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Will the
WITH ;hc price of meat going
steadily upward day by day so
cial philosophers and science are
turning their attention to What can la
substituted for trie things that aro
under tho control of the Beef Trust.
Of course It might seem to some that
a more simple method of dealing with the
question would be to force the Beef
Trust to dial justly with the consumer—
but be that as It may. as our friend
George B. Monroe snys. hero are some
Of the substitutes which have been sug
gested for the exclusive pork chop, the
Intensely aristocratic chop and the well
nigh unapproachable steak whom all of
us Knew and loved befjre they got so
high In the world.
Tlie phllos iphcrs say that we have be
come so usid to eating only beef and
mutton and pork that we do not realize
how many other meats there arc which
make Just as goo 3 eating and which
could be obtained more cheaply once a
general demand were created for them.
By way of Illustration, there Is the
odd and bounding Australian wal
laby. This animal Is a species
of small kangaroo and Is twice
as large as a hare. It looks like
a cross between a rat and an opossum
It has long been regarded as nn enjoy
able, economical dish by the Australians,
but only recently has made lis debut out
line of tho antipodes. In England, where
It was first in reduced, It made a decided
hit and is now found on every first-class
club and hotel menu. "Jugged wallaby"
Is the form in which the dish Is most
frequently seen on the English menus,
but In Austral.a the creature Is prepared
in half a dozen different ways and really
makes very good eating. There they
It beat as a roast
inging in the Hippopotamus
for a Native Congo Feast.
D-t wni by is not very different
from rabbit or ha.c, and there is noth
ing repulsive In the Idea of eating it.
There are. however, a number of
i er kinds of meats which, though
at the first blush might seem quite out
of the question as human food, are
»• theles3 eaten and enjoyed in
various sections of the world ar.J
migot serve as a very good substitute
for the expensive meats we tow de
pend upon.
There Is dealh to the Beef Trust In
hippopotamus alone Roosevelt has fed
on hippopotamus steaks and knows
ho . delicious they are. and In Africa
no flesh Is more highly esteemed Dr.
W. N. Irwin, connected with the U. S
Department of Agriculture, has pointed
out that there are nearly seven mil
lion acres of water and marshy rurface
In our Gulf States, which, If properly
planted with water hyacinths and other
aquatic plants, would make an excel
lent stamping-ground for hippopotamus
He has e.t 1 that no less than a
million tons of meat a year could thus
be produced, and. If the beef barons
press us too close, here would seem to
he a practical solution of the meat
eating problem.
3" all Ihe regions In this country
available for hippopotami raising were
properly stocked, the price of the meat
would bo remarkably low, ad the
Beef Trust would either have to reduce
Its prices or be undersold.
One hippopotamus would furnish
enough meat to feed about nine hun
dred persons and a hippopotamus
steak parly would be the logical auc
ceaaor to the beefsteak parly when
the tropical meat auperseded beef as
The Ut underb lug the ski., of tha hip
popotnmus la one of the purest animal
fats known and Is In great demand
among the Cape colonists At tho
Capo of Good Hope, hippopotamus melt
Is salted and cured and Is known as
"Lake Cow Bacon," and from the na
tive's standpoint it Is far superior to
anything t lie Beef Trust could offer.
Another very cheap form of meat Is
that of the white rhinoceros. At the
present time Hits species is said to be be
coming extinct, but there Is plenty of
loom |n our Southern States where It
could be stocked and propagated. Only
tile coarsest and most unpromising prov
ender i.s required to maintain It and It
furnishes an enormous quantity of excel
lent meat. The white rhinoceros is a
comparatively mild creature and could be
raised without danger.
From the Orient has Just arrived a
shipment of dried llgarde. In China the
flesh of the slimy creature Is considered
a luxury, and large consignments are
annually shipped to this country for the
delectation of tho pig-tailed contingent
hero. It doesn't sound very savory, but
nevertheless the tlesh Is Very tasty and
when properly prepared makes as dainty
a dish us rte would care to eat
tor the purpose of exportation* Hi 2
The Sabre-Toothed Tiger Wftß
First on the Menu of the
Cave Dv/ellers.
flesh is dried and st rot-hed on sticks
of nnmbeo. ami It arrives In this coun
try In m;:ch the same condition as cer
tain varieties of dried fish Stewed or
broiled. U readily softens, and Is very
appetising In the south of Italy and
Spain, too, the green lizard has been
used as food for years, and lizard souo
Is a favorite dish. This reptile Is epiite
abund&nt In tills country, and If once a
taste weie cultivated for It, another
death-blow might be dealt the beef
Horseflesh Is not renerally considered
good eating, and in England It has been
given only to cats. The "cat's-picaf'
vendor Is a weekly visitor at every. house
In London where a cat Is kept. But not
all of the dilapidated Knglish horses are
disposed of In this way. On tho con
trary. Ihe majority of them are sent over
to Belgium, where they ate used as
human food.
Horse meat Is eaten to some extent In
France, too, but only by the poorer
classes. Recently, however, three hun
dred I'aiisluns, meo aud women, sal
down to a horseflesh dinner at the
Palala Royal, In commemoration of the
"two Sieges" of Parte, of which they were
heroes and heroines. The banquet w-as
gotten up by v committee of veteran sur
vivors of 1870, who invited any and
every one who had passed through the
horrors of those days to join In the cele
bration. Three hundred at once re
sponded to the call, and ate horseflesh
With enthusiasm.
Though the diners attended the ban
quet more out of a spirit of sacrifice
than of pleasure, men who went to suf
fer remained to enjoy. Prepared In a
skillful manner. It tasted very dif
ferent to the meat they had been
forced to cat In the tragic days of tho
While horseflesh is not generally eaten
In France, a proposition was recently
made In l'arls to establish canine butch
er :-l'.ops where dog meat would be sold
for human consumption. The idea ha»
been widely discussed, not only iv France
I.ut in thi* country, from the standpoints
Copyright, 1910, by Great Britain nig-hta liceerveft?
only question Involved Is a. sanitary one.
Dr. Alnnzq D. Mel.ln, chief of the Bu
reau of Anirtttl. industry In Washington,
declares thaH-dog-meat would not be en
joyable for 4rie-simple reason that most
people woulaf'bp prejudiced against the
food, and th*| Jhe antagonistic frame of
mind would pecessarlly affect the diges
tion. Dr. Vif A. Evans, Commissioner of
Health of Clilcago, on the other han.l,
sees no reason sv> y dog-meat should not
be Included amntng the viands of civilized
people, apart* from the question of sen'.l
ment. "To the man who sees nothing
disgusting In eating canine flesh," he de
claied, "It should prove Just as good eat
ing as other £orjns of r ' "
From the humanitarian's standpoint,
eating dogs seems must unnatural, and
yet, If the meat trust raises Its prices
much hlghsav we may eventually be
obliged to add English bulldog chops
French poodle soup, and dachshund pie
to our menus.
Perhaps the best Ideas for new meat
dishes, however, are to be derived from
the tropics, where tho natives have come
to regard nearly all animal (lesh as
edible meat.
They know no greater delicacy than
monkey flesh, and most of the principal
dishes at their gala feasts are garnished
with monkey heads.
The Boers think that lion's flesh Is.
about the best eating yet devised, and
the flesh of the elephant Is a favorite
dish with them, although to the Euro
pean taste It resembles soft leather and
Antelope, which tastes not unlike venl
son, Is eaten by the colonists, and the
flesh of the itebra is very delicate and
In the Philippines, bats are not looked
upon with the repulsion they arouse In
this country. On the contrary, they are
eaten and enjoyed The native Filipinos
delight In baked grasshoppers and there
are numerous species of Inserts which
are considered edible by the Chinese and
other Oriental nations, as well as by the
natives of Mexico and South America.
In India, the tiger Is eaten not only
for Us edible qualities but also be
cause It Is believed to Impart strength
and cunning. In upper Egypt and in
Siam crocodile flesh Is publicly sold as
food, while In Santo Domingo and
parts of Ccntrnl America the cayman
or American alligator, Is eaten, roaste
or boiled.
Perhaps the strangest viand ever
eaten by man. however, was the hairy
mammoth tenderloin, 20,000 years old.
of health and sen
timent. On the
one hand it has
been claimed that
the eating of dog
men: could be de
fended only on the
■cors of dhe nec
essity, such as an
Arctic exploi er
s tmetlmes races,
.u;d that the idea
of gutting Kido on
tiie regular bill of
fare bonier j on
cannibalism, while
on the other hand,
it has been stoutly
contended that the
Carrying Old, Worn-out Horses
from England to the Bel
gium Meat Market.
which formed the piece de resistance
at a banquet given at St. Petersburg a
few years ago by Prof. Herz. of the
Imperial Academy of Sciences.
The carcass of the mammoth had
been found in the Ice In the far North
and when removed was found to be
In excellent condition, having been per
fectly preserved by the Ice In which it
was Imbedded.
It was cut up into huge portions and
preserved In salicylic acid. When
cooked and eaten It was found to be
remarkably tender, resembling venison
of a superior quality and Just gamy
enough to suit the most epicurean
taste. Tho carcass eaten on that occa
sion Is by no means the only one to
be found In Northern Asia. In tho lce
fllled caverns of Siberia hundreds of
thousands of these relics of the Stone
Age are undoubtedly Imbedded and
might furnish food for tho civilized
world for hundreds of years If they
could only be made available. It Is to
be feared, however, that they are as
useless to mankind In their natural
The Odd Wallaby, Now a Fa
mous Australian Dish.
Hippopotami Steaks,
Odd Lizard Entrees,
Hashes of Horse and
Dog, Bat Pot-Pie, Roasti
of the Queer Bounding
Wallaby of Australian
Wilds--Men Eat
Them All!
The Hippopotamus-
steak Party May
Be the Logical Sue-
cessor of the Beef-
•teak Party, When
the Price of Beef
Becomes Prohibi-
The Best Eating Monkeys in
What An "Educated" Girl Really Knows.
IN those days of higher •duration for them ho time, and money for their use,
girls some very simple and useful ac- She Should know how to live up to the
compllshmonts are apt to be forgot- old rule, "A place for every thing, and
ten. They arc accomplishments thnt one everything In Its plare."
need not attend college to learn, and yet She should know that It Is best for her
they nre as valuable and us essential as not to have anything to do with diss date
anything taught In the most advanced or Intemperate young men.
semlnry. Without them no girl's cdura- Slio should know that the more she
Hon Is complete. Here Is n list of thing' lives within her Income the more she
that every girl In the land should know, will save and the farther she will get
regardless of her position in life: away from poverty.'
She should know that twenty nickels *>•• » !, ould know that It Is best to re
make a dollar. eanl habits and morals and not money In
.... , choosing her associates.
She should know how to arrange every ... T- . "
room in* the bouse. , ' " h ' >l " d k " OW how 10 »- |thln
her Income and to wear a calico dress
She should know how to say "No" and |jga a queen,
mean It or "Yes" and Stick to It She should know how to embrace every
She Should know how to sew on but- opportunity for reading, sud how to se
tons, darn stockings und mend gloves. lect such books as will give her the most
She should know how to < ook and serve useful and practical Information In or
a good, wholesome dinner der to make the best progress In eaiUar
She should know how to dress for health as well as later home and School life,
und comfort, as well as for appearance. A girl who combines all this. Informa-
She should know thst light lacing Is not tlon with her regular school education
only uncomely, but thnt It Is Injurious to will be well equipped for almost any pr>
health. sltlon In life. Her spiritual development
She should know that music, drawing should keep pace with her mental devel
and painting are real accompllshmenta In opn.ent, or life will be a failure under
the home, and are uot to ba neglected If any condition.
colli storage as nro the egg's and meat
In tho cold storage warehouses of the
modern food trusts.
Despite Its great age. the meat of the
mammoth must have tasted fresher than
that supplied to the White House during
tho past Administration, according to
the testimony of Food Inspector Dodge,
of the District Health Department, be
fore the Moore special committee of the
House Investigating the food cost ques
tion It appeared that while Mr. Roose
velt was President the steward of the
Executive Mansion was Instructed to
hang up his beet and keep It there until
It was so ripe that lie could stick his
finder Into It. Not until it was ready
to fall to pieces was It taken down and
served, and a similar practice was said
to obtain In many wealthy homes.
Butchers who cater to a fashionable
trade wero said to keep old meat on
hand because their customers would take
no other, and In many of the shops
Visited by the Inspectors the meat kept
for such purposes was so putrid that It
wa3 promptly condemned as unfit for
human consumption
To Individuals with such tastes,mam-
Dried Chinese Lizards, a Fa
mous Chinese Delicacy, of
Which Thousands Are Im
ported Yearly to America.
mmh flesh would he esteemed a luxury,
and the Beef TrUSI might raise Its prices
Indefinitely, as far ns they were con
cerned, as long as sufficient mammoth
meht could ho procured to satisfy the
demand for it.
For the present, howpver. and until
properly equipped expeditions can be
Organised to exploit the Siberian loe
fllled caverns, hlppolamus meat would
Ecem to be the most practical solution
of the meat question,
It must be admitted that none of thla
sounds Very appetising to US. lint, surely,
people who will put up with the tyranny
of the Ueef Trust so meekly, will not
find any of It hard to swallow,

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