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61 Men's Suits in the Latest Spring Shades and Styles
Go on Sale Monday Morning
At the Big Bankrupt Sale of the Teutsch Stock
A Lucky Pick Up
We bought the above lot of Suits at just 33 I -3 per cent off
for cash and will give the profits to our 'customers gstartin?Tl
Monday Morning)
Remember Every Suit is Strictly the .Latest Out in Color and JStyte
The Price Will Be- :
$9.65, $10.45, $12.65, $14.35, $16.75, $19.45
Take a Look Gentlemen Its the Biggest Snap of the Season
fo E. Liveegood & Go.
. Successors to Teutsch's Dep't. Store.
City Brevities
Ice cream at Hohbach's.
AH kinds of good dry wood. See
Wanted To rent cottage of sevea
or elfht rooms. Inquire this office.
Just arrived and set up, new bil
liard and pool tables at Henneman's.
Unfurnished housekeeping rooms
for rent Enquire at East Oregonlaa
Piano Instruction given by Laura
NVIson, 325 Ann street. Phone Black
New and first class. Billiard and
pool tables at Henneman's cigar stor.
No kids.
Fine store and office room for rent
ThelBesf Alarm Clock.
If you have use for an alarm
clock to wake you up these
spring mornings, then you
should get a good one. A poor
alarm clock Is much worse than
no clock at all. Tou cannot de
pend upon a cheap clock picked
up probably In a place where
the knowledge of clocks Is un
known. When you buy a clock
from us you know that If any
thing goes wrong we are ready
to make good with the proper
All alarm clocks guaranteed
nnd.rost from 91.00 to $2.50.
Louis Hunziker
Jeweler and Optician.
726 Main St.
East Oregonlan building. Enquire
this office.
All kinds of transfer work done
promptly. Stansberry & Milne,
Phone Main S.
A few good homesteads and Um
ber claims left. See W. F. Earnheart,
French Restaurant
Wizard Lawn Mowers excel. Our
prices are right. Goodman Hardware
Co. See our line of lawn hose.
Lost Ladles umbrella with gold
and pearl handle, Initials C. A. D. en
graved on same. Return to this of
fice. Reward.
Xow open California restaurant
next door to Empire Meat market.
Just opened under new management.
Best cook, meals 20c. Give them a
Safety Insurance Gasoline Stoves
are approved by the National Board
of Fire Underwriter. Made right
works right. Sold by Goodman Hard
war Co.
150 will buy an Eldrldge rotary
sewing machine at Goodman Hard
ware Co.'s. This machine Is equip
ped with ball bearing stand, light run
ning,' mission oak mirror finish.
Guaranteed for 10 years.
biil moo
Eugene V. Debs llan CUmbed Into
Haywood Bandwagon Man Cliarg
ed With Complicity In Stcunenbcrg
Slimier Will Probably Lead For.
lorn Hope Boom Started While
He Was in Jail at Bolxe.
9. 'U31I1 Haywood
Three suspected box car thieves
were arrested at La Grande Friday
night. One of the trio confessed soon
after for the sins of the gang. Two
of them are mere boys. They had
several pairs of shoes in their pos
pension which they had taken from a
enr while in transit between Baker
City and La Grande.
Man Zan Pile Remedy, price 50c Is
guaranteed. Put up ready for use. One
application prompt relief to any form
of piles. Soothes and heals. Sold by
A. C. Koeppen & Bros.
Better and cheaper-than Chamois skins, Looks Pike,
feels like Chamois, but does the work Better, lasts
Longer and Costs Less. Indispensible for House
cleaning, Silver, Pianos, Glassware, etc. The genuine
"Shamo,' comes from Germany. You find them in
Pendleton at
Is what future generations will take ns much pride In as you do your
self; therefore when you purchase be sure to Invest In that which Is
made to last. We have JiiBt received a shipment of tea and coffee
nets, berry sets, nut bowls, baking dishes, etc., which are made by
the Rockford Silver Co., of Rockford, 111., and their name on every
piece Is a guarantee of the highest quality. We also have a com
plete line of "Rockford" knives and forks, spoons, and all the fancy
pieces. '
We have Just added a complete line of the "Margaret" pattern
In solid silver. The design Is simple yet artistic and the finish Is
bright polished. This pattern is taking the lead In all the large east
ern cities. -
From our large stock, buying a wedding present Is easy.
Chicago, May
for president!"
This Is the battle cry of the social
Ists who are gathering In Chicago to
day for the national convention of the
party, which will begin tomorrow
While a few of the more conservative
members of the party afe opposed to
the Haywood boom, the rank and file
is for him. Eugene V. Debs, the In
dlana man who in past campaigns has
led the socialists to defeat, Is among
Haywood's most devoted adherents
and was the first to suggest his noml
At that time Haywood was still
languishing in Boise Jail, charged
with being the leader of the "Inner
circle" of the Western Federation oi
Miners and with having hired Harry
Orchard to slay ex-Governor Steunen
berg and a score of others.
Since his acquittal, Haywood has
been touring the country In the fur
therance of "his presidential boom
For a time he wn paid by the Wes
tern r euerauon oi aimers as us trav
eling representative, but he was re
cently dropped from the rolls and no
! longer has any official connection
with the union.
For the first time since the social
1st party became a factor In Ameri
can politics, every state and territory
of the Union will have delegates In
tomorrow's convention. These dele
gates will represent only the holders
of the little red cards of the party
who re paid up and In good stand
ing. As the most revolutionary of
American parties and one which pro
poses to overturn the existing indus
trial order, the organization has no
source of Income other than from the
worklngmen who mainly comprise Its
membership, and each of these Is re
quired to pay a small sum monthly
as dues.
While the party received 406,230
votes In the last election when Eugene
V. Debs was the presidential candl
rate, the dues-paying membership Is
only about 40,000. Only these will
have any voice- in tomorrow's conven
tion. Party leaders declare that they ex
pect the socialist vote this fall to be
double that In 1904, and that In case
the old parties should nominate con
servative candidates, a socialist vic
tory Is among the possibilities. Not
many of the delegates, however, seri
ously consider the election of Hay
wood, but they assert that he will re
celve the support of many thousands
of nonsoclalllsts who will take that
method of expressing their disapprov
al of President Roosevelt's character
ization of the labor leader as an "un
desirable citizen."
James Hawks of Pilot Rock Is here
today upon a short business trip
Mrs. Maybelle Grlswold Is confined
to her room with a severe attack of
the grip.
J. II. Tomllnson of Umatilla came
up last evening on a business trip and
has been here today.
E. C. Lewis salesman for the Unl
versal Underwood typewriter left to
day for Walla Walla,
H. H. Gilbert of Pilot Rock, Is in
the city this afternoon on a business
and trading trip.
Dr. Fred A. Lleuallen of Pilot Rock,
Is a guest at Hotel St. George while
in the city today.
Homer Watts, candidate for school
superintendent, has been among the
visitors In the city today.
C. A. Barrett, candidate for the leg
islature Is In the city today from
Athena on a business trip.
Charles J. Hamilton of the O. R. &
N. switch crew has returned to work
after a few days' vacation.
Rev. W. T. Euster returned today
from Ellensburg where he has been
for several days on business.
J. W. Smith, the well known lum
ber dealer of Helix, Is In the city this
afternoon on a business trip.
D. Henry Waldo Coe went down to
Edho this afternoon to look over the
Furnlsh-Coe Irrigation project
Conductor Fred Waffle has re
sumed his run on the Pilot Rock
branch after a few
Henry J. Taylor came In from the
ranch in his auto this morning to at
tend the Chamberlain meeting this
Conductor Cherry of the La Grande
freight division of the O. R. & N.
passed down the line today on a busi
ness trip to Portland
Joe N. Scott, democratic candidate
for Joint representative with Morrow
county, Is In the city with Governor
Chamberlain's party today,
Doc Waddell, advance man for the
Sells-Floto shows left last evening for
LaGrande, to make arrangements for
the performance In that city.
J, W.' Fox, salesman for the Han
ford Irrigated land left at noon today
for Walla Walla expecting to return
to the city tomorrow forenoon
E. J. Brown of the Pacific Paper
company is a guest of Hotel St
George while In the city today on a
tour of the eastern Oregon" counties.
Miss Clyde Whlttemore. who has
been In California for several months
returned home yesterday. She has
accepted a position In The Wonder
Cllftop Cleaver, one of the members
of the executive committee of the
Umatilla County Real Estate men's
association, Is in the city from Echo
today. .
Conductor Rutherford of the La
Grande freight division of the O. R.
& N., who has been on the Pilot Rock
branch for a few weeks, Iras returned
to his home In La Grande.
Fred Geinger of Pilot Rock, is In
the city this afternoon on a trading
trip. Mr. Geinger Is one of the most
prominent dairymen of the .county,
and Is eminently successful In that
industry. '
Mrs. Patrick Bruin, wife of the ex
captain of detectives of Portland, ac
companied by Mrs. Thomas Fitz Ger
ald, wife of Judge Fitz Gerald of Pen
dleton, arrived last evening and are
guests with Attorney and Mrs. Geo.
Cochran. Messrs. and Mesdames
Bruin and Cochran were warm
friends when both families were In
the Philippines. La Grande Chron
Absolutely Pure
Tho only baking powder
matto with Royal Crapo
Cream of Tartar
do Alum, Ho Lirno Phospfiafo
Will Be Five Graduates.
Owing to a typographical error In
last evening's East Oregonlan, the
names of the graduating class of Pen
dleton academy were not given as In
tended. The names of the five grad
uates of the academy are Russell
BlankenshlD. Maude Ro ntlPV Vnrvn
days' visit in I Roberts. Alpha Black, Edmund
Milne and Agnes Jean Young. The
class is taking final examination this
Here comes the spring winds to
chap, tan and, freckle. Use Plneeahre
Carbollzed. (Acta like a poultice) for
cuts, sores, burns, chapped akin. Sold
by A. C. Koeppen ac Bros.
Billiards and pool at Hennemans.
nvorlte Old Play Attracts a I,argo
Audience to the Oregon Theater.
"East Lynne," that old favorite
hich Is ever new, attracted a largo
udience to the Oregon theater last
Ight and a first-class performance
us witnessed.
The company presented the old fa-
orlte in a creditable manner and it
was highly appreciated. The same
lay will be presented again this eve
Ing and tomorrow evening "Thorns
nd Orange Blossoms," Bertha M.
Clay's greatest success will be pre
sented for the first time.
Between acts some excellent mov
g pictures and Illustrated songs are
!ven at the Oregon. Last night the
pictures were especially Interesting,
being the reproduction of a boxing
bout. The same excellent pictures
111 be presented this evening.
Irrigation Talk No. 1 7.
Mr. Thomas Prince, the Walnut king of
Oregon, made a careful examination of the
and emphatically endorsed walnut culture
Several parties arejputting in peaches and
English walnuts. Peaches begin bearing in
three years and are at their best in eight
years. Walnuts begin full bearing in eight
' years. At this time the peaches may be thin
ned out and in a few years be entirely elim
inated. Walnuts produce with little care for
a hundred years, and a good orchard is worth
from $300 to $1 ,000 annually.
Columbia Land Co.
D. B. COSTUMA, Manager
Main (h Webb Sts. Pendleton, Oregon
Echo OfficeOpposite Depot.
General Offices-rMarquam Bld'g.. Portland.
1 lowlier & Stanley's Bhr Revival of
"Ten Nights In a Bar Room."
Beyond a doubt the grandest' pro
duction ever attempted of this great
moral drame. Beecher & Stanley are
beyond question qualified to rank as
the foremost producers of the day.
Every play they have revived has
added fame and given to the stage a
wider field of Influence and Intellec
tual force. In their revival of "Ten
Nights In a Bar Room" they have
urystallzed all their power as noted
producers and bring forth a gem of
dramatics construction and human In
terest. A superb band of 16 solo artists
In grand free street parade at noon.
The big tent Thursday.
All the news all the time In the
Don Steffu, of Oregon Journal, Hunil
' les Campaign Stories.
Don Steffa, assistant city editor of
the Oregon Dally Journal, is here to
day with Governor Chamberlain and
party. He has been with the gover
nor during his senatorial campaign,
but was unable to be' with him on his
trip up the country yesterday.
Since the governor started upon his
campaign a week ago ht has covered
the state from Vole, Malhuer county,
to this city and he Is now working
westward and he will close the cam
paign In the Willamette valley
If you see It In the East Oregonlan,
It's so.
Tea is not infallible;
moneyback makes
amends. We are not, in
the least, uneasy about
the money. '
Tear trocar ratorai f oar aaatf U Vee seal
ateleUlHar' Basis wtHrkla
Made By the Foremost Prohibition Journal
in This Country.
The National Prohibitionists
of Chicago and New York, in
their Issue of January 9, 1908,
quoting the official statistics,
showing the revenues from beer
and spirits during 1906 to have
been $199,035,913. and In 1907.
215,904,720, in an editorial
makes the following comment:
"It seems to us that these
figures teach, as clearly as any
thing can be taught, that the
kind of prohibition which we
have had up to the present time
Is not a cure for the drink evil
and does not even approach a
cure. We are frequently told
that many millions, a third,
perhaps a half of the popula
tion of the United States, live
under prohibition. The state
ment Is true only in a very mod
ified sense, and the showing of
the article In question empha
sizes its lack of exactness.
"In strict fact, no part of the
United States today has real
prohibition. The sale of liquor
Is forbidden in certain sections;
"the manufacturer of liquor Is
also forbidden within limited
areas. The forbidding is made
good so far as the manufacture
Is concerned, in the greater part
of the so-called Prohibition ter
ritory, and we begin to have
considerable sections of the
country where comparatively
little liquor is sold, but the re
sults of drink selling In the
wider sphere of Its Influence
still reach the whole country,
and. to a very large extent,
through Interstate commerce
and other means, drink-selling
goes on through the whole
country." . ,
Persian Cleaning and Dve Works I
Ladles' and gents' clothing cleaned and pressed,
merits a specialty. All work guaranteed.
Ladles' tin gar-
F. M. LORIMER, Proprietor
Phone Main 114. Main Street, Near Bridge.
Bast Oregonlan.

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