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County Official Paper.
Publlahed Pall;. Weekly and Semi-Weekly,
at rendleton. Oregon, tj to
srnscRiPTiox rates.
Dally, on Tear, by mall $5.00
Dally, six months, bj mall 2.50
Dally, three months, by mall 1.23
Dally, one month, by mall HO
Weekly, one year, by mall l.M
Weekly, tlx month, by man io
Weekly, four month, by mall 50
Semi-Weekly, one yar, by mall 1.80
Heml-Weekly, alx month", by mall 73
Beml Weekly, four months, by mall.., .SO
ChlcaRO Bureau, P!) Security building.
Washington. D. C, Ilureau. 501 Four
teenth street, N. W.
Member Sorlpps Ner Association.
Telephone Mala 1.
Entered at rendleton Poatofflce ai second
ciasa matter.
UsiqV) . 4Tl be l
From thousand suns It flashes,
It leaps In flour and flame;
The spring, from winter's ashes,
Cries out its silent name
The secret of the ages
That to the poet came.
Unknown to all the sages,
However wise they be.
Through his quick veins It
A soul of ecstacy;
It lightnings from his pages,
4 In all his songs 'tis sung;
The secret of the ages
To be forever young.
Richard Watson Gilder,
"The Fire Divine."
Chauacey Thomas, In the Novem
ber number of Success Magazine,
writes a fascinating article on the
building up of the great cities of the
Pacific coast, and on thi gradual rise
of one central and pivotal commer
cial and shipping center of the coast.
All his deductions lead to the con
clusion that the traffic which is to
flow from the western half of the
American continent to the orient will,
of necessity, pour through the gorge
of the Columbia river, down a natural
water grade to Portland, there to be
loaded into ocean vessels by the
By nature Portland is fitted for the
commercial throne of the Pacific.
5h? is situated at the gateway of the
greatest river highway of the western
half of the continent and there Is no
escape from her allurements nor from
her commercial conquest.
Mr. Thomas has read western sym
bols correctly.
lustrates this universal disregard foi
the wicredness of the human body.
When asked by the East Oregonlan
recently how he brought the supplies
for his household up the steep two
miles of mountain from the car line
Ui his home on "The Heights," near
Oakland, he replied: "When It Is too
stormy to use my horse, I go myself
on foot and pack up the supplies."
The East Oregonlan hopes there Is
no "faking" about the Payette oil
well. Nothing w,ould be more bene
ficial for eastern Oregon than a gen
uine ojl wll in southern Idaho, where
drilling is now In progress in several
But the East Oregonian does object
to bogus oil wells being advertised
for the purpose of boosting oil stocks
and robbing unsuspecting people. It
If the curse of all legitimate enter
prises of this kind that they are forc-
fi to Burinoit a laree number of
leeches which suck blood and give
back nothing In return.
There are oil prospects In Idaho
and Oregon. Payette, Nyssa and On
tario all have excellent prospects,
and sooner or later somebody will
strike the vein and the country will
be revolutionized by that master
stroke of good fortune ,
But let us wait until we find oil
before talking of gushers and spout
ing wells. Oil land Is oil land and
should not be made a vehicle of rob
bery. Let genuine development pro
ceed. Everybody welcomes legiti
mate oil news, but the public should
not be Imposed upon. '
A man buys a 13000 automobile
and Immediately b.?glns exercising
the most scupulous care over It, to
prevent damage, breaks and wear.
He hires a chauffeur, rents a stall In
a garage, buys the best of tools and
oil, wipes and rubs and polishes It
dally and acts as though It ware a
living thin? and could understand his
cooing over It.
But a man takes his own body, the
only one he can ever have, and pours
booze Into It, stuffs It with gorges of
vnpalateable foods, exposes it to the
weather, n'gl.rts it when Its senses
call to him loilily for relief, makes it
a swill barrel of dissipation and de
bauches It beyond description.
He can buy another automobile
when the old one Is worn out He
can buy fixtures and fittings and
parts to It from any d.:aler. But his
own body and health he cannot re
pair nor recover If he wastes and de
stroys it. Yet many of us are con
stantly wasting and destroying the
body and health and human mind
compose thu most marvelous machine
In the universe and yet It Is not ap
preciated by too many of us.
Joaquin Miller unconsciously 11-
The East Oregonlan Is glad to hear
the Tribune Indorse the, proposed
plan to collect Interest on dally bal
ances of the city fumls, after the
funds have been allotted to the high
est bidder, whether bank, store, news
paper or Individual, which can give
the city a sufficient bond for the safe
keeping of the fund.
But while we are advocating Inter
est on city funds and the deposit of
the funds with the highest bidder, the
salary of the city treasurer must not
be forgotten. It Is not right to ask
a man to take the place for nothing,
for It requires bookkeeping and close
attention to city interests to conduct
the office.
Either the city -should employ a
responsible bookkeeper for the treas
urer or allow him salary to compen
sate h'lm for the work If the funds
are allotted to the highest bidder.
The city Is now paying 125 per
month for a financial agent and
bookkeeper for the finance commit
tee of the city council and with a
slight addition to this compensation,
It might be possible to have the
treasurer's books kept In good order.
But this matter can be worked out
to suit the city council and treasurer
after the funds are allotted to the
highest bidder. The Interest. Is the
most important matter.
It Is perfectly right and business
like that Pendleton should be draw
ing Interest on her dally balances
every day; The people are entitled
to It Pendleton Is no longer a coun
try, village and the city offices should
be brought up to the most modern
Many thousands of dollars pass
through the city treasurer's office
annually and the. Income from this
source will reduce taxes to that ex
tent and so every taxpayer Is vitally
Interested.' ,
The council has been backed up by
the people In many expenditures and
In passing bond Issues. Now let the
council recommend the competitive
bid to bring In a few hundred dollars
additional Income from the use of the
city's funds.
Once to have tasted the wild pleas
ures of places that have been untrod
den by man regions of lost rivers,
and hidden lakes that only the soli
tary trapper visits Is to have a crav
ing that needs to be satisfied from
time to time, says the Westerner of
Work as he will, the prospector, or
backwoodsman, finds himself stop
ping and looking away at the distant
hills. He wan'ts to move on and
quiet the, restlessness that, possesses
him, he wants to see how the rivers
and lakes look that have been viewed
by only the creature of the wild since
his last trip. Perhaps It Is of gold
he dreams or of skins ha can take
The freedom of the hills belongs to
him, and he only exists when ham
pered by the restraints of civilization.
So he turns again and again to look
awav hears a call to come and
Frontiersmen there are. who were
never so lonely as when on the
crowded thoroughfare of a tflty, and
on the other hand, people of the me
tropolls are In a strange land with
out a multitude of human beings.
It Is as narrow an existence to re
main always In a city as to dwell
apart in the mountains or forests.
But the city, dweller, If he will, can
catch snatches of the peace of the
hills, can get In close touch with na
ture, 'and thus keep himself whole
some and In harmony with the beau-,
tlful elements of the universe.
If the big trust companies and
financial concerns which are now
falling to pieces In the east are
bullded upon fictitious foundations,
let them tumble. The quicker the
better. The country has been cursea
too long with bogus values, watered
stocks, Inflated financial gaS bags.
Let the crash come to the fictitious
concerns. It will be better for those
which survive and better for the
country. Those which survive mis
flurry among tha pirates, may safely
be counted as honest concerns wor
thy the support and confidence of the
Because I hold It sinful to despond,
And will not let the bitterness of life
Blind me with burning teara, but look
Its tumult and its strife;
Because I lift my head above the
Where the sun shines and the broad
breezes blow
By every ray and every raln,drop
That God's love doth bestow;
Think you I find no bitterness at all?
No burden to be borne, like Chris
tian's pack?
Think you there are no ready tears
to fall
Because I keep them back?
Why should I buy life's ills with
cold reserve,
To curse myself and all who love me?
A thousand times more good than I
God gives me every day.
And in each one of these rebellious
Kept bravely back He makes 8 rain
bow shine;
Grateful I take his slightest gift, no
Nor any doubts are mine. '
Dark skies must clear, and when the
clouds are past,
One golden day redeems a weary
Patient I listen, sure that sweet at
Will sound his voice of cheer.
Then vex me not with chiding, let
me be.
I must be glad nd grateful to the
I grudge you not your cold and dark
ness me
The powers of light befriend.
Cella Thaxter.
We are the heirs of progress, ours is
the pride of place.
We who have conquered Nature, wo
who have conquered space.
Ours Is the victor's pean, triumph
without alloy;
But, sated with gold and glory, we
hunger, we thirst for Joy,
Back in the dusky ages, men strug
gled and fought and fell,
Found life's tale worth telling, en
Joyed It passing well;
Knew not the varied splendors that
our sad hearts employ,
Lacked, It may be, for comfort, bat
never they lacked for Joy.
We who have tamed life's lions, have
all but vanquished fate.
Find never life's wine enchanting, or
waste It sooner or late;
Does victor undiluted the soul's fresh
youth destroy?
Powers of the bygone gladness, give
us a taste of Joy.. ,
Ethel Colson.
Portland people were going to
raise 1100,000 In one day this week
for a rose show. The soliciting com
mittee got Just one-fourth of it and
this amount was mostly from the
wagearners and small merchants.
Such Is usually the case. The big
men VII "holler" loudest but will
not make good on public enterprises
In proportion to the little fellows.
Long Creek Ranger.
Gertrude Lynch in November Every
body's says of the extravagances
practiced by the Idle rich:
Of the various costly accessories, a
pair of gloves Is worn but once; and
delicate shoes, made of imported
leather to match the tint of a fabric,
suffer a similar eclipse after a de
but in a ballroom. For many women
pride themselves on never wearing
a cleaned garment. After a couple
of wearlngs they will send an Import
ed gown to a second hand dealer,
receiving a 1100 bill for the creation
that may have cost 1800. The deal
er sells it to an actress starting on
her tour, to the society lejider of a
small town, or to a member of the
On the other hand, the wonnn who
patronizes the .cleaning establish
ments spends there from 11.500 to
11800 a year. For when one pays
120 to have a lace gown cleaned aftor
a single wearing; when gloves by the
hundreds and blouses BO at a time
are sent to be renovated, It does nflt
take long to reach a sum that paral
lels the salary on which many a man
supports a family.
The weather bureau registered an
other earthquake Sunday night. The
quake w;as probably In the southern
Indian ocean, west of Australia.
TbODsands Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect it
How To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours ;
aseuimentor set
tling indicates an
unhealthy con
dition of the kid
neys; if it stains
your linen it is
evidence of kid
ney trouble, ; too
frequent desire
to pass it or pain
in the back is
1r rnnvincins? oroof that the kidneys
and bladder are out of order, ,
What TO DO.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
nften Mnressed. that Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy,
fntfllia unrv wish in curini; rheumatism.
pain in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder
and every part of the urinary passage.
u inrri-t inability to hold water
and scalding pain in passing it, or bad
eiiects ioiiowing lsc " "4"i
tu.- anA nvermtnes that unpleasant ne-
U1.V1 , ..- - - i
it rf ix-itur coniDelled to iro often
during the day, and to get up many
limes cinrinz me m
the extraordinary ettect ot wamp-Kooi
at annll rpal i-d. It stands the hiehest
for its wonderful cures of the most dis
tressing cases. If you need a medicine
yu should have the resi. oi(i oy drug
gists in fifty-cent and one-dollar sizes.
Yon may have a sample bottle and a
book that tens an
about it, both sent free
by mail. Address Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Bing
JiQtntnn K. Y. When
writinv mention this natier. and don't
make any mistake, but remember the
name, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and
the address. Iiiuhamtou, N. Y.
Bom of Bwaros-Itoot
Bergen Cuts Glass
Bowls, Water Sets. Nappys, Punch Sets, Comports, Plates, Salt
and Peppers, Trnys, Candle Sticks.
Heal Cut Glass
For tha next thirty days we offer this superb line of rich Cut
Glass at cost.
Other serviceable and ornamental gifts, reasonable prices. We
need space for regular holiday goods.
The Pendleton Drug Go.
"The Mark of Quality"
Night School
Will give those employed during the day,
an opportunity to get a practical education.
Phont Rtd 3791
Terms Reasonable
Pendleton Business College
Cor. Main (Sb Webb.
Of every dollar deposited in this
bank ' and left till interest paying
dates, July 1 , and Jan. 1 , each year.
Make yonr money work.
Till you are ready to use It. There Is no better way nor place to
handle the sums you wish to Invest In bulk later on, than In a
has opened a Savings Department and off.-rs allthe benefits of a
...on evutom Ttu nf flrprs will ho triad to exDlaln Its
workings and cordially lnvl te you to give us the opportunity to
do so. Whether your chec king 'account Is carried here or else
where, you can avail yours eir or. our services.
(See our Safety Deposit Vault
for your papers)
Prescription Insurance
When your prescription comes hero
you are sure of quality, sure of accu
racy, sure of skilful compounding, sure
of correctness, sure of moderate price
bringing your prescription here Is
the best Insurance that you will get It
Hotel St. George
European plan. Everything first
class. All modern conveniences. Steam
heat throughout. Rooms en suite with
bath. Large, new sample room. Tha
Hotel St George Is pronounced on
of tha most up-to-date hotels of thex
northwest Telephone and fire alarm
connections to office, and hot and
cold running water In al Irooms.
ROOMS: $1.00 and $1.5 o
Block and a Hnlf From Depot,
See the big electric sign.
A Cigar, of Quality
Hotel Pendleton
itTrmn n ar7 jot nun aa nnD 'siadiid 2ia nni joao aiamnoo 'sjadsd
jo wrpunq oJfjBi aoijo trnmo3ojo ?sb;j etn ?8 otbb joj
Golden Rulo Hold
Corner Court and Johnson Streets,
Pendleton, Oregon.
H. C. MEANS, Proprietor
Mmtt ' A
I' it ,i 1 K" H HtJil " I
Till .. . , f 1
Heated by Steam
Lighted by Electricity
American plan, rates $1.25 to 12.00
per day.
European plan, EOc, 76c, $1.00.
lYco 'bus nu-ftM all trains.
Snwlal rntos by wk or month.
Fine restaurant in connection
Chicken dinner Sundays.
Special attention Riven conn fry trade.
lots warn
Livermore & Bickers
Room 12, Judd Bldg.
Pendleton - - - Oregon
Amer.'can plan, $3 pei' day and up
wards. Headquarters for tourists and
commercial travelers. Special rates
made to families and single gentle
men. The management will be pleas
ed at all times to show rooms and
give prices. A modern Turkish bath
establishment In the hotel.
H. C. BOWERS. Manager.
f f r-eTh "1
Meat - Fish - Sausages
; Lard
i;enverea promptly eacn day,
Empire Meal Go.
Phone Main 18
French cleaning, silks, kids,
laces, skirts and fancy dresses.
Men's steam and dry cleaning
with pressing.
Prompt delivery.
'Phone Main 194.
Address 912 Main.
Bert Campbell, Prop.

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