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I2h2c Bleached Muslin
$1.35 Hemmed Bed Spreads, each - - 98c
$1. 00 Hemmed Bed Sheets, 81X90 each - 79c
36 inch Mohairs Black, Grey, Tans and Navy 50c
121 -2c Flannelettes 29 inches wide - 9c
15c White Indian Linens 9c
35c White Embroidery - . - - - 19c
85c Fancy Ribbons 45c
$1.35 Chamois Gloves, White and Natural 85c
$1.75 26 inch Umbrellas - - - $J9
12 l-2c Silkolines 36 inches 9c
89c Bleached Table Linen - - 69c
$1.50 White Shirtwaists (new) 98c
$10.00 Fancy Silk Waists for $3.95
$1.45 Colored Sateen Skirts for 75 c
$ 1 .50 Percale Wrappers for - 98c
$3.50 Men's Shoes (all kinds) $2.65
$4. 00 Women 9s Shoes In Kid and Gun Metal Leather $2.85
$1.75 Misses9 Shoes II I 2 to 2 - - $1.35
The Peoples Warehouse
business. hu.vo been gathered tn, the
results of last season's fruit crop at
J. L. Duinan' Pomona orchard can be
Riven exactly and In figured that will
convince th most skeptical. It may,
It Is to be- hoped, open the eyes of
some of our residents who have the
money to Invest In th growing fruit,
jbut It Is to those In the east who are
. seeking u locution on this coast for
A(iUi:i:i) ON CASH BASIS j the upholding of n homo and the
FOR ASSESSMENTS earning of a competence, who we need
' j to tell our Btory to. These men hore
. ... have too long been ruining wheat and
ProfiTC Toward I nlformlty of State;. . . . , , , ..
! barley and have made a financial sue
AsscNHuuMit L Matlo Hoard of .,, lt t to chanKe their methods. A
EquallAUtlon Explained Ailvanoo In general statement of what can be pro
Valium of Uallrotuh, ami LIvesM. I duceu by raising fruit on the hinds of
I Columbia county, while truthful In
every particular, and known to be so
The Hoist) Capital News says of the oup mvn rPH,(,nts. Is generally dls.
excellent RtHte meeting Just held In C0UTlfe(, bv the average easterner as
that city by the assessors of Idaho: ; b(ll too gooJ , b(J ,ruc nnJ con()e.
Falling to secure a pledge from j ,,uentiy ,s CUHt aRde as tho effort of
members of the state board to assess thw wr ter to ns ,ocalUyi but
railroads, telegraph and telephone wIien facta and nguren are K,ven In a
II...... - ..I n..uU .-r.1.... fkn
- uii.-- i u.ru muai .uiur, , gworn statement by responsible men
! county assessors of the state, after ... intltritv. tt -arrle conviction to
ja four days' stormy session, adjourn-; the rcadpr am, get8 hlm to thinking.
!d this morning, after adopting res- That , the object In publishing the
iloutlona to assess on a cash basis. following affidavit at th s time, which
j This action Is contrary to that , eif-explaratory:
which Is reported to have been taken , . ... , , , , . .
. . , . . , , ui i i State of Washington, Columbia Coun-
l at the session held behind closed
doors yesterday afternoon, and it Is . '., " . . , . ... . . ,
, , , , , .. . J. H. Swart and J. W. Jessec, being
ments will be made really on a 60 per
' each first severally and duly sworn
on his oath, says that J. W. Jesse la
cashier of the Columbia Nuttonal
tintiLr at TVii-tn Wa uVtlno-tArt at 1 T
This idea is confirmed by the tlfurea, SwaH f. Q R;
cent basis which by the assessors
will be called the actual cash value.
given out on live stock
More unanimity was evidenced by
the assessors of the various- counties
of the state at the closing session this
morning than was the case during
the four days that they were in ses
sion In the hall of represintat'ves at
the state house In this city.
Although there were ulte a num
ber who had gone home there was
still a majority of the county asses
sors present when the roll was called
this morning and the final session
taken up for discussion:
Some who had come to the city
with the Intention of securing a
pledge from the board of eUa! za
tlon to raise the rate of assessment of
railroads, telegraph and telephone
lines In the event that they should
assess property In their respective
counties at Its actual cash value,
were disappointed at first, but after
& N. Co., at Payton, Washington.
That there was shipped from Pomona
Kanch, owned by J. L. Dumas, over
said road during, the latter part of
the year. 33.922 boxes of first grade
apples. That said Pomona ranch Is
a farm of 1 0T acres located about
three miles from Dayton. J. W.
Jesse saw the contract which J. T
Dumas had for the sale of his apples,
ond the average price for said apples
was 11.48 per box, f. o. b. Dayton.
Su!s( ribed and sworn to before me
this 17th day of January, 1908.
Notary Public.
The total sum received from these
33.992 boxes of apples Is $50,234, or
over $500 an acre for a single crop.
Ijist summer Mr. Dumns purchased
from Mr. Officer of Walla Walla 140
Where it Pays to Trade
Save Your Coupons
Society events
Mrs. Henry Laatz entertained the
North Side Thimble club on Monday
Miss Elizabeth Foley left today for
Eugene, returning to Pendleton on
next Monday.
The H. T. Thimbu club met on
Thursday afternoon v. ith Mrs. WI1
jiam Moore.
Mrs. W. J. Furnish is expected
home within a few days from a visit
it Seattle and Portland.
The J.illy Neighbors' club will meet
next week with Mrs. Charles Greu
ISch,' on Tuesday afternoon.
The ladles of the Parish Aid gave
A silver tea at the home of Mrs.
Lona Thompson on Thursday even-
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Judd and son
Henry, will leave tomorrow for a
vLsit of a few weeks in southern Cal.
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Taylor and Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Forster returned
on Tuesday from a weeK s stay in
Mrs. Victor Hunziker of Walla
Walla, will be a guest in the city for
a few weeks, at the home of her sls-i-ir.
Mrs. Louis Hunziker.
Mis. X. E. Despaln and daughter,
Eleanor, have taken apartment In
the Despain building on Court street,
where they will be at home to tnelr
Miss Tertha Alexander entertained
a few friends Informally on Tuesday
evening in honor of the birthday an
civersary of her brother, Royal Al
Mrs. Henry Laatz entertained the
members of the North Side Bridge
Ciub on Tuesday evening. Prizes were
A'on by Mrs. A. Goodman and Mr.
Harry I'.-e.
Mrs. M. T. Starkweather pleasantly
entertained the members of the Du
pllrate Whist club on Friday evening
at the home of Mrs. W. J. Furnish
on Water street.
Mrs. Norbourne Berkeley enter
UliW the members of the Duplicate
' Our name on the pack
aje gives us the credit,
and puts on us the money
back burden it isn't a
Your grocer rtturoi four montr If ft 4o.'t
ScbilUot't Bvtl. ve.ptf bia
Whist club on Monday afternoon. The
next meeting will be held with Mrs.
T. C. Taylor on next Monday.
There was a large gathering of
dancers at the Armory hall on
Thursday evening at the dancing
party given by company L. Johnson's
orchestra provided good musio far
the occasion,
Mrs. J. S. Lnnders was hostess on
Monday evening to the members of
the Pendleton basketball team. In
honor of her guest. Miss Janet Young
of The Dalles, who returned to her
home on Wednesday.
About 50 couples enjoyed the mar
ried peoples' dancing party on Wed
nesday evening at Esgles' hall.
Everyone seemed In the best of
spirits, which does much toward
making these dancing parties so en
joyable. Mr. Streeter and Miss Bryan are
expected home tomorrow from Port
land, where they have gone to see
about procuring magnificent gowns
and wardrobe for the big production
of "Camllle," to be given before long
oy tne streeter-Juryan company.
A pleasant company of the week
waa given on Thursday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. A. McAllister, when
she entertained about 25 of her
friends at a thimble party and tea.
Each guest was asked to relate some
Incident relative to their wedding
trip, which afforded a great deal of
Those who responded to the Invi
tation of Mrs. William Pklles on Wed
nesday afternoon, spent a most en
joyable afternoon In the pursuance
of the ever popular game, military
"COO," which was . played at eight
tables. Each guest seemed Imbued
with the military spirit In the defense
of their own fort, which they repre
sented whether at home defending or
visiting their adversary. After the
din of battle had cleared away, fort
No. 2 made the best showing In the
capture of trophies, and four lovely
prizes were awarded to Its defenders,
who were Mrs. Charles Adams, Mrs.
George Clarke, Mrs. William Mays
and Mrs. G. I. La Dow. Mrs. Kkiles t
was assisted In the entertainment of
her guests by Mrs. Ernest Sklles and
Mrs. Thomas Spore.
The Damm family of Pendleton
and Lehman Springs, held a delight
ful reunion at the home of Mrs. T.
M. Henderson last evening at which
a sumptuous dinner was served ami
a pleasant evening was spent. The
members of the family present were: i
tboroiiehlv threshlnir out the fines
Cons general satisfaction prevailed ""e8 'jJ"ii his farm, the purchase
and the assessors leaving the hall at prlce ot!ch was ,18'n6S- n,y 60
noon todav expressed themselves as f"CS f thls trnct wa" ,n frult; antl
well pleased with the results of the he ni;plc from 'n'8 60 nrrp" brought
meeting I owner the sum of $15,000 for
i.i.-u netisMii a crop, in oiner worus me
returns from practically one-third of
the land In one year brought In almost
enough to pay for the entire tract.
Mr. Dumas made the last payment on
the property last week and now has
a deed to It. free of Incumbrances, on
record. These are facta that can be
verified at any time by any one, and
should carry conviction to the minds
of eastern men, who can come here
and do the same thing.
With the opening of the meeting
' this mornliiK State Auditor Bragaw
appeared before the assessors and
i stated that he was afraid that the
assessors felt like that the board of
' , " equalization had not done right In
family was organized at Lehman equalizing the assessments last fall.
Springs last summer and this H the n0 asked that he be given a half
first annual reunion. It was a most hour In wh ch to show what the board
pleasant affair and was highly en- did ln reRani to assessing railroads,
joyed by the entire family. .telegraph and telephone lines as
compared to the year previous.
I'd ne Mountain Mill to Run. He said that the value for 190T,
Logging has been finished at the was left about the same by the board 11 's vpr.v Important and In fact It
Blue Mountain sawmill, and the plant as It was for 1906 and he claimed that ls absolutely necessary to health that
Is now being put ln shape for the the hoard had done more than was we B've relief to the stomach prom'pt
season's run, which will begin so soon required of It. He called attention '' at tnP ri,'st signs of trouble. Take
as favorable weather opens in the to the fact that the board raised the , something once In a while; especially
spring. Logging requires snow and railroads about 27 per cent over the "fter meals; something like KODOL
was carried on this winter under dif- assessment for 1906 and that tele-' for dyspepsia and Indigestion. It will
fcultles. There has been only a foot graph and telephone lines all over the: exv,ie your stomach to do Its work
or so of snow as against five feet last state had been ra sed. ! P"P"I". Sold by Tallmnn & Co.
winter. About 600,000 feet of logs He said to the assessors that he did ' --
are now in the yard, In readiness for not want them to go away from this
the season's operations. Weston : meeting feeling thnt the board did
Club Notes
I not do its duty. The state auditor
. cited that there were between 3,000,- '
1000 and
Hotel St. George.
J. C. Thomas, St. Louis; Mrs.
C. L. C. Reception. j
The Current Literature club will
hold its annual reception Friday even-
..vvv.vwv vM. . me niu-,:tDy; soda W abv: Hertha rwip
tary report and that only about .- man, H. A. Hampton, E. L. Wll
nan neen assessed xor isur. Hams, 8. O. Markman, O. W. Isaacs,
- - M. E. Polltz, Portland; Ben P. Scott,
A Cure for Misery. St. Louis; D. Teuscher, Seattle; J. F,
"I have found a cure for the misery t Fink, Portland; C. W. Jolly; Miss L.
mamrla poison produces," says R. M. A. Sherrard. Portland; J. Redore, W.
.inmes or -ouenen. S. C. "It's colled K. AJeMahon. Spokane: W. T. Shlnnv.
i . ectrlc n ttern. nnrt rnm In Kn nant K. H. liiirke T Pelnri a r xriio
Ing at the home of Mrs. H. Alexander. tolt!es ,t b,.eakf) w Athena; I. W. Ware, "city; M. R
An I riL'irfltInn hoa Kaon avtunilaH fri ... J '
... . ..Ubu or Dllous attack In almost no time: Zwetorn. St. Louis; John Larson, W.
... ., ,,, , ' " ftnd It Puts yellow Jaundice clean out J- Healey, Chicago; W. H. Adams,
, ,. " rr commission." This great tonic T. Laeey. Portland; J. A. Allison, Sam
B- .meiMcine and blood purifier gives Lee Portland.
T- A- C. Inu'ck relief In all atomach, liver and,
The next regular meeting of the kidney complaints and the misery of. Golden Rule Hotel.
Thursiblv Afternoon elnh hna hoen v.i. n.u ... . I .
in mi- wvit. cum unurr Kuarnmt-fl ai , H ands Ganeron" Mimlo Qmlth
Indefinitely DOstooned. Th. n- rom.- . .. " . uangrow . Maggie Smith
. '""'" - o uiuk Biur-. Air. Denavcn and. wife eitv mi
nrmrw.omonf nf ifofo rA o,,M.,t l Kn . ' ' in., Cliy, MISS
- - j AlillWI Knmnann Pan T n . r tt
APPLE YIIELI) OP $300 ACRE. , Fry starbu'ck: John M Smith. Cove!
. ire.; ueo. u wood, Echo; H. C.
m,w.i r.gi.re mkw iieid or 33,.z Branstctter, Echo; Alexander Davis
Alexander Harala; David Koppl; J,
Tne Dayton courier Press tella of a D. Schull, city; W. J. Vansklke, Prcs-
phenomenal yield of apples on a cott, Wash.; D! J. Stephens, cltv: M
L. Dunn
be given later.
In a fire that destroyed the resi
dence of J. X. Nelson at Grants Pass,
Or., Mr. Nelson's library of 3000 vol
umes was destroyed. This was prob
able tne largest and most valuable ranch near that place as foUows: A. Reamea; J. Alexander; O
private library In the state. 1 Now that the various ends of the Eugene.
octs Jontly yot prompt
ly ontlio bou els, cleanses
flie system eectu (illy,
assists one itj ovei"coum;j
habitual corisfcpation
permanently To get its
beneficial: occts buy
the donuuu
Nanujactuircily tlic
Fig -Strup Co..
Hotel St. George
European plan. Bverythlng firat
claaa. All modern convenience. Steam
beat throughout. Rooms en suite with
bath. Large, new sample room. Tb
Hotel St. George Is pronounced one
of the most up-to-date hotels of the
northwest. Telephone and fire alarm
connections to office, and hot and
cold running water In al lrooms.
ROOMS: $1.00 and $1.5o
Block and a Half IYoin Depot.
See the big electric sign.
Golden Rule Hotel
Corner Court and Johnson Streets,
Pendleton, Oregon.
H. C. MEANS, Proprietor
Pa Damm, Norma Alio way; Ma j
Damm, Edith Johnson; Annie Damm,
Edna Thompson; Jimmy Damm, Ger-j
trude Jordan; Sammy Damm, Eunlc
Vogel; I. B. Damm, Edna Storie; V. !
R. Damm, Nona Johnson; baby I
Damm, Dorothy Henderson; diaper-1
one, Mrs. T. M. Henderson. The
The Most Beautiful Homes
Built Today, Are Being Made of Concrete Blocks.
They are pret
tier, more sub
stantial und far
more importa
ble in either
hot or cold
See my many
beautiful de
signs in con
crete blocks
before you
build your
-1 it .. uw. , -1.-
. -j. ,. . ..w.
--VrrCrry-rkfcVi.K-u f
D. 7X. MHY
Concrete stands
for Basements,,
Walls, Fences
and Curbing.
It looks better
and lasts longer
than stone.
I will furnish
you estimates
for any class of
work on
Cor. Rail
road amd
Willow Sts.
Air i.
Heated by Steam
Lighted by Electricity
American plan, rates 11.26 to 12.00
per day.
European plan, 60c, 76c, $1.00.
Free 'bus meets all trains.
Special rate, by week or month.
Tine restaurant ln connection
Chicken dinner Sundays.
Special attention given country trad.
American plan, 3 pev day and up
wards. Headquarters for tourists and
commercial travelers. Special rates
made to families and single gentle
men. The management will be pleas
ed at all times to show rooms and
give prices. A modern Turkish bath
establishment In the hotel.
H. C. BOWERS. Manager.
. ..
Kiel tne best
Dry Wood
nd the
Leave orders at
Opposite Peoples Warehouse
Reopened for Busi
ness. Foot of Alta
A. Otke, Prop. '

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