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"The Best Groceries"
OUR goods are pure the best that can be had in
every line and they are fresh, for our immense
business causes a constant stream of goods to he con
tinually passing through our store.
Nothing can become stale that we handle.
That is why our foodstuffs taste so good and oar so
For fresh staple or fancy groceries, remember
Standard Grocery Co.
"The Best. Groceries"!
Well Known mill Universally Belov
ed Pioneer Woman For Past 35
Years She lias Lived With Her
Daughter, Mrs. J. E. Bean of This
City Leaves Another Daughter,
Mrs. Roberts of Prosser, and a Son,
Edward Blsfkip of Fresno, CaL
Mrs. B. B. Bishop, for 35 years a
resident of Pendleton and mother of
Mrs. J. E. Bean of this city, died last
evening at 3:30 at the home of an
other daughter. Mrs. Thorpe Roberts
at Prosser, Wash.
Mrs. Bean" will return to this city
tomorrow with the remains of her
mother, but at this time no funeral
arrangements have been made.
For the past 35 years Mrs. Bishop
hag made her home with her daugh
ter, Mrs. J. E. Bean, and was well
known and universally beloved.
She was 78 years of age and a
member of the Church of the Re
deemer of this city. Besides two
daughters, Mrs. Bean of this city,
and Mrs. Thorpe Roberts of Pros
ser, she leaves a son, Edward Bishop,
of Fresno, Cal.
Mrs. Bishop had been In very good
health up to quite recently and has
been at Prosser on a visit with her
daughter when she was taken 111.
The Northern Pacific train on
which the remains will le brought
here will reach the city at 2 o'clock
tomorrow affernoon.
The "very hour a cold starts U the
time to check it. Don't wait it may
become deep-seated and the cure will
be harder then. Every hour lost at
the start may add days to your suf
fering. Take
F & S
Id Capsules
Used n time they ya all that
Wight foJlo--glcKness, ' yorry, ??
- al.
penses. They never .
Tallman & Co.
Leading Druggists,
J. L. Sluiron Receives a Letter From
Former Pendleton Man Now in
J. L Sharon, the well known sec
ond-hand dealer, has Just received a
letter from H. J. Stillman, the well
known pioneer of Pendleton, who Is
located on the ranch of his brother,
A." D. Stillman, at Pleasant Valley,
In speaking of his work In Monta
na Mr. Stillman says In his letter
"Am at present running an Austin
excavator for A. D., putting In a five-
mile ditch, about 15 feet in width
on the bottom and six feet deep. In
good ground the machine has a ca
paclty of 100 cubic yards per hour,
which Is moving some dirt.
"We are running 24-hour shifts,
I being on the night shift at pres
"This is a big game country, with
plenty of ducks in season, but no
blue rocks."
Jap spies doc officer s steps
(Continued from page 1.)
Willamette Valley development
A conference will take place Wed
nesday at the office of Major Roess
ler. Coos Bay. Is the largest coaling
station between the mouth of the Co
lumbia and San Francisco and at
present has absolutely no defense.
Water Tank for Pilot Rock.
A permanent water tank will soon
be erected by the O. R. & N. at Pilot
Rock. Only a temporary tank Is now
In use there and material for the
permanent Improvement Is being sent
out this week. There will be no tank
on the -branch line between this city
and Pilot Rock, at least until traffic
is much heavier than now. An en
gine tank full of water is sufficient
to handle the present- light trains the
entire distance.
Debating Team Defeated.
In the debate at Enterprise Satur
day evening the Pendleton high
school team was defeated by .the
Wallowa county debaters. The three
members of the local team, together
with Supt. Landers, were expected
home on train No." 1 today, but fail
ed to arrive. They are now expected
on No. 5 tonight. Through Its defeat
Saturday the Pendleton team will be
eliminated from further contests In
the state association,
Daughter m at Cheney.
Mr. and Mr?. C. S. Terpenlng were
called to Che.lfV. Wash., this evening
by the serious illne?s of their daugh
ter with the quinsy, flt that place.
They will leave for Cheney on the
Q R. & X. mixed train this evening.
Itenten to a Standstill by tlie Pendle
ton High Sehool, Uio Roys Keep
Their Efforts from Looking Like
a Faroe Radly Handicnpjied by
Slippery Condition of tlw Floor-
Were Outweighed by Several
Pound to the Man Good Words
for Tliem.
- - :
Insist on Bottled Milk!
It b the oniy manner in which yoii get
your shore of the cream, besides being ab
solutely clean and free from dust, dirt or
Fresh Buttermilk and Sweet Cream,
Pendleton Creameryl Co.
Phone Main 155
Defeated, but not dshonored, the
high school basketball team return
cd last evening from Spokane and
within a short time the quintet will
leave for western Oregon to meet
manv webfoot high school teams and
to redeem the laurels lost In Spo
In the game Saturday n'sht.wlth
the Spokane High the Spokane boys
won by a score of 70 to 10. The Spo
kane team outweighed the Pendleton
boys 40 pounds to the man and two
of the best players on the winning
team measure over six feet in height
The handicap In size together with
the fact that the floor was slippery
was responsible for the defeat suf
fered by the local players.
But while defeated, the Pendleton
boys won much praise for their play'
Ing, as the following from the Spokes
man-Review will show:
Pendleton Is Plucky.
The pendleton players put up a
plucky game and never for a mo
nient relaxed In their efforts to keep
the thing from looking like a farce
They were undoubtedly handicapped
by the extremely slippery condition
of the floor, as will be any team that
depends upon the speed and quick
ness of Its players rather than their
weight and reach, together with ac
curate passing and coolness.
The lineup and score of the big
game follows:
High School. Pendleton
Bnglehorn . . . . . .C Johns
Elliott F. Penland
Croswell F Cooley
De Witt O frurTie,"
Abrams-Pynn . . . .G ,. Ruppe
Percy Folsom accompanied the
Pendleton team as their official and
returned with the team last evening.
Praise for Spokane High.
Members of the high school basket
ball team speak In high praise of the
treatment accorded them by the Spo
kane high school students while they
were, there. During the game with
the Spokane High the best of feeling
prevailed and so satisfactory was the
work of Percy Folsom, the Pendle
ton referee, that he was allowed to
officiate throughout the entire game.
Following the game a reception was
given the visiting students at the Ma
sonic hall, where A high school dance
was held.
No Good Words for Gonzago.
While the Spokane high school stu
dents are praised the returning team
has different feelings concerning the
Gonzago college players. In the
game with that school the Gonzago
umpire was persistently unfair to
wards the visitors and his raw work
together with unsportsmanlike be
havior of the Gonzago players, great
ly marred the game.
The Pendleton team will go to
Walla Walla for a game with the
Walla Walla high school team on
Friday. January 24. and it Is prob
able the local girls' team will also go
over for a game at that time.
A return game with the Spokane
High has also been scheduled to be
played hero on February 31.
W1lgky Makes Him a Dangeroti!"
Man Struck Woman While Drunk
Pat Callahan, who hag been held
for several weeks on the charge of
Insanity, has at last been committed
to the aylum again. . Although Calla
han had frequently caused trouble
before and was dangerously crazy
when drunk, he was recently freed
again In hopes ho Would do better.
W? Immediately went down town
and In a short time got into diffi
culty In one of the restaurants. Dur
ing the melee he knocked a woman
down. He was then taken into cus
tody again and It was decided to send
him to the asylum.
Commercial National Bank
Organized, developed nd conducted on the principle of con
servative banking along progressive lines, the COMMERCIAL
NATIONAL BANK has preserved Its Individuality Intact during
a period of both good and "panicky" times, and by strictly
business methods has gained each day in strength, In scope
and In the confidence of the public. Governed by the same
principle, and entertaining a reciprocal confidence in a public
which recognizes the right relationship between service and
recompense, this NATIONAL BANK expects to continue to
grow both in its capacity and its opportunity to serve, and to
that end rnvtte t patronage to which It belierea It has print
Use it enimea. . ; , - -
Commercial National Bank
Mr. and Mrs. F. T. George of Echo,
are among visitors In tho city today.
Wlllurd Bond was a visitor among
Echo friends yesterday, returning on
the local In the evening.
Mayor B. J. Murphy returned homo
last evening from Portland where he
had been attending the Mystic Shrine
Judge Joe Parkes was among thoso
returned home last evening from the
Mystic Shrine meeting In Portland.
Mrs. Wood Pasley arrived home
last evening from a month's visit at
her home In Eugene and with friends
In Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sheridan of
Echo were visitors In the city yester
day. T. T. Geer came home yesterday
from Portland, where he had been
for several days.
Mrs. John Giess and daughter,
Mrs. Winn of Adams, are visitors in
the city tody.
Mrs. Lowell Rogers and daughter
of Adams, were in the city today up
on a brief visit.
J. T. Lleuallen and son Lawrence
of Adams, are in the city today on
G. S. Monohan of Chicago, the
world's famous skater, who will ap
uear at the Ireland skating rink to
night, arrived here on No. 1 today
and Is registered at the Hotel St.
I. It. Lawrence, the young Uklah
merchant, is in the city upon a short
business visit.
Louis Schoil, Jr., mayor of Echo.
was In the city yesterday upon a brief
Mrs. Marie Schneck, a sister of
Miss Minnie Lebrlct, Instructor at the
Business college, returned to Spo
kane yesterday after visiting here for
a few weeks.
Miss Pauline Lederlee of La
Grande, was In the city yesterday to
visit with her father at the hospital.
Roy Saxton of Hermlston, a mem
ber of the reclamation service, was
In the city yesterday visiting with
Prof. A. B. Ferryman of the Her
mlston public schools, left for his
home this morning after a business
trip to the county seat.
W. B. Hale left this morning for
Umatilla on a duck hunt.
C. H. Miller formerly of Echo, but
now located In Ohio, Is In the city
and at Echo for a few days' visit.
Mrs. Henry B. Johnson left yester
day for Salem to remain for the wlrv-ter.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Perry of Oka-
nagan. Wash., who have been visiting
Mrs. Perry's grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. H. R. Neil of Fulton, left for
their home today. Miss Bertha Nell
accompanied them home for a short
Jess Masse returned to Pendleton
today, where he Is superintending re
pair work on the block signal sys
tem. His crew has been laid off for
the winter, but before spring will
again be at work on the mountain
system. La Grande Observer.
J. F. McXaught came In from Her
mlston last evening and Is transacting
business In the city today.
Otis Turner of Weston, Is transact
ing business at the county seat to
J. G. Calllson of Myrlck station,
is transacting business in Pendleton
Robert R. Smith, a prominent Im
plement dealer of Worthington,
Minn., arrived In the city Saturday
evening to Join his wife wno nas
been visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs, C. T. Tupper for the past two
J. F. Myrlck of Helix, is in the city
today on a trading trip.
"Roosevelt's Special"
Will be the popular shoe worn by
gentlemen in Pendleton next year.
It is made in box calf and patent, colt; the
new stylish swing toe; military heel and a
fine weight for dress or street wear.
Other places charge $5 and $5.50
for th
e same
Where You Trade to Save.
Hartsteln to Portland.
Leo Hartsteln, who has been man
ager of the Pendleton Cloak and
Suit house in this city for the past
six months, left today for Portland,
where he will be employed In the
Mercantile Exchange gales and Ad
Bureau, at Room 646. Sherlock build
in e. Mr. Hartsteln has made many
friends in this city during his brief
resdence here and has built up a
large permanent business for the
Pendleton Cloak and Suit house which
has recently changed hands, O. C.
Anthony being the new proprietor and
Home from Indiana.
Dan May, the well known contrac
tor and manufacturer of concrete
blocks In this city, has Just returned
home from a month's visit at his old
home in Butler, Indiana. While east
Mr. May made arrangements to add
to his concrete block machinery and
studied concrete block manufacture
In Chicago. He Is convinced that this
is the coming building material and
will add to his Pendleton plant in
many ways this year.
The interstate commerce comm's
slon handed down a decision Satur
day declaring that the commission
cannot always approve a lower rate
for a shorter haul, but the opposite
rule is also to apply In some cases.
Oregon Editors Elect Officers.
At the close of the meeting of the
Oregon Press association at Portland
on Saturday evening, the following
officers were elected for the ensuing
year: President, J. S. Dllllngcr,
Dally Astorian, Astoria vivo j...
den,t George Putnam, Tribune, Med
ford; corresponding secretary, A. D.
Moe, Hood River Glacier; recording
secretary, George A. Sclblrd, Union
Republican, Union; treasurer, Miss
Frances GoUchall,; trustees, George
B. Small, C. E. Fisher and C. L. Ire
land. Woodmen Smoker Tonight.
A smoker will be given this even
ing by Pendleton camp No. 41, Wood
men and their friends. The, entire
and their friends. The entire cast
of the Star theater will be present
and will give a vaudeville entertain
ment during the smoker. All mem
bers of the camp are urged to be
K. of P. Installation.
Tonight Damon lodge No. 4,
Knights of Pythias, will hold Its reg
ain installation of officers and In
addition to that meremony there will
be Initiatory worn in tne secona ran
A good attendance Is desired.
Mnamita Meotlnir Tonight.
A regular, meeting of Pendleton
lodge No. 62 A. F. and A. M,., will be
held at Masonic temple this evening.
All brethren are cordially Invited to
be present.
Marriage License.
A marriage license was issued to
day to the following couple: William
Jussera and Mara Kasara.
Wanted Position as housekeeper,
country preferred. Mrs. M. Mack,
Hotel Eastern.
The Great
Sensational Skatorial Artist
, , . '. - "
.-.-"" . "'
;-yy 4 '!:
' ' '' Yy- " I '
: v ' r
... i
. . i f
Y'- Y
-.- ?.
l' v
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
January 20, 2 1 and 22
Afternoons and Evenings
Doors Open at 2:30 and 7:30
Admission 15c Skates 25c
For rent A cottage, bath, hot wa
ter, electric lighted. Enquire at 100
Bluff street E.
. At the Old Stand. Phone Main 131
W. E. Pardee, Prop. Wm. Davidson, Mgr.
Reserved seats now on sale. 1
The laughable farce, "A Ghost In a
In the songs of today.
Just a Swede double
In a funny wrestling match. This
act Is alone worth a dollar. A
genuine wrestling bout.
In the beautiful Illustrated song.
New moving pictures. New machine.
Everything new.
The girl In the diamond dress.
The brilliant pianist.
NEW PRICES 10c, 20c and 30c

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