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Tk9M •
Article No. 3.
Interest in the proposed charter
for Spokane is growing constantly.
Some frantic efforts are being
made to find "Jokers" in the in
strument, but without avail. It
would he unreasonable to expect
that the charter would please ev
erybody, and it certainly does not
please some of our people who are \
, interested in continuing the pres
ent plan of mismanagement that
exists under the present charter.
One of the objections to the
charter seems to be that the parks
of the city are not placed directly
under one of the commissioners. I
was present at the meeting of the
charter revision committee when
the park system was under discus
sion and I am free to say that the
plan adopted was a good compro
mise measure; better, in fact, than
might have been expected under
the circumstances. Some members
of the committee insisted on abol
ishing the present park board and
placing the parks in charge of a
commission of public property and
parks, after the plan of the Dcs
Moines charter. Others insisted
This Is a typical city hall payroll I
story. T. H. Young, a protege and I
political supporter of Mayor Pratt,
was placed on the payroll of the <
street department during the sum- 1
mer as "paving inspector" at a sal- i
ary of $3 per day. Paving inspect
ors are generolly under the super
vision of the city engineer's office,
but Mr. Young had to be given
some official title, so he was called
paving inspector, to make it sound
well. Sometimes the title is worth
as much to the man as thp salary. '
Brother Young jogged along
during the good old summer time,
when paving matters were really 1
active, at the rate of $3 per. work
ing sometimes as many as 9 or 10 '
hours per day, at the usual extra
allowance, until the month of Oc
tober. But the money did not '
come fast enough. ■
For October Brother Young's al-' ■
lowance by the street department) ;
went down at the usual figure, $31;
per, amounting to $78. Then fol-j,
lowed a time check made out by j
Commissioner Armstrong and Com
missioner Argall for $47 more.
"What is this for?" asked the]
boys In the office of the city j
comptroller. j,
"Oh, we have just raised the sal
ary of Young as paving inspector
from $3 per day to $125 per
month," said Armstrong and Ar
gall, and the boys in the comptrol- 1
ler's simply said, "You are tbe j
cashiers," and paid the money. |
This was in November, after the,
paving season had ended. Young
jogged along all summer when'
there was some activity in paving, I
at $3 per, only to have his pay |
raised at the end of the season .
when everything was practically at
an end.
it so happened that after the Oc- j
tober allowance of $125 was given
Ypung the discovery was made
fbat a city ordinance permitted
ftly $95 per month for this posi- j
Seeborn's Moving Van will give
you tbe best service in tbe city.
We also do a storage business. We
are at your service at any time.
THERE is no need for you to be
worn out by holiday prepara
tions if you make good use of
your telephone.
The Bell telephone companies have found that
just before Christmas the number of daily connec
tions is the highest for the year. The telephone has
become a necessity of the holiday season, because
without it most people would not have time to do
what they have planned.
Christmas cheer extends beyond the city limits,
Mid tbe universal Bell System helps to carry it
throughout the land.
The Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co.
that the present plan had been
adopted recently, that it was work
ing well, and that no change what
ever should be made in thee plan
as it now is. It seemed at one
time as though no compromise
could be made and that both plans
would be submitted to the electors,
one as an article of the charter
favored by a majority of the com
mitteef and the other as an alter
native "proposition submitted by
the minority.
The present plan is modified
VOry much in the proposed charter.
In addition to the 10 appointive
members, one commissioner will be
assigned to a place on the board
by the council to serve as a mem
ber ex officio. Instead of the
present slipshod plan of getting a
quorum together whenever it is
convenient, the park board, "nder
the new chatter, will hold regular
meetings at a stated place, and all
of the acts will be open to public
inspection. The funds will be re
ceived and disbursed under the di
lection of the commissioner of
finance, and the proceedings of the
board will be published regularly
in the Official Gazette.
tion, hence the November salary al
lowance was reduced to $95.
Has Young refunded for the $30
overpaid? Hush, don't ask such a
kuestion, sonny. Qo look at the
ORPHEUM—The Orpheum has
a strong bill this week, headed by
Bonita, who appears with Lew
Hogan in a delightful comedy skit
entitled "The Real Girl." Bonita, a
woman of prepossessing appear
ance, furnishes an abundance ot
fun in her scenes with Hogan, who
is a droll and exceedingly funny
PANTAGES—Bert Swor, in his
impersonation of the southern
negro, at the Pantages theater this
week, is convulsing the audiences
to whom the type is a never failing
source of amusement. His droll
jokes, songs and personality have
made him a universal favorite as
a funmaker.
Robert Tipton, real estate broker,
in a defense filed in a divorce suit
brought against him by his wife, al
leges that they were never married.
The wife, in answer to this charge,
has produced a certificate of the
marriage in court.
Mrs. Tipton, in her complaint, al
leges that she was the widow of a
railway mail clerk, who lost his life
jin a wreck on the Great Northern
j some two or three years ago. She
was guardian of the estate of her
minor children, and held property
and money to the value of about
$17,000, which she turned over to
the second husband, Tipton. She
charges in the complaint that he
has squandered this and demands
that he be compelled to make resti
The secret of successful saving is
making the start. The best savers
ere those who begin with what
they have and save whatever they
can. Those who never save include
those who wait to accumulate $50
or $100 before opening a savings
account. We accept accounts of $1
and up. Deposits made now draw
4 per cent interest from January 1.
Spokane & Eastern Trust com
pany. ***
The many admirers of Margaret
Anglin, star in "The Awakening ot
Helena Richie," will be glad to
learn that she will not have to
leave the stage permanently on ac
count of the throat trouble which
caused her to desert the footlights
the other day. At that time her
physician feared that her voice
would be lost.
Besides being a great a ctress,
Miss Anglin has the further dis
tinction of being the only actress
born in the Ottawa (Canada) state
house, making her debut into the
world in the office of the speaker
of the house of commons 34 years
(Our Daily
New England resounded with the
tread of British Redcoats.
Just now New England resounds
with the tread of red vests, but
times have changed since '76.
The Redcoats were out gunning
for Continentals. They were rath
er eager to find them, at that.
The Continentals had selected a
prominent knob where they could
do their hiding in full view of any
body eager to find them.
Oh, yes; the Redcoats found
Yohe, who was formerly Lady
Francis Hope, is now the wife of
F. M. Reynolds, a musician, who
was with a musical comedy com
pany. She is staying with her hus
band at a local hotel. She said
yesterday that they had been mar
ried in Seattle 10 Odays ago.
May Yohe was one of the most
noted performers of the London
music halls. After her marriage
to Lord Hope, son of the earl of
Newsactle, she eloped with Major
Putnam Hradiee Strong, son of for
mer Mayor Strong of New York
PLACER VILLI), Cal., Dec. 13.—
Frank Carpenter, 76 years old, who
has driven a stage in every state
and territory west of the Missouri
since his arrival in Old Hangtown
with an ox team in 1858, and a pony
express rider for 18 months, related
yesterday a story of Mark Twain's
early days that shows a grim sense
of humor.
Carpenter said that Clemens had
just arrived in Virginia City and
had got work as a reporter on the
Virginia Enterprise. He and Car
penter were standing on the street
talking, when they saw a fight
about half a block away. Guns went
into action and one man dropped
to the sidewalk. Mnrk said: "I'll
bet you $10 he's dead, or I'll bet
you $10 he's not dead." It turned
i out that the man was dcud.
The fight to beat the $500,000
Fifth ward trunk sewer assess
ment by the means of a referen
dum has started. Last week the
people of Lidgerwood and Ken
wood, at a meeting that filled one
of the large rooms in the Hamilton
school, endorsed the referendum
movement launched by the North
Hill Improvement club, and pledged
their moral and financial support
to the undertaking.
If the ears of the city officials
responsible for foisting this grab
on an Innocent and unsuspecting
public did not burn under the
scorching given them, it is because
they have become so accustomed
to popular indignation that it does
no longer fease them.
(By United Press Leased Wire)
EL PASO, Texas, Dec. 13.—A
battle between federal troops and
insurrectos 20 miles from Peder
nales, in the state of Chihuahua,
which began Sunday, is reported to
have resulted in heavy loss of life.
Dispatche today indicate that the
fight is still in progress, but do
not say which side has the advan
One message states that the In
surgents seized two machine guns
at San Andreas.
Trains are mov'ng northward on
the Mexico Northwestern railroad
filled with women and children
refugees from the fighting zone.
A pretty rivalry between the
Northern Pacific ar#. Milwaukee
railroads for passenger traffic wilt
develop just as soon as the Mil
waukee begins its through sched
ules. For the past few months tlie
Northern Pacific has had some fine
observation-library cars completed,
for operation on the North Coast
Limited. They are not being used,
because they are being held until
the Milwaukee competition begins.
Then they will blossom forth in an
their glory.
Railroad men say that the Mil
waukee is planning a splendid lim
ited train to run through Spokane,
which will be painted all white.
Women having secured their de
sire and succeeded in having the
registration books brought down
stairs, it is now safe to wear hob
bles when going to register, me
attentive clerks, Will Lettau and
Romaine Tolles were kept busy for
the greater part of the day yester
day, and took down the names and
uata as fast as it was given to
them. The old objection to telling
of age is not arising so frequently
now, the women having evidently
become reconciled to the require
ments. It may be necessary to put
on more clerks in this department,
as the registration is growing heav
ier every day.
Oscar Cain, the new United
States district attorney, is moving
his family to this city from Walla
Walla. Mr. Cain has been in
charge of the office since Septem
ber, and has made a good impres
sion among the lawyers generally.
He will have charge of the prosecu
tion of the Clem murder triaj,
which begins at the January term
of the federal court.
We Have Them fir Men and Women
Hundreds of new Saipfplc Shoes just in. We sell
them for «q
Other shoe stores a*k $4.00 to $0.00 for the same
grade and m.ike.
Bauder & Schriber
Room 319-20-21-22 (Third Floor) Jamieson Bldg.
Take Elevator
No Matter
What 1
You Want
Sample Shoes
The hostility was directed not so
much against the sewer Itself as
against the matter of the injustice
of the assessment roll, and how it
was juggled to oppress the poor
man and favor the rich property
owner In the immediate vicinity ot
the sewer; of how the wage scale
was juggled by the board of works,
the mayor and the corporation
counsel; of how the engineer had
allowed the contractor $29,000 for
"interest on invested capital" and
$49,000 for profit; and last, but not
least, the reception given the pro
testing property owners by the
city council, which undertook by
the adoption of a subterfuge "emer
gency" clause, to cut off the right
;of an appeal to the referendum. It
was agreed that the property own
: ers would first try to beat the
sewer assessment and later take
care of the city officials responsi
ble for the perpetration of the in
justice at the coming city election.
Another meeting will be held at
the same place on Friday night. In
the meantime the referendum peti
tions will be circulated and sub
scriptions of cash taken to fight
the matter in the courts, if the
city council refuses to recognize
the force of a referendum petition,
when one is filed. On the commit
tee on the sewer fight were ap
pointed Francis H. Cook, J. F. Hilt
and T. A. Geraghty.
It was agreed to take on literary
debating work in connection with
the regular business of the club
and a committee of which Pro
fessor Miller, principal of the Ham
ilton school, was chairman, was ap
pointed for that purpose.
pAILY MATS! 23° £YEN 05 Eg
I.ate Star of Wine. Women and Song
Assisted by Lew Hearn & Com
pany, presenting "The Real Girl."
Late stars of "Superba" and "Fan
fasma." In tlieir farcial pantomimic,
entitled, "Just-Phor-Phun."
TERS, Mabel and Alice
Tiesenting a vocal character
sketch, "Night and Day on the Side
walks of New York."
In "Handcuffed," by Victor H.
The Blue Grass Boys
YVorld'B greatest lady cornetist
and lyric soprano.
xsiiSrE, wulh a waldobi,
Presenting, "After the Football
The Famous Baker Stock Co.
Direction George L. Baker.
Every Night. Matinees Sunday,
Wednesday and Saturday.
This Week
Read the Book. See the Flay.
Prices 25c, 50c, 75c; Matinees,
2".c and 50c. Wednesday Matinee,
NEXT WEEK—"The Three of Us."
Tonight and All This Week
Ray Thompson and His
Horse "Joe Bailey"
Champion High School Horse of
the World
s—Other Features —5
♦ ♦
♦ WALLA WALLA, Dec. 13.— ♦
♦ George Lingenfelder of Top- ♦
♦ penlsh arrived today to visit ♦
♦ his sister, Mrs. Charles W. ♦
♦ Masterson, who did not know ♦
♦ he was in existence, a spirit ♦
♦ message Mrs. Masterson pur- ♦
♦ ports to have received having ♦
♦ been the cause of uniting ♦
♦ them. e>
♦ Mrs. Masterson, whose hue- ♦
♦ band was formerly an instruc- ♦
♦ tor for the blind at Vancouver, ♦
♦ is blind, as is her husband, ♦
♦ and both are believers in spir- ♦
♦ ituallsm. About two months ♦
♦ ago Mrs. Masterson says she ♦
♦ received a message giving her ♦
♦ the name and address of a ♦
♦ sister in Earlham, lowa. Mrs. ♦
♦ Masterson had a hazy recol- ♦
♦ lection of this sister, and ♦
♦ wrote to the woman, her ♦
♦ name being Mrs. Sadie Nealy. ♦
♦ Mrs. Nealy immediately ♦
♦ wrote bock, stating that they ♦
0 had a brother In Toppenish. ♦
♦ She forwarded a letter to this ♦
♦ brother, and today he arrived ♦
♦ to make a visit. ♦
f. ♦ ♦♦♦♦#>«>e>4>4>4>*#4>4>
6—Other Feature Acts—6
- Matinee daily at 2:30; admission
15c. Two shows every evening at
7:30 and 9; admission, 16c and 25c.
are invited to make a
select ion from our
list of desirable
which this strong
bank offers for sale
at very attractive
' prices.
Call on the Bond
Department for par
Union Trust
Of Spokane
Tha Marbla Bank Building
Capital »50C.000.
We have special fa
cilities for handling
accounts of fraternal
organizations. In our
Savings Department
we pay a liberal rate
of interest on such
accounts, and in our
Bond Department we
liave at all times high
grade bonds and war
rants which we can
offer for investment
of your surplus
funds. We will take
pleasure in going
over this matter with
the treasurers or in
vestment committees
of fraternal organiza
tions at any time.
Savings deposits payable
on demand.
National Bank
Capital $1,000,000
Surplus 260,000
Evening school $r» per month.
Day school you pay half the tuition
after graduating and securing a po
sition. Free catalogue.
Phone Max. 1701.
i 01907 Washington.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
1 SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 13.—
Fong Ye, a native born Chinese
who has aspirations to become a
birdman, will fly in the aviation
mcc to be held in San Francisco
the first week In January. Fong
Ye today was entered in the nove
class by the committee in charge
of the meet. In an aeroplane em
bodying parts of the Cnrtiss and
Wright machines, Fong Ye already
has made several practice flights.
He has a hanger of his own in
Berkeley and Is said to be very
adept in handling his machine.
One time rate Be per
Three time rate 4c per line
Special rates by the month.
Minimum charge for single ad
to centa.
Call up Main 375.
Workingmen's Home, corner Main
and Browne. Office 208 Brown.
Bed 10c. Rooms 16c. Hot water
and reading room.
Wanted —Young ladies for tele
phone operators; with or without
experience. Apply The Pacific
Telephone & Telegraph Co., 117
Wall street, 1124 Sinto avenue, or
Euclid and Nevada streets.
Wanted, washing to take home;
rough dried or ironed. Phone
Mum 7912 L.
Holidays sewing reasonably done;
corset covers and underskirts made
to fit. Either silk or muslin. 142
Commercial hotel. 1116 First aye.
The Byrne Investment Co., Dr. P.
S. Byrne, pres., have moved from
Hyde block to 728 Old National
Bank bldg.
$300—Elegant level lot; alio 60s
172H; graded street; cement aide
walk, curb and water: flue place to
live. Terms, $10 cash, balance $10
per month. Hughea A Allen, 201 1
Hyde block. Phone 2965.
5 room modern cottage; easy
terms. George L. Snyder, 502
Empire State Bldg. Main 1231.
$10 plants tbe seed that secures for
you later a home; then $6 per
month. Call and see us. F. S. Barrett
ft Co.. 122 Wall street
4-room house built for $500; foun
dation and plastered. Phone M.
8472-R. M. Wise, 710 N. Napa.
3, 4 and 5 room houses and stores;
close In. Nledermeyer, E1314
Newly furnished front room; gas
heat, bath, telephone. W2204
Mallon aye. Phone Max. 390.
Nice housekeeping rooms, rent rea
sonable. 1018 Second aye.
Two nicely furnished housekeeping
rooms; modern; walking distance.
5617 Hllllard St. Phone Main 3572-J.
Furnished housekeeping rooms on the
ground floor; every convenience.
Wlll3 Sharp aye.
Newly furnished housekeeping
rooms; cheap. 810 E. Fourth.
Main 7306, party R.
Furnished housekeeping rooms, 22
West Riverside.
Two light housekeeping rooms for
rent; close in. 5204 Pine.
Housekeeping rooms, piano, 1303
Third aye.
Feed and fuel stand; close In; doing
cash business; small capital re
quired; small operating expenses;
terms and locution. Call Main 5004.
Dexter restaurant for rent; all
ready to start; everything first
class. 205 S. Wall.
20 acres to trade for horses; 10
acres to trade for cigar store; 160
acres to trade for dwellings; tim
ber claim worth 15000 to trade for
Spokane property; 1280 acres to
triulo for Alberta farm land; 120
acres to trade for grocery stock.
Call at 32 Symons blk.; phone Main
8026. C. H. Paxson.
The directors liave ordered nn assess
ment of half mill per share on all
stock of the Brittle Silver Mining Co.,
payable on or before January 17, 1811.
Annual meeting of the Brittle Silver
Mining Co. will be held January 3 at
7:30 p. m., at room 200, Hyde block.
W. H. TX>X\ Secretary.
The Troy Laundry
Rough dry. 30c per don.
Ladles' waists, .JOe each.
Family work ut very low prices.
The Spokane Press, Delivered,
26 Cents a Month.
Lenox hotel, open under new man
agement. Neatly furnished
rooms by the day, week or month.
Beds 25c to $1. 206 Riverside aye.
Phone Main 1727.
Dr. Philip P. Stalford, dentist,
Falls City Block, S. W. corner Post
and Riverside.
French dry cleaning * and dyeing.
Ladies' work a specialty. Gents'
suits sponged and pressed. First
clans work; moderate prices. City of
Paris Dye Works, 222 Riverside.
Main 3326.
Economy Dye Works, French dry
cleaners; quick service; best work;
lowest prices. Main 2561. 1701 Main
Nick Nocn carries all sizes and va
rieties of imported macaroni; also »
ell varieties of Imported cann«<t*»
Samuel T. Crane, lawyer, 410 Colum
bia building. Phone Main 9391.
Cooper & Co., collection*. 410 Colura
_ bla building. Phone Main «058.
A. T. Kelly, registered optometrist
and eye specialist; glasses sold
on easy payments; fl down. 105
Removal sale of wall paper, as I am
forced to vacate by January Ist.
O. F. Frltchie, 704 First aye.
Get 7 nice bound books for $1.00.
Henry Feise, 311 N. Washington
For sale, or would consider, horse
and buggy. Address K. {lender*
shott, EIOB Pacific aye.
Fresh cider for sale. A No. 1 homo
made quality. 25c gallon. E1623
Cataldo. Main 8110-J.
Peanut and popcorn wagon for sale.
Inquire EINO4 Sprague.
Wanted —Second hand bicycles,
about 50, at about $18.00. C. P.
Burch, 226 Sprague, Main 810.
D. May* Hardware 00,
Wholesale and retail, hardware,
sporting gooda, tools. 227 Main Aye.
Phone Main 1248.
Phone Main 2415, or call at 20 Main
avenue if you want to buy or sell
furniture and stoves.
niture, rugs and linoleum*, up
holstering, furniture repairing, cab
inet work; goods packed, etc.; goods
railed for and delivered. Phone
Main 1957. 1113 First aye.
The Sam Crow Housefurnlshlng Co.
is displaying a fine line of holiday
goods, fancy cnlnn, silverware, dinner
sets and a complete line of dining
room, parlor, bedroom and kitchen
furnishings;" prices are reduced on
every line of goods in the store. 227
--229 Riverside aye.
Two young mares, weight 1150 lbs.;
each will have colts in spring. Also
4-year-old gelding, wt. 1150 lbs. In
quire Hotel Colvert, W921 First aye.
Choice, Clean New Goods.
112-114 80. LINCOLN ST.
Pacific Wood Yard, 22 West Second.
Wood and coal. Tamarack and fir,
$2.75 per rick. Phone $2.50. Tel.
Main 8080.
Perry Street Fuel Co., 02724 Perry
st. Thoroughly seasoned tama
rack, fir and pine wood, 4-ft. or
stove length. Carney, Monarch,
Smith and Owl Creek coal. Phone
Glen. 286.
Tamarack and ftr, $2.75 per lick;
pine, $2.50. Tamarack and fir, 17, St
per cord; pine, $0.50 per cord. Pho>»e
Ulenwood 1275.
03104 PERKY ST. QI.EN. 11»«.
International Fuel Co.—Rook Springs
Bootless coal, $8.60 per ton; CorbTn
mine run coal; tamarack, fir and pi nay
Ask for special prices. Maxwell vTjaSS*
Valley Wood & Coal Turd. Phone
Main 2958. W. F. Hohl, prop. Alt
kinds of dry seasoned wood delivered
to all parts of the city. Full meas
ure; proniDt delivery. 1528 Front ave
nuo, Spokane, Wash.
Johnston Wood Yard for pine or
tamarack. 1015 Cora. Maxwell 414.
Charles Staley, Paclflo avenue and
Bernard street.
A. L.. Johnson, dealer In new and sec
ond band household goods and
tools. 10 Main aye. Main 2100.
Highest price paid for all klndjaf
second hand stoves. Phone -Hn
4049. 1020 First aye. 5F
Mcßride & Co., 0809 Monroe handles
all kinds of furniture; buys and
sells. Phone Maxwell 371.
If you want to buy or sell furniture
call J. A. Hlndmat.. Main 4(84. 33S
Post street.
Division Junk Co—Dealers lp all
kinds or junk and tools. 10 Muln.
Phone Mnln 2100.
Dealers In junk and tides. Kahn A
Falk Co.. 10-12-H Eaat Main aye.
Main 6474.
~" —c— " ' ~ rrr.-zsr —ar^s^i
If you have any plumbing; are
Charles Quebler. It. will pay you,
5122 Division at. Phone M. CC66.

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