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Pabll.hed Pally. Weekly and Semi-Weekly,
at Pendleton, Orriton, by the
Dellv, one year, by mall $4.00
Pally, li months, by mall 2.M
Dally, three month, by mall 123
Dally, on month, by mall 50
Dally, one year, by carrier T 50
Dally, tlx month, by carrier .T3
Dally, three niontha. by carrier .W
Dally, one month, by carrier
Weekly one year, by mall 1.'
Weekly, tlx month, by mall To
"M'eekly, (our month, by mall AO
Reml Weekly, one year, by mall..... 1.50
Seal Weekly, (If month, by mall... .73
fteml Weekl (our months, by mall.. .30
The Pally Kait OreKoclaa la ktt oa sale
t the ureeoo .wt Co.. 147 "to street,
Portland. Oregon.
Chlmgo Hurra a. 909 Security balldlng.
WiMnstou. U. C, B ureas, S01 Four
teenth street. X. W.
Member I'nlted Press AaaoclatJoa.
Telephone. Mala 1
Entered at th poatofnea at Pendletoa,
Mresron, aa aerona-ciaaa mall matter.
O Earth! Thou hast not
wind that blows
Tht Is not music. Every
weed of thine,
Preyed rightly, flows an aro
matic wine;
And every little hedgerow flow
er that grows
And every little brown bird that
doth sinpr,
H.ii something greater than
Itself, and bears
A living word to every' living
Albeit It holds the message
All shapes and sounds have
something that Is not
Of them. A spirit broods
amid the grass;
Vague outlines of the Everlast-
ing Thought
Lie in the melting shodaws as
they pass;
The touch of an Eternal Pres
ence thrills
The fringes of the sunset and
the hills.
Richard Realf.
Here is something for Pendleton
capitalists and property owners to
remember, always: ( Pendleton should
be the center and objective point of
any electric line system constructed
In Umatilla county. This county Is
so situated that one system of electric
roads can cover It and accommodate
very settlement in the county, but
the logical head and center of that
line must be Pendleton.. .
No plan should be adopted by which
Walla Walla or any other point would
be the headquarters and center of a
system penetrating this country. Any
dentine for the development of elec
tric lines In this county should have
its center in this city. Umatilla c'oun
ty will always support one good city
Aith a dozen or more small towns as
at present, and Pendleton capita
should see that Pendleton Is made the
pivotal point.
' This fact is so plain that it needs
nc further exploitation. An indepen
.dent system of t''.''.r'.: l!-.os having its
center In this city should be started to
clu c k mate any tendency which would
J raw Umatilla county people else
where. This is Pendleton's duty and
expect women to be pure and high
and noble and there Is always an un
expected pang Id the knowledge that
a woman has fallen from her high
There Is something revolting In the
thought that a woman could be con
nected with a gang of counterfeiters,
as is charged against Mrs. Gordon,
who wa shot at M.irshfl.-Kl yester
day. This sort of crime seems to be
lng to men. This form of debase
ment wa not Intended for women.
The world has neld women up so
hish, has surrounded them with such
ideals of purity and nobleness that It
seems unbelievable that they could
sloop to the common depravity which
curses the lives of so many men.
And yet they say a mean woman is
the ineanest thing on earth.
Dr. Henry Waldo Coe, who has be
come Identified with the development
o: Umatilla county through the pur
chase of a half Interest In the Furnish
Irrigation project, is backing his faith
In this county with his money.
He has purchased an SO-acre tract
under the Furnish project, paid full
price for it Just as any other purchas
er, and will set out the entire tract
In peach and pear trees.
This land was formerly sagebrush,
producing but little grass and no veg
etation 'except the sa$e. It is high,
dry and unimproved but lies under
the Furnish ditch and needs but little
le veling to make it ready for alfalfa
or other forage crops.
It seems unbelievable to the old pi
oneers to think that this high ridge
between Fosters and Hermlston
should produce crops and fruits, but
that Is what It is doing. That very'
sandy loam is now being sold In small
tracts and within a few years will
smile with verdure and orchard bloom
from end to end.
Peach and pear orchards will
thrive beyond belief in that rich land
and will yield thousands of dollars
per acre after once at matuiity. Ber
ries will yield a handsome Income and
truck gardening will make' fortunes
for those who have the nerve to en
gage in that business.
The best Inducement for settlers to
go ipon that land, however. Is the fact
that one of the proprietors, himself,
will plant an 80-acre peach and pear
orchard -there and will show his faith
by spending his money.
There is no way In the world by
which anybody can make a mistake
by settling on any of the rich lands
now open for settlement In the west
end of Umatilla county. The land,
water, soil, climate, transportation,
seasons everything is in-favor of that
paper trust Is shown by the letters
submitted to the congressional com
mittee now Investigating the prices of
paper. Out of 200 papers giving evi
dence In the matter It Is shown that
nearly every one has experienced an
advance of from SO to SO per cent In
the price of newspaper since the first
or the present year. These advances
have been made with no other object
than to extort unjust tribute from the
newspapers. The price of wood pulp
or any other paper making material
has not advanced. It is simply a bare
faced robbery on part of the trust.
The 50,000 acres of land now being
brought under Irrigation In the west
end of Umatilla county are now worth
Jf, 000. 000 in their present state. In
five years from now they will be
worth five times that sum or $25,
000,000. Are you going to share In
that great Increase? Are you going
to enjoy a portion of that additional
No. the entire democratic party of
Umatilla county did not accompany
Governor Chamberlain In three auto
mobiles to the east end of the county.
"Uncle" Dick Powers . remained at
It Is the habit to speak of Presi
dent Harrison as the "coldest" man
who ever lived in the White House.
Time is mellowing the bitterness of
Harrison's critics, says the Editor and
Publisher, and each year he grows a
bigger figure in our history. It was
said he could not take a Joke or give
one that would make men laugh with
genial warmth. It Is becoming known
that Harrison had a fine sense of hu
mor. It is related that he was called up
on for a speech at the first Gridiron
dinner he attended. He looked around
at the assembled newspaper men and
observed In a quiet way:
"This Is the second time this week
I have been called upon to open a
congress of American Inventors."
The shaft went home and a shout
of laughter went up.
Mr. Harrison went on: "I wll say
i this for you I have often been im-
J pressed with the accuracy w ith which
you predict what I am going to do and
still more with the accuracy with
which you subsequently explain why
I didn't do it."
Cabrera, the unhappy president of
Guatemala, seems to be between two
fires, says the Spokane Chronicle.
His conduct of his country's affairs
at home has caused the formation of
a revoiutionar party, and recently
an attempt was made to assassinate
His conduct of his country's for
eign relations is said to have roused
the Ire of Mexico. And now, of
cturse, finding himself between the
devil and the deep sea, he has set
up a wail, and asked Uncle Sam to
help him out.
In the politics of the two Americas
the United States Is called upon to
ftrform services much like those of
n nurse or kindergarten teacher. If
or e of the little republics has "a pain
In Its little insides" Uncle Sam Is
asked to administer the remedy, and
If two of them get to pulling hair he
has, perforce, to Intercede and ar
range a peace.
Unfortunately he has not the priv
ilege of administering a spanking
where one would be of benefit.
Somehow there is always a revolt
ing suggestion in the depravity of a
woman. People expect men to be de
praved, it seems and the sting of their
debasement is dulled by the expecta
i tlon.
But somehow, whether it be
through the mother-love of the races,
the worship of humanity at the shrine
of woman or through the idealized
estimate placed upon the sex, men
Talk about advertising Pendleton!
Pendletonlans do not need a pub
licity fund to secure valuable" and far
reaching advertising!
Every move made by Pendleton
business men for the advancement of
their city and county is readily Imi
tated by every other progressive city
in the inland empire. The Pendleton
stamp placed upon a movement is a
sure guarantee of Its worth.
nefore the real estate men's or
ganization of this city and county
cooled off sufficiently to permit It to
be handled, Baker City organizes a
real estate men's association on the
same lines. La Grande takes steps to
unite her real estate dealers In a like
organization and Walla Walla quietly
imitates Pendleton's excellent plan.
Before the echo of Pendleton's mar
ket day auctioneer had died away on
the first market day, La Grande, Day
ton, Waitsburg, Baker City, Caldwell,
Eugene, The Dalles, Ontario, Vale and
every' town of any consequence In the
state and northwest, had started a
market day.
A Pittsburg Judge recently threat
ened to prosecute the publisher of a
paper because the headlines. "Blank's
Lies Read to the Jurors,' "appeared In
his paper while a trial was going on
In which Blank was a witness, al
though the evidence offered showed
pretty plainly that Blank was a liar.
The Judge held that It might influence
the Jury. Bosh! A Jury, that can be
influenced to form an opinion con
trary to the evidence in a case simply
because of a headline In a paper, Is
not sufficiently Intelligent to serve,
and a Judge who does not realize that
hasn't any judgment to spare. Buck
eye Informer.
Where the finest biscuit,
cake, hot-breads, cruets
or puddings are required
Ifoyal is indispensable.
Baiting Powder
Absolutely Pure
Not only for rich or fine food
or for special times or service. .
Royal is equally valuable in the
preparation of plain, substantial,
every-day foods, for all occa
sions.. It makes the food more
tasty, nutritious and wholesome.
Money Is relative. Money Is full of
illusions and delusions. I would
rather bo myself than a gold mine for
all money could do for me. What Is
there In riches, after all? Money is
only relative. You may' have $100,000
and consider yourself rich. But you
arc a pauper beside the person with
$1,000,000, as Is he compared with the
man worth $100,000,000.
,Tou can't buy happiness and success
with money. And In striving for
money you are liable to disappoint
ment and despair, found every time on
the "money route.' I am not con
demning the rich. I should hate to
think money is a bar to salvation.
There is no doubt that many rich men
have gone to heaven, but the man
dealing in money Is liable to Judge
people by the money standard.
Enlarge the mind and amplify the
soul If you would have success and
happiness. It has been said that per
severence conquers all things; again
that labor conquers all things. The
same has been said of love.
Success In life Is happiness. The
man who Is successful and happy be
lieves his wife is the most beautiful
woman In the world; that his home Is
the finest place to be found; that his
little red-headed, freckled brats are
the best dressed kids in the town.
Happiness springs from the mind and
heart, not from the stomach and
pocket. Henry Watterson.
The first newspaper printed In
North America was the Boston News
Letter, the first Issue of which was on
April 24, 1704. It was a small sheet,
12',i by 8 Inches In size, printed on
a fair quality of handmade paper a
little lighter In color than brown
rapping paper.
Ia tfc Oalr PaaatkU Way f Having
Aa Effective Car.
If you see a woman or a man with lux
uriant glossy hair, you may be sure net
tber baa dandruff to amount to anything
In nearly every ease where women an. I
men have tbin brittle hair, thoy owe it
to dandruff. There are hundreds of prep
arations that "claim" to cure damlruf?.
but not one but Newbro's HerplclJo tell)
you -that dandruff la the result of a ger.n
borrowing Into tho scalp, and that per
manont cure of dandruff and Its conse
quent falling and baldness, can rr.!y I,
had by killing tho germ; and there is nr
othor preparation that will drstr v t' '
frorra but Newbro's HerrricMe. "Pestro,
the cause, and you remove the f .t '
Bold by loading druggists. St1 W. i
tamp for sample to The Herplcldo Co.
Detroit. Mich.
Two slses 60 cents and 11.00.
A. O. Korppm A Broe.
Hotel St. George
if., -cA
European plan. Everything first-
class. All modern conveniences. Steam
heat throughout. Rooms en suit
with bath. Large, new sample room.
The Hotel St. Oeorge Is pronounced
one cf the most up-to-date hotels of
the northwest. Telephone and flse
alarm connections to office, and hst
end colj running water In all rooms.
ROOMS: $1.00 end $I.5q
Block and a Half from Depot.
See the big eloctrln sign.
The Hotel Pendleton
W. A. BROW.V, Proprietor.
rfjiyj ,
No More "Soul HI."
A "soul ki.-s" of more than one
second in duration will not be tolerat
ed In Prospect park, Urooklyn, this
summer, says a New York dispatch.
Police Inspector O'Reilly has given
imperative Instructlnns.
"Love making In Its proper place
and done according to the strict code
prescribed by Cupid Is all right," he
says, "but I object to hugging and
kissing when it is carried to excess."
Captain Lawrence Murphy says he
is worried over the delicate position
in when his men wll be led. The po
lice are Instructed to be gentlemanly
on all occasions and not to be harsh
with lovers. They are Instructed to
walk very heavy when they belive It
time for a "soul kiss" to stop and may
whistle, cough or slap their hands as
if attempting to scare a squirrel.
People are looked down upon be
cause they go crazy on religion. They
are ridiculed because they become
cranks on Invention, pet theories, lit
erature, wine, women or song.
A good roads crank is laughed at;
a line norse crank is pointed at as
a sort of excusable lunatic; a camera
crank is tolerated because he Is
harmless; other cranks are looked up
on with pity, but no one ever seeks
their society or their favors.
But the money crank Is never de
spised no matter how demented he
may become. A 12 per cent money
lender who talks hard times, scarc
ity of money, pessimism, high Inter
est, bad notes, dishonest debtors and
all such stuff continuously day after
day is considered a financier of great
wisdom and foresight and nobody.
thinks of classing him with the other
If money is a man's mania he is
not considered dangerous, although
others far less absorbed in their fads
are watched and feared. .
bird and si
tine mab
lit X
la need ofVlVf
pain ana iuh
rou that therf
Do You Think
For Yourself ?
Or. do yon open your mouth like a young
lp down whatever food or toodl
offered you ?
iji iff i?
Intelligent thinking woman,
from weakneks, nervousness.
irpi, tnen It means much to
A une tried and true hmtti'.
medicine nr ks.jwn oytTlox, Euld by
druygiMs for the cure of g nun's UN. '
A. ... all Ut al.
... w ... ... ...
The makers of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription, for the cure of weal;, nervous, run
down, over-worked, debilitated, pain-racked
women, knowing this r.cd'cinc to lie ma'lo up
of Ingredients, every ono of whlrh has lliu
trongest possible Indorsement of the leading
aud standard authorities of the bveia!
icbouls of practice, are perfectly willing, and
In fact, are only too glad to print, as they do,
the formula, or l: of Ingredients, of wbirh
It is composed, in plain English, on every
(f tf tjf fff
The formula of Dr. Tierce's Kavorlte Pre
scription will bear tho most critical examina
tion of medical experts, for it contains no
alcohol, narcotics, harmful, or habit-forming
drugs, and no ajent enters Into It that is not
highly recommended by the moat advanced
and leading medical teachers and author
ities of their several schools of practice
Tliev stithorltlei rwrrmerd the Incredlents
r r'voritc rrcv'ritnlon for the
Cure of exaelly the same ailments for whf
tlill wijrliNfaml medinne is a'lvlsod.
The Inexcusable extortion of the
No other medicine for woman's 111a has any
such professional endorsement as I)r. Plnrce'g
Favorite Prescription has received. In the un
qualified recommendation of each of Its
several Ingredients by scorns of leading medi
cal men of all the schools of practice. I
such an endorsement not worthy of your
consideration ?
? fr tf
k booklet of Ingredients, with numerous
authoratlve profcalonal endorsements by the
leading medical authorities of this country,
will be mailed frtt to any one sendlnc name
and addrok with reuuest fur same, address
Dr. & V. Plorce, Buffalo. N. Y.
f.iorrie B. Slreeler
Lessee and Manager
The Return of the Favorites
The Streeter-Bryan Company
Monday and Tuesday
Bertha M. Clay's Famous Novel
"Thorns and Orange Blossoms"
Wednesday and Thursday
By Special Request
Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde
New Specialties and Moving Pictures
Reserved seats on sale at Pendleton Drug Company
Telephone and fire alarm connec
tions with all rooms.
Headquarters for Traveling Me.
Commodious Sample Hoonia.
Free 'Bos.
Special rates by the week or month.
Excellent Cuisine.
Prompt dining: room service.
Bar and Billiard Room In Connection.
Only Three Blocks from Depots.
Goldon Rule Hotel
Corner Court and Johnson Streets,
Pendleton, Oregon.
J. POPEJOY, Proprietor
gilt r''H
WW 1
Heated by Steam
Lighted by Electricity
Courteous treatment; reasonable rates
Free 'bus meets all trains.
Fine restaurant In connection.
What Makes a Bank Strong ?
In Judging a bank, always remember that It Is the
personnel of the stockholder, a! rectors and offi
cers that are behind the Inalltul' in which give con
fidence to the depositor that his funds are safe.
The Pendleton Savings Bank
Is essentially a "Home" Institution. Its stockhold
ers are well known. Umatilla county and Oregon
citizens. Its constant growth Is the result of care
ful and conservative management, with the most
liberal treatment for all deserving enterprise.
Capital and Surplus $250,000.00
W. J. Furnish
R. T. Cox
Joseph Basler
E. Boettcher
L. Dusenberry
E. W. IfcComas
A. C. Koeppen
J. N.Teal
Frank S. Curl
T. J. Morris
H"-ert Boylon
v a. Devlin
J. W. Maloney
A. E. Lamtyrt
J. H. Raley
R. Alexander
T. O. Montgomery
Estate of D. P.
Montle B. Owlnn
F. W. Vincent
E. K Smith
C. E. Roosevelt
R. N. Stanfleld
Clementine F. Lewis
Marlon Jack
A I Page
Spoclnl attention given country trade.
Ed. R. Strahon, Prop,
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Thoroughly renovated. A
gentleman's resort,
Hot Free Lunch Served
Balanced Rations
For Incubator Chicks
Lice Killers and
For Poultry and Stock
Feed Store 127-129 E. Alta

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