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Fur Will Fly in the
;am Basement
FURS will be the cry all day
long. Everybody will talk Furs. t
Special Fur Day SATURDAY
Every one will be on Sale in the Basement to
morrow and the prices will be reduced to such
extent you cannot afford to pass this grand Sale
by Our Stock is complete, never have we shown
a larger assortment and at just this time you
should appreciate this great offer :-: ':-: :-:
All $150 Furs go at ' $1-75
All $2.00 Furs go at $1.48
All $2.50 Furs go at $1-90
All $3.00 Furs go at $2.27
All $3.r0 Furs go at $2.88
All $4.00 to $U0 Furs go at $3.19
All $:.00 to $0.00 Furs go at $4.17
All $7.00 to $8.00 Furs go at $5.93
All $!.0 Oto $10.00 Furs go at $7.97
All $11.00 to $12.00 Furs go at $9.2.3
All $14.00 to $15.00 Furs go at $10.8!)
All $10.50 to $18.50 Furs go at ' $12.93
Extra good values in the Cloak and Suit Section
Saturday Balcony.
efiseb's lii't.
The Fastest GrowingStore in Eastern Oregon.
Fresh Oyster at Hohbach's.
See Bond Bros, about your fall
All kinds of good dry wood. See
Benjamin suit are the beat made,
old by Bond Bros,
See Mlnnls for good, dry wood that
burns. Lots of It on hand.
Everybody talks about Benjamin
clothes, sold by Bond Bros.
Watch for our big salo, commenc
ing Wednesday. Campbell Millinery.
Cottage for rent. Bath, hot wa
ter and electric lights. Enquire 100
Bluff street.
AH kinds of transfer work done
promptly. Stansbery & Milne,
phone Main 5.
Now Edison records for November
now on sale at the Guernsey Music
store. Come early for choice selec
tions. ,
Any boarders or transients taking
only one meal a day will bo charged
35 cents per meal after November J.
Mrs. L. A. Klnman.
We have lust received a shipment
vt the finest
Hand Painted
made In the United States, which l
open for your Inspection and criti
cism. New goods every day In
Cut Class, Jewelry, Clocks
and Silverware
Louis Himziker
Jeweler and Optltlan.
726 Main St.
Tour Benjamin suit la here. Bond
Wanted Girl for cashier at tha
Dime theater.
Posts, wood and hay for sale. Paul
Schneider, Nolln, Oregon.
Unfurnished housekeeping rooms
for rent. Enquire at East Oregonlan
10-room modern house for rent on
north side, aecond block from bridge.
Enquire Bowman photo studio.
For Rent Nice, clean, newly
furnished rooms. Corner Court and
Johnson streets,' opposite Golden Rule
Pocketbook found, containing
over $22. Call on John Heathman
at Oregon Wine and Liquor Co.
Store and prove property.
Hiawatha will positively stop fall
ing hair, remove dandruff and by Its
action on the roots of dying hair
causes It to grow with renewed vigor.
This statement with 9100 guarantee.
Hiawatha Hall Tonic Co. For sale by
Tallman & Co.
Politic anil Politicians.
Governor Johnson of Minnesota, Is
opposed ot capital punishment.
Each one of the 25 congressmen
now representing Illinois at Wash
ington will seek re-election next year.
Mayor Samuel R. Buxton of New
port News, has announced his candi
dacy for the seat of Congressman
William A. Jones, representative from
the first district of Virginia.
Somo politicians declare that If
Mayor Tom L. Johnson of Cleveland,
wins a re-election on next week,
against Congressman Theodore E.
Burton, the republican nominee for
mayor, he will become a White House
possibility, and practically the only
man who has any chance of defeat
ing Bryan for tha democratic nomination.
Help Wanted.
Ladles' clothes Ironera wanted
Robinson's Domestic Laundry.
The Rock Island railroad laid off
2500 men from Its construction and
track forces yesterday.
1 1 1 m -M
The new Chicage Perfume Here is a resistlessly
attractive bottle of perfume which contains the
actual flower beautifully preserved.
We have the perfume in small and large bottles
from$2.00 to $7.50 Toilet Water from $1,00
to $3.75 different odors.
Northern Pacific Freight Agent Will
Make This City Headquarters.
The widening field of traffic and
Increased business In this city and
vicinity has Induced the Northern
Pacific to place a permanent travel
ing freight agent In Pendleton, and
within a few days George D. O'Con
ner, who has heretofore had his
headquarters In Valla Walla, will
move to this city and make his home
and headquarters here. Mrs. O'Con
ner came over today and Is a guest
at Hotel St. George until living quar
ters are secured.
The coming of a permanent freight
agent to this city is an emphatic
acknowledgement of the growing Im
portance of Pendleton as a shipping
Mr. O'Conner will travel east as
far as Huntington and will give most
of his attention to eastern Oregon
shipments. The opening of the
north bnnk line will give Pendleton a
much wider field and other railroad
lines will send permanent agents to
this city In the near future It Is
Mrs. H. G. Newport of Hermiston,
Is among visitors In the city today.
Attorney Wm. M. Peterson went to
Athena today upon a brief business
Mrs. Edward Mannssee, of Athena
was in t"e city today upon a short
nislness visit.
R. N. Stanflcld returned to. Echo
this afternoon ufter a short business
visit in the city.
Col. J. F. McNaught, of Hermls-
cn was In the city today upon a
brief business trip.
Miss Florence Smyth left this
morning for The Dalles where she
will visit for a few days.
Mrs. Gerald Tuttle and baby of
Seattle came In last evening to visit
In the city for several weeks.
J. J. Kauffman, exchlef of police
of Walla Walla, but now a commer
cial salesman, Is In the city today.
Deputy Sheriff A. C. Funk will
leave this evening for North Yakima
for a short visit with friends in that
H. W. King, engineer with the rec
lamation service, was a brief visitor
here last evening and returned to
Echo this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thompson
have returned from Eugene to remain
lived for some time In Willamette
valley but are now satisfied to make
Pendleton their home.
Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Turner arriv
ed from Portland this morning and
they will again make their home here,
Mr. Turner being Interested with his
brother Elmer in the delivery busi
ness. W.i.
Engineer J. T. Thatcher, who has
been running the construction engine
on the Pilot Rock branch of the O.
R. & N., has taken the run between
th's city and Umatilla on the O. R,
& N. local.
R. L Mays, a brother of the real
estate man, J. M. Hays, has arrived
here from Kansas to look over the
country. He Is spending a few days
In Athena after which he will be in
Pendleton to look over conditions In
this vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Turner, who
have lived In Portland for the past
two years arrived last evening on the
O. R. & N. local to reside here per
manently. Mr. Turner will be as
sociated with his brother, E., E. Tur
ner, In the transfer business, here
after. Mrs. James Navln of Touchet,
Wash., Is In the city today on busi
ness. She has Just sold a ranch at
Brlggson, on Weston mountain and
Is moving permanently to a home
stead In this county, but near the
Touchet postorrice, which is across
the line In Washington.
. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cole will
leave next Monday for an extended
visit to Puget sound cities, Portland
and elsewhere on the coast. They ex
pect to be absent for a month. While
they are away their daughter Sibyl,
will stay at Koontz hall, the girl's
dorbltory of Pendleton academy.
"Where Rail Will
Meet Sail"
COOS BAT PROPERTY Is the best Investment In tbe- west.
THE COOS BAY TOWNSITE CO.'S property Is the best on COOS
IT HAS the largest area of level bench land.
IT HAS the most shelterid location.
IT HAS one and one-half miles of water front.
IT IS o nthe line of the OREGON WESTERN RAILROAD building
to the bayp, and other railroads can not get around It.
IT HAS but one price. Mr. E. T. Wade Is our Pendleton represen
tative and you can buy as cheap from his as from us direct.
Coos Bay Townsite Co.
N. F. Thome, Secretary
Marshfield, Oregon.
Reports Come From Portland Con
ecrnlng New Fields on West Side
Coal Finds at Medford, .Scott's
Mills, Heppner, Rock Creek, Marsh
flcld, Cowlitz, Malheur County and
Other Places Expected Tliat
Large Shipments Will Soon Be
Going Into Portland.
Nehrnskan Will Formerly Announce
Candidacy nt Love Feast.
Washington, Nov. 1. Announce
ment was made today that the for
mal opening of William Jennings
Bryan's campaign for the democratic
nomination for president will take
place on November 24 th at a love
feast In Washington.
It Is said that W. R. Hearst, Hoke
Smith, George Chamberlain and Folk
will probably be present.
Seeding Increases Sales.
The beginning of fall seeding all
over Umatilla county since the rain
has largely Increased the sale of drill
and farm Implements and the past
week has been one of the best In the
history of the business in this city.
Both The Wilcox Implement com
pany and John Nlssen and son have
sent out large numbers of drills and
the past week's , business surpaesies
the same week of last year by far.
Will Move to Ashland.
E. N. Smith, who has been employ
ed In the supply department of the O.
R. & N. In this city for several years,
will leave with his family next week
for Ashland, where he will live for
the winter, at least, for Mrs. Smith's
health, and if the climate Is congen
ial he will perhaps locate there per
Deputy Sheriff Wilson Arrives and
Takes His Man Back to Vale.
This afternoon Thomas Rett, who
also gives his name as J. W. Wilkin
son, was identified as a man who dis
posed of stolen horses brought to
Union county from Cow valley, Mal
heur county. He will be taken east
on No. 2 this evening and will be
placed In Jail at Vale.
Rett or Wilkinson, was arrested
here several days ago by Marshal
Gurdane, who turned him over to the
sheriff's office. He was suspected of
having stolen three horses and a sad
dle from Cow valley stockman. The
owner of the animals tracked them
to Union county where he located
them In a pasture belonging to a man
named Wilson. It was Wilson who
Identified Rett this afternoon, and he
will take the prisoner back tonight,
having been commissioned a deputy
by the sheriff of Malheur county.
A reward of $100 was offered for
the capture of Rett and that amount,
or at least a large portion of It, will
probably go to Marshal Gurdane.
Board of Equalization Has Vacation.
Owing to the holiday proclamation
of the governor the board of equaliza
tion ha3 not been In session for the
past four days. There Is a doubt as
to the validity of any actions taken
by the board during such a time and
in order to avoid all danger of any
litigation the members of the board
decided to defer all business until
Monday. At that time the complaints
that were filed last week will be
taken up and disposed of as rapidly
as possible.
Coming to Pendleton.
The family of C. E. Fisher, tele
graph editor of the EaRt Oregonlan,
left Chicago last night for Pendleton,
where they will reside permanently.
Mr. Fisher will occupy a residence
belonging to Congressman Ellis near
the Ellis home on Lewis street. Mrs.
Fisher Is a sister of Rev. W. L. Van
Nuys, and Mrs. Roland Oliver of this
November Strawberries.
Today a bunch of ripe strawberries
just picked from the garden on his
Coombs canyon ranch was brought
to the city by R. E. Grossehmig.
While he does not claim to raise
strawl'Tlea l-i any quantity at this
time of the year Mr. OrossehrUg
feels that the fact that even a few
ripened In November shows that
Coombs canyon is a close rival for
southern California.
Big Bank Failure in Texas.
San AntonV. Tex, Nov. 1. The
West Austin Bank and Trust Co. has
suspended temporarily. It Is one of
the biggest banking Institutions In
the city.
Discoveries of good quality of coat
In six different localities, widely sep
arated, but all within 100 miles of
Portland, have caused something of
a sensation In the local fuel market,
and the end of coal famine conditions
that have In recent years disturbed
Oregon Is now In sight, says the
Portland Journal. The Southern Pa
cific Railroad company will. It Is said,
have all the coal It requires from a
new discovery made on the Corvallls
& Eastern line.
Large coal measurers controlled by
the Consumers' Coal company In
southwestern Washington, will prob
ably be the first on the local market.
Southern Oregon will be supplied
from coal uncovered near Medford
The Oregon Diamond Coal Mining
company has drilled through a five-
foot vein of hich grade coal at
Scott's Mills, and Is sinking a work
ing shaft on the vein.
The coal Is at a depth of about 700
feet, and the shaft, which Is being
sunk under personal supervision of
the company's manager, Harry D,
Stanley, is now down to a depth of
140 feet. There are large coal meas
ures' south of Heppner, in the vlcln
itv of Rock Creek, which will be
opened by the owners as soon as rail
transportation can be nrranged for.
Negotiations that have been carried
on with the O. R. & N. company for
an extension of Its Heppner branch,
have thus far failed.
Coos bay coal mines already In op
eration are sending their products to
San Francisco, because of lack of
transportation facilities to Portland.
This coal will be brought to Port
land whenever there Is sufficient
steamer service, or a railroad com
pleted between Drain and Coos bay.
In addition to the mines now opened
at Coos bay, there are large coal de
posits located by the government's
geological survey In the vicinity of
We will within f days be deliver
ing 100 tons of coal daily to Port
land by water transportation." said
L. B. Reeder, attorney for the Con
sumers' Coal company, whose mine
In Cowlitz county has Just, been open
ed. "A coal road Is being completed
from the mines to theh Cowlitz river,
about three-quarters of a mile distant.
The road Is finished with the excep
tion of the overhead work forming
crossing over the Northern Pacific
railroad at the Cowlitz river. This
crossing after considerable delay has
been arranged with the Northern Pa
cific, and work Is being pushed. We
will deliver the coal to boats on the
Cowlitz .whence It can be carried to
Portland at low cost of transporta
tion. A Portland fuel concern has
contracted to take the output of the
Investigations of coal outcrop In
Malheur county, Crook county and
at two or three other points in Inter
ior Oregon are being made. There
Is no longer doubt that within the
next few years. If development work
proceeds, all sections of this state will
have available coal supply of a qual
ity equal to the best lignite on the
coast, and In two or three of the
mines the coal will be found equal to
the Colorado coal now being sold at
high prices In Portland.
A new swindler has adopted a
novel plan at Seattle. Representing
himself as agent of the Seattle Board
of Health, he easily disposed of
qpantitlcs of chalk dust at 25 cents
per box, for rat eradication.
H. W. Heltmann arrived at Tacotna
yesterday from Alaska with two grips
each containing 25 pounds of gold
Found $200 on Floor.
Upon going to work in the Oregon
Wine & Liquor company's bar this
morning, John Heathman made a
startling dlescovery In the shape of
a pocketbook containing $200 In cash.
The driving team used by engineers
on the Pilot Rock branch of the O.
R. & N. will now be sold, the com
pany having no further use for the
team here, Blnce work has closed
down on the branch,
White Leghorn
From the famoni
Prices very reasonable.
Just a dozen cplcndlil bargains
for Saturday. Business activity
continues. Tlx) trading In all
lines Is on the Increase we're
decreased profits to increase the
Rah." Tliat's why this store 11
a veritable little "Bee Jllve."
Children's good fast
Black Ribbed Hose, all
sizes, 6 to 10. These
were 124 and 15c a
pair. For Saturday
any of them go at, pair i v
Children's good Ribbed FJeece
Hosiery. ' Splendid measure
goods; nice and warm. We of
fer all sizes Saturday
3 Pairs for 50c
No. 3180 Ladles' extra fine Cash
mere Hose In black. These
have gray heels and toes, adding
to the service. Closely knit.
3 Pairs for $1.35
The best 35c velvet
Fleeced Hosiery for
ladies. We know that
you will buy liberally
If you see the ones we
place on sale at
The best possible at
any price, ami just
now many .samples
at (9, $12 and $15
to offer, and they
arc good ones, too.
Ladles' Sill: s!de Elastic!,
white or pink, frilled,
fine quality that were
73c. Saturday mile
Balance of the 50c Leath
er Card Cases. Were
sold at Crank's at 50c;
we are positively going
to sell them Half Price.
Pearl Coat Buttons, snow
white, 4 sizes, 6 on a
card. These buttons
are worth 35c to 50c
dozen. We offer one
lot at, a card.
A very saving offer in
the splendid $1.25 kid
fitting Corsets; same
old reliable grade. Just
two styles we want to
discontinue stock of.
Pick of general run of
sizes, at .
Ladles' Fancy Silk and
Lace Neckwear, not an
ordinary lot; all fresh
and new, in very tasty
styles. Pink, blue and
all white (we show
part In window).
Ladles' and children's
Winter Knit Shawls or
Square Fascinators, 34
x34 Inches; white, with
fringe; 50c value at..
Great variety of
at 23 ami 33 per
cent less than regular.
Buy the boys and girls Stocking
Caps now. We offer double
caps In plain gray, red or blue.
The "real comfort" for
winter days. Caps
that you'll be willing
to say should be at
least 35c. They are
here In one of the
Bargain Bins at
Petticoats at one dollar
nine cents. Several
black, gray and tan
mercerized sateens and ,
taffetallne Petticoats;
Full flounces, pleated,
shirred and strapped.
Positively $2 values
"a quick sale," at....
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