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FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 1910.
11C Division Street.
tiV 1111111?'' Business. STS
Telephones, ggjjg 576
TO MAIL SCBSCRIRERS—The Jato when .our subscription
expires ts on the address label of each paper. When that date
arrives. If your subscription has not a«ain been raid in advance,
your name is taken from the list. A change of date on the address
label is a receipt.
We are now going to have a most surprising and ox
traordinary demonstration of the superiority of PARTY,
over nation.
Taft, his cabinet, and tho most ferocious of tho standpat
congressmen are taking; the stomp to educate the people
The? president is to make a Dumber of speeches at clubs
and banquets down east, and then invade "doubtful"
Indiana, where THE PARTY as well as the people are
removing all "doubtfulness" as to their unwillingness to
longer lick the boots of the bosses and pay for the prh i
lege. The people give the president $25,000 a year for
traveling expenses, and if he wants to got out and explain
bus weaknesess, now seems to be a happy time to spend
some of that junket money.
Postmaster General Hitchcock is to give six months of
his time to running the national committee at New York
and Chicago. Of course he ought to ho giving his labor
and thought to cutting down the $20,000,000 deficit in his
department, and of course his employers ought to fire him
if he neglects his job, but THE PARTY needs his guiding
Secretary Xagle. that horny-handed son of toil, whom
Taft picked from the 400 of St. Louis for the department
of labor, is already twittering excuses and explanations
throughout Ohio, and the others of the president's cabinet,
with two exceptions, have been assigned to other territory
whore here seems to be little doubt but the grand old
PARTY has boon prostituted to robber trust interests by]
the bunch at Washington.
As advance scout. Congressman McKinlay, who wanted
an.open franchise in Dos Moines, has already got as far
west as Chicago, and will be closely followed by a bevy of
statesmen who will explain why they "voted with Aldrich"
100 to 200 times, and implore the masses to save THE
PARTY regardless of what promises it has broken, what
sins it has originated, what uses common robbers have put
it to.
Of course all those employes, these alleged public ser
vants, should be at Washington earning the salaries paid
them by the people. Even Aldrich himself says that he
and they could run the government $300,000,000 cheaper.
But they're going to let their jobs go to the deuce while
they ram]) up and down the country, in parlor cars, educat
ing the people who have already graduated from the col
lege of 30-cerit pork and 20-eent shoddy.
Behold an administration abandoning national business
to darn tho socks, sew on the buttons and put patches on
% seat of the breeches of THE PARTY!
Congressman Miles Poindexter of this city is making headway
In several particulars. His candidacy for the United States senate
Is gaining in popularity and strength every month. And Poindexter
is becoming known throughout the west.
A report received by The Press from Tacoma indicates that in
the home city of McCormick, another candidate for the senate, Poin
dexter is making a good many friends, and the people are begin
ning to feel that they want a man in the senate who will stand for
someth.ng more than state patronage, and who witt represent the
vital interests of the people of the great battle between what is
termed "the interests" and those standing without the embattled walls
.of corporate greed.
In Seattle, the Star, an independent newspaper, has endorsed
Poindexter's candidacy, and so in both big cities on the west side
cf the state the insurgent candidate will have strong champions.
A dispatch to the t-ortland Oregonian says: "The insurgency of
Poindexter is very obnoxious to the president and the administration.
He will in the future not be consulted about the selection of post
masters in his congressional district."
Sure, its obnoxious to all standpatters, and of course their way
of punishing independent congressmen is by taking away their pa
tronage. But when the time comes the people will recognize their
real representatives, and show how THEY can punish those who are
their best interests.
Canada has imposed a $300 head tax on Hindus landing in that
country. Rather tough of his majesty's subjects.
Seattle is beginning to fear that the present census will not show
a population of 200.000. Wow!
John D. Rockefeller Jr. is trying to raise money to build a church
and some members of his Sunday school class are not looking upon
his efforts with a Christian spirit.
Governor Hay waxes extremely poetical in his proclamation call
ing attention to Mother's day, May 8. It was rather an original and
graceful thing to do.
The Hindus want to vote in Canada. In India, under the same gov
ernment, they think themselves lucky if they can keep from starva
tion, without bothering about voting.
The tuberculosis exhibit is doing a lot of good. If you haven't seen
it, go to the Armory today or tomorrow.
The flies are with us again. Also the mosquitoes.
Speaking of unions, it might not be a bad idea to urge the gossips
to organize in favor of shorter hours.
Entered at Bpnkane.
Wash., as Second
Class Matter
There are about 300 diferent
makes of pianos in the United
States and of course no one is ac
quainted with all of the different
■makes; In fact it is rare that you
find a person acquainted with every
one of the thirty makes we sell and
they are all high grade pianos.
Cut did you ever hear anyone
ihat did not know the KIMBALL
name? Probably not because there
are over 200,000 Kimball pianos in
American homes and everyone giv
ing satisfaction.
What better proof could you have
that the Kimball piano is good?
I \s> have a number of new styles
;o! this famout make for you to in
1] ect The prices are moderate
rod » 0 nan make terms to suit.
The Best Place to Buy a Piano.
"The stars incline, but do not
They that are strong of soul
Shall find a noble goal.
Uranus is stationary in the
zodiac on this the one hundred
and twentieth day of the year.
The sun is in benefic aspect
with the moon and rules more
for honor, principle and high
desires than for merely worldly
Haughty behavior, obstinacy
and rashness are under evil au
spices, but firmness, honorable
pride and courage are likely to
be singularly benefited.
They who adhere to the rules
of rectitude, generosity, kind
ness and frankness today In
any perplexing question will be
the winners in the end, how
ever unpractical their course
may seem at the time.
The sign is for success in
large things, based on large,
just ideas.
Travel i* under good omens,
either fc business, recreation
or health.
They who grant favors are
likely to benefit as much as
those to whom they show it.
Under aspects like that of to
day, magistrates and other per
sons with great authority are
generally inclined to be just
and merciful.
Neptune occupies a threaten
ing position, menacing especi
ally those who are false in love.
Employes must beware
against errors, especially dur
ing the forenoon.
The sign is excellent over the
household for entertainments,
cooking, baking and anything
connected with sweets.
Persons with this birth date
are under stars that often In
cline their subjects to quick an
ger. If they subdue this fault,
the twelvemonth should prove
fruitful of great results, accord
ing to the signs.
Children are born today un
der planets that often give
great talent for constructive
work, practical use of scientific
knowledge, and concentration
of effort toward some large un
Are Known
FRESNO, Cal., April 29.—Vag
rancy landed Thos. Hrown in jail
and poetry got him out.
Thomas, along with several other
"knights of the brakebeams" was
Ipinched by an unsympatheticpo
liceman and while his fellow wan
; derers pleaded guilty and give* a
I few hours to shake the dust ofAhe
i city from their feet, Tom became
j real peeved and insisted upon a
trial. He was found guilty and
: Judge G. W. Smith sent him to the
'bastile to meditate upon his 9tas
I While existing upon bread «nd
! water and amusing himself by chas
; ing rats around the cell, Tom also
j developed a poetic streak. So ho
i seated himself and tapped off the
, following piece of poetry to Judge
i Smith, with the result that he *iis
[ordered released:
Well, sir, you ask for my story,
It is not much to tell.
I will tell you why I am here, sir,
In the county jail, it's h >
The road was long and dusty,
Columbian Optical Co.
Manufacturing Opticians Wholesale and Retail
404 Riverside Avenue—Spokane, Wash.
You read and look afar with
equal facility, but no one observes
that you are wearing bifocals be
cause the usual lines are absent.
Wear the genuine Kryptoks
awhile and you will never will
ingly return to old-style bifocal
Satisfaction Guaranteed, or Money
Good Management
Trie great success attained by this institution is
due to good management in the matter of organiza
tion in assembling men of successful, conservative
experience as directors and officers to manage its
affairs, thereby inspiring confidence and strength.
Tho announcement that the genuine air of cheer
fulness would welcome all who enter, whether
stranger, friend or customer, has become an axiom.
The announcement that the same courteous treat
ment would be given small and large depositors has
proven that small deposits will build with the in
National Bank of Commerce
Capital and Surplus $225,000.00.
F If, MARCH. President. M. M. COOK, Cashier.
DANA CHILD, Vice President.JOSEPH BAILY, Asst. Cashier.
"There's th' man who's
alius figurin' how much
money he kin put away in a
year, an', on th' other ban',
there's th' man who's alius
spendin' his money afore he
gits it."
Prof. Ludwig Lewisohn, a young
German-American, and his wife,
WTXSTED, Conn., April 29—Minute observations of the actions of
President Taft at the theater have been made by E. S. Ela, editor of
the Manchester Herald, who recently occupied a box at a Washington
theater near that of the president. Mr. Ela told all about it in his
paper. This is what he noticed:
1. The president doesn't mind being looked at.
2. His seat is bigger and stronger than the average theater seat.
:s. His eyes were moist after the sad close of the second act or
"The Awakening of Helena Richie."
4. He did not try to conceal the moisture. Far from it, he drew
forth a folded handkerchief, shook it open and applied it to where
it would do the most good.
5. The presidential handkerchief had a hole In it.
! I had walked a weary way;
I sat down to rest myself.
On the S. P. right of way.
The word went out of the office;
It rung loud and clear —
"Go out to the highway, men,
And bring the hoboes here."
They took me to the jail, sir,
And put me behind the bars,
And told me I could stay there
'Til Halley's comet bumped into
All I ask. Your Honor,
Is to let me change my plea;
And send me on rejoicing
To my home down by the sea.
Thomas Brown.
your house learns something about
you from your walls. Your walls
will tell of your best judgment and
most critical taste if you. will
paper them from our selection of
exclusive and beautiful new pat
Get estimates on painting and
Eastern Wall Paper Co.
Phone Main 7764. 4 Riverside Aye.
Not Chance
Wall Paper
at a
Pikes Cut ra
124 Post St
who have made it their hobby to be
married in every state, have now
gone through the ceremony 43
Fare (to Edinburg cabby)— How
do manage to keep yourself dry In
this wet weather? Don't you wear
a waterproof?
Cabby—Na, na, sir; I Just tak* a
salt herrln' in the mornln' afore I
come oot, and it keeps me dry a'
In India cakes of tea pass as cur
rency, and in China piecea of silk.
(By United Press Leased Wire)
BELGRADE, April 29.—Declaring
all Albanians who refuse to join in
revolution against Turkey to be
traitors and punishable with death,
the Albanian leaders today issued
an irade ordering all adults to join
the army.
There are now 45,000 rebels in
the field, and the general rescript
is expected to bring many thou
sands to the revolutionists.
The Albanians hold many stra
tegic points. They are being aided
by many dissatisfied Turks, among
them the old guard of Sultan Abdul
Hamid's palace. The guard is act
ing as a board of strategy for the
A Business
with a strong bank to
whieli ho can refer pros
pective customers is a
great help to the young
Business man. Tills hank
offers every faolllty of
such an Institution, and in
vites the accounts of all
who appreciate the best in
banking service.
of Spokane
Tsn Million Dollars
Jay P. Graves
P. Welch
W. J. C. Wakefield
Ji>hn Twohy
Fred B. (irinnell
Thos. F. Wren
j. P. McOoldriek
D. W. Twohy
Levi Ankeny
F. A. Blackweli
J. b. Farrc ll
T. L. Grsenough
t. j. Humblrd
John D. Porter
August Paulsen
W. I). Vincent
Capital, Surplus,
While this hank Is man
aged strictly In accord
ance with the rigid bank
ing laws of the federal
government and Its policy
Is therefore conservative,
{Tius assuring safety for
funds, it affords addition
al security which protects
deposits against any pos
sible loss. Standing as an
absolute guarantee for the
safety of deposits is the
bank's Capital and Sur
plus, amounting to $1,250,
--000.00 and Its stockhold
holders' liability of
$1,000,000. This means
that the bank affords
$2,250,000 for the safety of
its patrons' funds.
National Bank
United States Depository
Capital $1,000,000
Surplus 250,000
Edwin T. Comsn, Pres.
O. JS. Mcßroom, Cashier
E. H. Seale.Asat Cashier.
Thus. B. Brewer, V. Pres.
William Buntlsy, V Pres.
K. W. Lower, Asst. Cashier.
O- M. Oreen,
Mgr. Bond Sept.
Published every evening and Sunday morning by the Spokane News,
paper Co. Telegraph service furnished by United Press.
THE PRESS DELIVERED—By carrier, 100 per week. By SMQ.
one month 60c, six months 2.60, one year $4.00.
Get the
Idea ?
Persons whose foresight prompted them to in
vest in Spokane during the boom a few years ago
amassed untold wealth.
Othello, the new city in the heart of the Big
Bend country, is now at the stage where Spokane
was a few years ago.. If you want something that
is exceptionally good in real estate you had better
investigate Othello.. 'Twill pay you handsomely
if you do.
Write us or come to our offices and get further
information about Othello, "the City of Payrolls."
Othello Improvement Co.
411-12-14 Hutton Building
This crown is made of 22k. gold, heavily reinforced,
and is the same crown that other good dentists charge
$S to $10 for. Best plate $6.50; other good dentists
charge $15 to $20 for the same plate.
Northeast Corner Post and Riverside. (Entrance on Post.)
"Walk 25 Feet Off Riverside and Save Dollars."
Dental Nurse in Attendance. Pbons M. 64».
THe SKort Line
Solid vestibuled train de luxe with electric lighted
observation-compartment cars.
Eastern Excursion Tickets on Sale
MAY 2, MAY 9. Additional dates in June, July,
August and September.
Optional Routings, Three Months Limit, Stop-overs.
Details, berth reservations and literature obtained
at Spokane City Ticket Office, 14 Wall street, between
Riverside and Sprague.
General Agent, Passenger Dept.
First Eastern
On Sale May 2d and 9th
d*r>f\ ROUND 8T PAUXI omaha,
$67.50 St. Louis and Return :—: $72.50 Chicago and Return
Going Limit 10 Days :-: Final Limit 90 Days
Stopovers Within Limits
Cholo* of any direct route going and returning. Option return via
California on payment email additional amount.
Also Rates to All Principal Points East of Chicago
THE OEXEBTTAIi LIMITED, Spokane to Chicago without Chang**,
THE SOUTHEAST LIMITED, Spokane to Santas City without
chaage, dally.
Call or write
D. G. Black, General Agent
701 Riverside Aye.
The Daily and Sunday Spokane Press, 10 Cents a Week
FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 1910.
Soo-Spokane Route

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