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No Gambling devices to catch
trade. We sell the lowest.
Frederick Nolf
Hard maple gume boards, 0c
to 8.5.
Supply l Vucpruiln and Temporary.
While tlie Demand U Sure and Con
tinuum Just Now Tlicre Ih Activi
ty In Itoth Supply and Dcnuuid
Turkey Ruining Should lie ludo a
Regular Industry.
Iron nations, Mr to S3.DS
Veloc-iiedes, i.SO to 2.5.
Sniull Iron Carts. ;tc to 8:o.
School Books and
School Supplies
With very few exceptions, turkey
farming Is an Industry that Is un-1
known In the Northwest. Almost
every fiirtner who keeps fowls of any j
sort rallies a few of the birds that are J
so highly prized on Thanksgiving day, j
and no feast during Christmas week !
Is considered fit to be partukeii of!
unless graced by their very presence:
but then the growing of turkeys as a 1
speciutty is almost unheard of.
Local markets must needs depend 1
for their supply of turkeys upon the j
uncertain supply to be furnished by
the farmer who. If his Inclination j
and the absence of pests and disease
allowed to rear a half dozen more of j
the fowls than he needed for his own ,
Friction Is known to exist In the
beef trust and the Swift Interests are
expected to secede and organize an
Judge W. H. Moore, of Chicago,
lately paid In New York J8000 cash
for a Hackney pony 11 hnnda nnd: swine, chickens, sheep or cuttle
mrve mullet, iiigii.
Charles W. Post, of Battle Creek
Mich., the multo-mllllnnafre "Post-
em" man, has married his stenogra-
Itally the turkeys are being brouKht
to town. The back of almost every ,
lumber wagon contains a crate of the j
red crested birds or a few sacks of j
the creatures, with their knotty, won
dering heads protruding from holes
in the gunny. Like the house wife
disposes of her superfluous hens or
extra dozen of eggs, the farmer sells
his turkeys. The time has not yet
come when the general raising of tur
keys In Oregon will be an industry
followed as closely as the fattening of
pher three weeks after being dlvorc- j ttwr "" Words Far Prlnt.il
by Publicity Bureau.
The officials of the Lewis and Chirk
xpositlon evidently have made a ten-
American Consul Fowler at Chee
foo, is known to believe that the "Jig ;
to up" very nearly with Russia in strike in establishing a general press
Stanchuriu. and that Port Arthur , bureau to promote Its interests. Al
wlll soon surrender. i though the publicity department is
George W. Scoville, of Norwich, i onl' tlvo weeks oUl the results of Its
fonn.. a veteran of the civil war, nnd i endeavors are strongly felt at head
two Indian wars and a survivor of ' nuarters, says the Oregon Dally Jour-
three shipwrecks, died November 19, "ah
choked to dentil by a fishbone.
Engineer C. F. Guyant drew n solid
mall train November 19. from Tole
In the little room turned over to !
ilatuiKer Frank L. Merrick and his
assistant, W. L. Hrltulley, there Is a
do. O., to Kendallville. 92 miles, at I 8"a,'book alnlng 138 pages of
-mii.iiik neiii in irom various news
papers that have used the matter sent
from the general publicity bureau.
This total includes all kinds of arti
cles, descriptive nnd otherwise con
cerning the fair. Since It was estab
lished six mimeographed letter of 2,
Oill) words have been sent out by the
bureau to not less than noon papers.
Tills lias caused two duplicating ma
chines to work overtime. The mat
ter thus provided the country press Is
nearly always used, as demonstrated
by the remarkable returns of clip
pings. It is an astonishing statement, but
nevertheless a fact, that pver 40,000,
000 words have been printed In the
United tSates about the Lewis and
'lark exposition within a fortnight.
'And yet there are local people who
profess to believe that the show, has
not been advertised.
the rate of 62 miles an hour. Seven
miles was made in four minutes.
William Wagner, of Bucyrus. O.,
had a presentiment of death, acting
upon which he bought a coffin, se
lected burial clothes nnd arranged all
preliminaries nnd died of heart fail
ure three days later.
There are 15 miles' of freight tun
nels under Chicago, and the system
Is to be greatly expanded. A com
pany capitalized at (50,000,000 and In
which King Edward owns stock, has
been organized for that purpose. ,
An automobile near Eastchester, N.
V.. ran into and wrecked old man
demon's wagon In the night and
nearly killed the old man outright.
To save themselves, the nutomoblle
people left him unconscious to die
by the roadside with the thermomter
nearly at freezing. There Is little
clue to the perpetrators of the outrage.
The 60th annual conference of the
Congregational church at Oregon City
is In session. Rev. P. S. Night, of Sa
lem, who was pastor at Oregon City,
during 155-6, is attending.
A general agitation in favor of the
development of Idaho's dairy inter
ests Is In progress. Tne state pro
duces 500,000 pounds of butter per
jear and consumes 3.750,000 pounds.
Between 6 o'clock p. m. Sunday
last, and 6 o'clock p. m. of the next
day, 5.35 inches of rain fell at As
toria. Even the people down there
admitted they were having a damp
Stewart B. Wlnslow, pilot for the
Norma, on the Snake, has Invented
a flying machine that will fly, of
course, though It has not yet done
so It will be tested In a short time
at Lewlston.
The 26th anniversary of the or
ganization of the First M. E. church
at Spokane, was on November 20
made the occasion tor raising 122,350
which was 12360 more than the debt
against the church.
The Fargo Mining; company at
Asotin, Wash., Is capitalized at 1.000,
M0 shares at $1 per share. One
third of Its stock la hung up In a law
suit lately begun against the compa
ny by M. A. and L. D. Lively.
At Payette, Idaho, November 21,
C. B. Jackson drank from a jug
which he supposed contained water.
ut In reality he drank a solution of
arsenic and soda used In spraying
trees, and was dead within an hour.
Kayak lTwqiectM Have Been Hidden
to Ih-ovoiit a Suimiiede.
The oil operatois who ure working
in the oil fields in the vicinity of Val- ,ne Frazer. and present Indications
dez and on Kayak island, are seeking Point to still larger attendance dur-
Hotel St. George.
T. C Shaw, St. Paul.
A. D. Chose, Boston.
L. II. Beneway. Rochester.
Mr a. Eva Stromberg. Caldwell.
J. A. Freeman, Portland.
W. L. Marshall, Portland.
Walter B. Day, New York.
D. A. Smith, New York.
J. O. Long and wife, Spokane.
R. K. Wheeler.
Miss May Hill.
A. R. Rabson, Seattle.
T. H. Mills nnd wife. Baker City.
Albert Hess, Portland.
John P. Hayden. Portland.
L. H. -Miller, city.
J. W. Watson, Portland.
R. Burns and . wife.
W. A. Warren, Wisconsin.
H. Sohmide and wife, Athena.
A. F. Bernard, Portland.
S. Barber and wife, Athena.
A. H. Rawltzer, Omaha.
John Beatln, Kansas City.
A. v. Marble, Columbus.
W. B. Parker. Snn Francisco.
A. B. Vaughn. Baker City.
A. Leveridge.
Hotol Dickers.
A. J. Evans and wife. Walla Walla.
Mrs. Marie Evans, Walla Walla.
G. N. Wayne, Colfax.
R. W. Case, Dale.
Mr. Guild and wife, Milton.
H. S. Waters. Santa Rosa.
L. J. Kirk nnd wife. Athena.
Earl Strahan, Spokane.
J. W. Cameron. Chicago.
F. B. Van Cleve, Echo.
I). (. Saunders. Freewater.
Mrs. H. N. Willis. White Salmon
William Husta, city.
A. Linge. Suit Luke.
L. Bratcher and wire, Pomeroy.
J. D. Corbett, North Fork.
George M. Hays, Huron.
W. R. Biting, city.
F. W. Fawk, Kirksdall.
Dozier Bros,, Nowlfn.
The Pendleton.
H. P. Gardner, Omaha.
H. M. Htoel, Portland.
Tom Galloway, city.
C. A. Farr, Portland.
Max Mayer, San Francisco.
C. It. Baxter, Grand Rapids.
C. W. Carter, San Francisco.
N. L. Chamberlain, Boise.
A. D. Rummel. Snn Francisco.
A. o. Harrison, Chicago.
L. A. Crulkshank, Portland.
W. A. llknche, Lincoln.
). Roth, Spokane.
O. W. Hunt. Echo.
George D. Galley, Portland.
W. It. Gleudennlng, Portland,
Joseph Dnmaln, city.
D. E. Ferrlll and wife, Wall
Thomas A. Purdy, Portland.
Fred Roth. Portland.
Bert Hawkins, Seattle.
Jerome Splutt, Fort Wayne.
H. W. B. Smith, Baker City.
T. J. Moore, Snn Francisco.
Mrs. Booth, Spokane,
J. P. Clurk and wife, Idaho.
Martin Murray, Ireland.
G. S. Youngman, Portland.
E. B. Cnman, Portland.
M. H. Patton, Spokane.
G. McCully, Spokane.
S. G. Dunn, Portland.
E. Costello, Starbuck.
W. N. McRoberts, Spokane.
- ""H'
Thanksgiving Sal
Tabic llnpns at nig reductions; kchiik i-m - "" tuncung at Sc yd- I
Good, Inrsc both towels, 13c grade, for this week, only lflc Clothing of all kinds reduced"
10 Ladies' Suits at One-Half the Regular Prk
crp 1-t-i rc it CDcriAi nADr.i iiuc "V
The Standard of Endurance
E. J. MURPHY 2 1 Court Street
AAAAAAAtttttttttttttttttttl tit's .
lay Tonight Expected to Draw
Large House.
Pleasing acts and clean specialties
are features that cannot well be
overlooked In the Keith repertoire.
Crowded houses have characterized
both of the performances given at
There are but .very few desirable
vacant lota left in the residence por
tion of Pendleton.. These we nave
Just listed and the prices are very
We have a new list of residences for
sale. Come and see as, and look over
.ear list. - 09
We have anytldng that von want In
so un try property.
Office E. O. Building.
to prevent u stampede of other oper
ators to that section by sending out
unfavorable reports of the district, by
means of which they have the pick
"of the fields to themselves, says the
Seattle Star.
In spite of the unsavory reports
that have been arriving in the city
during the fall months many of those
who have been investigating the mat
ter believe that something is behind
the silence maintained by those re
turning from the district, Inasmuch
as nothing but mitigating repots could
be gleaned from them in regard to
the subject.
This led to an investigation being
made by men who wished to invest
their capital In Alaska oil, with the
result that a special agent, hired by
several citizens, was sent to the coun
try for the purpose of ascertaining
Just exactly how matters stood. As the
result of the investigation It developed
that many of the companies operating
in tne oil fields of the north had
struck large deposits of oil, and the
only worry that they had was to keep
other oil operators from learning of
tneir success.
The reason for the attempt on the
part of the operators to keep the
matter quiet Is due to a fear on
their part that other large companies
would drive them out of the district
before they had a chance to realize
on their work.
Ing the remainder of th week. Last
night the company presented "The
Lighthouse Robbery." The bill this
evening will be "Slaves of Russia." a
thrilling drama.
A Runaway Bicycle.
Terminated with an ugly cut on the
leg of J. B. Orner, Franklin Grove,
III. It developed a stubborn ulcer un
yielding to doctors and remedies for
four years. Then Bucklen's Arnica
Salve cured. It's Just as good for
burns, scalds, skin eruptions and
plies. 25c at Tallman- & Co.'s drug
November 21 Thanksgiving In the
United States. Porto Rico, Hawaii.
Guam and the Philippines.
November 25-27 Oregon T. M. C.
A. state meeting, Salem.
November 26-26 State convention
county clerks and recorders, Port
land. December 13-15 Oregon Good
Roads Association, Salem.
June 1, 1905 Opening Lewis and
Clark exposition.
Oranges Distributed Free.
St. Louis, Nov. 23. A carload of
California flowers and oranges from
the Sacramento valley were given
away as souvenirs today In the Cali
fornia section In the Palace of Agri
culture at the World's fair. Each
visitor to the exhibit received a gor
geous California flower and one of
this year's crop of the famous Cali
fornia sweet oranges from the Sacra
mento valley as a remembrancer
Culdcaac Susride.
With a bullet wound In his left
breast, Just below the nipple, the dead
body of Isaac Matteson was found
this morning In the barn of Theodore
Matteson, his brother.
A revolver lay near the body, and
It was so clear a case of suicide that
no Inquest was held. Matteson was
30 years of age and was well respect
ed. Culdesac Register.
To Care Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money
If It falls to cure. E. W. Grove's sig
nature Is on .each box. 16c
It has "leaked out" that Colonel
Frank Hecker. who resigned from the
Panama canal commission, did so be
cause a 16-weeks stay on the Isthmus
convinced him that anything like a
protracted residence there would cost
him his life.
Maar May Bee Bat It Takes Oealas te
When James Watt saw the steam
causing the kettle lid to Jump up and
down be said "There must be power in
that steam that it can lift such a
There was.
Millions prior to blra had seen the
same phenomenon and regarded it aa
an unexplained mystery.
Recent sclentlno research has put Its
finger on the "cause" of Dandruff, Fall
ing Hair, and consequent Baldness, and
Jl"" unearthed a tiny germ which eats
the lire from tbe roots of human hair
Newbroa Herplclde destroys this
germ and consequently restores the
hair to Its natural stats.
Sold by leading drussists. Send lOo. In
stamps for sample to The Herplclde Co..
Detroit Won. "
A. C. Koeppen A Bros., special agents.
Tl UM Joirerwin III "Rip Vim Winkle."
Tuoaiax .IcritTMin Coming to the I'm- I
sext Wednesday.
That worthless village Idle Rip Vim '
Winkle, who has lone been n ,ii,.
star to the American stage In the!
person or Joseph Jefferson, and who j
hits retired on account of his age, will
be continued by his son.
Thomas Jefferson, who is so like his
miner lit uppearunue. and who plays
the part as his father did 40 years
ago. that artistically we have lost
nothing, and time will surely eudea
i nomas jerrersou In the hearts
public as his Illustrious father
"Kip Van Winkle" comes to the
Frazer on Wednesday, November 30.
Beautiful New England Drama Coin,
lug to the Frazer.
The simple, truthful story of Amer
leun home life as told by James A
Herne In "Shore
aDDroval and nnnld , ,
-- -, Vi un ciaasea
oi ineaiurgoers throughout the coun-
uu i.ie success gained by his mas
terly work durlnar I ho la.i iv .. .
Justly deserved.
The play tells the story of the Uwes
of the fisherman-farmers who live
along the rock-bound coast ot the
Pine Tree state and tail. i i -
. . . dwii a
natural way that one cannot fall to be
,,,,,lcu. wr, Herne Uvcd gjnong
his characters nearly two years and
he became thoroughly familiar with
their Idiosyncrasies.
The types he has lntrothjced in
Shore Acres" r- nn .
and their mannerisms are known far
and wide. The summer Ylsltor to
ttar Harbor and ih. ii., , .. .
vicinity Is ahown the spot where the
,.., b rcenes are located and the lit
tle village is now known as "Shore
This mime is now applied to at least
a dozen or more aumtnai.
Atlantic coast and lately the Santa
la.nuuu gave the play's name to
"e f atlona near Los Angeles.
This famous comedv dnn. i.
nounced for production at the Frazer
iecemoer 1.
All who use atomisers .In treating:
nasal catarrh will get the best result
Pril . , . "qum Cream B&lm
Price. Including spraying tubes, 76
eta. Sold by druggl.ua or mailed by
Ely Brag., 6e Warren St., N. T.
New Orleans, Sept. 1, 19.
Messrs. Ery Bros: I sold tw bot
tles of your Liquid Cream Balm to a
customer. Wm Tj,mw ....
. , , .iiiuuiwii, 41 lO 1701-
acnaise St.. New Dei...... v.
nj .v. . . ..
Lilt iwn rw., M.. .., . i
oerful and most satisfactory results.
GEO W MnTMrrtci .
... i-, x-nannacist.
Football, Thanksgiving, Football.
Baker City ve. Pendleton.
' MH
m 4tfri
We're in
a Position
to offer you the best the
market affords In the way
of meats. And our prices,
you know, are always the
lowest We handle only
prime stock. Quality and
n m li ,, 1 1 .. . .
suuranteea. First-
class mutton
and poultrv
Can't do better
Back at my old
veal, Dork
equally low..
stand on
- . , nana on
A tfl streal ...... i . .
wpvaiie owing.
Bank. . , .
J Man wants but little htr
J The statement catuei i
It may have been n Ion;
But now he wanta the t
e We have ome verj dl
ble pieces of real estate, ft
e ranches and city lota, til
without buildings, which
. are offering at prlca
e make them good lnveitrd
c Money put In Pindletoi
e Umatilla county real eiun
J Increase In value rapidly
W. E. Davidson &
e 11 court street:
Pendleton, Ore., Despalt
Ing, suite 10. 'Phone ted
Drs. G. 8. and En H
nrnHitntps of the Asej
School of Osteopathy, Klt4
. ... d. starker
" - . u
dleton. a buckskin hone tiw
stripe down forehead, otre "j
foot, saddle mark on
strrpe down back w J
reached this summer, WW :
Branded W on left tm '
. . , h wtflfa
in.tfu rewaru ii - .i
horse to my ranch BIW
tour miles ut - a
aa. Mm. John Soow"
dleton. Or. 1
when price 1. the i
knows about bats" g
had some pe .l
first, and you a
vehicles at i j
Buggies and
-.11 oalnted " I
11 UI LI CI t " " I
warranted by
warranted Dy
. rj1..ir!)ltf li
Capacity. lUg &
" ,,MMM1
always i

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