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News for Readers
CyraitLhiEa Grey
"M. G. A." writes; I broke a mir-
rir today i to be confined In
i", days and I am worried becattee
they say it is bad luck to break a
looking glass is it a bad stgnt*'
•• Tbe breaking of the mirror ran
have no effect on "ft? O. A." and
her coming ordeal, excet so far pa
ahe bertelf allows her mind to yfeld
lo heT fears and worry. .Inst t! ink
(i this: Every day in factories
v.luic mirrors are made hundreds
Ot mirrors are broken; every day in
furniture factories dotena of mir
rors are broken. Vet those' fac
toiios grow ami, prosper, and their
owners ure as "fortunate" as men
iii any other business. "They say"
that opals are unlucky. Suppose
you'found an opal mine, would yon
be unluckyT What about the deal
ers in precious stones who deal in
opals and are rich and happy? NO.
The only harm "signs" do Is what
we let them do to us; that is, we
l<t them disturb and worry us.
Dear Miss Grey: eUly fingers
Swell and cause me much pain. The
flesh is red and separates from the
Delhi What can I do? M. G.
A - Keep the bands out of water
as much as possibly. Keep thent
warm and free from irritating dirt.
Wear soft kid gloves at night, after
rubbing the hands With cold cream.
If this does not relieve, consult a
I kin specialist, at once.
Hear Miss Grey: How often must
me use a complexion brush, and
why is It used? ANXIOUS.
A. Once or twice a day. Light
11 ielion is good for (he circulation
of the skin, and the brush, removes
dead skin and opens the pores.
Dear Miss Grey: Will you kind
ly give me the address of the local
Cooks' and Kitchen Helpers' union
and also of the Bakers' union.
C. N. A.
Headquarters for both Cooks &
Kitchen Helpers ami the Bakers'
unions are on the second floor of
108 1 .', Howard street, above the
Club cafe.
Pineapple Salad. Cnl one ian
of pineapple Into small cube*. Add
one cupful of finely chopped
cry, one cupful of orange pulp,
and one cupful of chopped Fng
lisb walnut meats. Shred one head
(.i' lettuce very finely and form
Into cups or nests on Individual
plates. one cupful of whipped
cream with one cupful of mayon
naise, siir II lightly through the
pineapple Mixture, and itT\ido into
the little heats or cups. Decorate
wiili chopped nuts.
n ii.c combination of fn;it and
mayonnaise is not liked, a de
licious dressing may lie made with
tin \,ell Ik ..leu yolks of Tour oggn.
a small ( dpful of aacari hnif—n
cupful of i' mon Juice and .■■up
ful of whipped cream.
Prettj Dish. To ajpfnge an at
tractive after-dinner dish, pile
large, bartdsotne bunches of rais
ins on a doily in a glass disli ami
fill in tin' cavities petwecn them
v. hii siii lied and lanched nuts of
all kinds.
cm ci the newest features to be
noted iii evening gowns is the high
girdle which forms a delightful con
trast ami which Is necessary to the
Artistic value of tlie gown on' ac
count of the fullness appealing at
Die lop of tlie skirt. Many of Hie
new semi-evening gowns show nul
i' slight decoHetage ami have trans
parent gutmpes of tulle or mousse
As the season advances, satin
rharmousc, a satiny doth, is found
mere supple and dresss than broad
cloth. voile and tnariiui
sette 'lire worn, marquisette
voile is dei idedly newer, v has
such tremendous favor because it is
as supple as masipiisettn. and lias
aiIUOSI as much body as voile. This
material comes In till the popular
colors, lint the fashionable si ades
are strawberry, hois de rose, taupe,
champagne and black.
Plaited skirts are to retain their
popularity for street and walking,
but are likely to become too com
mon iii bo accepted by the beat
dreaaors. Prinoease and Grecian
uowns for house and evening wear
arc to continue In favor.
Nothing mnkes a more attractive
afternoon gown than the sill; and
mreceiised cotton mixtures. These
are (o be hud In a wide variety of
lov ely colors.
Aiming tho now bttttoni are those
Inade of wood, highly polished and
exquisitely inlaid. Tho design* are
often quite unusual, both as to col
oring and form.
I'urohase un ordinary pine table,
rut the legs off to hslf lengths and
paint them any desired color. Cover
the top with green felt, holding the
cloth edge down on the table edges
With ornamental brass tacks, as
I large as a dime, placed about iO
Inches apart. A table of this de
scription Is nice for children to use
In playing games. It Is not un uu
attractive piece of furniture, and
If* convenient many times for va
rious purposea,
A snout and practical apron for
the small girl Is made In one piece.
The material Is doubled and the
sides gored to fit them faced, fur
the edges are not Joined. At tbe top
the ui-ck is cut in a small squaru.
Conducted hy Qynthm Gifej
It is very, well lor the little folk
if Christmas cau be made to mean
GIVING to them as well as receiv
ing. But asking father for money
to buy something is not really giv
ing. If a child can offer a gift that
he has made witli his own hands,
and on which lie lias spent the
thought necessary to lit to its
recipient, it will increase many
times the pleasure lie takes in it, as
well as that of the one who receives
il. Some suggestions are given
here that may help our little read
ers, especially, we nope, the very
tiny ones.
These would be appreciated by
any woman because they can he
washed without being spoiled, anil
it is not necessarj to rip them in
ord< r to iron the waial well, a
stiip of tape is folded over at the
ends ami sewed down at both sides
of tlie fold, making two pockets.
The raw edge of tha tap ) would bet
large enough to admtt the head.
Buttons and buttonholes are sewed
to the edges below the waist line,
and when secured hold the apron
iii place. Win n laundered it can be
laid fiat. Neck and armholes are
finished with a trimming, and any
preferred decoration may be* added
|to the front. A pan. 1 may be sug
gested by the rows of insertion, or
a single wide row may be set in
dOWII t lie cent; r.
As the season advances furs be
come .even more popular and this
season is certain!) one of furs of
all kinds. Mroailelot h, silk crepe ami
even chiffon, silk lined, are used
for broad scarfs and muffs, which
are trimmed with one or nunc
bands of fur running lengthwise,
Hats are often trimmed to match.
II is a new wrinkle to serve
marshmallows with bol chocolate,
When tile candies are dissolved a
pleasant flavor is given to tlie choc
Tyler's Style Shop
Cloaks Suits Millinery
ter bo hemmed back also. A little
stripe of whalebone of tbe right
length is slipped into the two
pockets (the dark band in tbe pic
ture). This Is easily removed when
the collar is laundered, leaving the
tape to be washed in the collar.
Any little girl who knows bow
to hem can make this niching, ami
any woman will be glad to receive
it. \ strip of fine muslin the
lengi hot the collar band is hemmed
on both sides, and a border of nar
row lace sewed on either edge. Tbe
band is then folded so that one lace
edge stands up a little higher than
the oilier, and the gift is complete.
This would be an acceptable gift
for either a man or a woman. Il
is a small cushion made of vel
veteen, stuffed with cotton. It
should be just large enough t'> fit
nicely into the hand, it is useful
for polishing shoes, or for simply
rubbing up an old polish that has
ceomo dulled or dusty.
A Story for
One day when Teddy's mother
s lit him to tlie store on an errand,
she gave him a nice new dollar
Uill. Teddy had never carried one
before, and lie walked proudly
along the street with tt spread out
in bis hand. As he turned a corner
a sudden breeze blew it right out
of his fingers into some bushes.
It all happened so quickly be
didn't see where the bill went; and
wliin lie looked for il. it could not
bo seen.
Now see what a bright boy Teddj
wiis. Instead of crying aobul it. as
some little boys would have done,
he sat down on the curbstone and
though! of this phut. lie would
stand in the same place with a
small piece of paper until the
bree/e came again, and he would
watch where the paper went, and
maybe that way he could find the
precious bill-
Soon tlie wind came tearing
around tbe corner again, and car
ried the paper Into tlie bushes.
Teddy followed quickly and search
ed, 'and sure enough, there was his
Wasn't that clever for a little
Mi. Hcupeck- We're going to re
move to tlie seaside, doctor.
Doctor- Hut tlie climate may (lis
agree with your wile. Mr. Henpeck
Mr. 11. It wouldn't dare!
Slate of Ohio, City of Toledo, I.ucas
County, ss.
Prank J, Cheney makes oath that
lie is senior partner of the linn of
P, .1. Cheney A Co., doing business
in tile City of Toledo, County ami
State aforesaid, ami that said firm
w,ll pay the sum of. O.NK 11 IN
DR ED DOLLARS for each and
every case of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure. PRANK s\ CHENEY.
Sworn to before me and sub
scribed in my presence this tith day
of December, A. D.. ISSti.
I Seal/) A. W. OLBABON,
Notary Public.
Hail s aCtarrh Dure is taken In
ternally, and acts directly on the
blood anil mucous surfaces of the
system. Send for testimonials free
P. J. CHEN BY & CO., Toledo. 0.
Sold by all druggists", 780,
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
622 Riverside.
The New and th# Old in Tableware, Artwares,
IT'S another department an which there's so much that's new. so much that's beautiful and variety so great, that we can barely l»egin
* to mention them. And as a result of sample" k pnrchases and other purchases under price we can sell you many items, from rich
American cut glass to finest import art wares, at far under their value!
Vases 15c to $8
With the exception of ono line, and
that line is beautiful, all the vases we
have are imported, and just a glance
at the symmetry of their shapes and
the exquisitehess of their decorations
shows it. .Just one or two of a kind
—and values are wonderful. Prices
range from $f£oo down to 15c.
Steins 25c to $5
Of the new ware, in ivory shade, filled in
or decorated with dark brown or Delft blue
—imagine their beauty! ll)ounce steins are
40c: other steins -grounds of blue or cream
color, 25c to $5.00.
Busts —Samples
Because they are samples, no two are alike
—dozens of subjects are here—and because
they are samples you can buy them at about
half their value. Colorings are exquisite.
Prices $5,00 down to 98<?
Sugar and Cream Sets 75c
Rose decorations on a background that
shades from dark brown to light cream —the
edges with gold borders. Set 75<>
Dinnerware —Priced Low
Haviland or Limoges—Austrian china
English wares —American wares-pure
white or with just gold borders, up to floral
decorations quite large--are here at prices
that are very low indeed. See these sets
when you come to the sale tomorrow.
Early Morning Bargains, 8:15 to 11 otlock
TO the leisure and general comfort 01 early morning
shopping add the additional 'incentive of the bar
gains we quote below, They will be on sale tomorrow
morning from s : lr> until 11 o'clock, or as long as quanti
ties last.
25c Rose Candlesticks 15c
Of hisijue- so they'll Inst in most realistic rose
tint, with a candlestick to match the flower in
which the socket is. L'oc is the regular price. Com-
meiicing at 8:15 tomorrow
morning • • •
$2 Suit Cases $1.25
Of keratol that means they'are water
proof with leather handles, brass lock
and clamps. We have just a few to (dose
out. from 8:15 tomorrow
morning, instead of $2.00
Women's. $1.25 dloves 79c
All sizes are in this lot of gray, red. mode, brown
and black kid gloves 2-clasp style. From 8:15 to
11 o'clock tomorrow morning, instead of $1.25, the
price w ill
15c Box Perfume 9c
Perfumes in very pretty Japanese boxes
many different odors in the -ale. Kegu-
lar price loe. Beginning at
8:15 tomorrow morning. ...
Girls' Tarns at 10c
Just what children need to wear to school. Col
ors to begin the sale with are blue, gray, brown, ret)
and black. Former prices were up to lioe. While
a small quantity lasts tomorrow
morning, each ,
Women's 65c Pants 19c
This price is so very low because there
are no vests to match and we want to (dose
out the lot quickly, Thc\ 're of Meached
cotton; medium weight; ankle length, with
band fop. We have never sold them at less
than 65c. Tomorrow morning,
beginning at s-.\'>, pair
$2.25 Lace Curtains $1.50
Tills is just Wednesday, remeniberi We will sell
seven different patterns of I-ace Curtains
Cluny, Brussels net and Antique designs, in ereaui
and white— curtains ."><) inches wide and three yards
long, all worth $2.25, ..... d» j f-r| I
at, pair M> l • W I
Cut Glass.; Bric-a-Brac—for Gifts
$7.50 to $12 Cut Glass
Decanters at $4.98
Very heavy- the blanks perfectly clear
the cuttings deep, in beautiful designs -six
different styles will go into this sale tomor
row morjning. Our regular prices are from
$7.50 to $12.00. We're making a sale special
of these superb wine
decanters at
Very fine shape and beautifully cut in
whirling shir or tan patterns. The size holds
about il 1 - pints
How any woman who keeps, house would
admire one of tlfe*o supcrh carafes! They
have the star cutting that reflects \inhi so
wonderfully are full two-pint size.
--hut fully as beautifully cut as
the American cuttings tall and slender—cut
all over. Their height is eight inches
Of full eight inch widjh and deep- three
different cuttings- all pretty —to choose
from at
is 1 e 25
Cut Glass Pitchers
And Water Bottles
Imported Cut Vases
Cut Fruit Bowls
Many Smart New Handbags Are In
¥l ST the bags in this little advertise
incut present a range of sizes and quali
ties and leathers so broad, and so many of
the inosl popular shapes withal, that to see
them ranged before kou, you'd think it a
leading manufacturers sample line. Kvon
at that, however, it hardly more than sug
gests our stock's completeness.
$1.25 Vanity
Shaped Sags 98c
With overlapping e.,sgeß
- after the style of the
bag in the picture 10
inches long. It is of leath
er, quite heavy an imi
tation of sealskin that is
rea Uy hard to tell from the
genuine. .Marked special
for this sale
$1.29 Handbags
(>f goatskin seal grain
tlie shape with overlap
ping edges- a band at the
top and strap handles of
patent leather. The hag
is II inches long very
convenient as to size
coin purse and two outside
Special .
$1.39 Handbags
Very trim little brown
bags of leather in walrus
gr&in au<l double strap
handles moire lined
they are bags you'd be
glad to pay $1.."!!» for, and
they are marked tor to
morrow 's
$1.25 Black Petticoats 98c
IMITATION Heatherbloom and cotton mono skirts
very nicely made, indeed, are iv this Wednesday
lale- made with the wide, deep flounces shirred ant
uoked and with stitoh
>d hands. Math' with
lrawstring and extra
protection flounces. As
lorted lengths. Regu
arly $1.25. For
the out' day....
A very dark brown gen
line goat seal bag square*
-nape its dull finish
gilded frame set with ame
thysts. Even its purse i.-
leather lined. It weuld he
a superb gift ...
A bag of medium shape
and size of the high firusk
automobile leather black
the dull gill finish of the
t rimniirigs contrasting
sharply. An especially
fine novelty bag
The immense square
shape, seal grain bags, 15
inches long leather lined
the corners pro-
75c Handbags
All colors, ami they are
made of sheepskin, em
bossed in imitation of al
ligator -frames of gnu
metal or gilt strap ban
dies coin purse to match.
Square shaped bags al
most a foot long of imi
tation sealskin strap
handles. And even leather
98 c
319-21-23 Riverside Avenue
69c Mugs 39c
< 'hildren's mugs of quadruple silver
[date of satin i'inisli—engraved—ones
that should sell at b!»c,
you may buy at
Napkin Rings
Of silver plate- -a leaf design. Mark
ed, instead of
at. each
Silverware Continued
But its the last sale.. All
the items advertised last
night are good for tomor
row's selling*--and add these
to the sale.
$2.00 Candlesticks $1.39
(>f the stately colonial shape—silver plated.
with brightly burnished finish.
Special, instead of $2
Water Sets
Of quadruple silver plate -pitcher—goblet
a large square tray satin finish. Instead'
of $16,98 you may buy
them at
$2.00 Berry or Fruit Stands
The fiame of quadruple silver plate—the
howl of an imported f>;lass;
marked, instead of at
. $10.50*
Another goat seal bag
a square shape, 11 inch
es long} has gilt trim
rnings it and its purse
leather lined. Strap ban
A goat seal bag, 11
inches long has a heavy,
square. etched German
silver frame with hall
clasps and strap handle.
Leather lined .. .
Picture this bag to your
self of medium size,
wider at the bottom than
at the top—-*inade of genu
me goat seal—a very
heavy, square, dull gold
finish frame with ball
clasp absolutely plain. It
has double strap handles;
i> leather lined
Another bag of auto
mobile leather square
shape, 11 inches long, is
very handsome, indeed
particularly its
heavy, light leather lin
ing. Its coin purse, to
match, is large. Strap
handles; gift trimmings.
Its price is low
A swagger bag with
overlapping edges — has
strap handles and two out
side pockets and leather
lining, is
A handsome calfskin
bag, 11 inches long—imi
tation alligator'with dull
finish; has a heavy frame
of German silver. It is
lined with tan
leather . . f
380-12-24 Bpr»gu« Avtnut

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