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Tonight and Tuesday fair, frost
tonight, warmer Tuesday.
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"it too well.
"(). 5180.
Jailv Journal
Is a Special Illustrated
4 rmiUII County Will
L Auveruciiu-ii.
), of tmiiwni
.. .i. .,.., Ma, l,iliiir
mtlt TOW1' "-r "
Mrin WIM Stake vp me
L. utlvop. Who Van
fan Editor of the Knit Or-
aaj Many hnprove-
i.iauitiirlp enterm-ise where
,.,. was Inertia, unu
fr decades matters have been at a
RuHtern Oregon, wnn us musimi-
w.u unH the mnrvelmis re
cent resume- """ '
suits already attained during the past
generation, has larger inuuniriui vic
tories vet to win. tip hero, you have
a fortune In the bracing air. There's
ii tonic In the simple act of alighting
from a train. Ana, 100, me Dusy
scenes on me sireeis 114" iuui evi
dent that here are life and activity
and all 'the constituent element mat.
go to make up an ideal modern mu
nicipality." Mr. Ijithrop is accompanied by Ms
wife, and while In the city for the
next few days, they will be guests of
Hotel St. George. He Is making ar
nuiKenients to secure elaborate Illus
trations for the forthcoming write-up
of Pendleton and vicinity, and will
leave no detail Incomplete In placing
rendleton properly before the In
quiring homeseekers In tl;e East,
through the medium of the Pendle
ton edition of the Journal.
In Celebrating Victory Over Montana
I'iMitliiill Team, Decorum Is Forgotten.
Salt Lake, Oct. 17. Students of
Japanese Armies Advance All Along, Repulsing Every Attack
of the Shattered Russian Forces.
Estimated That 2S.O00 Russian Wounded Are Now In Hospitals at Muk
den lteKiit That General Nodlzit Was Wounded Idike liulkal Hall
way Is a Failure The Czar Consent to tlie Mobilization of a New
Army of 600,000 Men ,laancsc Have Captured 31
Since Saturday Morning.
Officers Elected and Portland Select
ed as Next Meeting Place.
Hood River, Oct. 17. The sessions
of the Oregon. Press Association ad
journed Saturday evening after a
pleasant excursion through the Hood
Ulver fruit district, In carriages,
Portland wait unanimously selected
us the meeting place for 1905, resolu
tions commending the Lewis and
Clark fair were adopted and the fol
lowing officers were elected:
President, R. J. Hendricks, Sulem;.
first vice president, J. C. Hayter, Dal
las; second vice president, A. D. Moe,
Hood River; secertary, Albert Tozler,
Hlllsboro; treasurer. Frances E. Gott
shall, Portland; historian, Oeorge H.
Mimes, Portland.
It was one of the moat profitable
meetings ever held by the associa
tion. The attendance was large and
the entertainment furnished by Hood
River was elaborate and pleasant.
Toklo, Oct. 17. The Japanese are
continuing their advance and occu
pied additional positions south of the
Shakhe river. The left army occu
pied Wxi Fukia Tun at noon yester
day, dislodging five battalions of Rus-
the university this morning, In cele-!" Infantry, and several batteries
oration of their victory over the of artillery and crushlngly repulsing
Ulbrop, for 10 years edi-
an Oregonlan, one of the
In ef the Oreon Dally
a! fwnder of the "North
named monthly maga-
Mtd at Portland, arrived
IdP Ikfc morning to prepare
bit utter for an illustrated
4 Pendleton and vicinity,
Dally Journal.
wlrop hai been uppolnled
rtipondent of the Journal,
tmel throughout the state
tn 1 eerlee of descriptive
ittng forth the reaources of
tnt localltiH and the attrac-
tmi to people In the Hunt
looking umarda the West
l to making homes here.
will be llluntmted with
and perfectly printed
n the Journal now being
IUi the moit complete en-
ttat in the Northweat In ad-
IU other feature of modem
pit preai
I the contemplated action
M? court to appropriate a
to exploit the advan-
county, In accordance
unite auihoriilnx such an
il, the Journal hopes to aid
rk and to find the people
tarn ready to co-operate In
prfon of arUclea compre
P merlin this county.
'"wo on traveled quite aen-
ff the tute during the past
u jean. Hnce leavim
f; 1,4 1"" that practically
rv aming attention tn
' 1 adnrtlUng. results at
't of material benefit to the
lBthe bringing f
n ud He m Matter.
'wntiw among the home
1 the Eaat.
Is Pttiilletoii.
'lor 10. years In
r. Uthrop. can.
feeling o1 mw
PUtlo ,he town hHR
Z,1"- Wherever
"hdl that D
"INT, the 8,at"
I rt-.r'tate what si..
n t occurred dur
a oJ?- The orn.er
fHiT'?, for
iWu. w nimse f tht
I not l ,,,,
Montana university football team, on
Saturday, Indulged In a stampede.
The faculty endeavored to yuell the
enthusiasm, when the students broke
down the claas room door and com
pelled the professors to march with
them around the campus. The pro
ceedings ended In a small riot.
Iiarge Crowds Hear T)avta.
Charleston, W. Va.. Oct. 17. Ten
thousand farmers, miners and towns
people listened to Davis and Senator
l)nnlel In an outdoor meeting this
Alfonso's Klster TwmuI.
Madrid. Oct. 17. Princess Marie
Mercedes Isabella Therese, a sister of
King Alfonso, is dead.
not been
, ruction of
Zn ,c?nrvii8m
tCT' lndubi-
me rtorain
-'Proof that .,
"I'V .very
'miaro PBarent
,lPPed to
IU nf f
. .1 what .v..
Ik.. . v"1
'.S Sri: Ti
th. ... -""'to
'.,. aa it or'd
ei,ir"a. ... .
1 t th. r-l
litis Not lleen Arrmted by InHlden-
Kill Year, 1 alitor Disturbances, Vrop
l iillon'H, or leeline In Hteel Husl
mni Ojtenlng Vp of Nw tteajrlona
Proves to He a Great .Ktlmuliis to
the (ienertil Traffic Conditions of
Entire l ulled Suites.
nicatro, m., Oct. 17. Freiirlit
traffic through the country Is heavier
this year than It has even been before
and this In spite of elections, great
u.muiunnees In business in individual
terlrtorles, Colorado, for Instance, and
on the packing house lines, the corn
juiiure in Iowa last year, the declln
wie meet business and many other
uniiivoriible factors less known.
me loss or trarfln In Wlllut.,,,.t,
Henver. Kansas City and other points
crippled by various causes seems to
be made p ,by the general health of
the country at large. While there is
"army a city of 100.000 people In the
eHt which Is not ordering less manu
factured goods, luxuries, etc., than
IHHt VtHiK tkl. .
v.,, cuniraction Is more
thur, balanced by the new business
s. o',,K from the oi'eu'ns up of the
Southwest, where many towns that
. u.ioeura of a few years ago are
a nourishing business.
r'o,irtee.Ycar.6ld Boy Dangerously
ujiirwl at Mountain Home.
.JIL6 V-Lear;0,d " f Wll-
Z """ntain Home. 15 miles
71 u,f, Pllot Rock' w" a few day.
the .h V Dy a hor8e "ouarely in
nln-t, The y wa knocked
lnse,s,b,e and lost auuh a quantity
o : blood that he wa. . barely . alive
1 Hume.JO'nt Care f Dr"- Pttrker
His nose wn ... . . . . .
uniy Droaen, out
all .1,. ""l u,"
ln. 7. vuralna'ed bones were broken
bone nt8' Hna tne left 1
t.A . "rusnea tn. He also suf-
somL.1. . eoncusslon of the brain
j... ... at- ttnl for a time his life waji
desiialred of.
"l Is recovering slowly.
He rallied, however,
JU ""Ut M BuPt'st Church,
this . Latourelle will arrive
win r,n."B 'rom McMinnvllle, and
et t th" T Ea"t R,r0ad
l4 ' at th Praker home. Miss
nTuiee,WU1 teuch Instrumental
g?nl.rn . ""rter Coutract to be
Uiuti lT 'he "'""""B year at the
in lrhWSh- Her appearance
"'orrow eve 1 ' thC r'Uo l-
he subsequent counter attacks. Ar
tillery from the center and infantry
from the left army are harrasslng
the Russian retreat.
Turkish war was a
with this war."
Joke compared
23,000 Wounded at Mukden.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 17. A dis
patch states that 23,000 wounded
Russiup soldiers have arrived at
Mukden in the past week .
Many -aa Captured.
Toklo, Oct. 17. Major Takashimas
battalion captured 14 guns at Sanchl-
atzu. Thia makes a total of 34 guns
captured by Nndzu's center army
fclnce October 3 4.
Katu Nodm Is Wounded.
St. Petersburg. Oct. 17. A dis
patch from Mukden says Nodzu ha
retired from command of his divis
ion on account of wounds received
Railway Is a Failure.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 17. News
from Irkutsk states that the newly
completed Luke Baikal railway is in
a bad state owing to poor materials
used In construction. The first train
took over three days to make the
Journey and wa derailed three limes.
It will be necessary to use horses, in
stead of engines to pull the trains
during the winter months.
Russians Claim Victory.
St. Petersburg. Oct. 17. Sukharoff
reports that on October 16 the Jap
anese attacked the Russian center,
but were repulsed. The next day
two Russian regiments attacked an
isolated position held by the Japan
ese, dislodging the latter and forc
ing them to retreat across the Sha
hake. After another engagement the Jap
anese dislodged the latter and forcing
them to retreat still further. The
fighting did not end until this morn
ing, when It was found the Russians
had captured the whole Japanese po
sition with 11 guns, one a Maxim, at
8 o'clock this morning desultory fir
ing Is progressing along the whole
front. The losses Sunday were not
14 More Russian Guns Captured.
Toklo, Oct. 17. Reports from the
seat of war this morning say that 14
more Russian guns were captured
Prohibition Vote In linker.
Baker City, Oct. 17. County Judge
Travllllon has made an order de
claring the following precincts,
Haines, Rock Creek, Unity Eagle
Valley and Pine numbers one and
two, entitled to vote on the question
of Prohibition or no prohibition at
the coming election to be held No
vember ftth, and has ordered the
necessary1 ballots printed.
Mexicans Are Guests.
Kansas City, Oct. 17. Remon Cor
ral, vice president of Mexico, and
party, arrived this morning from St.
Louis and were entertained by the
Commercial Club and citizens today.
Thev will be euests of honor at the
Rome, Oct. 17. A dispatch from hr hnv tnnlirlit. From here thev
Will Mobilize 600.000 Troops.
St. Petersburg states that after con
sultation with the czar. General
Grlppenberg has decided to mobilize
600,000 additional troops. Manchuria
will be abandoned for the present.
A Russian note will probably be
issued to the powers, the czar's in
tention to continue the war.
Wus a Terrible Rout.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 17. Messages
from Kuropntkln state that the re
tirement of the forces or General
Meyerdorff of the Russian right
flank, has been turned Into a com
plete route with terrible losses.
Rattle RukIiik Fiercely.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 17. A dis
patch from the front states that the
battle W'as resumed at daybreak to
day. The Russians still hold the
right bank of the Shakhi river.
Pressure on the Russian left has
been relieved but the Japanese are
still trying to break through the Rus
Blan center In order to get possession
of the railway out from Mukden,
faknroff wires that the Russians
yesterday captured Lonely Tree Hill,
south of Shakhe, taking 11 Japanese
guns, one a quick-firing gun.
Russians Claim a Victory.
Mukden, Oct. 1 7.- Yesterday the
Russians carried a brilliant move
ment on the left, storming and carry
ing the Japanese trenches at Spuk
hutung, capturing 10 guns. The Jap
anese resisted desperately., their losses
being enormous. The Russians' move
ments on the right were also success
ful, it is reported.
Most Horrible Butchery Known:
Mukden, Oct. 17. A Russian gen
eral, wounded In the recent fighting,
arrived at Mukden today and said:
"The fighting has been of an unheard
of character. The Russians often
climbed vertical slopes in the face of
a hall of bullets and are received by
Japanese bayonets. Whole companies
have been bayonetted to death. This
Is the 10th day of such butchery. The1
Will lie a Iiciurestue ami Memorable
Event In the Bowman Bulldlnc
It has been settled that the coming
Catholic fair Is to be held in the
north room of the Bowman building.
facing Matn street and that It will be
held for five days, beginning Tues
day, October 25. From day to day
the various features of the fair will
be made public as they develop. All
the promoters will now say is that all
the more common features of such
an event are to be duplicated, but
with greater lavishness and beauty.
and that the event will have some
The fair Is a benefit for St. Antho
ny's hospital and an attempt Is to be
made to requite the Institution in pro
portion to Its needs and Its benefit
as a public institution. Figuring on
this basis, the results of the fair
ought to be gratifying In a great
School Children Taking Great Inter
est hi F. W. Schmidt's Advertise
There were 10 successful contest
ants In the the presidential contest
conducted by F. W. Schmidt,
The contest was to see what pupils
of any of the city schools could mike
the greatest number of names of
presidents of the United States, from
the letters of an advertisement.
The 10 successful contestants are
Karl Milne, 915 Court street; Irene
Ford, 820 Willow street; Frances
Saling. 204 'South Main street; Nellie
Arlbal, 712 West Alta street; Thomas
Hoylen, 308 South Johnson street;
Cora Warner, 111 Garfield street;
Llnwood Livermore, 103 Washington
street; Maggie De Lateur, Nettie Fol
lett and. Eunice Vogel.
A drawing will take place next
Saturday evening, Oct. 22, In accord
ance with the rules of the contest
and the prizes will then be awarded.
Mo'lstroin Will Build.
Henry Molstrom, the well known
Cold Springs farmer. Is preparing to
build this fal and winter an eight.
roomed dwelling on his farm. ' He Is
negotiating with Pendleton contrac
Purl Bowman is in Portland pur
chasing a complete outfit with which
the second story of the new building
will be equipped for lodging house
nurooses. . The furnishings will in-
chunih venl"K at the Baptist elude all the furniture necessary for
where she win . .u. i .'..,, mrinn and 42
..... , 1 . o Lin: C1L III,
"tea ,
Fit ic. """'"J'inK miss Myte ne
. 1 Kr, whn im . .
"11 pinir several solos.
Mlw Ut
mimical '-""v and also of the
Hl u"'artment of that institute.
ourolio x..iii .
"rR"n solo. Hiil 11 . P y " VRnU
KrniiuKie or
nn office room, two parlors and 4
bed rooms. From end to end all the
furniture and carpets will be of the
most serviceable and presentable ma
terials and styles, and Mr. Bowman
rill expend between 50t0 and 18000
upon the furnishings for the one
There is no present intention of
furnishing the third story, or of es
tabllshlng a cafe in the buildings,
though It Is surmised that these fur
ther extensions of Improvements will
follow somewhat later on.
The Bowman lodging house will be
the largest in thestate outside of
Portland, beyond a question, and Its
equipment upon such a acale is an
index of the kind and quality of the
faith which local monled Interests
have In the future of Pendleton.
go to San Francisco.
Suicide and Death In the Islands.
Manila, Oct. 17. Second Lleuten
ant William D. Prltchard, of the 13th Iters In Chicago.
Purchase Headquarters, by a
Shrewd Deal, in the Heart
of the City.
Presbyterian Church Congregation
Refused to Sell to the Mormons nt
Any Price, But Two Individual
Presbyterians Purchased the Build
ing and Clandestinely Delivered it
to the Mormons Missionary Force
Is to Be Multiplied Five Times
Will lie Headquarters for Canada
and Western Colonization.
Salt Lake, Utah, Oct. 17. -President
Joseph F. Smith, trustee In trust
for the Mormon church, received
deeds for the first United Presbyter
Ian church building ut Monroe, Indl
anaVand Paulina streets, Chicago.
The property was for sale and the
Mormons attempted to purchase It,
but the meeting overwhelmingly
voted not to sell to the Mormons at
any price.
Finally two members of the con
gregation secretly bought It In and
transferred the title to the Mormons,
It will be used as a mission headquar-
cavalry. was killed today and Second
Lieutenant Fred L. Deen, of the same
cavalry, committed suicide.
Engineer Miller, Who Had Charge of
Pendleton Sewer Surveys Is Put
ting in the Reservoir and Water
System Over $7000 Will Be Ex-
liended for the Wuter Supply Will
lie Complete by Deeeinlter.
Between 25 and 30 men are actlve
y engaged at laying the 6-Inch main
for the new Adams water works.
This main extends from W. T. Wal
len's place two and one-fourth miles
northwest of town, to the reservoir
adjoining town, and the system will
be In operation sometime during the
coming December. The main Ib laid
at an average depth of five feet.
The well from which the water Is
drawn Is 30 feet In diameter and 20
feet in depth, and the water supply
is of the very finest and In all prob
ability Is Inexhaustible. The gravity
system is used throughout, the pecul
iar lay of the laud where the well Is
located making an engine unneces
sary there, and there is an abundunt
fall from the reservoir Into town.
The reservoir, which is concrete,
is 60 feet In diameter and 10 feet in
The entire population of Adams
subscribe to the patronage of the
system, which is expected to be In
every respect aa perfect as that of
any town In the state, lurge or small
When the city undertook this en
tei-prise it had $2000 cash on hand
to which it added $5000 by a bond
Miller, who put in the enlarged
Pendleton system, Is the engineer.
For Whisky Peddling.
Tom Balcomb, charged with sell
ing whisky to Indians, waa taken to
Portland this morning by Deputy
United States Marshal Jacob Proebs
tel. Balcomb had Just gained his
freedom after serving a term in the
Multnomah county Jail for a like of.
fense. Balcomb'a accusors are John
Wa-lletsle and Henry Pond, two
Umatilla braves. Wa-lletsle was re
leased from the county Jail last week
upon payment of a fine of $50 for
asaulting a white man.
Cavalry Horses to Fort Rile).
The horses of the second squadron
Ninth cavalry, passed through Pen
dleton last night en route to Fort
Riley. Kan., where the regimental
Quarters are to be hereafter. The
horses are the mounts of the officers,
bandinen and the troopers of Troops
E, F, G and H. A scora of colored
troopers are in charge of the animals.
Walla Walla Elks Rally.
Walla Walla Elks are preparing for
a big rally to take place tomorrow
vening. A class of 30 candidates
will be Initiated after which a ban
quet will be partaken of. A number
of Pendleton lodgemen will attend
the meeting. .
The force of missionaries now In
Chicago will be Increased five-fold
and the Chicago mission will be head
quarters for the Pacific .coast and
Canadian colonization schemes of the
The greater portion of European
immigrants make Chicago their ob
jective point and by having head
quarters and a large force of mission
aries here, the church hopes to en
list many creditable foreigners in the
work of the church before they scat
ter out to the various forming dis
tricts. An elaborate temple will be
built on the site of the present
church building. M
Prince XlcholtiM of Montenegro Is
I'nder Suspicions.
Vienna, Oct. 17. The sudden death
In Montenegro, of Minister of Jus
tice M. Schaullch, with symptoms of
poisoning, after a court dinner, has
given rise to rumors Implicating
Prince Nicholas.
The prince has ordered a post
mortem examination. Schaullch waa
a reformer. It is reported his widow
has refused to receive Prince Nicho
las' condolences.
Upton Will Not Challenge.
Glasgow, Oct. 17. It Is learned
that Thomas Llpton, having failed to
find a designer for a new challenger
for America's cup, has abandoned
the Idea of challenging this year. He
will now encourage yacht racing in
home waters.
Twenty-six Candidates Initiated Into
the Order Saturday Night.
Pendleton Shrlners who attended
the meeting of El Katef temple at
Walla Walla, Saturday night return
ed home yesterday. Twenty-six Walla
Wallans were initiated into the lodge
by a degree team from Spokane, the
headquarters of El Katlf temple.
An unique feature of the exerclsea
was the street parade led by the Il
lustrious potentate, astride a drome
dary. About 160 members of the
shrine were In attendance. . Those
from this city who attended are: T.
C. Taylor, W. S. Ferguson, Robert
Forster, C. E. Roosevelt, M. M. Wy
rick, Louis Hunziker, W. D. Hans
ford, J. H. Parkes, W. G. Cole, R. Al
exander, J. R. Dickson, William S.
Slusher, J. J. Kelly and E. W, Davis.
"The Octoroon" Tonight.
The Weidemann stock company,
that is to appear at the Frazer thea
ter tonight, arrived In Pendleton this
morning from Portland. The Welde
manns travel In a special car and
carry a car of scenery. The band
of the troupe rendered concert music
on the streets at noon. Tom Weide
mann, the head of the company, Is
well known among the theatrical pro
fession In the Northwest and has
been In Pendleton before. "The Oc
toroon" is the bill tonight.
Football Game a Tie.
Pendleton high school second
eleven and the Eastern Oregon State
Normal football teams played a tie
game of nothing to nothing at Wes
ton Saturday afternoon. The contest
was spirited from ptart tn finlah. The
local team are Jubilant over the re
sult inasmuch as the Weston boys
were older and much heavier than
the Pendleton players.
When your money is out, you dis
cover that you are all In.

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