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Borne fun-loving individual has!
"written on the sign which notifies
strangers that the old Oxford pool
room haa been closed by the order
of the sheriff, the figures, "23." To
the uninitiated the number 23 sig
nines nothing In the world but the
figure 2 and 3, however, to the fol
lowers of the racing game it has a
significance all Its own. It is a now
game. Here it is:
Take a number from one to nine
Add one. Multiply that by nine.
Drop the figure on the left hand
side, add fourteen and the first
number you took.
Did you get it? Well, try it
It amounts to the same as the re
cipe for "Skidoo pudding." '
This Is the one playing by the
lighters who fake, the pool-rooms
that get their bumps and any other
old game that is a failure.
They all have the sign at the
finish the number, "23."
It was the writer's game in the
race horse business.
It Is the Inevitable sign of the
Now, about that boy, Jack O'-
Keefe. He has finally been man
enough to come through and tell
Matchmaker Eddie Qulnn of the S.
A. A. C, that he has other things in
sight* and cannot meet Maurice
Thompson. Nobody will blame him
for making a match where he has
bigger receipts in sight, but here is
the proposition: When he left here
after his draw with Kid Parker, he
asked Eddie Qulnn to promise him
the April date. So Eddie did. When
Thompson defeated Parker, Eddie
arranged for Thompson to meet O'-
Keefe. He wired Jack to come at
once and wired him tickets. O'-
Keefe stalled —then ho stalled some
more, and kept on stalling until Ed
die (who Is as even tempered as
they make an Irishman) went into
the air and wired that unless O'-
Keefe,#;woiild answer immediately
there (would be something doing.
Then, an then only, did Jack con
descend to answer, or make any no
tice that ho was still among the
living. He finally opened up and
Imparted the Information that he
had a match at Milwaukee. This
was wrong of Jack —he should have
•kept Qulnn posted as to his negotia
tions nnd not kopt the fight fans
What about this man Jimmy
Potts? Is he there? Will he make
a fight? These and many other
questions are being asked by the
fight fans. For the benefit of those
fans who do not have the benefit
of the dope it may bo said that
Thompson and Potts met in St.
Louis. Feb. 13, 1905. At thit time
Thompson had not been in the
game very long, neither had Potts.
However, they were both good
enough to please the fight fans of
St. Louis. Thoy went 10 rounds to
a draw aud created a great deal of
enthusiasm. They both make the
same weight easily. Thompson Is
the more clever of tho two to judge
by hia last performance with Park-
I Stomach trouble la not really sick
ness but a symptom. It Is tl nymp.
torn that a certain set of nerves it
ailing. Not the voluntary nerves tliut
enable you to walk anil talk and act —
[NERVES over which your mind hsi
mo oontrol.
j I have not room here to explain
'how these tender, tiny nerves control
and operate the stomach. How worry
breaks them down u:ul causes Indigos,
itlon. How misuse wears them out
and causes dyspepsia. How nettled
may bring on kidney, heart utul other
troubles through sympathy. I havo
not room to explain how these nerves
imay be reached and strengthened ond
Vitalized and made stronger by a rem
edy I spent years In perfecting—now
known by physicians unj Druggists
everywhere as Dr. Slump's Restora
tive, (Tablets or Liquid.) I have not
room to explain how this remedy, by
removing the euuse, usually puts a
certain ond to Indigestion, belching,
heartburn, Insomnia, nervousness,
dyspepsia All of theso things are
fully explained In the book I will send
rou free when you write. Do not tart
d send for the book. it tells how
[the solar plexus governs digestion
and a hundred other thlnxa every one
[ought to know—for all or us, at some
itlme or other have Indigestion. With
Jho book I will send free my "Health
[Token —an Intended pussport to
good health.
I For the free book and the "Health
(Token" you must adaruss Dr. Shoop,
Box 6522, Racine, Wis. State
which book you want.
Book 1 on Hyspepslo.
Book i! on the Heart.
Book 8 on the Kidneys
Book 4 for Women.
Book 5 for Men.
Book 6 on Rheumatism.
Dr. Shoop's Restoratlvo Tablets
—give full three weeks theatment.
Each form —liquid or tablet —havo
equal merit. Druggists every
Dr. Shoop's
er, while Potts is a hard hitting lair
who might tangle up with any of
them and have a show to get the
It Is more than likely Joe Gans
and Joe Wolcott will tie up again
in San Francisco. Of course there
Is not real good information on the
subject, owing to the way the fight
trust down there has of doing busi
ness, but in Boston it is being free
ly talked of. "Skidoo" for the two
of them. Two greater fakers( or
greater fighters) never lived. It's
a toss-up.
Al Kaufmann and Fred Cooley
are matched for Billy Roche's club
at Colma, May 11, the same day
Herrara and Nelson meet in Los
Angeles. Cooley Is the recent one
who succeeded in knocking Jack
O'Brien down. Wew —well —well —
The University of Idaho again
went down to bitter defeat at the
hands of the Indians. The score
was 5 to 1 and was as close to a
shut-out as possible and not make
it. Rush did the slab woik for the
Indians and is showing up in re
markable form. The university
players showed great improvement
over the previous game.
The score: R. H. E.
U. of 1 00 0 0 00 1 0 o—l 6 4
Spokane. .0 2200100 o—s 8 8
Batteries —Roofevelt- and Num
ber; Rush and Suess. Umpire—Set
The Seattle high school team
was defeated yesterday by the Spo
kane high school by a score of 7 to
4 The local boys played a much
better game than the boys from the
Sound and excepting in the early
stages of the game there was never
any doubt as to the result. Her
rlngton's pitching was the feature.
He was remarkably steady and held
Seattle at his mercy.
Score— R. H. E.
Seattle 10000 00 3 o—4 4 5
Spokane .. .0 0002 14 0 •—7 11 3
Louis Cure, the Frenchman, de
feated George Slosson, at tho bil
liard championship contest last
night. Cure played a very steady
game and at the end of the 10th
inning was 249 points ahead of
Slosson. Karller In the week Cure
was beaten by both Slosson and
Morningstar. Willie Hoppe added
another scalp to his string when
he defeated Ora Morningstar 800
to 207. Mornlngstar did not play
as well as his previous games this
week. Hoppe'l best work was
done In the 12th Inning when he
made a run of 105.
Aat San Francisco, Seattle turn
ed tho hoodoo and won over the
home team by a score of 5 to 4.
Portland did the same thing at.
Fresuo and won by a score of 5
to 0.
At Los Angeles, Oakland met de
feat by a score of 2 to L
At Philadelphia, New York 4,
Philadelphia 5.
At Cincinnati, Chicago 5, Cincin
nati 1.
At Brooklyn, Boston 7, Brook
lyn 4.
The school principals were de
feated by the Garfield school team
yesterday on (ha Garfield ground!
by a score of 5 to 2. Tho princi
pals have announced their Inten
tion of challenging tho high school
The Blair collego toam will play
Lewlston. Idaho, next week, and
will start for there next Tuesday.
The first games In tho grade
school league aro being played to
day as follows: Garftelds vs.
Holmes on Holmes grounds; Bry
ant vs. I-iOgan on Logan grounds;
Irving vs. Emerson on Washington
grounds; Hawthorne vs. Bancroft
on Bancroft grounds; Flab! vs. Mc-
Klnley on Field grounds.
Blanche Walsh opened at the
Spokane this afternoon an engage
ment of two performances, conclud
ing tonight. "The Woman in the
Case" is one of Clyde Fitch's clev
erts plays and as interpreted by the
talented actress is particularly
For the week beginning tomor
row afternoon a strong list of at
tractions has been secured by Man
ager Cordr.iy of the Washington
theater. To Rapoli, king of jug
glers, has been given the honor of
headliner for the week, but every
number on the program is said to
be meritorious. The Lutz Brothers
instrumentalists, have an except
ionally attractive number. One of
World's Greatest Juggler at the
Washington Theater next week.
the brothers is armless and per
forms a number of wonderful feats.
What should prove a welcome an
nouncement to patrons Is that of
the special return engagement of
Ralph E. Cummings and company,
who made such a great hit several
weeks ago with their screaming
one-act farce comedy. During the
coming week the company will pre
sent "A Sealskin Sacque," a laugh-
By Jas. J. Corbett.
Oue of tho most remarkable
things in the annals of the prize
ring was the first fight Prof. Mlko
Donovan ever hail. Donovan was a
Chicago man originally aud as a
boy was a clever fellow with his
hands. His fame as a willing scrap
per gained him many friends. Fin
ally a dispute arose between him
and Billy Crumley over their re
spective athletic abilities, and a
battle was arranged.
Without ever having once seen a
prize ring, Donovan went to St.
Louis in ISMS and met Cromley In
a hare knuckle light. The mill last
ed 92 rounds, about three hours and
16 minutes, and Donovan then acci
dentally fonnled his opponent and
lost the battle.
DOBOVftD. gained his title of pro
fessor Oral In 1884 when ho began
giving lessons. In 188(1 he became
lH)xlng Instructor of the Now York
Athletic club.
There never was a time in the
history of tho ring when there was
■0 much friction over a pound of
flesh as there Is at tho present
time. Joe Gans is probably the most
liberal one of the lot and the other
fellows have made him that way.
Gans, however, was never a 1311-
--pound — at ringside — fighter, lio
able comedy of one act. The O'
Rurke-Bennette trio are three dain
ty dancers who will introduce some :
new and 'intricate steps. Thettr
turn Is claimed to" be a good one
and should be well received here.
A new singer will be heard in the
illustrated song for the week. The
biograph will this week show a
new set of life motion pictures, de
picting "A Victim of the Storm"
and "A Friend in Need is a Friend
Next Sunday evening the Shirley
ompany will present the beautiful
society comedy drama entitled ]
"The Wife." The wife is a con |
panion play to the "Charity Ball" j
played by this company some time |
ago, and was written by the same i
authors. It is one of the few un
equivical, undisputed successes of
the American stage. "The Wife"
has an unique record —'produced in
New York in mid-winter it ran for
twelve months and then was trans
ferred to Chicago where it ran for
nearly ten months. After that the
: company played in all the prin„i
--j pal cities of America.
The play is an American play,
[dealing with American society life
iand political methods used by of
fice, seekers to defeat or elect their
man. The action of the play Is
; laid in Washington, D. C. The play
I abounds in comedy situations; the
scene in the first act of an amateur
I theatrical party being beyond dis
"The Christian" was repeated last
: night before a large audience at
' the Spokane. The production was
up to the standard set Thursday
evening and was greatly enjoyed.
Miss Lillian Lawrence and John
Sainpolis have a place in the hearts
of all lovers of good theatrical pro
ductions in Spokane.
"The Christian" will return to
the Spokane Sunday night. The
play is m stage version of the fa
mous novel of Hall Came, the au
. thor from the Isle of Man, which
' created such a sensation In the
; east and in London. "The Chris
tian" ttells the story of John Storm,
a young man who relinquishes
wealth and position in the wish to
uplift the poor and afflicted. Few
: stage plots have had more dramatic
I scenes than "The Christian," and
the subject matter is such as ap
| peals to the better nature of man
: kind. An excellent company of
■ players has been engaged for this
production, headed by Lillian Law
rence and John Sainpolis.
Fumvwa. Came
A r on the titte from Frank Erne at
135 pounds and Erne won it from
Kid Lavigne at the same weight.
This statement, however, is not
n tupoft of any argument recently
altered by Oans in claiming his
right to fight for tho title at 135
pounds, l.avigne was a 133 pound
fighter despite the fact that Gans
recently stated In Baltimore that
the conqueror of Harry Gilmore
won his title at 135.
The Gilmore-Lavigne battle was
fought at 133 pounds, ringside, and
lasted 28 rounds, in which as much
lighting was done as was ever seen
in the ring in that time.
Lavigne could also get down to
128 pounds, and many of his best
short fights were at that weight.
But this story was started to show
how Lavigne would go out of his
class or rather how little attention
he paid to a couple of pounds. He
was signed to fight Mysterious Billy
Smith at 138 pounds.
One exception that Lavigne made
was Joe Waleott, who he required
to come down to 133 in order to
get a fight.
In the olden day 3 when a fight
was to take place at a certain
weight, ringside. It meant what it
said. The men went on the scales
before they started to fight and not
before they were dresseil In the
lighting togs.
The real thing that nurts Gans,
however, is the dictatlve way Britt
treated him and the manner In
which Nelson has shunned him. As
Itching piles prodtMS moisture
and cause itching, this form, as well
as the blind, bleeding and protrud
ing piles are cured by Dr. Ho-san
ko's Pile Remedy. Stops itching
and bleeding. Absorbs tumors, 50c
a jar at druggists, or sent by mall.
Treati.se free. Write me about your
QMS, l'r. Bosanko, Phils., p a . ••*
Via Great Northern railway leave
Spokane at 9:30 a. m. dally, arriv
ing at Chicago 9 o'clock third
■r.ornlng. Hate for double berth,
$5.75. For reservations, tickets,
etc., apply at city office. 701 Itiver
side. E S. BLAIR,
*** General Agent.
Washington Theater
Admission: Lower floor, 25c; balcony, 15c. Matinee, 15c
to any part of the house; children, 10c.
a champion he should be the man
to make the figures at which the
fight should take place and name
the conditions for the fight.
But his faking has put him back
and the only person he will ever be
able to dictate to Is himself.
Joe Gans seems to have regained
a great deal of his former clever
ness and fighting form. In his bat
tle with Mike Sullivan at Los An
geles he again demonstrated that
he was one of the greatest fighters
in the world. He fought in almost
perfect form and only once in the
IU rounds that the battle lasted was
he in the least bit of danger.
Oans is probably the only man In
the world who would stand a good
chance of defeating Battling Nel
son. Of course, the Dane does not
feel like hooking up with the col
ored boy when such men as Her
man, Herrera and Britt are still In
the game looking for trouble.
;But Oans Is entitled to considera
tion before any of the others, for
technically he holds the lightweight,
championship of the world. In the
popular mind Nelson is the title
holder and will always be so until
a reverse is met with. Morally the
public Is right, but unfortunately
championship cannot be decided
upon moral claims. They are won
or lost in the squared circle. That's
why (Jan's Is the real lightweight
champion of the world as far as
records go. He defeated Frank
Erne for the title and until he Is
defeated the honor will remain in
his possession.
There ought to be some way of
ridding Gans of his responsibility.
Nelson gives as his reason for not
wanting to fight Gans the record of
the oolored man for faking. Nelson
is nearly right at least, for Gans Is
either a cur or a crook. On his own
confession the public bases this
opinion. He says that he fraudu
lently entered into an agreement
with Brßt to lay down, and Britt
denies the allegation, but the evi
dence is in favor of Gans' state
ment, if you stop to recall the fight.
Well, at the present time if iWms
improbable for these two foremost
boys to get together and In the
meantime the public will wait in
hopes that the two will finally de
cide to mix.
The Property Called Health
Is the most valuable property we
have and should receive the most
attention. It helps In business,
helps good looks, helps make
friends, helps get situations and
helps hold them, and always makes
happiness. Property like this out
of repair should be looked after.
Bilious spells, indigestion, dyspep
sia, belching, dizziness, sick head
ache, sallow complexion with pim
ples and liver spots, a drowsy feel
ing after meals, sour stomach, etc.,
all show loss of health. Druggists
will sell for 24 cents a box. Dr.
Gunn's Improved Liver Pills. One
for a dose. A cure for all these
diseases. Made by Dr. Bosanko Co.,
Philadelphia, Pa. •••
Take Northern Pacific train No.
15, which Is made up at Spokane
and leaves at 4 p. ni. every day,
arriving at Seattle and Tacoma at
8:10 p. m. Carries Pullman sleep
ers, one to Tacoma and one to Se
attle, and a "grill," or short order,
dining car. Service first class In
every respect. No waiting for de
layed trains.
••• General Agent.
The C. P.. & Q. C. M. & St. P.
and C, & N. W. Rys. are now run
ning tourist sleepers between St.
1 aul and Chicago. Take tho North
ern PSCIBC it), to St. Paul, change
there at uuion depot lnt>> fresl.
clean tourist sleeper for Chicago.
Star tlif Sundag AltcrßOOß
April ism
Luiz Brokers
O'Rourk-Bennefie Trio
Special Return Engagement
Cununtags & Co.
The federal jury will sit Monday
with Judge Whitson on the bench.
Following are some of the cases
which will be considered during the
week: Andrew Larson vs. Martin
Woldson; Clifford Twitchell vs.
Northport Smelting & Refining Co.;
U. S. vs. G. N. Ry.; C. R. Mallette
vs. N. P. Express Co.; Clarence
Parks vs. Federal Mining Co.
There Is one thing we have never
been able to understand, why ladies
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Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea
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plexions. 35 cts.,
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he* htm tWPd by Millions ot Mother* for their
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It soothes the child, softens the (turns, allays
all pain, oures wind colic, and is the bast
remedy for diarrhoea. .
Boom II Exchange National Bank
Building, Spokane, TTeaa.
EacH Afternoon
and Evening
ftAUT HWTOM, . . rroftflMM
Week of April 2. The sensational
comedy-drama, "The Golden Giant."
High class specialties between acts.
Continuous performance. See the
screamingly funny oponing act,
"Lynx Ferret, Detective." lies! and
biggest show In town.
Riley Fry
and Dem Gay
405 Front Avo
The Armless Wonders.
Singers and Dancers.
Comedy Playlet.
Broken Stone for Sale.
The Barber Aspnaii
Paving Co.,
0. H. TIM
Everybody Welcome
Admission Free
Comique Theater
Light Machine Work.
10 Riverside Avenue
PHONE 810.
Phone 3262
Finest wine roomc In the city.
Spokane, Washington
Corner Riverside nnd Stevens. I
Joseph Pet rich. M~r Tel. M. 344.
In Clyde Fitch's Greatest
Play I
Prices: $1.50 to 25c. Seats!
ready Friday, 10 a. m. I
April 15.
Return Engagement.
Direction of Geo. L. Baker.
Lillian Lawrence as..Glory Quayle
John Sainpolis as John Storm
Production Carried Complete.
Seats now selling.
a C. Hayward. Mgr. TeL It. 1141
Jessie Shirley Co.
Tonight and All Week With Saturday
Matinee, presenting
Al Plncy RMge.
Prices—Lower floor. 100 and 40c.
balcony, 16c; matinee. lie and lOe.
White enamel and glass let
ters for everlasting signs, house
and door numbers, all sizes.
Spokane Stamp Works
Postofflce Bldg.
or aroun, wash.
Capital fxee.eoo
Surplus and profits 1130,000
Officers—Alfred Coolldge, president;
A. Kuhn. vice president; Chas. Si sa
tirise, eaahler; J. miner West, eaeJat
ant eashler.
Directors— M. If. Oewley, Patrick
Clark, James Monaghan. A. Kuhn. Al
fred Coolldge, U at. Drvmheller, I.
Bmer West
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S. F. A N. Railway.
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4:oopm Wenatetee and . :00 am
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Nelson, Ross*
• :46 am l»nd, Republic, 5:50 pm
Grand Forks &
all points in the
West kootenay.
Qreat Northern 8. S. Co.
Sailings from Seattle:
For Japan, China, etc.
8. 8. DAKOTA, JUNE 7.
For detailed Information, berth
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Ticket office, 701 Riverside AW
Phone 46*,
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acres fruit farm, $4000. The Lands
Co., 21-22 Marion block.
Park. One block from the park.
At a sacrifice price if sold before
the 10th. R. H. Dodd, owner; room
4, Wolverton block. tl
Oot>d, monein, nine room house,
two large lots, two blocks from
first class car line, all kinds of
fruits and berries, place well im
proved. The value of the lota la
increasing very fasL The property
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ment or an ideal home. Part cask
required. Address X, care ot The
Press. •••
For sale, a well Improved 40 acre
with orchard, new house, six miles
northeast from Oakesdale and tw«
miles from car line. For furthet
particulars address J. H. Schlatter,
Oakesdale, P. O. box 37. XI
Nice corner lot and inside lot o*
Eleventh avenue. Cannon HIIL
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rately. One-fourth cash. Oray m
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cast orr 55555
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rax, b «"tii
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Springs and Summit ooaX Martla
Dolan. manager.
ucbas xiSD aoooa.
Highest price paid for aeeond hand
furniture. TeL M. io». m River
sl la. tS-l
oiitiNe aao ouatoio woua
Parisian Dyeing a Cleaning Works
and Dress I'leating Factory, U a.
Leahmann. proprietor, has moved te
60S First avenue, near Howard,
Phone SIST. Me aolMtonk
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pany will French dry cU-.n . nC pr»-i
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raws aaonaa ™"
If yon want a lean, go te P. Btos)
ford. S3 8 Main avenue.
II opeaa a checking account. T>«
I People a Bank, 111 situ. Leag koare

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