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3 ll -j r:1! rfikxcA I DAILY EVENING EDfTIO?l
J gilHBBHHHHHHMIMH r Tonight and Thursday probablr
NO. 5194.
Data Upon Which is
1 ; tvnurtation to i nu
i. iwiitwl by a Dam
L Hi, prov,,,c
i - . Urolith
y mrrx-y
Itf&ormoasb-'to Uie Wealth
Vcwiatr-VVork M"'
1,011 Keit Spring Acre
-,,,Itollse -Project Will
j .
' f khlitler atatea that the
t rKlajroitton surveys will
(1jslh: eomptoUd In Malheur
i lirtai h .present month.
fMraphr f th "'''!'Dle
m ken uwrtatned, and all
jinoi throuxh which Irrigation
I, n psatlble Wu been devel
nii aapt showing nil dtffer
li Annan -at five feet or
ml Uie exact locution of ull
ratou. Mfetht with the
aitto 4f suida.
und drill work has progressed
i ike sunnier at the possible
to, md tett pita dun over u
Jal.of the possible waste-way
mil U thought thin work will
'lomplttetl before the middle
m. The diamond drill exam-
m Ur do not Indicate any
ultrlalrr different from what
utidpiied. and on the whole.
Um apiMara somewhat more
tm than at the beginning of
Wnlkai;in.tli Suttiiu.
! Mfanhatlon of water user
ik Hilhtur Water Uaer's Asm-
0 Hi cone ahead, and If tin y
" fflSble J make or accept a
propoaltlon before the mid
list tinier, It la possible con
: toy iK&n , eariy jn tn,-j-
Were are many question of
pivuer rights which the water
" want to adjust prior
" riilnr if tthe government
to u nearly aa possible clear
t If lltlfation.
"tl llei above the mouth of
nwr (also above On
11 Utr aarrowt to an ub
luJnirraw oanyon about five
' b rtlch opens at the up
IntoJUttle Valley, ubi.ve
"anllw narrows again into
" mile Ui leiiKth
Mid tanyoh there Ian
!lWnf what Is known as
w ranch. The Harper
TtW l0K' "
one and one-half mlloa
present themselves
1 kaL '0n' 8bove Llte Vul
i,. bl0" Little Valley,
i "wr Inrhn.. . ......
(eta. e oener
which would be under water from
this project, now yield, under care
ful cultivation, from six to eight tons
of alfnlfa eacn ye-r- At Per ton.
a fair average price, this land can
not he worth less than llou per acre.
With the final Improvement of all
lands near the project, tt Is believed
the average price of land would be
little less, and p'ossibly more, which
would mean an actual iproperty value
of 110,000,000 for Improved farming
lands alone
Other Vauc KquaV .
It la held hy high financial and sta
tistical authorities that all other val
uations will equal that of the farms,
this estimate being the value of the
town and railroad properties and
other property not distinctively farm
properly and dependent upon It nnd
developed with the Improvement of
the lands.
The $2,700,000 which will be spent
on a h iprdjeot will be spent In the
Malheur valley. This amount many
times exceeds the present value of
ad the property In the Irrigable re
gion. Ten per cent. Interest on thlB
amount for one day Is just $700, and
It Ib euslly seen that every duy'a poBt
amement of the project means a loss
of $700 per day to the valley.
The estimate of $SO per acre as
fhe cost of the project will be met by
Ihe "water users under the act by the
payment of $? per acre per year for
ten years. Another, and a good bus
iness view of the proposition Is that
$30 paid In this way Is equivalent of
a cash payment of little more than
$20, counting Interest at 10 per cent.
which la the prevailing rate now In
Malheur county.
Wltnewt Calls for Help and the Per
petrator Escape.
New Ulm, Minn., Nov. 2. Dr. L.
A. Oebhard, a dentist aged 20, was
murdered In his office last night. A.
P. Brooks, a newspaper proprietor,
with his office beneath the dental of
fice, heard the scuffle- and found the
door lucked. He looked through the
transom and saw the murderer deal
Oebhard blows on the head with
hammer, felling him. He then stab
bed the unconsctouB man.
Brooks culled for help and the
murderer Jumped through a window
and escaped. There Is no clue to
motive of -the -murderer.
Convicted MlHHnari IfaMHlleir Will Ap-
" pear fur Trial.
St. Louis, Nov. 2. John A. (Kid)
Sherldun. former member of the
house of delegates whOBe tilal for
bribery in connection with the subur
ban deal has been delayed on account
of his Illness, died this morning.
Sheridan was convicted and sentenc
ed to five years, but the supreme
court remanded the case.
:iitH,s wiu, ;;hi.(;ati;
I fck , 10 me belie
,hHt event
fZ.,!he etr,!me ui",er
"-erven-.wm be 5rom ,a
I ,h. approximately
V Hter
' rol"ble that
JW"tL "na Il",re
p. """PPlTforaiithe
LH ' lon i aPPxl
Vllnl lM u Th -
4 hti. "'w' to r.vn,i pi
'"g less
An'lilentul Uvortiiriiluic of a Jjiiitorii
.'iliiHel tlK' DlnuHtur Horses,
(Ctntlii, Jliiy uiul lliirneHH Itotttroyeri,
anil Miirh Otlior CliattolM Insur
ance Was Fur Memeutli the Value,
ad Uie ham I'nlls Heavily on jLouis
Mwlkjr. .
n bo ?! r,ver i-
'"'Mlon Mme 01s-
. u4. W i 'h." ara f
The bam of imile Muller, on his
farm Ive nillei west of Helix, was
burned ,lnst nljfUt hetveen y and 9
o clock, nnd waa a. total lam. . "
The ire was cruised by the acci
dental turning over jif a lantern used
by a hired man , udiile , eitgaged la
leeaing Uie stock. A tremendous ef
fort .was .made by the man and by
others to save the--barn, but their
work avulied nothing .whatever, as
ne Interior of the bam was a roar
ing mass of flames wilhjrt a few mo-
nnui. The flight headway tt. gain
ed at the atact could .no ,be checked,
as there 'was considerable wind and
the flames were n'uor.flged .by a
strong draft which drove, them into
the hay and forage :
The loss includes two- harses, 00
sacks. of grain, from 0 to Ml tons of
hay and 14 sets of harness. Besides,
there was considerable odds and
ends burned, all of some value! but
not classified.
The loss will aggreguteover $000,
with only $1000 Insurance.
The barn was about five years old
and one of the best? arrangea and
largest structures of the kind in the
Helix country.
Trial Trip Armored Cruiner.
Rockport. Mass., Nov. t. The ar
mored cruiser West Virginia, Is mag
ln a trial trip today over the ther
the Cape Ann course, ...The govern
ment requirement Is 21 knots. The
average speed over the first two stages
of the course was less than the re
Conrad Lund, at Tacoma. has con
fessed to stealing t00 from a hoard
of $000 kept by Philip Tuckard un
der his house.
Made Unsuccessful Attempt
to Get the Drop on Would
Be Bank Robbers.
Sherirrn Potwr Is Hot on Their Trail
ami Overtook Tliem on Gray Bull
Itlver One of Them Is Supposed
lo lluve Been Injured, But No Of.
riciulH Were Runt Robbers Escap
ed a Heeond Time on Stolen Horncs
and Have IMxappeared, But With
a Great Oeiitalntjr of Being Again
Cody, Wyo., Nov. 2. Two unknown
cowboys who have been loafing
aioin.J thin Voce tor the past wib
this afternoon wVked Into ths First
National Bank cf this plae and with
drawn pratols ordered handj ui.
Kvei official and clerk Instecl of
complying Jumped for his gun, a sup
ply of which are cached In varloub
corners of the bank, and began to
fire on the Intruders, who took to
the street, firing In return, but doing
no damage.
The .cannier, I. O. Mlddaugh, not
content with the retreat of the rob
toera, followed them Into the street
and was shot through the chest by
one gi the robbers, and Instantly
killed. '
The robbers who were In full re
tnat when they left the bank, then
climbed upn their horses and fled at
full speed, entirely bootless, having
not secured a dollar. Many citizens
tired at them as they fled.
A' .putuie. . was Immediately formed
und is on the trial of the robbers, who
are .beaded apparently for the Gray
J-.nl'. river and Southern Montana.
-Mlildaugh was the only person In
jured unless it be that one of the rob
bers was shot, which is uncertain,
though It Is very strange should they
Irnwe -gotten away without being hurt,
as a dosen citizens took shuts at
.them before they disappeared.
Former Were Captured in
Northern Manchuria, the
Latter at Port Arthur.
Money rirrfps in Liondon Are Greatly
Alarmed and llnie for Peace at
Any I"rlce Coroner's Verdict In the
Inquest at Hull, England, Is Non
committal In tlie Extreme Pro
grew Being Made Toward the Con
vention to Investigate tlie North
Nea Incident Generals for Manchuria.
Rome, Nov. 2. Dispatches from
Manchuria state that the Russians
lust 2000 men and four guns in the
fighting Monday last. The Japanese
tight and center continue the envel
oping movement.
It is also said the Japanese cap
tured forts 15 and 16 at Port Arthur.
All Quiet Along tlie Kliahke.
Ht. Petersburg, Nov. 2. Sakharoff
reports the night passed quietly along
Ihe Shahke river. Yesterday there
were a few indecisive bombardments
uf outpost stations.
gottatlons to raise fears of a new
crisis. The two governments are
studying, elaborating the details of
the International commission Inquiry.
The present negotiations are toward a
settlement of these details."
Mnncliiirliin Commanders.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 2. It Is an
nounced this evening that General
Llnevltch will take command of the
first Manchurlan army and General
Kaulbars of the third, under Kuro-patkin.
Holding Onto Troops.
Gibraltar, Nov. 2. The fiftieth
company of artillery, which was pre
paring to embark ,,for Sierra Leon,
has been ordered to remain here.
'Outlaws Put Vp a Field.
Cheyenne, Nov. 2. A telephone
message Ifrom Meeteese slates that
the posaee.that left here at midnight
.came atpan the Cody bank robbers at
.daylight in a lonely spot ou Gray
hull river.
The .outlaws put up a stiff fight
and got away, one being Injured. A
hundred -shots were fired. The horses
of the bandits were Jaded. The pos
see secured fresh mounts and expect
ed the bandits .to be taken soon.
1m ithe 'encounter with the robbers
liLHt night one of the outlaws was
w'ounded. but no officers were hit.
Two "hundred shots were fired. The
robbers stole fresh horses at a corral
arid isapiiuured near Meeteese.
Charged Whit fsing tlie .Malls to
Work a Fraud.
Omaha, Nov. 2. Henry Hauflalr.
recordlnn; secretary, and John Cush
Ing. president of the South Omaha
Trades and Labor Council, are under
arrest charged with- using the mails
to defraud. ...
It Is alleged they sent out circulars
asking money to pay the fines of
men clnvlcted during the recent meat
strike,' the money to be paid Hauf-
lalre, w ho had no authority to receive
It. - - ; -
; 'Pasquato e1 nve Tears'. f v
"Walla Walla. Nov. 2. Joseph Fns
uualo,.Xhe Italian who killed .Doml.
nlco Valerlo, will have five years- In
prison to meditate on his trash deed
He was sentenced by Judge Brents
lust evening after his attorney, Oscar
Cain, had battled for a hew trial and
it bad been overruled by itke Court.
Notice of an apeal to the supreme
court was at once filed.
Guarding Gibraltar.
Gibraltar.! Nov. 2. The Isis, Boom
erang and. Rinarooma left today with
a torpedo boat flotilla to patrol the
Straits of Gibraltar. ' The entrances
to the harbor are closed with boom
defenses and search lights are being
used continually.
DIhtuss Terms stf Imp dry.
London, Nov. 2. The foreign office
confirms the departure of Admiral
Kojestvensky ond his fleet from Vigo.
He was Instructed that he must pre
vent any Injury to foreign shipping
while en route for the east. "In com
pliance with the Anglo-Kuffian
agreement the foreign office adds
that four Russian officers were left
behind at Vigo. The two govern
ments are new discussing the terms
of the proposed Inquiry."
English Statesmen Confer.
London. Nov. 2. Premier Balfour
this afternoon had a conference with
Prince Louis of Hattenberg. head of
the naval intelligence bureau: Lord
Selbourn, first lord of the admiralty;
Foreign Secretai-y Lansdowne. Later
Ihe secretary for foreign affairs hud
a conference with Arnold Forster,
secretary of war.
Damage to Property $11)0,000, But No
Persons Injured.
Mount Vernon, N. T., Nov. 2. A
pasting train on the New Haven rail
road caused an explosion of dynamite
stored under the Bond street bridge,
this afternoon, injuring two score
people, wrecking the bridge and dam
aging many buildings In the vicinity.
No one was killed. The dynamite
was being used in construction work.
The damage will reach $100,000.
Walls of Waterworks Reser
voir Give Way and Flood
North Carolina Town.
KEI.L 1700 FEET.
Ten Miuers Crushed and Drowned at
Bottom of Shaft.
Wllkesbarre, Pa., Nov. 2. It is re
ported that a cage carrying 18 miners
fell to the bottom of Achinloss mine
at Nanticoke, 10 miles south, this
morning, and all the miners . were
Cable Broke, ElKhtcen Killed.
Later The cable broke, precipitat
ing the carriage load of men several
hundred feet. The hoisting gear was
There was much difficulty In
reaching the men. The mine is own
ed by the Delaware. Lackawanna &
Western Coal Company.
Ten Were Killed.
The victims, Poles and Slavs, were
10, in the cage. The bottom of the
shaft was filled with water. Those
not crushed by the fall were drown
ed. The cage got beyond the con
trol of the engineer and dropped 1700
Chicago Grain. ,
Chicago, Nov. 2. Dece ruber wheat
opened $111. closed $l.Utt; May
opened $1.11 tt. closed $1.12. Corn
opened 48, closed 48 H- . Oats open
ed 28, closed 28.
Vesuvius in Eruption.
Naoles. Nov. 2. Vesuvius is aaratn
showing signs of activity. The cra
ter Is emitting a dense column oi
Pope Had Heart Failure,
Rome, Nov. t. The pope had an
attack of heart failure during the
night Dr. Lapponl gave Immediate
relief. . '
Portland Jail Broken.
Portland. Nov. 1. Five prisoners
broke from the county jail In the
heart of the city last night. .
Attornav General Crawford holds
that miinlolns.1 bonds are subjeot to
taxation same as other public stock.
Molded Interests Scared.
London, Nov. 2. It Is learned that
Lord Lansdowne has reported the
progress of negotiations with Russia
to the cabinet, ulthough a complete
agreement has not been reached. '
The business community is still un
easy,;' Consols closed at 8-16 down.
Leopold Rothschild and other, great
financial Interests have been making
the strongest kind of representations
to both London and St. Petersburg
In tlu interests of peace. It Is point
rd out that Europe Is In no position
economically, to .weather a strain,
and Wur would result in appalling and
far-reaching commercial disaster.
Excitement Has Abated.
Gibraltar. Nov. 2. All . excite
ment caused bv the mobilization ves.
terday has abated, und he crisis is
believed to be over.
" Final Draft Being Made.
London, Nov. 2. The cabinet met
this morning at Balfour's home. It is
believed the final draft of an Anglo
Russian convention Is. under consid
eration. .
- Inquest and Verdict.
.Hull, Nov. 2. The coroner's In
quest into the firing on the trawlers
by the Russian warships began this
aftenoon. The fishermen testified
that owing to the continual play of
the Russian searchlights they were
able to see clearly a long distance.
They saw no craft resembling torpedo
Later The coroner's Jury returned
the following verdict:
"The fishermen were killed ' by
shots fired without warning or prov
ocation from, certain war vessels."
The verdict purposely attaches no
blame and made no recommendations
to the International commission.
No Fears of a Crisis
London, Nov. I. The Russian em
bassy this afternoon Issued the fol
lowing: , ,
"Nothing has .occurred lri the ne-
Strenuous Hustling for Democratic
New Tork, Nov. 2. Parker spent
tie morning writing speeches for his
Connecticut tour.
.: H!i throat is not In good condition
and he will have It sprayed so as to
gt Into shape for two speeches to
night, one at . Cooper Union, the
other at Carnegie Hull. At the close
of the meeting Parker will be given
a reception by the club. He will leave
for Connecticut at 10 tomorrow.
Despite dentals, It Is still a possi
bility that Parker will make a trip
to Indiana pofnls for speeches Monday.
Million mid a Half Gallons of Warn
Devastated Over a Mile of Tens
tory Cause Not Known and ifio--sKinsibllity
Not Yet Fixed Km
Warning of the Catastrophe, assl
; People Were Drowned In Tbrar
Beds Heavy Masonry Moved a sat
Bodies Were Carried a Mile,
Salem, N. C, Nov. 2. The north
wall of the brick reservoir of tka
Winston water works burst at ( this
morning killing. 10 or more persoasu
white and colored. The water swept,
away a number of " dwellings. The
cause of the disaster is not ascertain
ed. No Warning; of Disaster.
Salem, Nov. 2. Seven are knosiB
to be dead and many are missing.
When the wall of the reservoir
collapsed It burled the home of Mar
tin Peoples, with Mb family. Thir
teen residences were destroyed.
A million and a half gallons ssT
water escaped, devastating over av
mile of territory. The colored set
tlement In the vicinity of the reser
voir 1b entirely wrecked. Negroes)
and whiteB are both working to res
cue the victims.
The cause of the disaster was the
overflow of the reservoir. It Is not
known who Is responsible. The res
ervoir burst without warning, asT'
victims were drowned while sleepiest '
One couple floated on a bed for )
yards and neither was Injured.
The known dead are: Mrs. Pea
pies, Mrs. John Poe and daughter.
Thomas Southern and five negroes.
Seventeen Dead. L
Snleni, Nov. 2. It Is believed tint
dead will reach 17. Many vidian
were pinned under the debris as?
wrecked houses, and many bodies!
were washed Into Beloes pond.
mile away. The pond Is being drag
ged for bodies.
Masonry from the reservoir weigh
ing tons was carried half a mile. One
child was reseued from a tree' haHS
a mile from He -house.
Other recognized dead are: Hint.
Vogler, Mrs. Houthere and Bon, Miss
Octuvia Bailey, Lucille Malone an
Caroline Martin, the two last name
bdng colored.
Well Known V inalllla Comity Klieep
nian Is Optimistic und Declares
Everything Is to Be Gained hy the
Sheepmen Refusing to Contract in
. Advance and hy Hunglng Together
When tlie Wool Market (k-iis in
Uie Spring.
It is reported that the 1905 "wool
clip of Wallowa county, Is being con
tracted at from 16 to 18 cents per
pound and that a large proportion
of the clip Is already sold at those
Buyers are scouring the country In
every direction and the keenest com
petition among buyers and commis
sion companies exists.
In speaking of the wool situation
in Umatilla county, A. H. Sunderman,
the -Well known sheepman, says:
"Owing to the scarcity of wool in
the markets of the world and espec
ially In the markets of the United
States, wool prices and sheep prices
promise to be excellent next year, no
matter who is elected president.
"The Influence of the election Is
not being felt Irt the market; the
high prices are caused now and will
be caused next year by the need of
wool by the scarcity of the commod
ity In the wool centers.
"The old wool Is all sold out of
the commission warehouses in the
markets, new avenues of trade are
consuming greater quantities of wool
and the narrowing range area is re
ducing the wool clip in different wool
producing districts each year, so the
prospect for good prices is entirely
Independent of the election or its re
sult. Neither party can increase the
visible wool supply of the world nor
check the increasing demand for
wool, as population increases.
"So far, there is not a pound of
wool contracted In Umatilla county,
and I hope there will not be. The
wool of this county has been of so
much value to the wooIgTowera, that
I hope It will be sacredly regarded
hereafter and not a pound of wool
sold outside of tt."
Man Dlsiiiemliei-ed anil Kohhed, aasT
Murderer EsaieH,
Vienna, Nov. 2. A ghastly murder
In the populous suburb of MarluhiuT
is the sensation of the day. Johama
Slkora, aged 73, a wealthy widower,
who had been missing, was fouasl
sewn in u stick hi tlie apartment at
a couple named Klein.
It seems to be established that the
woman, Franclsca Klein, alone com
mitted the crime. She decoyed His- '
ora into her lodging, strangled bins,
cut off his limbs and then placed the
portions In a sack, which she hid be
hind a sofa where they were foundl
All this was done during the absenc
of the husband, who, on his retura. ,
slept with his wife In the room m
which the body wus lying.
After murdering Slkora, Franclsca
went to his apartments and by meana
of keys taken from his dead bodK
robbed his safe of money and stocks
to the amount of several - thousaartf
dollars. The following day she and
her husband fled and have not ye
been apprehended. It Is believe
they may. have taken passage ts
A merlca.
Sulfide at Asylum.
Salem, Nov. 2. Charles Werdaau
an Inmate of the asylum, aged M
years, committed suicide at that insti
tution 'yesterday morning by hangina;
himself. He tied a silk handkerchief
around his neck and one of the wis
dow guards, then turned his back a
the window and sat down. The re
sult was strangulation. Coroaer
Clough was called, and after examin
ing the circumstances thoroughly ex
onerated the asylum officials and at
tendants from any carelessness In tea
Jewish Riots.
Lemberg. Galicia, Nov. 2. Riots
have occurred at Lieff in consequeacat
of the mobilisation of the reserrea.
Mobs at Bugustaw, Waasylkow aa
Kaniow are reported to have attack
ed the houses and shops of the Jen.-
Troops Interfered and a number were
killed. More troops are en route Us
the district.
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