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I. 7 '
Pommih all the soothing and
healing virtue of our native
white pine combined In a palat
able form. It Is unexcelled for
and Colds
25c and 50 a bottle only at
F. W. Schmidt,
Reliable Druggist.
P. O. Block. 'Phone Main M.
Weekly Letter
From Portland
Congressman w. Bourke Cockittn,
of New York. Is now campaigning In
Montana and Utah.
Three were killed Saturday night
in a head-on collision between two
passenger trains near Vicksburg,
The Simmons Hardware Company
has received the grand prize at the
St. Louis fair, on their "Keen Cutter"
Japanese officers made an official
count of 10.000 Russian corpses on
the battlefield of Shahke river Saturday.
Lieutenant H. A. Roberts, of the
Ft. Riley army post, died Sunday
from Injuries received while hunting
The internal revenue collections for
the mo nth of September were $20.
007.253. an increase of $299,011 over
September, 1903.
Mr. Brindle, a Butte dog won th
coursing contest against 118 compet
itors, at Frlen'!. Neb., Saturday. The '
purs? was $3500.
L. Hershfield, of Chicago, was fa
t-s!!y thot by burglars while routing
three burglars who were boring Into
his safe Saturday night.
Terrible fUxitls have occurred in
Algeria 'Vlthin the past , week. 14
Europeans ami 3' natives having
been drowned in swollen stream.?.
The divorce case of "Buffalo Bill",
against his wife lias been transferred
from Sheridan to Cheyenne and a
more speeifi complaint will be filed.
The Schenectady Locomotive works
are to close down at once. The plant
belongs to the locomr.tive trust and
"h1: the "rrMiil for locomotives
hjs never so gr?at as now, the tni-rt
wishes to rais? prices by limiting the
Nicholas Clinton, an early pioneer
of Astoria, died suddenly Sunday
The Portland W. C. T. U. has com
menced collecting a library to pre
sent to the battleship Oregon.
Eleven slot machines and their
contents were seized at Boise Satur-
day night in a raid by the police.
A branch of the church of Zlon will
' be established at Seattle. It is alleg
ed, by members now living there.
The Seattle arrived at Seattle from
Skagway, Sunday, with $230,000 in
gold and 204 passengers on board.
A. Hyndman, of Hou.ua! m, was cut
In pieces under the wheels wnne at
tempting to board a train Sunday.
Salem citizens have organized for
the purpose of collecting a magnifi
cent exhibit at the Lewis and Clark
Over $1000 was subscribed toward
the construction of the portage rail
way In Walla Walla, on Saturday
afternoon. .
Senator Clark has sold a half in
, terest in the Salt Lake. Ban Pedro &
Los Angeles railway to the Oregon
Short Line.
James Burke was shot and killed
Baturdav night by James Wilson, In
a gambling and bootlegging Joint at
Dublin, Idaho.
The Barbers' Union of Portland,
h rionlded to charge 25 cents for
all shaves given after 8 o'clock In the
evening, hair cuta to be 36 cents.
Walter Miles, clerk In a Salem
drug store, took a swallow of formal
dehyde for gin Sunday. Prompt
use of antidotes prevented his death.
Portland, Oct 24. Pendleton Is In
the eye of the republican state cen
tral committee, and the party man
agers have planned to bring all of the
republicans and a part of the demo
crats Into the fold when Senator
George C. Brownell of Oregon City,
Journeys from the West to the East
to explain the doctrines to the dwell
ers of the Bitgebrush and wheat belt
The republican manngers are mak
ing a great effort to line up the
whole party for Roosevelt and to se
cure as many dissatisfied voters out
side ns can be found. For that rea
son tne strenuous campaigning of
those districts which are known to
be safely republican has been Drasti
cally abandoned and the principal
pnuus or attack from this time on
will be where for any reason the re
publican vote has been In the past
scaiierea or divided.
Umatilla county Is looked upon as
comparatively safe at the republican
neactouarters, but the split of the past
few years Is remembered and there is
a lingering fear that not all of the
voters will get out when election day
comes. For this reason Senator
Brownell. who Is of most persuasive
mien, will be sent to Pendleton to
coax everyone to come out and vote
the straight ticket.
Portland Visitors.
Joe Sullivan and William Baker
of the firm of Baker & Sulllvun, are
in Portland for a few days on a bus!
ness visit. While surprised to bump
into a large batch of sunshine on
reaching the city, still both are al
ready longing for their native heath
and promise not to stay here longer
than necessary.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. R. McGraw
of Weston, visited with Portland
friends during the middle of the
week, en route to Corvallis.
R. N. Stanfield spent a few days at
the Imperial during the week, having
come to the city to attend to busi
ness In the Interests of his stock.
Miss Raley visited with Portland
friends for a short time during the
F. L. Poole, registered at the Im
perial Friday and will remain In the
city for a few days on business.
T. C. Taylor made a business trip
to Portland during the week and
while here talked a little politics with
his old comrades of the legislature.
dropped into the party headquarters
and found out generally about what
Is expected to happen, both In flie
I eastern ana western parts ot tne
1 state.
! Mrs. John Murphy and daughter
are visiting friends in the city for a
Charles H. Carter Is stopping at the
Imperial while visiting Mrs. Carter,
who Is In the Good Samaritan hospi
tal slowly recovering from her very
severe illness. Mr. Carter is very
much pleased at the improvement
being made by Mrs. Carter, who is
now convalescing and will in a short
time be able to be taken home.
Mrs. George Hayes is visiting in
the city for a few days.
David Taylor, the mayor of Athena,
is visiting relatives in Portland for.
a few days.
Jerry St. Dennis. Jr., of Athena,
left Portland Friday for California,
where he will spend the winter.
E. J. Sommerville is nt the Im
peviai while having his ears treated
by a Portland specialist. Mr. Som
meivllle will return home about the
fin:t of November.
If you are looking ior wheat land
or stock ranches, come ana wov "
w. have some of the best proposi
tions ever offered for sale in Eastern
Oregon. We have Just listed some
very desirable city property at low
Offlos E. O. Building.
Widow of Young Chief of the Uma
tilla Seeks a Division of Property.
A special from Lewlston, Idaho,
dated October 23: says.
James Kesh Kesh, a member of
the Umatilla tribe of Indians, brings
word that the widow of Young Chief
of the Umatlllas Is seeking a division
of the horses belonging to Chief
Joseph and demands half.
Kesh Kesh owns two farms on the
Nez Perce reservation and has Just
spent 10 days here looking after his
property interests. His wife is a
member of the Nee Perce tribe, but
lives near Pendleton with her husband.
"Eight years ago Young Chief,
who was the chief of the Umatilla
Indians, went Into partnership with
Chief Joseph In the horse trading
business," said he. "Young Chief
sent $87 head ot horses to Chief
Joseph at Nesphellm because there
was better pasture there.
"Six years ago Young Chief died,
and since that time his widow has
never 'received any money or horses
from Chief Joseph. She claims she
Is entitled to one-half of Joseph's
horses because of the partnership.
She has written to the agent at Nes
phellm, and If she canoe get the
horses that way I think she will sue.1
Kesh Kesh Is a well educated In
dian and speaks English fluently. He
Is a member of the Presbyterian
church, and hopes to see the time
when Indians will cease their war
dances and become citizens like white
men and when the chief will be. .a
thing of the past
He, however, does not think the
church element in the Nes Perce tribe
strong enough to prevent the election
of a new chief and the holding of a
bla war dance on that occasion. H4
says a large number of Umatilla In
dians are preparing to come to tne
feast when they learn where it win
h and when.
He thinks that - Chlel Joseph's
most probable successor is Three
Rule, a first cousin of the dead
chief. Three Eagle lives at LapwaL
Black Eagle, a nephew or uniei Jos
eph, who lives at Kamlah, la another
possible successor.
New Red Jacket Pump.
W. J. Clarke Co. have Just com
pleted and put Into successful oper
ation a Red Jacket pump In a well
If 1 feat deep for D. H. Nelson, who
resides six miles northwest, of the
The St George.
A. A. Hurrls, Sumpter.
C. C. Cox, Portland.
P. H. Harris, Seattle.
George T. Coyne, Portland
R. L. Yerxa, Umatilla.
A. E. King. Portland.
Miss YOulse Frost, New York.
Miss Estelle Dupee, New York.
Miss Mnyme Taylor, New York.
T. A. King, Everett
Carl Fouts, Dayton.
S. Schelhauer, San Francisco.
D. L. Itosenfield, San Francisco.
J. Wolfe, San Francisco.
A. C. Mclntyre. Omaha.
J. T. Wolfe. Walla Walla.
H. Campbell, Umatilla.
N. Shaw, Kern.
James G. Calllson, Fulton.
L. E. Cochran, oston. , .
J. W. Wutson, Portland.
P. K. Harmon, Salt Lake.
York Dell, Athena.
R. Raymond, Helix.
Fred Scranton, Helix.
Charles Coulter, Portland.
J. F. Pershing, Chicago.
Ivan Paine and wife, Milwaukee
J. C. Lonergan, Seattle.
W. S. Phelps, Portland.
A. A. Booth. Jordan Valley.
James Leslie, Seattle.
G. P. Miller. Walla Walla.
S. E. Starr, Helix.
J. F. McNaught, Hermiston.
J. A. Allison, Portland.
,F. J. Gardner, Portland.
The Bickers.
Mrs. K. McRae, city.'
R. C. MacLeod. Detroit
J. A. Lee, Monmouth.
E. Gule. Baker City.
B. E. Raybum, Walla Walla.
Hurry Jones and family, St. Joseph
Eugene W. Vest, St. LouIb.
Mrs. J. W. Meyrlck, Havana.
Miss Coffey, Muson.
G. H. Soner, Helix.
J. H. Summers. Jr., Walla Walla.
R. J. Yorxt, Umatilla.
Mrs. Yorxa, Umutllla.
Joyce, L. Roadruck, Irrigon.
Fred Crawley, Portland.
J. W. Hopper, Madras.
P. A. Worthington, Portland.
Albert Harala, Adams.
K. C. Wilson, Portland.
Oscar. Sundln, Portland.
George Peterson. La Grande.
W. T. York, ABhland.
J. D. Hastings, Joseph.
Mr. and Mrs. Rawmby, Portland.
J. Alloway, .city.
George Swogle, Salem.
('. H. Bailey and wife, Portland.
E. H. Burke. Portland.
v E. Gale, Baker City.
E. Gale. Baker City.
J. V. Thompson and wife, Denver,
Jack Howard, Baker City.
Mrs. H. B. Crook. Athena.
('. V. Slackdale, Chicago.
Charles W. Homer, Portland,
Mrs. J. E. Cummlngs. Curlee.
J. A.' McLaughlin, city.
W. Belcheimer.
William J. Moore. Spokane.
Hoy Salisbury, A'lnson.
A. I.aiig and wife. city.
The Pendleton.
M. P. Kamarl, Portland.
M. J. Malony, Portland.
Sam Hexter, New York.
Fred Hall, San Francisco.
S. H. Coddon. Minneapolis.
F. Muellhaupt, Portland.
C. E. Nelson. Newton.
E. L. Griffey, Denver.
A. Mnntelth. ;
Thomas Nester, Portland.
John Page, La Grande.
W. H. Strayer and wife, aker City.
Mrs. George Strayer, aker City.
H. Smailes. Walla Walla.
H. M. Ogden, Portland.
H. P. Rothermel, San Franciscoi.
R. D. Fulton, Portland.
Robert S. Boyns, Portland.
F. H. Grimm, Portland.
Albert Gompers, San FranclBCO.
E. Costello, Starbuck.
J. Melcher, Starbuck.
G. McCully, Spokane. t
S. G. Duivsv Portland.
W. R. McHoberts. Spokane.
M. H. Patton, Spokane.
J. W. Davis. Oshkosh.
Wm. R .StUTgis, city.
Special Coat and Suit Sale
For one week beginning; Saturday, October 15th, and ending; Saturday, October 22, we
each lady or girl who buys a tailor-made suit or new winter coat of. us PRESENT of a nice Fur
of latest style. The fur will bo worth from 10 per cent to 15 per cent of the value of die cos, w
purchased. Buy your coat here Oils week and
Get Free a Good Fur Boa
Winslow Bros.
Glen Winslow
-K. F. Winslow
In combining our stock we can present a great variety of the
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Insurance, Real Estate, and
e Mortgage Loans. 119 OoaR St!
f t'
J' i t V
Afllt Your Grocer
Cood plumbing Is always the cheapest. It has tl lasting quali
ties. It saves you repair bills. Always entrust your work to thorough,
reliable and competent plumbers. Our force Is made up of the best
xperienced workmen. Strict attention paid to sanitary features of
"Flnnigan's Hall".' Very Good:
'Flnnlgan's Ball" pleased a laegc
audience at the Frazer theater Sat
urday night. The performance- was-
by far the most enjoyable and praise
worthy of the mirth-provoking play
that have come to Pendleton this
fall. Gallagher and Barrett are
comedians, well known In the theat
rical world and always carry witte
them a company of clever artists:
The Keith Stock Company will open
a week's engagement at the Fraaer-
tomorrow evening.
Colorado's Trial Tripi
Boston, Mass., Oct, 22. The board
of naval officers appointed to con
duct the government trial of the -n
armored eruiser Colorado). gatlMrea
In Boston today In preparation tor
the trial: trip of the vesselL The trial
will take place- over the Cape Ann
course next Wednesday. The Colo
rado wtB be commanded by Captain
Duncan Kennedy, U. 8. N. ,
OiMnets tl a Ihnen.
We make full sised, first-class cab
inet photos for tl per dozen. Burns
Bres., near the bridge.
On your work.
We quote right prices and do only the best work.
Goodman-Thompson Co
All size Jars, crocks, Jufl, tbj
We will make the pric U
tory. ,See us.
Prof. Katl Gtfioj
Instructor on piano and otrf
Terms, 75c per less
Orchestra furnished '
lOll East Court Street. 'Pb1
Red 1(3.
Telephone 811.
MS Main Street.
Wta It Is rm DeaantC, It Chrews
Ralr preparations and dandruff cures,
as a rule, are sticky or Irritating a flairs
that do no earthly good. Hair, when not
diseased, grows naturally, luxuriantly.
Dandruff Is the cause of nine-tenths of
all hair trouble, and dandruff Is eausad
by a germ. The only way to cure dand
ruff si to kill the germ; and. so tsr, the
only hair preparation that will positively
destroy the germ Is Nswbro's Hsrpktlde
absolutely b armies, zree Irom crease,
sediment, dye matter or dangerous drugs.
It allays itching instantly; maaesnatr
glossy and soft as silk. "Destroy the
cause, yon remove the effect." Sold by
leading druginsts. Bend 10c in stamps for
sample to Toe Herpleide Co., Detroit,
p. W. Schmidt Co, special agents,
Good Shoes Cheaper than
Ever at the $20,000
Dissolution Sale
Ladies' kid, patent tip, heavy or light sole shoes, regular 12. SO
lvalues, now tlM
Ladies' kid, patent Up, heavy or light soled shoes, 12.00 values,
nW ' tiM
Ladles' Dong, patent tip, heavy sole, $1.75 values; now $i.,8
Ladles' Dong, patent tip, heavy soled shoes, regular $1JS
values; now only . . . l 85
All of oar fine stock of shoes are going at big reductions, ex
cept "Queen Quality " which are contract shoes.
Dindinger, Wilson , Co.
Good Shoes Cheaper Thaa Kve.
S I have good, sound f 'l
Is delivered si r j
i w. c mm
Leave Order 1
f . ' Cigar Store.
The Colcu
Lodging Ho
fortabl room f08"
In connection.
5 goods are served.
a t
a of s
Main strt, center
. tween Alta end J
j F. X. SCBEj
: morn030 j
e ,,t

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