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Blebbt—Do you think the problem of perpetual motion will ever
be solved?
Slobbs—Sure; the gas meter will eventually do the trick.
One woman who had a parcel of I
clothing wrapped to send to the
Chamber of commerce relief fund
for the fire sufferers has untied the
string and restored the clothing to
the rack.
The cause of this action on her
part was the publication in a morn
ing paper of a supposedly humor
ous comment by the assistant sec
jetary of the chamber of commerce,
on some of the donations received.
Here is the way the situation ap
peared to this woman:
"I think such remarks in connec
tion with a work of this kind is a
positive disgrace. People were
asked to give what they could spare
in the way of cast aside clothing,
and if bathing suits were given.
»hat about it? Those bathing suits
no doubt would be appropriated by
Oddities in the News
All Over the World
Miss Elma Johnson lives on the
right of way of the Chicago. Rock
Island & Pacific railroad, near Dcs
Moines, and when C. R. Alexander,
"a bra Iceman, wrote letters he some
times dropped them off as bis train
sped by.
Onen ote he weighted with a rail
road torpedo, and when Miss John
son picked it up the torpedo ex
ploded in her hands, putting out one
eye. impairing the other and disfig
uring her about the head and face.
Her attitude toward the brake
man letter writer is not divulged,
but she has sued the railroad for
$30,000 damages, claiming that it is
liable for the acts of its employes.
Shadows Husband 18 Years
to Get Divorce.
The persistence and perseverence
of women is shown in the exper
ience of Mrs. Mamie E. Rrown of
New York, who for 18 years,
throdgh detectives, kept close
watch on her husband. Charles H.
Brown of Matteawan. before she
got evidence enough to obtain a
They lived apart for more than
18 years, and three times Mrs.
Brown tried to obtain a divorce and
failed through insufficient evidence.
She has Just succeeded in securing
a decree at Newburg.
Smoking Room and Free
Cigarettes for Women.
Chicago is to have a music hall
with a women's smoking room in
which all kinds of cigarettes will be
provided patrons free.
Not only that, but the fair smok
ers will be able to buy light lunch
eon and liquid refreshments, and in
the summer time there will be a
roof garden.
The building will be 20 stories
high, will be on the site of the Con
tinental hotel, at Madison street
and Wabash avenue, and is to cost
$3,000,000. Part of it will he used
for offices.
Must Be Sober to Get
Maarried in Paterson.
Persons desiring a license to
marry must be sober to get it at
Peterson, N. J., because of the
nigral barrier raised by Registrar.
Charles S. Gall.
He always refuses to issue a
license if the person shows the
least sign of Intoxication, suggest
ing that he come back the next day.
"Invariably they don't come
back." he said, "and no doubt there
are many young men and women
who today thank me for not giving
them a marriage license when they
wanted it."
How You
Can Save
For those to whom
saving money is diffi
cult, there is only one
rule to follow: Open
a savings account,
even if you must
start with only $1.
You will he wonder
fully surprised and
gratified to see how
noon you will be sav
ing every possible
nickel to add to your
account. Put your
savings where they
will increase most
rapidly, We pay
i Per Cent InteresE
Spokane & Eastern
Trust Company
J. P. M. Richards, President
ft. L. Rutter, Secretary.
I sonic poor mother up In the burned
out region, to lie made over for her
children. Women know to what
uses these things may he put, even
if the assistant secretary of the
| chamber of commerce does not.
"1 had two coats and a number of
pieces of wearing apparel for
women and children set aside to
send to the chamber of commerce
this morning. Not caring to have
donations that I might give for a
good cause made the subject of
\ newspaper jests, 1 have concluded
j not to send it. If some one will
guarantee the delivery of this stuff
to the really needy in the fire belt,
in the spirit in which it is given,
my neighbors and myself stand
ready to give everything we can
possibly spare. But as for the cham
ber of commerce humorists, excuse
me. I am done."
Champion Dishwasher of
Middle West is a Man.
The middle west champion dish
washer is a man, Joseph Vogel of
Chicago, who has issued a challenge
to the world.
In winning his title he defeated
Mrs. Mary Nelson at Clark Statiou,
Ind., washing and drying 200 dishes
in 13 minutes and 19 seconds, while
his competitor's time was 15 min
Railroad Company Pays $3
to Sue for $2.13.
The Pennsylvania railroad has
sued George W. Miliigan at Chicago
for two dollars and thirteen cents
"for fare due from North Philadel
phia to Jersey City on January 4,
Miliigan is a manufacturers'
agent. The costs of filing the suit
are $3 and if Miliigan demands a
jury it will cost $6 more.
(By United Press Leased Wire)
LINCOLN, Neb.. Aug. 29.—East
Lincoln became isolated by a flood
today, caused by a sudden rise in
the water of Antelope creek. The
streets were submerged to a depth
of five feet. The water has flooded
homes and the occupants compelled
to flee to upper streets.
Rescuers put out in boats to save
persons caught in the deluge. It is
feared that several lives were lOBt,
hut no fatalities had been reported
at noon.
The weather bureau reports a
rainfall of eight inches last night.
Square hotel a few years ago. a
federal senatorship was decided.
"Again in an international com
plication involving the sale of for
eign territory to the United States,
in which an international scandal
had started, this woman's blandish
ments smoothed the troubled
■» R O M
distance cheering record, and as
Roosevelt left his train and was es
corted through the streets he was
kept busy bowing his acknowk-dg-
I ments to shouts of "Teddy."
j The colonel left Cheyenne at 9:30
' hist night and his train stopped
only twice on its way to Danver. At
, every station, however, big crowds i
had gathered and jelled their greet-1
I ings. Roosevelt breakfasted in his
private car. He was met at the
station by Governor Shafroth,
| Major Speer and committees repre
senting the Colorado Live Stock as
sociation and the Spanish War Vet
' t rans. The presidential salute was
lired by the Colorado light artillery.
Roosevelt was escorted at once to
j a waiting automobile and taken
I through the streets to a reviewing
stand, where he reviewed the pa-
I rade of the Spanish War Veterans,
the Indian Fighters' association and j
1 a number of civic bodies. The ,
J streets were gaily decorated and j
' were lined with cheering thousands ;
'in honor of the foruiei president. J
At noon Roosevelt became the.
guest of the Danver Press club and j
was later escorted to Overland
park, where he was the Ruets of,
' Imnpr at a "chuck wagon" dinner.
I Real chuck wagons were standing" |
iin the park and two old "cow camp" ,
(cooks piepared the food. The feu.st
was served In genuine "round up" j
style. I
After this spread had been lis-
DOS)*! of the colonel was escorted i
hack to the heart of the city and j
■ taken to the Auditorium, where he I
: was the guest of honor and >r)n . I
jelpal linker «t th* 1
slor. of the Color**, f tfo Stock as .
T.R. "Westward, Ho"
Snapshot taken in New York as Col. Roosevelt
on liis first trip to the West since he left the White House.
A loss of $15,000 was en- >
• tailed adn four men suffered •
■ burns in a fire that wiped out <
• the plant of the Idaho Lumber '
■ company's big factory at Dish- <
• man's, east of the city. •
Sparks from an O. R. & N. <
engine is believed to have
• caused the fire.
Fred Wilson, sick fire fighter,
turned down by the city and county
public doctors, has been taken In
by the Rescue Mission and given
The board of army engineers that
is making a special tour of the ir
rigated districts of the country
I with a view of making recommen
dations as to the disbursement of
! the $20,000,000 irrigation fund set
j aside by congress, was in Spokane
I Sunday on the way to North Yak
' ima. The board will give two
I months to making the Investlga
i tion. which extends over the terri
| tory from New Mexico to North
| Yakima.
The Typographical union has
voted for an increase for job print
ers from $24 to $27 per week and
has asked that employers sign up
the new scale on this basis. The
old scale expires next Saturday
Carro! Strausser, charged with
auto speeding, was arrested last
night by the police and released on
bonds ot $10.
Rev. J. C. Baker, pastor of the
tabernacle. Mallon and Jefferson,
preached his farewell sermon Sun
day. He will take up evangelistic
work on the coast.
E. R. Week, Horace H. <
• Quth, J. B. Johnson, Bedford i
• Brown and William Matthews, <
• democrats, candidates for the «
• legislature, have changed <
• their pledges to rend "for the <
> party choice so long as he has <
i a chance of success." If elect- <
■ ed these men, it is said, want <
• a chance to support Poindex- <
• ter. if the gang tries to defeat i
• him in the legislature. <
Have You Seen Our
New Fall Suits?
Come and get your new outfit AND TAKE AD*
It costs you no more and makes buying easy. Pay
a little down and a little at a time to suit your con
venience and wear the clothes while paying for
One Price, One Treatment to All, Cash or Credit.
Pacific Outfitting Co.
418 Riverside Avenue
Next to the new Old National Bank Building.
J. W. Whitaker is the manager
of the senatorial candidacy of
Leigh R. Freeman, an old time
pioneer of the west side, who is
seeking the republican nomination.
Freeman is making the fight on
Wilson, Burke and Ashton as Jim
Hill and trust candidates and he
calls Poindexter an extremist. Free
man says that he is neither stand
patter nor progressive.
A reunion of former members of
the Rev. D. E. Wilson's pastorates
in Minnesota was held last night at
the Rev. Mr. Wilson's church, the
Lidgerwood Congregational, Gordon
avenue and Standard street.
Postal Inspector E. F. H. Birds
eye of Cincinnati will arrive in
Spokane September i. In an en
deavor to secure evidence against
the Parker Bros, and other United
Wireless alleged swindlers.
M. H. Dickson, 33, colored, a
waiter at the Silver Grill, was
buried this afternoon at Green
wood cemetery, after funeral ser
vices held by the Rev. J. Gordon
George Adams, killed at the
Sprague avenue fill, was buried
this afternoon at Fairmount ceme
tery, after funeral services held at
the Gilman undertaking rooms. A
sister in Australia is the only
known surviving relative.
Lucile, aged 10 months, daugh
ter of Matthew Stranz, Hillyard,
died Saturday night. The burial
took place this morning at Fair
mount, after funeral services at St.
Patrick's church in Hillyard.
Joseph Peterson, who died Sat
urday at the Sacred Heart hospital,
was buried .this afternoon at Green
Saying that her daughter had de
serted her, and sent her to the
poor farm, Mrs. Amanda Johnson,
85 years old, applied for medical
treatment and shelter at the emer
gency hospital yesterday afternoon.
A jump of 72 feet was made by
the Buick racer by Driver G. C.
Murray in an endeavor to establish
a record between Spokane and
Coeur d'Aiene yesterday. Several
accidents were met with and the
time was but 54:54 for the 62 miles.
Two strangers beat up Charlie
Fan, a Chinese pedler, yesterday
afternoon because he did not have
any melons In his wagon.
TOKIO, Aug. 29.—An imperial
edict, an official announcement and
a military order respecting the ac
tion of Recident General Terauchi.
and the Independent empire of
Korea today became the dependent
kingdom of Cho-Sen. The em
peror, Vi Syek, became officially
The Whang." Outwardly the
change lias been made without a
single slip in the well oiled wheels i
of .Nipponese diplomacy. In unof
ficial circles, however, common
rumors of discontent and threats of
revolt from 'Seoul. The edict of
the minister of the interior threat
ens to change the entire diplomatic
alignment in the far east and the
effects of the annexation, or "amal
gamation." as the diplomats prefer
to call It, will be felt by every
world power.
The annexation was made with
out the censent of the Koreans,
over the protests of China'—as yet
A storm center of moderate en
ergy now over the Dakotas has
helped to clear off the smoke that
was over this section and caused
light rains in Oregon, Washington,
the northern Rockies and the Mis
sissippi valley. Rains also fell on
the Atlantic seaboard and in the St.
Lawrance valley.
From Arizona over the lower
Mississippi valley to the south At
lantic coast morning temperatures
have been high; elsewhere they
have been moderate and slightly be
low normal from the Pacific to the
High pressure again on the north
Pacific coast indicates fair weather
for this vicinity.
Now for the Cleanup Days
at John W. Graham & Go's
Everything must sell regardless of its real value and immediately, as we positively will not reserve one
item under any consideration. We intend to open the new store with an entirely new stock of fresh, desirable
merchandise only; and we want to open that new store soon. That's why the bargains are worthy of your
attention. Tuesday will be the best Bargain Day of all.
Local View Postcards 5c Dozen
Comic postcards 20 for 5c
Stereoscopic view cards, dozen se£
25c gold paint, now 10e*
s()c fraternal pin watch fobs 20^
California aud Washington playing cards, were $1.00,
now 50^
Gilt Edge playing cards, were 50c, now 25<*
Bicycle playing cards in perfect condition, pet dozen
decks $1.00
Other playing cards, package 5«?
42 flags of all nations; 18 inch flags; regular price
$2.00; special $1.00
Set of 24 flags of all nations, worth $1.10, now. .. .50^
$1.18 Fiction Now 10c to 25c
On upper first floor at our First avenue entrance
we have several hundred of the latest fiction which
was "in the fire" and which we are selling at 10c to
2. r )c per volume. Be sure to look at it. It is being
replenished continually.
Unhurt Juveniles.
Our highest grade of Juveniles, entirely unhurt, are
marked at half price. This includes the boys' and
girls' handy books —Tomlinson's, Stratemeyer, Kirk,
Munroe, Dudley, Oliver Optic, Charles Carlton Coffin.
Every child can read series, etc.
Rebound Fiction, 20c
Fifteen hundred on our shelves that are perfectly
clean books that we have always sold for 50c. Fire
sale price, 20c. In this lot are books by such writers
as .lack London, Harold McGrath, Louis Tracy,
Augusta Evans, A. H. Lewis, Emerson Hough, etc.
New Folding Go-Carts 1-2 Price
The famous Fulton and Gendron models. They
were secure]v wrapped and unharmed.
$5.00 Go-Carts.... $2.50 $11.00 Go-carts.. .$5.50
$8.50 Go-carts.... $4.25 $13.50 Go-carts.. .$6.75
Damaged Wall Paper 3c
Perfectly New Wall Paper 10c
We fiat that some of our wall paper combinations
that were carried part at our retail store and part at
the warehouse have been broken. We must close out
the parts at the warehouse not damaged but in odd lots.
Original values up lo $0.00 will be closed out at
from 10e* per double roll and up. Varnished tiles for
the kitchen and bath, original values 00c, reduced to
25£ per double roll.
too feeble or too unready to en
force her objections—and with the
careful watchfulness of the United
States. America enjoys- under Ko
rean treaties many privileges that
Japanese treaties refuse. The Jap
anese statesmen have announced
that the Korean treaties will be
recognized for a time. The situa
tion is a gigantic far eastern game
of "freeze out" with Japan dealing
the cards and Russia playing the
Japanese hand.
(By United Press Leaked Wire)
,29. —The salt palace, consisting of a
pavilion, 150 foot wide bicycle
track and other amusement feat
ures, was destroyed today by a fire
believed to be of incandiary origin.
The fire started in the "Three De
gree" concession and spread rap
idly. The entire Salt Lake depart
ment fought the flames for 10 hours
before the fire wag controlled.
The track was being used for
race meets for the benefit of in
jured bicycle riders. Carpenters be
gan work today to construct a tem
porary track for a meet tomorrow
"Your only hope is to simulate
insanity," said the lawyer.
"Qee, I haven't an idea what to
say," said the prisoner.
"Well, I'll get one of these chaps
who write coruses for popular
songs to fix up something for you."
Sillicus—The trouble with the average woman Is that she has
nothing to do.
Cynicus—The greatest trouble is that she refuses to do It.
In the last year or two a neat
trick to defraud laboring men has
been worked by large employers or
their agents in the territory adja
cent to Spokane, through the me
dium of a connection with some
favored Spokane employment
The plan is to hire men, work
them a few days and then discharge
them, giving another bunch their
places. In this way the employment
agent Is kept busy supplying new
men to the same Job at so much per
Oluf Opsjen, a Norwegian rancher
living near Dlshman's, for several
years a taxpayer and voter, gives
testimony as to an experience he
has just had. He says:
"Not having much to do at the
time, I concluded to take a run out
into the timber to make a few dol
lars until fall. I applied for a job
announced on the board at the
Featherstone employment office as
a swamper for the Panhandle Lum
ber Co. at their camp No. 7 in
Idaho. The pay was $2.75 per day,
but you are charged $5.25 board and
$1 a month hospital fees, although
I never saw an ounce of medicine
on the place.
"After working a few days I saw
men coming and going continually
and wondered at the constant
change of men. Directly I got onto
the plan and found that it was part
of a move to keep the employment
agent busy. After two weeks I got
my discharge like the rest.
"When 1 asked why I was let out,
they told me that I was an I. W. W.
25c to 65c Memo Books 10c
15c to 25c Memo Books, 5^
Reg. Price.Sale Price.
Alki Pencils, dozen 55c 10$
Grades Pencils, dozen 40c to 50c se?
Brass Thumb Tacks, dozen 10c s«*
Highest Grades Colored Pencils, dozen. .SI.OO 25^
Novelty Paper Fasteners 05c 35£
Pike's Pocket Knife Hone 25c lOf*
60c Burt's Home Library 20c, 30c
One of the best known library editions of standard
works. This includes over 800 titles. Regular price
60c. We are selling them at 20< and 30«*. Fill up
your library!
Alger books for boys. Regular .'lsc editions on sale
for 20<\ in perfect condition.
Sure! Keuffel and Esser Goods
Are Reduced!
But, Remember, It's for This Sale Only.
Everything in this line has a special price attach
ed to it. Reg. Price, Sale Price.
French Reading Glasses. 4"/ 4 in. .\ .$ 2.00 $ 1.30
French Reading Glasses, 4 in 1.50 1.00
French Reading Glasses,.'s in 1.00 .65
Steel Straightedges, 86 in 5.00 4.00
Steel T Squares, 30 in 5.50 4.40
Mannheim Slide Rules 4.50 3.85
Hand Levels 4.50 8.60
Chicago Steel Tapes, 100 ft B.7fi 3.00
Chicago Steel Tapes, 800 ft 8.00 6.40
S. & M. Aneroid Barometers 2L50 17.50
Triangular Scale Rules 2.50 1.75
Flat Scale Rules 75 .50
We Must Sell All the Toys 4
" Doll wigs of natural hair, 50 per cent lo 75 per cent*
Doll dresses from 10< to $2.50; worth 25c to $0.00.
$1.25 dress sets now 50«*
$1.50 dress sets now 60^
$5, $0 and $7 silk dresses for $1.75 and $2.00
Football suits 10<
Unhurt celluloid toys s«* to 40<
Size .12x00, was $3.25, now $1.60
Every size in stock.
! and that they did not want any agi
tators in the camp. 1 have never
held membership In the I. W. W.,
and this was simply an excuse to
get rid of me.
"They are sending in foreigners
there who cannot speak the English
language. They realize that they
can carry on this employment shark
traffic with less protest from the
poor fellow that oan't swear In Eng
lish, and all that remains for him is
to take hlB time and get out. Should
you tarry for one meal after you
quit It is charged up to you at hotel
rates." .
MT'NCIE. Tnd„ Aug. 29.—During
an electrical storm over an area
of a mile near Trenton so much
hall fell and the stones were so
large that farmers filled their ice
boxes with them.
» Mrs. Irene Deffenbaugh has 4
• started divorce proceedings <
> against her husband, Elvo Del
epartment+ fenbaugh, manager <
>of the savings department of <
> the Exchange National bank. <
> She charges her husband with <
> carousing, late hours and cru- <
>el treatment. The couple <
> were married two years ago, <
> the husband being the son of <
> Mrs. Estelle Deffenbaugh, *
> former city librarian, and the <
> wife being Miss Irene Luther, t
> prominent socially. '

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