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MUlin yllHLLH flHd
rcfay Evening Specials
In the Men's and Boys9 Departments.
Saturday Evening after 6 p. m. we will sell
Our 25c Fancy Sox, 5 pairs for $1.00.
Our 35c Fancy Sox will be 25c.
Our Regular 15c black and tan Sox 10c pr.
After 6 p. m. Saturday Evening we will sell
Any $2.50 Hat for $2.20
Any $3.00 Hat for $2.65
Any $3.50 Hat for $3.10
Any $5.00 Hat for $4.45
Any $1.00 Fancy Vest will sell for
99 99 99 99 99
99 99 99 99 99
99 99 99 99 99
Saturday Evening. Don't miss this opportunity to buy at a bargain.
All Underwear Will be Reduced for This
Special Saturday Night Sale.
$ 1 .00 Underwear will sell for - 90c
$1.25 ,9 $1.10
$1.50 99 99 99 $135
$2.00 ,, $1.75
Now is the time for you to buy Underwear.
mm well
How or Now WVIl N Estimated nt
Million mill Half Gallons lCvery
T'iity-l'cur Mount Wutcr Is of
Hue Quality WIM Build Reservoir
to Wutcr fir irrigation Furpos).
(Hotv liK-nitMcci Willi llieli
The Peoples Warehouse
Save Your Coupons
Where It Pays To Trade
Wlmt 1 believed to be tho finest
nrti-Klnn well In thl8 section of tho
northwest has Just been, complete.! on
tho Blnlock fruit farm, vys the Wal
la Walla Hulletln. It Is down a
depth of 636 feet and tho flow of va
tr through a six-Inch easing Is so
strong that It tore out the ground for
several feet In the vlclnty of the well
and rocks and bans of sand had to be
hastily secured to riprap the cut made
In a ravine a few feet away.
It Is estimated that tho water will
raise at least to a height of one hun
dred feet In a nine-Inch pipe. Whllo
It -has not been practical to measure
the flow, let It estimated that It Is
in the neighborhood of a million and
a half gallons every 24 hours.
Manager J. II. Elrath desires to
have the well drilled a few meet deep
er as he believes a still stronger flow
of water will be secured, while the
drillers refuse to make the attempt
for fear of losing their drills. When
tho powerful underground current
was first struck gravel as large as a
hen's egg was thrown out of the pipes
and It was with difficulty the water
was placed under control at all. With
each Inch the well has been sunk
since the water was first tapped the
flow has materially Increased, but
the drilling Is so difficult as to make
the work extremely hazardous and
Wm. McCauskind Is the driller and
he and Manager Elcrath are holding
a conference today to-decide wheth
er to try and sink the well deeper or
quit at Its present depth.
The water, whllo it Is not as cold
'as that from surface wells lr that
(vicinity. Is extremely palatable. The
well Is on the old Drumheller farm
Just north of the county rond and
within a few f .'et of the new Ennls
road. The Illaloek company expects
to build a reservoir and use the .wa
ter for Irrgatlon purposes.
Tho success of this effort to get
artesian water In this section will
doubtless lead to many others and
ultimately a large amount of land
now used for growing wheat exclu
sively will come under Irrigation. All
who have seen the well expesss sur
prise at the flow of water and much
Interest has been awakened.
Sunny Monday Soap
at Alexander's
The Quick or the Dead. Which?
Thera once was a man-thls is
Ho was mean on all sides and clear through,
He walked with a limp,
And this very old Imp
Cursed his wife till his front teeth were blue.
Was he wholly to blame? you may ask.
Let us see, take his good wife to task.
She would start in on Sunday
And wash- all day Monday
On two or three socks and a basque.
But Presto! tho past has all fled.
Once an imp now an angel instead.
Sunny Monday's in town,
The soap of renown,
And he blesse tho day that he wed.
For Sale By
Tho Alexander Department Store
The Oldest and Most Reliable
Irard, however, that bockx were or
der"i). and on the way, which, when
added to the supply now on hand,
would be sufficient to meet all de
mands. The board took Mr. Gill at his
word and decided to take no further
action in the matter pending the ar
rival of the promised fhlpments.
Merely Perfunctory Affair In Missis-
i x vork F.lectlon Is the
ffiitor of Interest Maryland ' democratic state primary last sum
. ... .. tn wi tn pr. Th successful candidates of
L llWH Will 4 r.im.icu v ' " ......
Ul I. X II""' -
Hon of a democratic governor, whllo
the republicans elected the remainder
of the state ticket The most reliable
advices from that state are to the
effect that the election next Tuesday
will probably result the same way.
In Massachusetts the democratic
party has split Into factions and each
has named a state ticket The re
election of Governor Curtis Guild, re
publican. Is regarded here as a fore
gone conclusion in view of the lack
of harmony In the democratic ranks.
"Cut and Dried" in 3Iis.4lppl.
The election In Mississippi will be
of a Durely perfunctory character,
! merely to confirm the results of the
Extremely Interesting.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 1. Elec
tions will be held in nine states Tues
dav next Governors are to be voted
for in Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode
the primaries, all of them democrats,
of course, will be certain of election.
The new governor will be E. F. Noel,
who will succeed James K. Varda-
The campaign In Kentucky Is one
of the most interesting In the entire
lor in aiarjiuiiu, " ......-.; - -
t..i f,a!.f.hnPtts. Kentucky and country and all signs point to a close
Mississippi. In Pennsylvania, Ne- content. The republicans are mak
btaka and New York a few minor ! lng confident prophecies of success In
sta'e officers are to be chosen. I the election of their candidate for
t.. ....... .v.. .. in -ovpral governor. The bearing that the elec-
I nftllKIl LliC laiHUBifciio - - . .
r,r thP states are more or less exclt
ing they are attracting little atten
tion beyond the borders of the com
monwealths in which they are held.
Few of the contests are expected to
have any far-reaching effect upon na
tional polltcs.
tlon will have on the United States
senatorshlp has given added Interest
to the campaign.
Pennsylvania elects a state treas
urer. The Independent movement In
the state which was so prominent two
years ago has been abandoned and
jnaj poiin-o. '
. . ... ..... !js there Is to be a .straight party vote
in! Tol bthTt In Ma the republicans expect to carry the
III uic rati I rtnt. Ytv tho llollfll ma nr tv.
state comp
lanH whore a eovernor
troller, attorney general and clerk of
the court of appeals are to be eiecteu.
The Issue this year Is the election
laws enacted by a democratic legis
lature. Both parties are claiming the
The new Jersey campaign is not
attracting much attention outside the
state and even within the state there
1h not much excitement over it The
Issues are purely state. The repub
licans predict the election of their
gubernatorial candidate, J. Franklin
Fort, while the democrats are equal
ly confident that their candidate,
Frank C. Katzenbach, will be suc
cessful. Rhode Island will elect a governor
and other state officers. Republi
cans are confidently predicting the
defeat of James IL Higglns, the pres
ent governor. The campaign is to a
large extent a duplication of that of
last year, which resulted in the elec-
The world is full of
anonymous coffee : "Java
and Mocha."
Who returns your
money if you don't like
Tmr gtocm fruro yvu monr "I fo iamt
ft fcMUiaf'l tot:
rtate bv the usual majority.
The contest In Nebraska Is for a
Justice of the sumpreme court and re
lents of the state university.
New York Chief Attraction.
The country is taking more Inter
est in the local campaign In New York
than In any of the state contests, un
less it be that in Kentucky. The
only state officers elected In the em
pire state this year are two Judges
of the court of appeals. The repub
licans and the democrats have nomi
nated the same Judicial tickets and so
there Is no contest. In New York
city Interest has been created by rea
son of the fact that the republicans
have fused with Wllllar R. Hearst's
Independence league on the county
ticket, the republicans taking five
elevenths. The union of forces has
been severely criticized by many of
the influential reDUbllcans In New
York City. It Is expected that many
of the more conservative republicans
will refuse to sunnort the fusion tick
et with the result that Tammany will
win by a larger majority tnan usual.
A number of cities throughout the
country will elect municipal offlcals
Tuesday. The fight for municipal con
trol in Ban Francisco, Cleveland, Cin
cinnati and Columbus Is being stren
uously waged. EspecJal interest Is
manifested In the contest in Cleve
land, where the two mayoralty can
didates, Tom L. Johnson and Con
gressman Theodore E. Burton, are
men of national prominence.
Bond Bros, has a good suit for every
man in Umatilla county.
City Marslial Is Wild and Wooly
Sliuotaa Out Lights in Coumill
, Those who had their eyes on Pas
co a few nights ago were treated to
a performance which reminded tho
old timers of the border days of long
ago when the revolver and tho man
behind the gun were the ruling spir
its of the day, says an exchange.
The two marshals of Pasco went to
a meeting of the city council and shot
the lights out and dared the aldermen
and ull the officers of the law In the
town to arrest them. They called tha
city fathers all the names In the Jar
gon of the street loafer, threatened
to blow the heads off all who Inter
fered with them, and then went down
into the saloon district of the town
and finished the Job of accumulating
a border ruffian's Jag.
Scares the Council.
It had been reported to the mar
shals that the council had accused
them of grafting. When the coun
cil met to attend to pubBc matters the
marshals went to the meeting. On
their arrival they said a few things to
the assembled aldermen without ask
ing permission of the presiding offi
cer. Then, Just to show the coun
cil that they meant business, the day
marshal whipped out his gun and
shot out all the lights in the coun
cil chamber, leaving the scared and
bewildered, city fathers in darkness.
As soon as the shooting commenc
ed several visitors who attended the
meeting made a break for the only
exit to the room, and a few of them
were severely bruised and scratched
In the stampede.
' Marshals Discharged.
After the shooting episode the
council went Into executive session,
hired new men to take the places and
called on the sheriff to arrest the bad
men. The cherlff didn't arrest them.
The toughs had Invited the council
to have some one arrest them and
particularly mentioned the sheriff. At
last accounts which were received up
river, the sheriff had failed to do
his duty.
Xovt to Public School System It Is tlw
World's largest Kduratlonul' Fac
tor. .lust wh it the educational depart
ment of the Y. M. C. A. Is going to
mean to Walla Walla, is realized by
but few people, says the Walla Walla
Statesman. The work Is extensive?
and the classes here will be put in
the best possible shato as soon as
practicable after the opening of the
new building. What the educ-atona!
department may accomplish here can
be estimated from a glance at what
that department Is doing In associa
tion work ull over the United States.
It Is the largest single educational
Institution on the continent, aside
from the public school system.
An Increase "of B.000 students la-st
year shows to some extent what may
be the growth this year. There was
a total of more than 42.00O students,
a number greater tlian the enrollment
of 10 of our largest universities combined.
But this Is only a part of this In
teresting and Important educational
work for there will be upwards of
325,000 men and boys who will hear
lectures and practical talks and 15,-
000 will be members of tho education
al clubs. Seven thousand boys will
study In classes at night after work
lng hard all day; 000 or more for
eigners will be taught English and
helped Into good citizenship.
Universal peace Is far from being
on accomplished fact. Just now the
Moors are giving France considerable
trouble. We are always more than
able to hold our own when It comes
to selling high grade gentlemen's
clothing at prices that please. If
every mnn wore one of our correct
suits. Its dollars to doughnuts that
universal peace of mind would be an
assured fact.
Bond Brothers
Pendleton's Leading Clotliiere.
A Ilard Debt to Pay.
"I owe a debt of gratitude that can
never be paid off," writes 0. S. Clark,
of Westfleld, Iowa, "for my rescue
from death, by Dr. King's New Dis
covery. Both lungs were so seriously
affected that death seemed Imminent,
when I commenced taking New Dis
covery. The ominous dry, hacking
cough quit before the first bottle was
used, and two more bottles made a
complete cure." Nothing has ever
equaled New Discovery for coughs,
colds and all throat and lung com
plaints. Guaranteed by Tallman &
Co., druglsts. 60c and $11.00. Trial
bottle free.
For Sale.
A five year note for $800 bearing
8 per cent Interest paid annually.
Secured by mortgage on real estate
worth $1600. Enquire at Wonder
The grandmothers of the old Dutch
Dunkard families of Western Penn
sylvanla have made and used "Hick
ory Bark Cough Remedy" and reared
their families cn it for a hundred
years. Now you can buy It of your
dealers. Ask for It and use It, be
cause it Is pure; because it will stop
your cough; because It Is the best
cough remedy made today." Try It
For sale by any druggist and all deal
ers everywhere.' Pendleton Drug Co.
NumlxT of School Books Needed in
Oregon Was Underestimated.
The Oregon state board of educa
tlon, consisting of Governor George
E. Chamberlain, Secretary of State
Frank W. Benson and Superintendent
of Public Instruction J. H. Ackerman,
met In the governor's office In tho
capltol last evening and with J. K.
GUI, distributing agent for the va
rlous gook concerns carrying con
tracts with the state to furnish this
year's school books, went carefully
over the matter of the present short
age of school books In Oregon, says
the Salem Statesman.
Mr. Gill stated to the board that
the shortage could be accounted for
in two ways first, that the number
of books needed has been underesti
mated; and, second, that son-e of the
.companies, possibly owing to tho fact
that the orders had been too' laige
fo- them to handle nt once had net
been rrompt In shipping the hooki.
iio assured the msmlcn f the
Under the direction of the Sisters of
St. Francis, of Philadelphia. Resident
and day pupils. Special attention
given to music and elocution. Stu
dents prepared for teachers' exami
nations for county and state certifi
cates. For particulars address
Varnishes, Oils, Stains
and Enamels.
Thousands of new de
signs in Wall Paper.
Pendleton Paint Store
E. J, Murphy.
121 E. Court Black 3181
Alleys and tables newly dressed and
overhauled. A quiet, orderly resort
for gentlemen and ladles.
Have You Seen
The New Ladies' and
Moving Pictures
That are funny and
Illustrated Songs
All late and catchy
Programe Changes
every Sun. & Wed.
Shows 2 to 5 p. m.
and 6:30 to 10 p. m
Admission 10c
ChilJren under 10 yrs. 5c
Main st Next to Raders
"Its one long howling laugh"
"Everybody Works
But Mother"
She Cooks
With Gas
Call at office for particulars.
Northwestern Gas
& Electric Co.
Get the Best
Dry Wood
and the
LeT order at
Opposite People. Warehouse

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