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Experience With Council
Sends Reform Plans
to People.
Snubbed by the council the char
ter revision committee turned the
tables on the city fathers last
night, counted them out. and then
decided to ignore them entirely and
sabmlt the charter amendments
agreed upon to the voters by peti
tion. In addition to the amend
ments submitted to the council in
the stormy session Tuesdsy night
an amendment was ordered drawn
providing for a non partisan munic
ipal election In accordance with
senate bill No. 4, which passed, the
Can You
Beat It?
A Suit Like This for
That's the kind of garments Wentworth handles
and that's the rouson he has all possible competition
backed off the hoard
$15.00 TO $40.00.
You won't find a good style idea missing from
our line.
Spokane's Greatest Men's and Boys' Outfitters.
Clothing House
Entrance, 709 Riverside Aye.
legislature during the closing
This means that the amendment
iboHabiog one office on tbe board
of public works and placing the
city engineer on the board will be
submitted to the people. The
amendment abolishing ward lines
and making ail couneilmen elected
at large one of »the amendments to
which serious objection may be
Those present at the meeting last
night were Frank T. Post, chair
ssan. U. In singer, .fudge W. A. Hu
aeke. James Geraghty, Jacob Bohll
ler, Frank Walker, W. 1) Vincent.
H. R. Ostrander and L. R. Hamblen,
Notice wan s<»nt to all tho commit
tee to be present except Hie insur
gent counrllmen who fought the
amendments Tuesday night.
There was considerable dlsott*
sion over the engineer amendment
at the opening of the moot Ing but
no changes "Were voted, although
councilman Schiller maintained
that the chief of police should bo
outside the pale of a political ap
pointment as Is the case with tho
fire chief. The discussion brought
to light the fact that Former Mayw
Olmstead attempted to remove Joe
Warren as chief on account of War
ren allowing his brother to come to
Spokane and open a gumbliug re
It was also developed that Repre
sentative Rucbanan was the msn
who defeated the nonpartisan pri
mary bfll at Olympia after he had
promised to support and work for
It The measure was lost by one
The matter of pint lux Mm amend
ment* before the public waa dis
cussed »' Jengt hand It was derided
to men It through with a hn«rah.
probably calling a imk* meeting.
The chamber of commerce, the I Ml.
noo club, nnd tin* federated cluba
are to be Interested In tho move
and a large number of th* pelltlona
will lw> circulated it requires K>
per ceut uf Iho nmulvoi- Of vot em at
the last city plOCttosj to (111 the pe
titions and thin means U>oo names
will have lo be woouriHl.
W. I>. Vincent moved that all the
amendments be Included In the pe
tition with the exception of tho re
railed amendment Frank Walker,
n member of the oouimlssion, took
exception to this and started one
of his own. which has secured al
most 100 slßiierM up to date. Wal
ker's amendment provides for a re
call on tho petition of 2', per cent
of tho Voters and eliminates the
time limit feature .lames Geragh
ty slated that while he was against
SUCt) a recall previously after wha'
he saw lit the council Tuesday
night be WSJ tn, favor of It. The 25
per cent recall was endorsed by the
i-ommtHslon. The matter of secur
ing funds Is nnother problem which
remains to be solved. Tlie council
tins appropriated $100 but the com
mittee Is not banking on this mon
ey. The chamber of commerce will
be asked to assist In the finances.
On the motion of James Geragh
ty a committee of four was appoint
d to take charge of the organisa
tion of the forces to secure the peti
tions with full power to act The
chair appointed Vincent. Ostrander.
Walker and Insinger on tbe cony
mittee. Geraghty and Port wfll
f orm the committe* to get DM
petitions and h»Te tfcem pttMSft
Messrs. Geraibtr and HasASes
were appointed a crrmmittee of two
to draft the non-partisan election
amendment and were given toil
ijower to act on the matter, their
rovit-ion being accepted by the
committee. The committee then
ad)iiomed subjpet to the call of the
I'nder the state law providing for
rhaner amendment by petition
'here is a question as to whether
more than one amendment can be
incfttded In a single petition, but
this was thought possible by the
-onimittee. The trouble with the
petition will be that it will be too
long for any one to read through
■md in view of the fact that there
are some popular amendments and
a number of unpopular amend
ments in the petition the whole
plan may suffer.
Meanwhile the amendments are
still before the council and will be
acted upon by them at the meeting
March 23. In case the council
should amend any of the amend
ments and submit them the voters
will have a fine assortment to se
lect, from at the coming election
and the puzzle for the voter will be
to choose the wheat from the chaff.
What might have been a disas
trous Are broke out shortly after 11
o'clock this morning In the Pacific
hotel on the corner of First avenue
aud Post street. The fire started in
room 86, apparently in the bedding.
By the time the fire department
arrived the third floor was filled
with dense smoke and the halls
and rooms were filled with women
and shrieking children. The fire
men first turned their attention to
getting the children out. of the suf
focating smoke and no prostrations
resulted, although several women
were on tbe border of hysteria.
Careful use of water by the de
partment kept down the loss to be
tween |500 and $1000, fully covered
by Insurance.
While shopping about the city
yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Maria
Klelne of Republic, Wash., either
lost or was robber of a large shop
ping bag containing a black purse
in which were two valuable gold
rings, a fancy stick plu engraved
with German letters, about $4 or
$5 In cash and a vote book with no
name In It. Mrs. Klelne is of the
belief that the bag was snatched
away from her, because she went
back to all the stores in which she
had been trudlug and could And
nothing of it. She is Btopping in
room No. 4 of the Pacific hotel.
Young man, 35 years old, would
like room and board with widow
under 40, or room only. Address S
V., Press.
4-room cottage, electric lights, tele
phone, large yard, chicken house,
etc. Room 116 Oermond block. Tel.
Main 3735.
at Once
A second-hand 12 toot counter
about 314 feet high
Phone 469 Main
the f otnuttMPnmt. rwioAv. march ta.
The dispatches snnuiincfng She
reduction of uiiraj dlwse
iron and steel sorter* »mint/yfi
on a percentage <jr Hiding -j«.-Hiß
basis, following the <nuj in\ geJose
ordered by sii* Caibmi Stmv* $t»*tf
corpora tkm. fu sue t»il Uta vimu
The at Tftw vorhom »ot
employ *ii timber thu inM>*>mfttr«
system wtll else be iyidnuwi MJOij
Mar '- *a<f wlihth «muut.
It is m.'iftHi}/ ilut IttWM msU, Hi a
ges-erat *nrtk» Uttumimttnti In he
trass ssßßtf. T~rm !tn .htßmtiou ti«
tad v /iTjiwiimi wu
'iiniui >•<»»», uui n» .vi
r-i,i'. :.i • ).-.•■• I a iiiinnMUuu- .a*u
toda; BBS nur<i rUtrn 3i wr wui a
the mat jginruaMeas an* itn ntnuim. j
Tie imm: ■fr?fmTj*»e of» t-iw s
: v: i.n.mr vie
■- - - :i:su_ •u r mutritr *c +n%«ria,
ratea to as tjiiMimi.uiu nun-H
Man? :- •' « ..•»••! hcvuk i «ar
Of . 5 .-4 •..:•*!!• ,i;l(H. Ulli MilKC'i )•?•
'••--fxs' :«i.i«-*<«i t vault )e i
good Iz - eurairtoc
go ttsl Tniua mitu MB tes
tate to su-js* ijr,i.a.-<.. Sj -vu«su SaSssß
UoB for fear ad unmxc ttten?
and in'.eatcieaii. St.'me Jif '.:te ,jr I
ganlzed 1
assured tfea* ■ saw? atliitjk to -.ac
tniisi they w<i in jr.*:i.i.;
employmeat. asai ttaat ca» Mdsac
tioo will he motlmii nf as
soon as ti* stuk ■ir , .'7<« OBrtasai pi
The Women's and Children's Store
The Formal Spring Opening Display in
the Millinery and Cloak and Suit
THE MILLINERY SHOW is one of tlie best that
has been made in Spokane. Such a gathering of
style is somewhat unusual, so early in the season,
but the Bartlett Stofe always leads in Time, Price
and Quality.
THE GARMENT SHOW—A meritorious one.
Here are Cloaks, Suits, Skirts, Waists, Petticoats,
and everything else needed for women's wear.
Every garment in the lot has been personally select
ed by our own buyers, who have had years of experi
ence in catering to Spokane women's wants.
Again we convey to you our desire to see you at
the "Opening." An hour spent her,e will he profit
able to you and to us. You can spare that hour.
The Bartlett-Carver Company
On Riverside, between Lincoln and Post
Haft Of f!
A. D. McDonald Supply Co.
212 Riverside Avenue
Phono Main 303
ia aempeutwre from the Ov*"". tuer
|«C ami i» to *drraa«v price*.
M»i mutter what the outcome
gut* b« •' th* various www on
iroti ami *tw»l beard at
itu diimwik. taiutj, the t*as of the«t
-«wifß» af worHwr* «UJ b*/*r the
)r'tiii. Qt J»<j :ajlu»i.rtat battle. It t*
ti Jjw u/nie* a* tfte 6e»tl»cs» X t*
Ijo woniwo and ci)ut«a**a *t th*
wn-Wtn* (tlurf* woe v/ifli feel tee
r»m IteeA nwr* s»v»rerjr tana tike
purUumxu *.tgi»«*r «s. who ere
niuuliumirrg r.a# vitrit*.
I Robs » c mitwra' strike in tb*
■lllliiwJff> restuo «ac *?w vi s*\?
nwtitil. eAtM ««n» jcooelW*. tit*
uwudufs. need act *.\s*\:t tv se
mes Tiaa;* stfass. Srvalteri lj. E&-
•<iu«. e'liflrw tssa sstsssm aw poetry
ti.-rnucair 'jr?»»!jsed.
T'uj aimer* of this ecu?--- &ay*
ntaeei iaw a cecabtaAtioa with
".itwir ?»lulw woe iters in Europe,
turf '.2w ufttviils cut both heml
irjiteres *ns keeping in touch with
:n* inotiler oa ta<iu*trtal matters.
T'i- sbsssUbssbl have just per
--*vr.*ii a similar international or
.pifljaar.ujn. axt<i ii the "fiddlers"
v i t ;: ■» New York theaters,
vi Hai been threatened, there will
c 'ioiag in importing art
ists Ist the orchestras from Ger
aiaaj. Italy. Bohemia or any other
Kee the iron molders and the
dMMOg workers are moving in the
Deparment Con
tinues Tomorrpw.
Many Hats and Gar
ments that were not
shown today will be
laid out, and doubtless
many of the ladies who
were here today will
want to come back on
Saturday that they can
see everything, and in
so doing get a better
idea of what they want
to buy.
to the
It has won so many encom
iums from good riders
that it deserves your seri
ous attention if you are at
all Interested in bicycling.
It's a good wheel to begin
with, a good wheel to end
with —the end referring to'
long rides. 80 we ask your
Inspection of the >Racycle.
same direction. The custom tailors
have already voted to join an Inter
national combination.
The Retail Clerks' International
Protective association has started
out to improve the condltons of the
"pin money" workers, the clerks
who do not have ta work, but are
behind counters merely for pas
time. Secretary Morris of the
union, whose headquarters are In
iVnver declares that many prom
inent society ladles hsve rallied to
tbe cause
"From every nook and corner of
ctvUtadrtMn.' says he. "there have
come responses to our request for
assistance from women leaders for
the eradtcetion of the crying evil
ot the underpaid eterk."
Chicago polleeman scratches his
%- i' and tells court he doesn't
jknow what "sobriety" means. Prob
abfv aeA. but be needn't own up.
It yo« think yon can tick a man.
keep away from him. In this way
! yoe cea keep on thinking so.
Victor '0'
with 6 record*.
Don't go music hungry
when so small a sum will
give you the greatest enter
tainer in the world.
The new model "O" has
flower horn, tapering hollow
arm, mahogany case, and
plays sll size records. $19.60
buys instrument complete
with six records.
Come in and hear them
play and sing or phone 4672
and have a machine sent out.
Corner Sprague and Post.
G. A. HEI DINGER, Manager.
Chlckering Piano Dealers.
tbe opportunity to secure a good,
serviceable Trunk, Valise or Dress
suit Case st our special sale will
be sorry when she hears of the
bargains she has missed. Trunks
for traveling purposes. Durable,
metal-bound and warranted to
wear well In long service. Prices
away below what they should bej
Edwin T. Coman, President
Thee. H. Brewer, V. Pre*.
C. E. Mcßroom, Cashier
E. N. Scale, Asst. Cashier.
The Isrge capital, coupled
with conservative manage
ment, appeals to those seek
ing absolute security. A fully
equipped savings department
offers fair. Interest for the
wsge earner.
Per Week
Spokane's Rallabls Credit House for Men ana* Women
150 Ladies'
Trimmed Hats
Latest Spring
Regular Values
$4.50, $5.00
and $5.50
MO Main Avenus. Phon. Main 108. v
Ask for Autbmoblls Vouchers. \
Down and a
or Two Each
Come to the Eastern Out
fitting Store and get your
Spring outfit and pay for it
on our generous credit
basis—a little down, a dol
lar or two a "Week, auQ wear
tbe goods while you are
paying for them. We buy
• our stock at the lowest mar
ket prices, and we sell in
this way for as low prices
as any cash house in the
Tlie best people in Spo
kane take advantage of our
system. Why not youf
W* want to
Into you the faot that we
are headquarters for ev
erything good In the
Hardware, Implement,.
Sporting Goods, Pump,
Engine and Mill, Vehicle;,
Harness and Phonograph,
lines on the market. >

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