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llr. Paul Cmavant Writes From S19 Monroe Street, Topela,
Kansas, Concerning Pervna. Head llcr Litter Beloic;
" Mr. Emily Kellogg, 6049 8. LarrnneSt.t South TMma,Wa$1il
in nig- ana cany summer a 1 onic is ieeaea. mm rerma. Ma&mr utter mm:
The source of rood blood ii frh rnA .iiJwri Tf .vt.Mr, lntrferei with diiret- rtW fr ' " "vl?
Hon the blood becomes impure.
A catarrhal condition of the stomach prevents perfect digestion. Buch a condition allows the
food to ferment and decompose in various ways, instead of digesting. The blood is thus contaminated
with various material! that An nnt
. - wuuijmio ui vtuiuun ways, luSWSflU. 01 UlgCSUilg. XnXJ uwvu IB kuua vuuuu
with various materials that do not belong in the blood.
b,v- "liijg icvcr, eruptions on tne siin, general lamiuae ana conaupauuu.
Peruna corrects all these difficulties by striking at the source of them. By eradicating the ca
tarrhal condition of the stomach Peruna at once restores digestion, the blood is thereby purified, and
the whole machinery of the body is put in working order.
Peruna has probably made a more remarkable record in cases of catarrh of the stomach than any
otner medicine. These cases are very frequent, and we have a host of testimonials in which Peruna
has received lavish nriA fnr
-y.:.;:;-.-' v"v
Mrs. Paul Casvnt, 219 Monroe street, Topek,
Kansas, writes:
I hare found Peruna very effective In restoring
mr health and strength after 1 had been worn
out and run down for a long time. I began to
use it about sixhiontbs ago when I was nnable to
leave my bed. My nervous system was shattered
and I was daily losing flesh and strength. This
condition was completely altered after a few bot
tles of Peruna had bet n used end I kept on using
it until I waa finally reHtored to perfect health
and had gained about fifteen pounds.
I feel so Rrateful for what vour medietnn hna
done for res that I aui pleased to give It iny hearty
endorsement and shall always be glad to speak
a good word for It."
Tones up the System.
Mrs. William ircRoberU, Waverly,
21inn. writes:
T am perfectly well of the catarrh. I
iook reruna ana Manalin. I reeom-.
mend your medicine to every one and
cannot praise. It enough. It is a fine
medicine to take any season of the year.
Taken in the spring it tones up the
system and acu as a gentle stimulant."
A Good Tonic
Mr. Joe Leonard, Flat 3, S Allen St.,
Buffalo, X.T., writes:
'I have good reason to endorse Peruna
as I have found it a good tonic, stimu
lating the system and sustaining it
under great pressure, imparting un
usual endurance and enabling me to
Mra. Kmily Kellogg, 6019 S. Lawrence St., S.
Tacoma, Wash., member 6t Ladies of the Macca-
1 Dees, writes:
"Three inon ths ago I had an attack of biliousness
which threatened to undermine mv health and
strength. Luckily for mo, I tried Peruna at the
suggestion of my frienda before it was too late. I
found in a fow days' time that I did not have the
ucual sick headache, neither did food nauseate me
any longer. In two weeks' time Peruna had com
pletely rid mysystomof the poison and bile, and I
was in a much better condition. My tbjn assumed
ltd normal color, I had a splendid appetite and I
was In every way improved in health. I used
Peruna for a month lonirer and it wroncht a wnn.
clrous cnange in my entire system."
Mr. Caleb II. Bortell, Police Officer, 212 North Paca street, Baltimore,
Md., wriu-s:
'For several years I was troubled with catarrh of the head, throat and
stomach. Many times I would vomit before aud after eatiug.
"I took seven bottles of your Peruna, and I am glad to say that it has
cured me.
"I feel more like living and working, and am not bothered at all with
my old troubles.
"I take great pleasure in recommending Peruna to all sufferers with
catarrh, and I thank you for what you h.ivo done Jr me, for none hut
those v ho have suffered as I have can appreciate a great cure as I have
found Peruna to be."
Mr. William Hoge, President Commercial Travelers Association, 2S0
Iiroadway, New York, Y., writes:
"I endorse Peruna as the most effectual remedy for catarrh I have been
able to find in my truvels iu this country or Kurope. I can truly say that
I have spent thousands of dollars in this country alone trying to find a cure,
and it was not until 1 was induct d to givo Peruna a trial that I obtained any
thing like permanent relief. As a tonic it is Hiinnl v rri'iit. 1 1 oiil'Ii t to lm In
the grip of every commercial traveler on the road. It cured my wife as well
as myself. We have not had the slightest symptom of catarrh for a long time."
In a later letter Mr. llwze savs: "I have used Peruna for manv vears
W f
never without a bottle i:i my grip. I am the youngest feeling and youngest
joohinn man oi uiy age in .m w 1 orK, winch 1 tliink Is entirely due to Peruna."
taking Pen:i::i, which I ilid. I tuk
throe bottles, aud 1 c.ia say I am cured.
"Thanks for kind auvieeand Peruna."
I Splendid for La Grippe. : Pain In Chest
Mr. Frank II. Fielder. 213 i.eaf.nt Mrs. A. W. fiusiin. r.-ym i.ntn
. - , .,.
Ave.. . Inutirolllerv. Ala., foriiierlv nrl-i- .Tn' i,l fr ii rit.u. i.w ...n r I
1 . J r I ... ..wo . If.liri. UL.UII
; cioal of Ilavnfsvi!it ti:-1i s..v,-a i ,i.-i, T..n,n t :... ...... tlav Ivcr nr.J Cr.tarrli.
. . j - 1 - ...m. a vm.it- a nrvtrre uiuil , - -
nor a. mucn longer ana naraer than the wraes: and ache in ti.o left oi my chest. I stif-1 Ml,s Mavno K. Smith, IH Fast
system could possibly do were it not "I can truthfully say that Peruna is a fe.vd a great deal wUh it. Mound at., Coiumla.s, Oluo. wrLt
for the great powers with which it en- splendid remedy for la grippN and a' "I wrote to Ir. Ilartman and asked ' :irT1 u-.- 'Vn.ni f,r c turra nn-l
dowed-aie. It gives one nerve ct iron." j t;ood toaic for building up the y,i JU,-' -hiu wha I ti.ould do. Ue uuvi-U uy ;-aj ye?, 'iho r. -u ts rtxuik-
able, I can highly recommend it to all
w hoaresu ffering with the abovcdlscascs.
I am liappy to be able to say it has helped
inc. wonderfully."
E) ss Red and Watery.
Mr. William S. Jlcarn, WR Kegal St.,
Canute ii, N. J., writes :
'For uoout two 'years I was troubled
Pnbtlahed Dally. Weekly and Seml Weekl?,
at ivtidleton, Oreeon, by the
Pally, one year, by mall $5.00
Dally, alx months, by mail 2.50
Dally, three months, by mall 1.25
iliy. one month, by mall 50
Dally, one year, by carrier 7.50
Dally, ail months, by carrier 3.75
Willy, three months, by carrier 1.85
Dally, one month, by carrier 85
Weekly, one year, by mall 1.50
ee!j, alx montba. by mall 75
Weekly, four months, by mall 50
Beml Weekly, one year, by mall 1.30
Beml-Werkiy. kIi months, by mall... .75
Beta! Weekly, four montba, by mall.. .50
with my eyes being red and watery, and
my general health waa very poor.
"Finally a friend advised me to try
Peruna. 1 had tried almost everything
else, so I purchased a bottle of Peruna
and commenced to take it at 0000, and
before I had finished the first bottle I
found I was improving. .
"I wrote you for special advice con
cerning my eyes, which I received. I
continued to take tho Peruna until I had
used six bottles.
"Now my eyes are absolutely well,
and I feel liko a new man in every way,
"I honestly advise anv one similarly
alllictcd to try Peruna."
Peruna Tablets.
Some peoplo prefer to take tablet,
rather than to take medicine in a fluid
form. Such peojje can obtain Peruna
tabjets, which represent the medicinal
Ingredients of Peruna. Each tablet la
equi valeu t to ono average dose of prn n
The Dally East Oregonlan la kent on uln
at tn Oregon News Co., 147 6th street.
run 1 no;, wregon.
Cbkauo Bureau, 009 Security building
WaahlnirtoB. D. C. Bureau, 501 Four
teeotb street. N. W.
Member United Press Association.
Telephone Main
Entered at the postofflce at Pendleton,
, Orgn. ai aeronrt-claaa mail matter.
'Oh! The joy of being alive!
To be sound of body and brain,
With pulses that leap to strive,
And muscles that crave the dif
ficult feat.
T battle with wind and sleet.
In the tumbling surf tn rnMt
4. That strongest foeman, the sea.
4 To feel her tug at the feet.
4 And buffet the face with a heavy
4 hand;
4 To measure strength with her
4 brainless strength,
4 And In Kpite of her might to
4 stand
4 Or leap or swim at the will's
4 command.
4 Oh! Life Is sweet!'
4 Justin S'erns.
The Pendleton Tribune tllis morn
ing published an alleged communi
cation from an alleged "farmer" cen
aurljig the county court for h'gh
taxes and In the same breath censur
iig the court for not making the ex
penses of the county greater by pub
lishing the county court proceedings.
Mather un Inconsistent farmer, this
"Mr- Haystax."
With the greatest road and bridge
expenses' In the history uf the county,
rraie absolutely necessary by floods,
v.ojuju'.i and new settlement, taxes
have been Torced up somewhat In
the past few years. But if the coun
ty Is to grow, expenses must increase.
As new settlements and new Im
provements are added to the county.
the expense of running the county
must increase.
Th's Inconsistent Mr. Haystax f;il!s
ta mention the vast Increase In the
assessment of the county along with
the Increase In taxes. He fails to
mention that valuations have been
raised on corporation property under
the administration of the present
county court and that the county's tax
resources, sources from which taxes
have never been secured before, have
beexi extended and today the "county
is receiving taxes on more cash, ac
counts, hidden wealth mi other
sources of this k nd than ever before.
It seems highly unjusf to censure
the county ;ourt for the Increase In
taxes made absolutely necessary by
unavoidable causes washouts of
bridges and roads; ,aylng out and
constructing new roads and bridges
for the accommodation of the new
settlements and increasing population
of the county.
It seems highly inconsistent to cen
sure the court for increasing county
expenses and in the same breath to
demand that the county expenses be
further Increased by the publication
of the court proceedings which are
never read and which are published
in but few counties of the state.
It the Tribune were really Interest
ed in lowering taxes It would not de
mand a further expenditure of the
farmer's money In publishing a list
of perfunctory court proceedings.
This smacks of the pie counter too
much to be s'neere.
The Kant Oregonlan does not be
lieve that the county court. Is spend
ing one cent of the people's- money
dishonestly. It does not believe that
the publication of the proceedings
each month would change the county
expense one cent, except to Increase
the expense by paying for such pub
lication. This paper publishes from time to
time .full and complete financial
statements from the county court
showing the county expenses and the
Items which make up the budget for
the year.
There Is nothing secret, hidden or
cbscure about the county expendi
tures. Not one cent of expenses could
be avoided by publishing the proceed
ing In 40 newspapers and while thai
East Oregonlan Is the leading paper in
the county and would share in t.ie
measly expenditure for publishing the
county court proceedings, yet it does
not bel eve that this expense should
be added to the county' budget.
The East Oregonlan believes In
cutting down county expenses and It
l willing to put Its belief Into execution.
what excuse, what further eloquent
frenzy of virtue you will pour out In
Justification of this latest sensation
In Oregon.
Now, lirother .Scotr. what have you
to sry of political corruption In Ore
gon? Yu have posed as the one an
gelic presence among all the devils
"f ti:e republican party in Oregon;
what answer do you make to the
Stiffens allegation In the American
Magazine that you, yourself, the one
towering monument of political hon
esty, sincerity and v rtue, offered and
in fact paid, filu.GilO to Senator
limine for his influence in trying to
elect you to the United States sen
ite? Is this the Inside history of your
political honesty? Is this the heart
of the man who has cursed, anthema
tlzed, condemned, censured, abused
and villified the oppos'ng factions for
their alleged dishonesty, 'insincerity
and corruption?
Is this the finale In a long tragedy
of duplicity, morbid ambitions,
piqued purposes, vain warfare, feign
ed virtue and selfish and vainglorious
You who have poured out your
olten lava upon the heads of of
fending factions of the republican
pfirty; you who have stood upon a
mountain summit of self-assumed vir
tu-' and have thundered down your
curses upon those who differed from
you in party management and polit
ical faith; you who have danced fn
glee upon the grave of venerable
John If. Mitchell, simply and solely
because he succeeded and you did
not: you who have stood before the
people of Oregon as the one shining
dltorial I'ght, the one dispenser of
I'xiuence and forceful political dic
tion, the one austere evangel of po
litical purity, the one dictatorial mo
gul of the republican organization,
ready to rule or ruin as suited your
own selfish Interests; what have you
to say to the Indisputable ev'dence of
your own miserable corruption, as
shown In the Kteffens letters and ar
The people of Oregon await your
answer. The facts are against you.
j The people are anxious to know
The Tribune iiuestlons the ability
and honesty of every county off cl;,l in
an anonymous communication t It t
morning. The Kast Oregonlan doe
not believe this Is a fair method
securing public printing. The off;
cials should n.it be coerced nr,
ing out county funds needlessly
to a republican paper.
T. T. (leer has arrived hnm
Astoria and this morning fired a si
lute of 'steen guns to warn the K.ist
Oregonlan of his presence :n the edi
torial chair of the Tribune once again.
But this is so soon after Chinese new
year that the explosion of a fire
cracker causes no alarm in Pendleton
Paul Gilmorc'H play this season Is
"The Wheel of Love." It would per
haps be nearer the reality to call It
the "Wheels of Love." There tuo
more "wheels' in It than In any other
human weakness.
There Is no nature faking in as
sertlng that chickens always comt
home to roost especially political
' Stella The Columbia boys won't
debate with a co-ed.
Bella Walt till they marry. New
York Sun.
1 tC
acts ently -yet prompt
ly on u ic bowels, cleanses
me system ejjcctually,
assists ono in ovorcominjj
h a b itu al consti ) at i o n
nermar.ov) tly.Tofictits
beneficial effects buy
Nanacturc(i by the
fio Syrup Co.
' The
Sf. George
G. M. CAREY, Prop. &tOT
Special Sunday
Sunday, February 23rd
Table dTHote at St. George
Cafe, Sumptuosly Served
Only 50c
25 cent Chicken Dinner In
cluding Ice Cream, from
12 m. to 5 p. m.
Regular Meals 25c and up.

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