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Published every afternoon (except Sunday)
at l'endletuo, OresoD. bj tbe
Dully, one year, by mall $5.00
IMIly, six moutbs, by mall 2.50
Dally, three month, by mall 1.25
Dally, one montb, by mall .60
Dally, per montb, by carrier tw
Weekly, one year, by mall 1.50
Weekly, tlx nioutbi, by mall 75
Weekly, four months, by mall fto
Beml-Weekly. one year, by mall 2.0O
Keml-Weekly, six months, bv mall... 1.00
Beml-Weekly, three m on the. by mall.. .60
Member Scrtppa-Mcltae News Aaioclatlon.
The East Oreaonlan ia on sale at B. B.
Rlch'a Newa Stands at Hotel Portland and
Hotel l'erklua, 1'ortland, Oregon.
Ban Franrlsro Bureau. 408 Fourth 8t
Chicago llureau, 90!t Security IlnlldiuK.
Washington, V. C, llureau, 501 14th Be,
N. W.
Telephone Main 11.
Entered at Tcndteton pnerofftce as second-
class matter.
It Is said that the moat hard
ened criminal can not help ad
miring the Jury which convicts
him and the Judge who pro
nounces the sentence which
costs him his life, for there Is
something within him which
answers to Justice, npplauds
the verdict, and speaks even
louder than his own selfish
ness. That the human mind Is
constructed along the lines of
truth and fntented to repre
sent truth, and truth only, is
also shown by the fact that. In
the mdist of the greatest cor
ruption and bribery, at a time
when dishonesty seems to be
at a premium, when a real
man appears upon the scene,
falsehood cowers and evil
slinks out of sight. Ko power
fully do truth and honesty ap
peal to the human mind that,
no matter how corrupt and
base men are. they can not help
applauding when they hear
their accents. When charac
ter speaks the world listens.
Orison JSweet Harden in Octo
ber Success.
strength to withstand the tempters
that come in a thousand seemingly
respectable guises. . t
A man may possess a splendid
physique. Tl germ of physical en
durance may be strong and seeming
ly Invincible. Yet hk naked body
would be pinched and frozen by the
wintry winds. Without the Interven
tion of warm clothing, mufflers, over
coats, overshoes and mittens, the
splendid body would perish.
In a like manner the unprotected
moral nature of the Immature youth,
if left to prey to the temptations of
the world, must perish. If organized
society does not Intervene with pro
tection, sympathy and Infinite pa
tience. How high Is the moral slundurd
of the tribes that have no laws?
What Is the standard of morals
where organized society does not
exist ?
The germ may be In the Individual
soul, but without the protection of
law and the encouragement of and
reassurance of a rigorous soclnl code,
the germ of morals within would be
timid and responsive to every gust
of passion, In more than half of the
world's population.
Every structure must be braced;
so must everv soul.
Thomas E. Watson will not be
elected president, and perhaps never
expects to be. But he does not need
that distinction to place him on the
list of the benefactors of the human
race. Thomas E. Watson Is the fath
er of the rural free delivery system
which is now one of the greatest
blessings enjoyed by the American
people. While Mr. Watson was In
congress, he secured an appropriation
in 18'J2 for an experimental free de
livery route, the first ever establish
ed in the United .States. Congress
men doubted the wisdom of this
"populist vagary" and It was with re
luctance that the scanty sum was
ventured on this "wild scheme." From
that small beginning, this great bless- i Hlnghnm, Utah;
lug has become a fixed national In-1 Ducktnwn, Tenn
A story is told of a labor war in
Jones county, Miss., which was re
cently fought out to a conclusion by
one Moses Adams, who owned a saw
mill at that place, and whose long
time amicable relations with his em
ployes was severed by the demands
of the latter, which he contended he
could not concede without loss of not
only his profits but his capital.
Having received his answer, his
workmen struck. Undismayed, Moses
Adams set about to secure other
workmen to take the places which
the strikers hud abandoned. The
strikers went Into camp, surrounded
the mill, sent out pickets, who threw
out. hard and fast, . all the strike
breakers who came within the lines.
Moses Adams fought his fight out
side the armed ramparts for a whole
month: then he concluded to surren
der. His manner of doing so was In
strict accord with the most honored
rules of war. Instead of yielding his
mill to the strikers as so much loot,
or of selling or leasing it to some one
who would re-enllst the strikers In his
service, Moses Adams courteously In
vited them to witness his subjugation
nnd retreat.
He did precisely what Kuropatkln
did at Llao Yang when Kuroki made
that position unattractive: he blew
up his works. Having distributed the
dynamite with skillful precision, he
applied the match, and in less time
than it takes to tell It the entire
works had disappeared from Jones
county. Miss., and the war between
him and the strikers had come to an
end. Philadelphia Ledger.
Advice to Yoasw Husbands
If vou are a husband, and as sa. h soon expect
. . f...t,.,, ..,!... hil. Before you can
IO UCLOIUC l'"1 . (I,.. '
realize your fondest dreams u is nti., ......
m-ent suffcri-v" N- l"e 1-v her whom vol. love
1.1 J.. ....Kinrr
.tetter than vourseu ; - . (s
111 yum u.- -
VOU not ?
iaf clot's r rsenu
A liniment of immies'.ioncci value 11 urccn.."ij , ,
will wnni'.crluKy case me r.me.11 ui.......
which vkt wife must pass; 11 is ;
ithinvntirpmvcr to procure 11; surert u
- . ., .1 .1.,,,- f Im n
cannot DC oiner man " -
V.1I11 i.l ' Ito.ik,
Ml .
ttnres. Our
1 tree to all
ii - y
Walter Harvey Weed, In a recent
number of the Mining Magazine, gives
the following interesting facts: The
production of metallic copper In the
United States for 1903 wan 698.044.
517 pounds of a value of $91,506,003.
In 1902. 44 per cent, or about 289
million pounds were produced from
an area a mile long and one-half
mile wide, at Butte, Mont.; 26 per
cent, or about 156 million pounds,
from a strip of country two to six
miles long, extending through the
center of Keeweenaw Peninsula
Mich.; and 18 per cent, or 130 million
pounds, from four isolated districts
in Arizona; of the remaining 12 per
cent the grenter amount comes from
Keswick, CuL, and
stltutfnn, and promises to be extend
ed into every community in the
The gold and silver mines of the
country, notably those of Colorado,
Contribute about one per cent of the
I United Slates, thus becoming an ever- total production which is obtained as
j lasting monument to the wisdom of
Tom Watson, the populist dreamer.
The Morning regonian declares
that the Kast Oregonian awaits to
hear what the Oregonian says and
then concludes that the opposite
should have been said.
It is the chief delight of the Kast
Oregonian to lead the helpless wan
derer, whether it be the tottering do
tard or the prattling child, back from
any perilous brink It may approach,
to the pathway of sanity and safety.
In this spirit the East Oregonian
took the Portland paper to task a few
days ago. for Its unsound moral doc
trine, as exhibited in its censure and
condemnation of two runaway Indi
an girls from the Chemawa school.
Ill speaking of the return of the
girls to school, after having eloped
with two libertines from 'Salem, the
Oregonian said: "As for the girls,
they are past all hoe of restoration
to lives of decency and the less effort
wasted on them, the better."
The East Oregonian believes this Is
a pernicious doctrine to teach, fn the
face of organized charity and re
forms, in the face of splendid self
sacrifice of noble men and women,
working tirelessly to aid and encour
age the weak and Ignorant and in
the face of the millions spent yearly
for the elimination of vice and the
establishment of the splendid stand
ards of purity.
It Is never too late to help the
weak and Ignorant back to the for
saken path- of rectitude; no effort Is
wasted In the last analysis, which baa
for Its object the uplifting of the fal
len. however low the rescuer must
reach to take the hand of the unhap
py, unfortunate and misguided.
The Oregonian says "the basis of
morals Is within and that punishment
of wrongdoing will not conduce to
high personal moral standards.
What, thep. Is the object of or
ganised society? Why not turn the
The four wheat-growing provinces
of Canada Manitoba, Assinlboia.
Saskatchewan and Alberta. contain
2ao, Olio, ooo ncres of rolling prairie
wheat land, worth now but $6 to $12
per acre. When It Is remembered
a by-product in smelting for the pre
cious metals.
Of the six largest mines in the
world four are fn the United States,
the Anaconda mine of iiutte Itself
furnishing one-seventh of the entire
world's supply of copper, and the
Calumet and Hecla nearly one-eighth.
"yo? .., ! -:- t i
ifA-"" k r m .j. i v .iB.. i - i
' .tC. ylJfV; J jULJJh 1 LET rs st oc with
ii i t . w Yt; iiiicisj i t ivi - j - i i
ill: t isf r i f'iJu'Mt.j ii I ii iiir-i r. I
I f. M " ' i'i I Dimension lumber of all d. .
l.-rv , . "2?Z T X Vx"i scnptions, sash. Doors, Blinds ,
' iiVrajr,:, , Mffi Moutdlr. Bulldlntt and Tar Pa- ' ,
- --.vo-.WftKv-waaa ; BRING YOVR BILL TO C8 ,;
m Auk Your urooar m j ,
i Grays Harbor
I PLUMBING ! Commercial Co.
. J Opposite W. & C. It Depot H
f Cooil iilunililiiK Is nlnnjs tlio chennest. It tins tl lasting qmill- "Z -Ttt--t-tttt-tiiti ,'
tlos. It suves you ropulr hills. Alwnys entrust your work to thorough,
rellulile uiul comiMjient plumbers. Our lorco is maile tip or the best I
X xnerlcncetl worknioii. Ktrlct intention puld to sunllury feutures of I
J Oregon PoruaixH
2 i
for coughs and colds. puu 1)n
candies and bon bona.
Brock & McComas
See- window displays.
Th' good book says they is faith.
I hope on' charity, but I'll be dumbed
that this vast area would make 10! if j 0n f(n( onnything bout "nrgunfx
Htates of the size of Ohio, something ! ed charity."
of the future of Canada may be Im
agined. The conquest of that
waiting empire of the north Is a task
for which the sons of those pioneers
who conquered Oregon. 50 years ago.
are eminently fitted by nature and
training. The Umatilla county con
tingent now in Canada, proves that
these hardy sons are awake to the
A hunter of big game In Africa
(rives a description of a tribe of na-
i aiMS
helnless at targe to be- the prey 01
the lusts of the strong and vicious?
Why offer the protection of laws and
penalties to the weak and erring
The first seed and germ of person
al morals may be within each Indl
viri.iai anul. but without the strong
and assuring hand of organised aocl
ety and law to support, protect and
nurture that Inner germ of morals.
the weak and wavering would be a
prey to the strong, the erring would
be encouraged to go deeper Into ln
.k. t,nn nt 'reform would be
.... Hunl.hefl from thOSC WtlO
alnned from Impulse and not premed
Organised society must afford
prop and stay to the Individual moral
nature. The vicious libertine must
know that a stinging retribution will
be visited upon him and the weak
girt must feel that the hands of law
and government are on her side and
not against her.
m,i. knowledge will give her
ves whom he found there, the Wat-
These natives," he says, "live
in the swamps, their staple article or
llet being fish and flour made from
the seed of the water lily, althouKh
during the rains they grow putches
of cassava root and sweet potatoes at
the edge of the swamp.
They smear their bodies with mud
to protect them from mosquitoes and
are extremely dirty and evil smelling
In consequence. They are very low
down in the scale of humanity and
have a bad reputation among tribes
living on the high ground, which rep
utation they upheld during our visit.
We engaged several Watwa natives
i carriers, but they only came to
see what they could steal. One day
shot a reed buck in sight of the
camp, and left two watwa to carry 11
in while I went after a hartbeest, but
I never say either men or buck again.
It was no use following them Into the
swamps, as they knew every inch ef
the ground and water.
They had small canoes hidden ev
erywhere, and Immediately they
crossed a stream they sunk the canoe
again -where they alone knew where
to find It. Our boys were airaia to
follow them, as they used poisoned
arrows and sometimes set poisoned
stakes in the tracks leading to their
Newport News, Va., July 33, 1903.
Last summer while recovering from ill
ness of fever, I had a severe attack of
Inflammatory Rheumatism in the knees,
from which I was unable to leave my
room for several months. I was treated
by two doctors and also tried different
kinds of linaments and medicines which
seemed to relieve me from pain for
awhile, but at the same time I was not
any nearer getting well. One day while
reading a paper I saw an advertisement
of S. S. S. for Rheumatism. I decided
to give it a trial, which I did at once.
After I had taken three bottles I felt a
great deal better, and I still continued
to take it regularly until I was entirely
cured. I now feel better than for years,
and I cheerfully recommend S. S. S. to
any one suffering from Rheumatism. l
613 3d St. Chas. E. GltDRRSUtBVB.
Rheumatism is caused by uric acid or
nme other acid poison in the Dlooa,
which when deposited in the muscles
and joints, produce the sharp, cutting
pains and the stiffness and soreness pe
culiar to this disease. 8. 8. 8. roes di
nrii. Into the cucnUtion. all irrita
ting tihaaancea are neutralised and
mtd out of the system, the blood Is
made pan and the general health is
bout ap waxier inc pwruymg sou wc
table remedy.
Write for oar spe
cial book on Rheu
matism which la
sent free. Our phy
sicians wUl aiwj
without charge-all
who will writ as
about their case
Swift SpMiao Craggy, Atlaajsvta,
Adam began It, the first of his race
Oivlns the practice renown: ,
Picked himself up when he tumbled
from grace,
Found he fell buttered side down,
Buttered side down.
All of creation falls buttered side
Stocks take a tumble 'twixt morning
and night
rauapii bv a weather man's frown
Gather our dust on tneir Douomwuru
Bound to fall buttered side down,
Buttered side down,
ah thinea financial fall buttered
side down.
. 1. 1 , 1 1.
Some day you una youneu '
In love,
vrttitmt airl In the town;
.(rural, lust note the
Apt to fall buttered aide down,
Rnttrf1 side down.
Cupid's adherents fall buttered side
MaLaughlln Wilson.
On your work. We quote right prices mid do only the best work.
Goodman-Thompson Co.
Telephone 811.
64.1 Muln Street.
The most complete and up-to-d:ite line of fashionable millinery at
popular prices ever shown in Pendleton, Is now on display at my store. I
have the largest stock this season I have ever carried.
Mrs. Rose Campbell
K. J. TAYLOlt, Iicssee and Manager
Two Nights.
Monday & Tuesday, Oct. 17-18
St. Helen's Hail
EST CLASS corps of teachers, loca
tion, building, equipment the best
Send for catalogue.
Opens September IB, 1904.'
Presenting, Monduy Night, the Great Southern Drams.
Tuesday Night,
Five Big VaudniUe Features. Free Street Parad Daaly.
Popular Price 25c, 35c and 50c.
. Seats on Sass Satsardajr at Tallman's.
St. Antony's
Private rooms, elegantly fur
nished. Finely equipped operat
ing room. Also Maternity De
partment. Every convenience necessary
for the cars ot the sick.
Telephone Main 1M.
a a a m A m m m m mm aaaaa aa AAA m M A Am a a a a a -
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Full line Victor Talking Ma
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" Scott & Gordon Piano House
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Is made from toe choicest wheat that grows. Good bread Is
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1 1
t i
And building Material of
descriptions is- sappUed by as J j
at reasonabla- prices. We mske , i
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turning spectaHy. ((
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Daily East OregonhH
only 15 essrla s weekt

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