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The Kansas city Located in the
Prohibition State of Kansas Ap
pears to Want the Joints—Man
Who Failed to Enforce the Law
Upheld at the Ballot Box.
TOPEKA. Kan.. May 25 —Mayor
elect Rvse has just been cited for
contempt for daring to 'be elected
KANSAS CITY. May 25 — A reg
ular political comic ol>era is on at
Kansas City. Kas.. which just has
overwhelmingly re-elected to the
mayoralty \V. W. Rose. Democrat,
who has resigned the office to es
cape In ing ousted by the supreme
court for failing to enforce the pro
hibition law. Governor Hoch last
year started ouster proceedings
against Rose. Rose, after showing
that Republican officials had help
ed keep off the "lid." went into
court April 3 and resigned. The
Supreme court ignored his resigna
tion and ousted him formally two
days later, incidentally barring him
from the office for the term for
which he had been elected original
ly. This expires next April. Mean
while Rose was already running for
Rose had been an acceptable
mayor. One thing he did was to
see that the "fines" the joints paid
went to the municipality, and did
not stick to many "mitts" which
grasped at them on the way. Owing
to tax dodging corporations, there
is usually a considerable vacancy
in the city treasury which the joint
money helped fill. Also the town
All Day Drudgery Over Hot Stoves
to Prepare Hubby's Dinner a
Thing of the Past—New Method
Grants Greater Liberty to the
KANSAS CITY, Mo., May 25.— !
The dawn of happier days is in
sight for pater families and the
doom of the warm-up supper has
been sounded. The United States
army has instituted and the wo
men's clubs throughout the coun
try have indorsed a reform in cook
It's a great scheme, this fireless
cooker. Logically carried to its
conclusion, its development means
that Mrs. Housekeeper may sally
forth to the parliamentary at 2 p.
m . wrestle with Robert's rules of
order for hours and then return un
hampered by feaers that M. H. will
tear a section off the roof when he
comes home at 6 and finds a lot of
Kaiter Aufschnitt and last night's
dinner meagorly disguised as his
menu for the evening meal.
"Feed the brute," say the divorce
evil exi>erts, and experiments have
At 71 Years of Age, Vigorous and Strong, Mr. Philip Zimmer of Keuka,
N. V., Writes He Owes His Life to Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey.
at Due* MtlA
Duffy s Pure Malt Whiskey is an absolutely pure, gentle and Invorat
ing stimulant and tonic, builds up tne nerve tissues, tones up the i
heart, gives power to the brain, strength and elasticity to the mus
cles and richness to the blood. It brings into action all the vital
forces; it makes digestion perfect, and enables you to get from the
food you eat all the nourishment it contains. It is invaluable for i
overworked men, delicate women and sickly children. It strengthens
and sustains tbe system; is a promoter of good health and longevity; 1
znskes the old young and keeps th c young strong.
Sold by all druggists and grocers, or direct, In sealed bottles only, I
never In bulk. Price $1.00. See that the strap over the cork is un. I
broken and look for the "Old Chemist" trademark on the label. Re- I
fuse all substitutes, as they are positively Injurious to the health. 1
Booklet and medicinal advice free. Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., Roches- 1
ter, N. V,
as a general thing wants its beer.
So Rose was easily elected over E.
E. Venard, Republican, who ran on
on a "lid" platform.
Rose says he will take the office.
His legal friends tell him the voice
of the people is stronger than the
mandate of the supreme court. Re
shown that Mrs. Housekeeper now
has at her commarf a method to
accomplish this without devoting
the whole of the afternoon to do
mestic drudgery.
It's simplicity itself. Mrs. House
keeper prepares her roast and puts
it in the oven, say at 1 o'clock. She
lets it get started well on its roast
ing process. Then she heats her
vegetables, takes the roast, pan
and all. and puts it in the fireless
cooker out on the back porch may
be, clamps down the lid, dons her
nr. Zimmer was given up to
die by family and friends, and
his days numbered, when he be
gan to use Duffy's Malt Whiskey.
He deems it his duty to publish
his remarkable cure to the world.
He says:
"I am in my 71st year and am hale and
hearty. Some ten years ago, when chronlo
lung; trouble threatened to overcome me,
my family felt that my days were num
bered. I began to use Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey according to directions and
went through a course of training. In
one year I waa completely cured.
"I consider it the duty of a sufferer
who has been cured by Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey to publish the fact to tbe
world."-Phlllp Zimmer, Keuka, N. T.,
Sept. 19, 1906.
publicans, however, profess to be
lieve that Rose will be yanked be
fore the court lor contempt.
The Democrats who elected Rose
on an "off with the lid" platform
by the way, are trying to elect W.
A. Harris, Democrat, governor on
a law enforcement platform.
reception gown and goes to the
At 5:30 she is back home. The
table is set and by the time the
operation is finished, in comes the
lord and master. Dinner is all
ready. The vegetables are all done
to a turn and a roast of beef, juici
er and tenderer than ever before,
is produced steaming hot.
This is no dreeam. Under far
more rigorous conditions It has
been done time and again. Captain
M. S. Murray, united States com
missary officer at Fort Riley, Kan
sas, is the tireless cooking expert
of the army. The tireless cooker
at present is an iron bound wooden
box, separated into as many as six
compartments made of asbestos
and a special paper. Each closes
hermetically, and a big lid covers
all. Experiments have demonstrat
ed that well heated food, placed in
it, loses its heat only at the rate
ot five degrees an hour, the flavor
is retained and there is no decrease
in weight.
Captain Murray boiled cornbeef
15 minutes, cabbage five minutes,
bean soup 10 minutes and potatoes
five minutes until each was approxi
mately of 212 degrees tempera
ture, put them in the fireless cook
er, loaded it on a wagon, drove It
around in the opdi air three hours
and then took out the food and
found it perfectly cooked.
Harry Johnson, formerly proprie
tor of the Emery bar on Riverside
avenue, was arrested by Patrolman
C. Roff today on a warrant sworn
out by C. C. Maurer, charging him
with larceny. Johnson and Maurer
closed a deal for the sale of the
place for $1900 and Maurer paid
$50 down to bind the bargain. This
was done about 9 o'clock and the
place was then closed for the night
Maurer's claim is that Johnson re
turned some time during the night
and carried away 13 boxes of ci
gars. Johnson was arraigned in
the police court this morning, en
tered a plea of not guilty and his
tond was fixed at $300.
TACOMA, May 25—The most
sweeping saloon ordinance ever in
troduced here came before the city
council Wednesday night, passed
two readings and was referred to
the judiciary committee. The ordi
nance provides that licenses shall
not be issued to corporations and
that a firm or individual shall Ibe
permitted to hold but one license.
When the license is issued the own
er must agree to maintain no box
or wineroom or other device to
shield anyone from view, must
agree to employe no female in t~e
saloon; no saloon shall be run in
connection with a theater; when
liquor is served in restaurants it
shall be unlawful to maintain box
es or partitions to protect from
view anyone who may enter the
GREENVILLE, S. C, May 25 —
The Southern Presbyterian assem
bly has decided to postpone the
consideration of closer relations
with other Presbyterian churches
next year.
The members of Federal union
No. 222 are very happy people
these days. The news has been
receieveed from Secretary Frank
Morrison of the American Federa
tion of that the application
for a charter of the local union had
been acted upon favorably and that
the charter would he issued upon
the sending of seven names of
members of the local union. Mr.
Morrison asked that names be tele
graphed at his expense and seemed
A playground for children in a
department store will be the inno-j
vatlon tomorrow by the Wonder.
Though this feeature has been tried
in the East it will he the first time
anything of the kind has ever been
attempted in Spokane.
The playground will be on the
third floor of the store. At the en- j
trance will be a fountain with a i
pile of sand and rocks. Here the
children may revel to their heart's
content. A bowling alley will also
be one of the attractions.
The major portion of the play
ground will be sodded with grass.
A number of trees have been pro
vided to make things loog as near
to nature as possible.
At one eend of the playground
will be a stage upon which a Punch
and Judy show and a children's
band will entertain the youngsters.
A bungalow will be fitted up from
which ice cream and candy will
be served. Marionettes and illu
sions will be part of the entertaiin
menit provided.
The playground is expected to
solve the question of what to do
with the children when mother
goes shopping.
The trial of the larceeny case
against John Protto, charged with
stealing a gun belonging to Joe
of 807 Fifth avenue, waa
postponed until Monday morning
to allow the defendant to secure
witnesses. He claims to have cc-
In the Name of Sense,
that good common sense
of which all of us have a
share, how can you continue
to buy ordinary soda crackers,
stale and dusty as they must
be, when for you can get
Uneeda Biscuit
fresh from the oven, protected
from dirt by a package the
very beauty of which makes
you hungry*
Monopoly Tries to Make Money on
the Strikebreakers by Paying j
Them Small Wages and Asking
First Class Work. j
The troubles of the Washington
Water Power company seem to in
crease rather than diminish from
day to day.
The local monopoly is now
threatened with a strike of its non
unionists, who have been attempt
ing to fill the places of the strik
ing linemen. The trouble originated
yesterday by the action of the com
pany in paying its strikebreaekers
off at a scale of wages proportion
ate with theeir servicess. Only
two of the nonunion men are receiv
ing the scale of wages which was
formerly paid to the union men,
tho rest of the nonunionists receiv
ing from $2.50 to $3.00 per day.
The strikebreakers realize that
their time is short and that the
to toe pleased over the termination
of the labor troubles of this city.
The granting of a charteer to
Federal union No. 222 will give that
organization control of all pick and
shovel and hammer men and will
probably take a few members from
Federal union No. 11624. There is,
however, abundant room for a large
federal union in this city and the
loss of the laborers 'will undoubted
ly spur the Federal union to the
organizing of many men not mem
bers of a union at present.
cured the gun from two of his
friends who left it in his keeping
and then to have sold it for $5.
Mrs. Jessie Merrit last night
caused the arrest of her husband
on a charge of drunkenness. She
says he has been drunk for a
month. He is 23 years of age and
lives on Main avenue near Division
John Manley, the colored porter
of the KaMspell saloon on Main
avenue, who was arrested for the
alleged burglarizing of the second
hand store of Mark Sasi, entered
a plea of not guilty in the police
court this morning and the case
was set for Tuesday morning.
Mike Bohan, charged by Chris
Nelson with the theft of his bicycle,
entered a plea of not guilty in the
police court this morning and the
case was continued until Monday
morning and bonds fixed at $100.
WARSAW, May 25.—Armed an
archists attacked the Industrial
Savings bank here this afternoon
and clerks repelled them with re
volvers. There was a brief fusilade
during which two customers were
killed and five clerks and an
archists wounded.
Only $2.00 with every ordeer for
stock certificates. Spokane Stamp
old adage of "make hay while the
j sun ehlnes" hold* as good today as
I ever It did; hence their cries for
more money.
If any testimony Is needed to re
fute the stories of the company
j that It has all the competent men
jit needs the payment of its strike
breakers at the wages stated aibove
would effectually silence such
statements. Another view is taken
of the company's action In keeping
down the wages and expenses inci
dent to maintaining a force of
strikebreakers, and that is that al
ready the handwriting on the wall
; is visible and that it is realized that
i the present conditions* mus<t end.
' Business Agent Allen, who has
so successfully conducted the line-
I men's strike, said this morning:
. "We have received our greatest as
sistance from the incompetence of
I the men now employed by the
, Washington Water Power com
Made of brass, copper, Geer
m'an silver; east plates, build
ers' freese plates, butter priuts,
Spokane Stamp Works
PostofMce Bldg,
We Must Un
load all Our
High Price
and -will give you your choice of
any of tho following, at nearly If
their regular prices.
Our extra, extra special on all
wool suits 110.00, $10.50 and $12.00
Can you beat this? Where?
You must show us.
Now, on pants we have double
what we can use.
$4.00 pants $3.15
$3.15 pants $2.90
$3.00 pants $2.95
$1.60 for 90c
Biggest line of shoes you ever
saw at $3.00, $3.50 or $2.48.
Remember, you can 'phone us If
it's handler and the goods will be
delivered right at your door with
out extra cost.
Phone 3187,
Cm Ym Write Tfe© m*tt
rtetfeig ClwptiiMr ©IT aiifo
UiiuC(S)M[p)[email protected](g<Ql Story
Hair® Us a CBmhbic® Poor Yoi T© Wk a
S®ffis®ira Tsds©a tt© Al ftlhvs Ml
dumcs ©ua ftSu® H©m<B
Yesterday the Spokane Press Began the pub
lication of a serial story called
Mh [email protected]©r osr Th®
The story will comprise five chapters, the sixth or
closing, chapter to be written by readers of The Spo
kane Press.
In order to stimulate Interest in the contest, The
Spokane Press will give a season pass to all games
of the Northwest League played this year on the home
grounds to the person who writes the best final chap
ter to the story.
Don't Forget
Our Special Low Price
sale is on
Friday and Saturday
Any $25.00 Suit For
Any $30.00 Suit For
Every Garment Made to Order in Our
Dwn Shops Here in Spokane. We
try on every garment before finish*
?d. A Perfect fit is our guarantee.
Opci Saturday Eveiliis until 10 p. n.
Malt Whisky
It the beat on the market. Buy a email quantity of It,
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advertised, your money back.
121 Howard St. and Durkln's Corner and Bprague Aye.
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$1 full quart.
50c full pint.
25c full half pint.

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