied that the
jury haa convicted hir* of the
crime and the court could not go
behind the verdict. The court ex
pressed the necessity of protect
ing society against crimes which
held human life In the balance.
Attorney H. M. Brooks made the
first plea for Bradley alleging a
number of errors of the trial court
and also stating deductions from
the testimony.
"Your argument might well be
addressed to the jury," said Judge
Poindexter, "hut the verdict came
(Scrlpps News Association.)
Kerrigan has issued special letters
of adniniistration on the estate of
Frank Phiscater, a Nome million
aire miner, who cut his throat Sat
urday morning, to Public Admin
istrator Hynes. If Phiscater was
worth as much as report has it, his
property must be located carefully
in Dawson, where he had claims
for which he was once offered
(Scrlpps News AssortrvMon.)
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 3.—Mayor
McAleer failed to give the names
of alleged offerers of an $80,000
bribe to the district attorney until
the grand jury meets. Former
Mayor Snyder declares he will take
tho matter to the grand jury, de
manding an investigation, as Mc-
Aleer's statement about Grant of
the former administration.
H. C. Demon was arrested this
morning on Howard street by Offi
cer Peterson for being intoxicated.
Demon was driving a pair of horse:,
to a bobsled. He was so sleepy he
could not sit up. The horses were
turning around on the car tracks.
One car nearly ran over the mau.
victims were peaceful citizens. The j
city is quiet. The revolutionists '
will be starved into submission.
correspondent at Moscow tele
graphs that despite the declaration
by the government that many revo
lutionists were arrested, he knows
by personal investigation that only
one important leader was captured.
The admiral's declaration in the 1
letter published is with permission
of the minister of marine. From
Rojestvensky's article the reader
would almost be convinced the
Russian out-generaled and out
maneuvered Togo at every point,
and was the real victor. He says
he knew where Togo was two days
before and made disposition ac
from the jury and I am convinced
that it had ample grounds for the
verdict. I think Bradley had ample
time in which to get drunk after
the hold-up. He certainly would
have shot and killed the officer sent
to arrest him if he had had the
Bradley spoke of "the pre-con
sldered course of Justice," of tho
rumor that jurors had doubts of
his age, of "encroachments on his
rights before your honor had cog
nizanoe of the case,' of the "preva
lent disposition of all to call a lamo
dog a bad dog," of the system
"which seduces the young and saps
the vitality of the old," of a "civi
lized city of mothers and daugh
ters praying in churches, and then
wondering that such as I swim out
Into the cesspool of Iniquity." He
spoke of his attempts at jail break
as but the desperation of an In
jured man finding his only means
of proving an alibi disappeared.
(Scrlpps News Association.)
BOISE, Idaho, Jan. 3. —The exam
ination of II O. Hogan's effects
found in his room resulted In find
ing a white powder resembling
plaster of paris In a bottle and a
liquid believed to be nitroglycerine.
Also a pair of pliers used by min
ers for crimping fulminating caps,
a New Year's card addressed to
the president of the federation of
labor. Hogan was taken before
the judge this morning and arraign
ed, charged with the murder of ex-
Governor Steunenherg. He was
asked If his arrest had been tele
(Scrlpps Nows Associate n.)
ANNAPOLIS, Jan. 3.—The Deca
tur court martial was delayed this
morning while the attorneys were
preparing defense.
Tt. Saffron, a store deeper on
Main street, was turned loose this
afternoon by Judge Hiukle, tho
judge thinking the evidence against
him was not sufficient to hind him
over to the superior court to an
one Cent
cordlngly. It created a sensation.
It will likely be the subject of dip
lomatic representations by Great
council of workingmen decided to
celebrate "Red Sunday" Jan. 22, in
memory of their dead. They pro
pose to stop all business and pre
vent the operation of street cara
and railroadsv They will declare
a political strike for two days.
generals and admirals are fighting
among themselves. General Zay
onbayeff is arrayed against Kuro
patkin, General Dantansonoff is ar
rayed against Kaulkbars, and Ro
jestvensky against Bireleff. Let
ters denouncing each other fill tho
columns. Birileff Is charged with
having disposed of all Russian hold
ings and bought German securities.
Kuropatkin is charged with having
demanded gold when he drew over
a million and a quarter from tho
the national credit.
The revolutionists demand to know
where Kuropatkin got so much
when his salary was only $10,000
a year. The czar is glad the dig
nitaries are fighting, because it
shows him the truth, but strength
ens the revolutionists.
The judge said that he would bet
glad to know of any palliating eir*
cumstances which would call fo*
lsoiency; the court did not relist*
stern and harsh or unpleasant sen
tences; it would prefer to condonea
but Bradley had evidently chosen
to be at warfare with and antagon*
istic to society; there might oij
might not be some semblance of
truth In Bradley's suggestions In
this city; but he w»s a man old)
enough to understand that ha
should tako his stand either li}
harmony or at variance with estab«
Hshed law and order; especially in
the west he coulu find support oj
some kind if he were right; thaif
essentially Bradley was a murder*
or, ready to protect himself. He had]
since been rebellious, unruly, la«
suiting to the Jail officers and was
evidently carrying out the princl*
pies he had adopted when he chos<(
the life of a social outlaw.
Sentence was then imposed. • |
graphed to the newspapers, sayt
ing: "If Spokane papers publish
my arrest, a lawyer will be here
tomorrow to defend me, otherwise
j I will want time to get an attor*
Five men besides Hogan are Fn
the Caldwell Jail, charged with the
crime. Two are Campbell and
Warren, arrested at Council ye*,
terday. The other three are un«
' known and refuse to give their.
( names and will not talk except to
| demand their release. Hogan's
: case Is sot for Saturday, but may,
j be postponed.
swer to the charge of robbing Pete
Vognson of |28.
Vognson seated he went into the
store to buy a hat and when ho
came out his money was gone.
The Traction company's oar No.
23 has a Hat wheel and that por»
tton of the population of the "Cltyi
Beautiful" living along taat car
line are up in arms. Today a dele
gation of Irate cltlxens oalled al
The Press office to inquire what
could lie done. They were referred
to the city ordinances on nulsaucea,

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