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Showers and thunder
storms . tonlKht .or
Friday, Much cool
er tonight.
After you have read
the ads., you are ready
to go chopping. ' Pen
dleton' beit bargain
giving stores are rep
resented in this pa perl
VOL. 21.
NO. 6276
Lewis Ferris Confesses to
Placing Dynamite Which
Killed Three Men,
rolloulnir Admission of Guilt lie
Lcadx Detective to Cache In Moun
tains Where INnvder anil Dyiuiinilc
Are OhkvuUhI Feeling Against
Criminal I Running High ami
Thnnts of Lynching Are Rife Muii
Ix Kept Under Heavy Guard at All
Turn Blow- I'p Burlington Flyer
Friday Night.
Butte, Mont., May 7. Lewis Ferris,
who last night confessed to placing
25 sticks of dynamite under th0 Bur
Hngton Flyer last Friday night, the
explosion from which wrecked the
train, and killed three men, was
taken to his cache In the hills this
morning by detectives to dig up the
balance of the dynamite and powder
which he had concealed.
Ferris states that he also was con
cerned In the attempt to hold up the
North Coast Flyer two weeks ago.
Feeling against the man Is running
high and there are threats to form a
lynching party. He Is under a heavy
guard at all times.
No More IhiriicM Found, But Search
Com Inucw Sonic Victims Had
Fractured Skulls, Others Were
Lu Porte, Ind., May 7. No more
bodies were found on Gunness farm
todiif, but no cessation has been made
In the efforts to unravel the mystery
about the place.
Bessie Conklln of Michigan City,
sweetheart of Hay Lamphere, the
only suspect arrested In the case, told
the police today that Lamphere
threatened to burn the Ounnes farm
at one time In her presence.
Just at noon six watches,
woman's, were found.
In the examination of the
found, some show fractured
one a
others death by poison.
Sheriff Smutzer has left for Chi
cagn to hold a conference with the
Chicago police In regard to the the
ory tnat the Ounness farm was a
clearing house for a band of Chicago
murderers who disposed of all their
bodies to Mrs. Gunness.
Spokane Man Murder Woman Who
tcfii-d to Live With Him linger.
San Francisco, May 7. Charging
his wife with desertion, W, A. (ir
men, recently from Spokane, Wash.,
shot and killed her today as she was
collecting tickets In a nickelodeon on
Broadway street.
Carmen walked up to her and stat
ed. "I told you I'd kill you If you left
me. You did." He then pulled a re
volver and fired three times. Each
shot took effect. Tho wife died In
stantly. Carmen came from Spokane six
weeks ago and wns employed at the
great Northern as bookkeeper. His
wife left him some months ago.
Prior to that she said she said she
wanted a divorce so she could marry
a local bartender.
Brother Smashes Her Ixivcr's
Before Trial.
Vancouver, B. C, May 7. Richard
Bond, a young Portland broker, who
alleges that his sister was ruined by
George A. Walkem, a prominent busi
ness man of Vancouver, assaulted
Walkem this morning Just before the
commencement of the letter's trial.
Walkem was standing near the
After remaining in the waters of
the Columbia and Snake rivers for al
most two months and floating 60
miles in that time, the body of the
seven year old son of Edgar McMan
lgle of Page, Washington, was found
yesterday lodged on an island In the
Columbia river opposite Irrlgon.
The child was drowned at Page, on
March 17 and although the Columbia
river was searched for miles no trace
of the body could be found until
yesterday afternoon when It was dis
covered lodged on some driftwood at
the east end of the sand Island in
court room door when Bond advanced
and smashed several stinging blows
into Waikem's face. It took two po
licemen to separate them, and close
watch was kept all day on Bond to
see that he made no effort to shoot
Miss Bond, who Is a pretty girl of
24, fainted twice this morning while
giving her evidence; She told of va
rious visits she had made to Portland,
Seattle and Bellingham, where she
and Walkem registered -us George
Alexander and wife. She lived for a
time at the Y. W. C. A. In Portland.
The case was uncompleted tonight.
Walkem Is a nephew of a former
prime minister of British Columbia.
Pullman Students Threw Stone at
Town Martial.
Pullman, Wash., May 7. The sev
en college students arrested last night
for creating a disturbance and at
tacking Marshal Holt with rocks were
taken before Police Judge Wenham
this morning for trial on a charge of
II. IV. Hawkins was tried first and
promptly found guilty, the Jury mak
ing the fine IS and costs.. Each juror
remitted his fee of 11, which reduced
the costs from 110 to $4. It. A.
Jackson was acquitted. The remain
ing five defendants Harry Elliott,
Howard Schweitzer, J. L. Davidson
and Truman Strong each pleaded
guilty and were fined $5 and costs,
making a total of 144 paid by the
sextet for their frolic.
Ray Slate for Bryan.
Boston, May 7. William Jennings
Bryan was given the unqualified en
dorsement of the Massachusetts
democrats today In state convention.
Tho delegation will be pledged to
Bid In Hand of Conuiiitteo Con.
ra1 Will He I-ot When Sufficient
Funds) Have Itceti Collected Coin
IMiiNiitton Tor Hauling; Fire Aipa.
rat us to Fires I Cut Iovn Madi
son Street Will Be Reurveyed.
Bids for the Installation ef the wa
ter system for the city cemetery were
received by the council last night,
and when the necessary amount of
money has been raised for the Im
provement a contract fur the work
will be lot. Almost' enough money
for the work has already been pledg
ed, and it now remains for those In
charge of the work to collect the sub
When the bids were opened last
night it was found that the Jacobsen
Bade company of Portland, had sub
mltted the lowest offer, their price
being Just $1 lower than the bid of
V. J. Clarke & Co. The bid of the
Portland company Is $569'J, while
"larke & Co. hid $5700 for the work.
H. A. Mousssu & Co. submitted a
bid for the reservoir work, offering to
construct the same for $153, while
Neagle Bros, offered to Install the
Iplng for $2613.
Afler the bids had been read they
were referred to the cemetery com
mittee, but It Is understood no action
will be taken until the money for
he work Is fully subscribed and paid
nto the city treasury.
Among other things transacted
directed to resurvey Madison street,
and the compensation paid draymen
hauling fire apparatus to fires was
reduced. Heretofore draymen have
been paid $2.60 for taking the hook
and ladder truck to a blaze and $1.50
for the hose carts. Last night It was
voted to pay but $1 for the hook
and ladder truck In the future and
an additional KO cents for the return
of the same.
New York, May 7. Four lives were
lout In n fire, evidently of Incendiary
origin, In the tcimincut dMrlct tills
morn In;.
Samuel Sachs, TOvn Rerga, Hal tie
KomIiiih and one unidentified man
were killed. More I'init n score were
lwdly Injured. Many were asleep
when the alarm wjim given.
the river opposite thetown of Irrl
gon. The father of the child, Edgar M.c
Manlgle, is superintendent of the
government work on Snnke river at
Page and while the child was with
the crew working on the river ob
structions at that place he fell from
a scow and was drowned In the
presence of the entire crew..
The parents reside at 496 Taeoma
avenue, Portland, and the father
came up to Irrlgon last evening to
take the remains to Portland for burial.
Woman Will Remain IFaithful
to Degenerate Husband
Attorneys Secured.
Police Find Bloodstained Overcoat
and Rifle Coat h Partially Iden
tified an Proierly of Suspect
TlioiiKh Weakened Tliroiigli Ijnek of
Ih-upi UiKll Knees (nimble Under
Him, Edward H. Martin Refuse to
Admit Guilt and Turin Ruck on
Tempting IlyjMMlenulc of morphine
Rankled Before His Feverish Eyes,
Portland, May 7. Mrs. Edward
Hugh Martin will stick by her hus
band. No word of hers will be utter
ed on the witness stand that would
assist In sending the ex-soldler to the
This she declared to the police
Wednesday night, standing outside
the heavily grated door which bar
red her from her hustmna.
Martin declares that he can prove
an alibi. Attorneys have been.secur
ed to defend him.
Evidence from the Salem sanitari'
um is now at hand to the effect that
Martin was insane from the use of
His wife called at the Jail to speak
to him lust evening. As she leaned
forward to kiss him through the bars
she was pulled back by an officer
and refused the privilege.
Then she turned upon detectives
who stood about her, and told them
that Edward Martin would be clear
ed of the murder charge If her efforts
would be of any avail. At the same
time she admonished he husband to
say nothing to any one.
"Your father's attorneys in New
Tork are securing counsel for you,"
she said.
It was the first kind word the drug
victim had received since his Incar
Wednesday night the police found
a blood ctalned overcoat and rifle In
a vacant lot near the water front
The coat has been partially Identified
as one similar to one Martin was
known to own. The executors of the
Wolff estate declare that an examina
tlon of the stork In the pawn shop
shows a rifle missing. Martin denies
ownership of the overcoat.
The police sent Martin through all
the agonies of an Inquisition by re
fusing his drug drenched system the
stimulant it craved so terribly. For
hours he paced his narrow cell,
pleading with the guards to relieve his
iwful hunger.
Finally, his weakened knees crum
bled beneath him and he fell across
his dirty, disheveled cot.
His moans could be heard out of
the cell corridor and In the lobby of
the station. So pitiful were his cries
thit even the heavy-eyed drunks and
listless "vags" who occupied . the bull
pen added their pleading to those of
Martin and begged the police to give
the "poor devil his coke," then de
tectives came to his cell door, dan
gling a hypodermic syringe full of
morphine before his fevered eyes and
tempted him to confess the crime and
take the drug.
But Martin did not confess. The
offer of the bribe seemed to brace
him, for he turned his back to the of
ficers, closed his lips and did not
make another sound until finally the
uithorltles, despairing of breaking
the former West Pointer's spirit, gave
up and supplied him with the Injec
tion his weakened system desired.
Gcurlii to Defend Martin.
Ex-United States Senator John M.
Oearln has been retained as attorney
for Edward H. Martin, the alleged
slayer of Nathan Wolff, and a hard
fight for the life of the former army
officer is presaged.
Gearin Is recognized as one of the
most, brilliant lawyers In the state.
Martin sllll persists in the declaration
that he can prove an alibi nnd his at
torney has already begun to secure
evidence to support his assertion.
His preliminary hearing will not
take place for several days.
Aged F.mMTor Hcorlvnt Congratula
tion of Other Rulers.
Vienna, May 7. The emperor of
Germany and four ruling German
kings personally congratulated the
nged Emperor Franz Joseph today
on the 60th anniversary of his acces
sion to the throne of Austro-Hungary.
There has been no such gathering
of monarchs In Vienna since the as
sembly of kings, almost 100 years ago,
when the boundaries of Europe were
rearranged after the fall of Napoleon.
Thousands of visitors arc here. Em
peror WUhelm, the empress . and
daughter, arrived here this morning
direct from . Corfu. Franz Joseph
personally welcomed his brother.
Police Arrest Three Brothers
For Murder of Woman Who
Suddenly Disappeared.
A Reward or $1000 Han Been Offer
ed for Missing Dixie Woman, Dead
or Alive Oldest of Barnes Broth
ers Tells Conflicting Stories and
Evidence Connecting Him Willi tlte
Crime Seems Convincing Was Last
Pernnij Seen With the Woman
Rohliery Was Evidently Motive for
Walla Walla. May 7. Lying
in a hole at the foot of an up-
rooted tree on the bank of the
north fork of Coppei In a wild
mbuntaneous country, two
young ranchers, Dorsey Brun-
ton and Fred Ross, found the
body of Mrs. Anna Aldrlch, who
has been missing since last Frl-
Thu discovery culminates the
search that has been made
since last Saturday In which
three arrests have already been
made. Jack, "Bub" and John
Barnes, aged respectively 18,
25 and 16, are In Jail, charged
with complicity In her mysteri-
ous death. Sheriff Haviland
and Coroner MacMartTn are now
at the scene.
There is talk of lynching and
so(lrs (and deputies are in
readiness to prevent such an
act. The people are greatly ex-
Walla Walla, May 7. W. H.
Barnes, George Barnes, and A. J,
Barnes are in the county Jail on a
charge of murder, and It is the .be
lief of Sheriff Haviland and his dep
uties that Bomew'here In the wild and
almost inaccessible region- of the
Coppei the remains of Mrs. Anna
Aldrlch, alleged victim of the trio,
will be found today. A reward of
$1000 has been offered for the find
ing of Mrs. Aldrlch, dead or alive, and
it w'i intimated last night that addl
tlonal rewards would be offered to
day If the search for the missing wo
man continued to be unavailing.
The disappearance of Mrs. Aldrlch
under circumstances calculated to
arouse suspicion, created intense ex
cltement In Walla Walla yesterday
and many people visited the Aldrlch
ranch, eight miles east of the city.
Warrants for the arrest of the Barnes
brothers had been sworn out before
Pustlce J. J. Huffman Tuesday after
noon. Dr. Jorfn R. Gose, son-in-law
of the missing woman being the com
plaining witness. Deputy Sheriffs
Berry and R. F. Haviland went to
the Aldrlch ranch Tuesday to serve the
warrants, but found only George and
A. J. Barnes there. W. H. Barnes be
ng in Walla Walla at the ftlme. The
two brothers were brought to the
county Jail Tuesday, and yesterday
morning . H. Barnes, commonly
known as "Bud" Barnes, was arrest
ed by Sheriff Haviland and Deputy
Stories Onrfllrt
It Is the theory of the sheriff's of
fice that "Bud" Barnes was the prln
clpal to the crime, and that his
brothers together with probably one
or two others were accessories. Bud
Rnrnes was sujected to a vigorous
sweating process yesterday, and told
highly conflicting stories of his ac
tlons on Friday last, but as far as
known has old nothing which would
Indicate the probable whereabouts of
Mrs. Aldrlch.
"I am fully convinced that Mrs.
Aldrlch was murdered by "Bud"
Barnes." said Sheriff Haviland when
he returned from the neighborhood of
the alleged crime late yesterday after
noon, and after having been working
all day on the case. In support of his
theory, Sheriff Haviland enumerated
the following circumstances:
"No less than three people saw
Barnes and Mrs. Aldrlch driving up
the lonesome road between Dixie Fri
day afternoon, and at least one saw
Barnes returning alone."
Back of tho Aldrlch house yester
day the sheriffs office found the
strong box In which Mrs. Aldrlch
kept her valuable papers. The box
was positively Identified by Mrs. J.
L. Bailey, daughter of the missing
In the stove were found the char
red remnants of a thimble and a pair
of glasses, said to have been used by
Mrs. Aldrlch.
In the stove were also ashes indi
cating the hasty destruction of a
number of papers.
What is regarded as the strongest
piece of circumstantial evidence
against Barnes is the fact
that on
Monday he brought to town a large
box of Mrs. Aldrlch's clothes and left
It at Martin's livery stable, telling the
latter that he would call for it in a
week or so. Questioned about this
by he sheriff, Barnes said that Mrs.
Aldrlch told him to leave the clothes
at the stable and that she would get
them herself.
Barnes also claims to have pur
chased from Mrs. Aldrlch for $1500
or $1600 (he Is not certain which) a
bunch of horses and other personal
property, said to be worth $3000. He
claims that no papers were made out
in the sale, although the money was
exchanged. ,
Barnes' story is a mass of contra
dictions, although he sticks to his first
story that he took the missing woman
to Waltsburg Friday afternoon and
left her on the street there. Although
Sheriff Haviland and the town mar
shal of Waltsburg have spent hours
In itrylng to find a single person in
Waltsburg who saw Mrs. Aldrlch Fri
day, they have been unable to do so.
Barnes is not over 25 years of age
and has practically no education. His
brothers who are occupying separate
cells In the county Jail are still young
er, neither being 20 years of age.
San Francisco, May 6. Los Angeles
5. Oakland 5. The game was catted
in the 12th because of darkness.
Portland, May 6. Portland 4, San
Francisco 4. Game, called 7th, rain.
Seattle, May 6. Seattle 3, Tacoma
Vancouver, May 6. Vanvouver 2,
Spokane 10.
Aberdeen, May 6. Aberdeen 3,
Butte 3. Called 20th account o4
Member of National Committee to
Investigate Conditions at West
Point oiul Report to Congress 8u
prenie Court Completed May Term
Last Evening and Justices Are Scat
terlng' Cldcf Leaves for East.
Shortly after 6 o'clock last evening
the supreme court finished its May
session for this city and this after
noon Chief Justice R. S. Bean leaves
for the east upon a most Interesting
trip, while the other four members
of the court are leaving today for
different points about the state.
Chief Justice Bean will leave here
at 4:30 this afternoon via the North
ern Pacific for the east upon a double
mission, both of honor and Import
ance. At Washington the chief Justice Is
to attend the conference of governors
called by the president to convene
at the White House May 13. It Is a
gathering that promises to become
historical In Its significance for It is
understood that at the meeting Pres
ident Roosevelt Is to make some
startling disclosures regarding the
monopolization of natural resources
of the country and to urge that ac
tion be taken to counteract the plans
of those who would secure control of
water pwer, fuel, timber, etc.
Owing to the fact that Governor
Chamberlain is prevented by his sen
atorial campaign from attending the
conference, he has named Chief Jus
tice Bean, C. S. Jackson and H. W.
Scott to represent the state of Oregon
al the conference. It Is understood
that Mr. Jackson will also attend the
meeting, but that Mr. Scott will be
unable to do so.
To Visit West Point.
The other duty which calls Chief
Justice Bean east Is that of serving
with a board that Is to visit the West
Point military academy. He has
been named as one of seven or eight
prominent men to. visit the academy
and to report to congress regarding
the work and the general status of
affairs within the United States army
school. As he will be there during
commencement time at the academy,
he Is looking forward with Interest
to the visit.
Of .the other members of the su
preme court Justice Eakln and Com
missioner Slater left this morning for
Lp Grande. Justice Moore returned to
Salem, while Commissioner King went
to Walla Walla.
The First Bank of Pilot Rock open
ed its doors this morning.
Tt is not only first in name but In
reality, as heretofore the .residents of
that thriving little town have been
transacting their banking business In
Arrangements had been completed
for the opening of a bank at the town
of Pilot Rock last fall. The officers
had been elected, the books ordered,
a building secured and everything
made ready for business. A few days
before the institution was to open Its
Conference of Real Estate
Men for Good of County to
be Followed by Banquet.
Matter of Publicity Bureau Most Im
portant Tiling Scheduled for Dis
cussion Wlille Meeting Is by and
for Dealers In Land, General Public
Is Invited Covers Will Be Laid for
100 at Hotel Pendleton Commer
cial Club Committee Makes Ar
rangements and Names T. T. Geer
as Toast master.
This is the night for the conference
of the Umatilla county real estate
men and for the banquet that Is to b
given in honor of those men by tha
Commercial Association of this city.
Arrangements for the meeting and
for the entertainment of the guests
are now well perfected and every
thing now awaits their arrival.
The meeting of the real estate men
Is to be held in the Commercial asso
ciation rooms, commencing at S
c'qlock. While no definite program
has been arranged it is understood
that at the outset a county real estate
men's association will be formed and
that later the subject of a publicity
bureau will be taken up.
But while the meeting will be for
the real estate men principally, the
public in general is Invited to attend
and It Is desired by those in charge
that the representative business men
and property owners be present
Following the meeting at the asso
ciation rooms a banquet will be given
at the Hotel Pendleton In honor of
(ho visiting real estate men, and there
.1 be room for 75 or 100 people at
the banquet tables. Aside from the
dealers in land all members of the
Commercial association are Invited to
attend while many other special Invi
tations have been Issued.
The banquet Is being arranged for
by a committee composed of Dr. M.
S. Kern, W. L. Thompson and T. T.
Geer and the committee has selected
the last named to officiate as toast
Miss Irene Duff of Boise Arrested ln-
San Francisco on Serious Charge.
San Francisco, May 7. A pretty
young woman who policemen say is
Irene Duff of Boise, Idaho, is In cus
tody today on a charge made by Ar
thur Lister of Newton, Iowa, that she
robbed him of $120 in Golden Gate
The girl was wandering about the
lobby of the San Francisco hotel
when her movements attracted the
attention of Detective Trill. While
he wj! talking to her, Lister rushed
up and accused Miss Duff of picking
his pocket.
No formal charge is made against
the woman at present but the police
are investigating her record. She
was very stylishly dressed.
Love for Negro Girl Basis of Triple
Tragedy In Ohio.
Washington Courthouse, Ohio, May
7. Bert Devaney, a well known
horseman, shot and instantly killed
Miss Lydia Bird this evening, at her
home on John street. He then turn
ed the pistol on Mrs. Bird, mother
of the victim, and shot her In the ab
domen, Inflicting probably a fatal
wound later he shot and Instantly kill
ed Silas Chackleford and finally kill
ed himself. The motive for the crime
is not known, but Is supposed to have
been Jealousy.
Devaney was white, aged 43 years.
Miss Bird was colored, and aged 22.
years. She was well educated.
doors, the financial panic came on -and
nothing further was done In con
ection with the venture until recently
when the matter was revived and ar
rangements made to open.
The officers of the bank will be as
follows: Douglas Belts, president; J.
N. Burgess, vice president; George G.
Schlegel, formerly of Salem, cashier.
The directors are L. L. Mann, C. W.
Mathews, Douglas Belts. George
Carnes and Herbert Boylen. The cap
ital stock Is $15,000 fully paid up. The
title ef the bank will be The First -Bank
of Pilot Rock.

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