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28 Skirts Sold Today
Out of the big sample lot bought at 62 l-2c on the dol
lar which shows that Pendleton Ladies know and appre-
. ciate the good values we are offering from day to day.
This great skirt sale will continue until all are sold.
And don t overlook the fact that the Monster Bankrupt
Sale of the Teutsch Stock continues in every department.
25o Children's Tan How, bankrupt price
35o Children's Tun Hoso, bankrupt price
23o LudWn' Tun Hose, bankrupt price
40c Ijadlra' Tan Hoso, bankrupt price
15o Ladle Sleeveless Vests, bankrupt price
20c Ladles' Sleevelet Vests, bankrupt price
25o Ladle' Sleevelet Vests, bankrupt price ,
3.)C Ladles' Sleeveless Vests, bankrupt price ,
, 9c
A new line of Ladies Belts and Beltings now on display.
J. E. Liveugood & Co.
Successors to Teutsch's Dep't. Store.
Four Miniature Afrdiipti Have Already
Been Sent I'p by Eat Orogonliui
and Two More Are 10 Follow Frew
Pass to Soils IltXo Show Saturday
to the Hoy Who Captures Uic Tag
Last Cluuice Coinea Toinotuw
Afternouii at 4 O'clock.
Great excitement has been pre
vailing In the ranks of the Pendleton
three footers for the past few days
and will continue for at least two
days more.
The usual troubles Incident to the
usual balloon ascension have marked
the flights of the Kant Oregonlan'
balloons bearing tickets to the big
circus whluli will be here Saturday
Despite the trouble of high wjnd and
poor balloons, one has been sent up
each evening at 4 o'clock as per ad
vertisement and as a result there are
four tickled kids In town.
Today the conditions are more fa
vorablo and It Is believed that the
first really successful ascension from
the spectators" viewpoint will be
made. A fresh supply of airships
have been received from Portland and
the absence of a strong wind 'makes
It probable that the flight will be
better and that the youngsters will
have more of a race to get the coveted
prizes than they have had so far.
The sixth and last balloon with the
big teddy bear on the side will be
sent up from the, top of the East Ore
gonlan building tomorrow at 4.
Church of the lledeenier.
Thursday belnir Ascension day, the
holy communion will be celebrated at
7:30 n. m. Divine service with short
st-rnmn at 10:30 n. m.
V. R. Davis, private secretary to
the late Governor Sparks, died at his
home In Carson Saturday of Ptomaeh
trouble. Davis was' better known as
"Riley" Davis. He served as secretary
to Governor Sparks since ho first took
office. Through the death of the late
governor and his secretary, business
In the state and federal buildings is at
a standstill.
The BestlAlarrn Clock.
If you have use for an alarm
clock to wake you up these
spring mornings, then you
should get a good one. A poor
alarm clock Is much worse than
no clock at all. Tou cannot de
pend upon a cheap clock picked
up probably In a place where
the knowledge of clocks is un
known. When you buy a clock
from us you know that If any
thing goes wrong we are ready
to make good with the proper
All alarm clocks guaranteed
and cost from $1.00 to $2.50.
Louis Hunziker
Jeweler and Optician.
Tl Main St. . i
Pendleton, Ore., May 25, 1908.
To the Voters of Umatilla and Morrow
Having, at a late day, been nomi
nated by Individual electors of the
sixth Judicial district, for the office
of district attorney, my name will ap
pear upon the official ballot as an in
dependent candidate.
For various reasons I have found it
Impossible to make any kind of a
canvass and I desire to state to the
'public, through the press, the particu
lar principles upon which I stand.
I believe in law and order and that
all law should be observed by all per
sons, and whenever any penal law Is
violated It should be enforced by the
proper officers, courts and Juries.
That all statutes enacted for the
protection of persons, property and
good morals should be kept alive and
It Is necessary for all executive of
ficers, and especially the district at
torney, to act with great caution and
discretion so as to prevent unneces
sary expense to the county and state.
The office of district attorney is
necessarily an expensive one and for
that reason the incumbent should pro
tect the taxpayers in every possible
way. Taxes are much too high; there
should be retrenchment In every de
partment. It Is the duty of the dis
trict attorney to advise all executive
officers as to what is legal, and to
prevent them from doing that which
unlawful. In that capacity it Is the
duty to advise and guide the county
court In the expenditures, which the
law Imposes upon It. The taxes of
Umatilla county have been Increased
of lale years by the unlawful expen
diture of very large sums of money,
fi r which reason the taxpayer.? might,
If they saw fit to resort to the courts.
repudiate a large portion of the ex
isting debt of Umatilla county.
Hy this I refer to the voluntary
creation of county Indebtedness over
the amount of $5000 limited by the
constitution; all of which Indebted
ness hnvlng been declared by the su
preme court of this slate to be abso
lutely void even in the hands of In
nocent purchasers.
I am In favor of every possible re
renchment, that taxes may be reduc
In politics I have, In the past, af
filiated with the democrats and peo-
p.es parties. Upon the non-partisan
questions I have always stood for pro
hibition and local option and I favor I
statement No. 1.
If I should be elected as district at-
orney of the sixth Judicial district. I
will endeavor to do my duty fairly
and Impartially.
As to my qualifications, I will onlv
say that I have practiced in this stato
for. over 28 years.
I am under no obligations to any
party, class or Individuals for I have
made no promises or combinations.
City Brevities
Ice cream at Hohbach's.
Billiards and ppii at Hennemans.
All kinds of good dry wood. See
Mlaoli for good, dry wood that
tu i. Lots of It on band.
Dressed chickens every day. Stark
Poultry House. 'Phone black 3791.
Waitress and chambermaid wanted
at Hotel Pendleton. Apply at once.
Just arrived and set up, new bll
Hard and pool tables at Henneman's.
unrurnianed Housekeeping rooms
for rent Enquire at Bast Oregonlaa
New and first class. Billiard and
pool tables at Henneman's cigar store.
No kids. - ,
Fine store and office room for rent
East Oregonlan building. Enquire
this office.
All kinds of transfer work done
promptly. Stansberry Milne,
Phone Main t.
Insurance Gasoline stoves are safe
and economical. Sold by Goodman
Hardware company.
Dressmaking done at home, shirt
waists a specialty. Apply 1208 East
Webb street or phone red 3532.
For Sale Nine-room cottage, good
location, good order. Too large for
present owner. Enquire 100 Bluff
Latest designs needlework, Infants
outfits, shirtwaists, centers, under
wear, etc. Needlecraft Shop, 382
Washington street, Portland, Oregon.
Mark Heacock has now recovered
sufficiently from his lllnes as to be
down town.
Mayor S. A. Miller of Milton, came
down last evening to go on the Her
mlston excursion. t
Frank Engdahl, high school, stu
dent, will leave within a few days for
Helix, where he will work until Octo
Clyde Parks of the Pendleton base
ball team, has been called to Walla
Walla by the illness of his brother at
that place.
Ed Marsh, of the Peoples Ware
house grocery department, has return
ed from Seattle, where he saw the
battleship fleet.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McCormmach
and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Goodman will
leave Saturday ' for Portland to so
Journ for several weeks.
Pete Peterson of the Taylor hard
ware store, has Just returned from
Bollus, Neb., where he was called not
long ago by the death of his mother.
Ralph Snow, the young Pendleton
academy student, leaves today for
Spokane, where he will have a posl
tlon In a hospital during the sum
J. E. Montgomery, local represen
tatlve of the Puget Sound Elevator
company, returned yesterday from Se
attle, where he went to view the
Joseph N. Scott, Independent can
dldate for Joint representative, and
whose home Is at Athena, went down
with the excursion party to Hermlston
today. ,
T. J. Mahoney, candidate on the
republican ticket for Joint representa
tive, was one of those who went to
Hermiston today for the opening of
the project.
Mrs. E. E. Sharon passed through
here this morning en route to Port
land from Weston, where she had
been visiting her son who is 111 at
the home of his uncle, William Pur-cell.
Hook of Orcoii Poonm Out
"The Song of the Oregon Pine," a
little book of original verse by Ber
Huffman Is now out and Is on sale at
the Frazler book store. Price 60
cents. Printed on fine paper and
highly Illustrated.
Posture for Bucks.
Will take a limited number of bucks
to pasture and run for the summer.
Good pasture and plenty of water.
Apply this offlca. 1YHEE3
Better and cheaper than Chamois skins, Looks like,
feels like Chamois, but does the work Better, lasts
Longer and Costs Less. Indispensible for House
cleaning, Silver, Pianos, Glassware, etc. The genuine
"Shamo,' comes from Germany. You find them in
Pendleton at
Mied Rabbit, Struck a Hou.se.
A stray shot from a 30-30 rifle,
fired at a Jack rabbit near Hull's
gulch, about a half mile from the
city, came near causing a tragedy
yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock,
the bullet crashing through the door
of a brick house on Tenth street, be
tween Rldenbaugh and Lemp streets,
going about thre Inches over the
head of the gentleman living In the
house and burying itself In the wall
on me otner side or the room, says
tne noise Capital News.
The shot was fired by J. C. Berry,
elevator conductor In the Sonna build
lug. and he would probably never
would have known how close he came
to ending a life had not the German,
whom he barely missed, dug the bul
let out of the brick wall and taken it
to the hills, where he found Mr. Ber
ry and his companions and Informed
them of the affair.
Judge Fltz Gerald Has Recovered;
Judge Thomas Fltz Gerald has re
covered from his illness and was down
town today for the first time in sev
eral days. .
Open Land On Payette Lakes.
One hundred tracts of land on the
west side of Payette lakes, with a
frontage of 100 feet and a depth of
300 feet, have been surveyed and'
platted off by the state engineer's de
partment and will probably be placed
on the market at a public sale to be
held by the state land board In re
sponse to petitions from many people
who desire to secure sites upon
which to erect summer resorts, says
the Boise Capital News.
Secretary of State Robert Lansdon
representing the board of state land
commissioners, visited the lakes last
week in company with Charles W.
Spearman of the state engineer's of
fice to inpsect the lands with a view
to determining the advisability of
placing small tracts of land along the
lakes upon the market, returning to
Boise today.
A report of conclusions reached
during the trip will be made to the
land board probably at the next reg
ular session and It Is expected that
favorable action will be taken toward
placing the tracts as surveyed and
platted on the west side of the lake
on the market.
Plead Self Defence.
Stewart Rooney of Toledo, Ore.,
who became Involved in a drunken
stabbing affray at Slletz, Ore., Thurs
day night, has been arrested, but Is
too badly beaten up to appear for a
preliminary hearing. gutton and
strong, while badly cut up, are ex
pected to recover. Rooney, it Is un
derstood, will plead self-defense. All
three men are Indians.
Epidemic Over.
The smallpox epidemic is apparent
ly over with in Havre, Mont., com
munity. The authorities have lifted
the quarantine and the Bijou theater
and concert halls are now running as
usual. No new cases have been re
ported for the last two weeks.
Water Exploded.
While thawing powder In hot wa
ter the other day Dowo Ralval, an
employe on the C. M. & St. P. grade
In north Idaho, was Instantly killed
by the dynamite exploding In the wa
ter. The remains were taken to Wal
lace, Idaho.
Hearst Wins Victory.
New York, May 26. Wm. Hearst
won a victory In his long fight for a
recount of the ballots cast In 1905,
when George McClelland was declared
elected New York's mayor, and at
last the ballot boxes will be opened.
Justice Lambert today Issued an or
der for a recount.
Calls CoiiHumption Contagious.
St. Louis, May 27. The health de
partment has submitted an ordinance
classing tuberculosis among the con
tagious diseases. It provides for quar
antine and requires the police to re
port all cases.
Held-Ward Wedding.
Washington, May 27. A party of
Washington friends of Miss Jean Reld,
daughter of the American ambassador
to Great Britain, will sail this week to
witness her marriage to John Hubert
Ward In London, on June 23.
Jap Kills Himself.
W. H. Tanasey, a Japanese porter,
fearing prosecution for forgery, kill
ed himself at Billings, Mont He had
made good the forgery, but express
ed fear of the county attorney.
The mist crept in from the sea
Out of the void arid the vast;
And It bore the silver rain
A shimmering guest In its train,
And many-a murmuring strain,
Of the ships that sailed In the past,
Soft as sleep's footfalls be
The mist crept In from the sea.
The mist crept In from the sea.
And folded the length of the shore
In the clasp of the mothering arms
As though it would shield from harms;'
'And lulled were the loud alarms,
And lost was the rage and roar .
Of the surge, so soothingly
The mist crept in from the sea.
The mist crept in from the sea.
White. Impalpably, strange;
Full of the wafture of wings,
Of eerie and eldritch things.
Of visions and vanlshlngs
Ever In shift and change;
Silently, hauntlngly,
The mist crept In from the sea.
The mist crept In from the sea.
And abode for 'a space, and then
It heard the Imperious call
And it knew Itself as the thrall
Of the world old master of men,
So, still as the dreams that flee
The mist crept back to the sea.
New York Sun.
Irrigation Talk No. 31
$100. This is the way lands have
$125. advanced in successful Irriga
$150. tion projects elsewhere.
$175. The Columbia Land Company
$200. started in at the same old hund
$250. red dollar price. The Furnish
$300. ' Coe lands are worth more to
$400. start with, but it was determin
$500. ed to start wjth a price that thet
fo lands should go promptly in or-.
$2500. der that there should be a "first
season's showing."
Our first advance comes on
June 1st, After that date
twenty-five dollars will be add
ed to the prices of every acre of
land under our ditches. These
lands will then be very much
too cheap.
, Columbia Land Co.
Main and Webb Sts.
. Pendleton, Oregon
Echo Office Opposite Depot.
Portland Office Marquam Building.
Victim of Pneumonia.
Mrs. Edward L. Oliver died at Echo
yesterday from the effects of pneu
monia, the end coming at 1 o'clock.
The deceased was the daughter of Joe
Bralnard of Coombs canyon and she
had been at Echo for only six weeks.
She leaves one child, a five year old
girl, and other relatives. The funeral
will occur from the Catholic church
at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. The
body is now at her father's home and
will be there until 9 o'clock tomor
row morning.
Read the East Oregonlan.
Official Nominees and Candidates
of the Republican Party
for June Election.
For United States Senator
II. M. CAKE, of Multnomah County.
For Representative
W. R. ELLIS, of Umatilla County.
Justice of the Supreme Court
ROBERT S. BEAN, of Lane County.
For Oregon Dairy and Food Commissioner
J. W. BAILEY, of Multnomah County
For' Railroad Commissioner
CLYDE B. AITCHISOX, of Multnomah County
For Prosecuting Attorney
GILBERT W. PHELPS, of UmatUla County.
For Representative Twenty-Second District
T. J. MAHONEY, of Morrow County.
For Representatives from Umatilla County
For County Clerk
For County Recorder of Conveyances-- FRED W. HENDLEY.
For County Treasurer
For County Assessor
For County School Superintendent
For County Surveyor
For County Coroner
For County Commissioner
1280 acres, 1-2 in crop $32,000.00
240 acres $3,500.00!
160 acres $4,500.00
City Property For Sale.
112 E. Court St., Pendleton, Ore.
Cures Biliousness, Sick
Headache, Sour Stom
ach, Torpid Liver and .
c m'IST1, Laxative Fruit Syrup
Cleanses the system
thoroughly and clears
sallow complexions of
pimples and blotches.
It is guaranteed

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