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Why Overheat Yourself?
Much of your summer
pleasure depends upon having
a cool and comfortable kitch
en. Why not be prepared for
hot days before they come ?
Ask your dealer to show
the New Perfection Wick
Blue Flame Oil Cook-Stove.
It's a wonder. '
Does the work of your big
range in every particular, but
has this greatadvantage over it, that it never heats the kitchen. Thaj
Wick Blue Flame Oil Cook-Stove
makes summer days endurable. Think of pre
paring a meal in less time than you'd do it on
the coal range, and then sitting down at table
with the family not overheated, but entirely
That is the way you will do when you have
a "New Perfection Oil" Cook-Stove in your
kitchen. Made in three sizes ; fully warranted.
If not with your dealer, write our nearest agency.
the Ratio Lamp X
i a center draft lamp
'great illunii Dating;
power. Large font holds oil for several
hour' burning. Free from all objectionable feature a
splendid family lamp. If not with your dealer, write our
aeareat agency.
American military riflemen will
have a now pleasure added to their
)lt Hhould the now board on revUlon
of the firing regulations or small
arms adopt the skirmish system,
which has been so successfully tested
at the school of musketry at Mon
terey. Cal., and In the Philippines, or
the Australlun skirmish system. An
Idea of the proficiency In shooting
gained by our officers and men In
the Philippines may be had from the
following: Imagine a man dressed
In kakhl whose color melts Into the
background of dirt or burned grass
so that nt 600 yards he Is almost In
visible. This man pokes his head and
shoulders over a dirt embankment
long enough to sight a rifle and fire
a shot. He represents the "enemy."
Coming toward him Is a "boy In
blue." only he, too, Is dressed In
kakhl. Beginning at 600 yards dis
tance he stops and waits for the en
emy to appear. In ten seconds the
latter puts up his head and shoulders
which are exposed for three seconds.
This happens four times and the Am
erican makes a run forward, loading
as he runs. He fulls to the ground
and In 10 seconds the "enemy" rises
over the bank to fire. "Bang, bang,"
goes the New Springfield. This ad
vancing and firing Is repettod until
five halts have been made, the figure
having been exposed four times for
three seconds each at each halt, and
the soldier having advanced until he
Is within 200 yards of the entrench
ment. The "enemy" Is then examln
ed and it Is found that he has been
struck 25 times, the soldier having
used something like SO or more
rounds of ammunition. That Is "field
firing" under approximate war con
dltlons, and that Is what they are do
Ing In the Philippines and contem
plating doing to a greater or less ex
tent In the United States.
Rent to rtifllpplnm.
Cnpt. R. H. Allen, of the Twenty.
seventh Infantry, who Is stationed In
the Philippines. Is one of the officers
ordered to America to compete for a
plnce on the army teams to shoot In
the great national matches to be held
at Camp Perry, Ohio, in August. Last
yeor the navy carried off the nntlonal
trophy so this year the war depart
ment called on the Philippines to
send their most expert marksmen to
the United States to try for places on
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There is n disease prevailing in tliia
Country most dangerous localise bo decep
tive. Aiauysucieo
' deaths are caused
i by it heart die
: ease, pucumoiiia,
! heart failure or
apoplexy are ofteo
the result of kid
ney disease. If
kidney trouble ii
; allowed toad vance
the kidney-poison
ed blood will at
tack the vital organs, causing catarrh of
the bladder, or the kidneys thunselvea
break down and waste away cell by cell.
Bladder troubles almost always rcsuit
from a derangement of the kidneys and
a cure is obtained quickest by a proper
treatment of the kidneys. If you are feel
ing badly you can moke no mistake by
taking Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, tba
great Kidney, liver anil bladder rttnecly.
It corrects inability to hold urine and
cabling pain in passing it, and over
comes that unpleasant necessity of being
compelled to go often through the day,
and to get up many limes during the
night. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Swamp-Root is soon realized.
It stands the highest for its wonderful
cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is
sold by all druggists in fifty-cent and
one-dollar size bottles. You may have a
sample bottle of this wonderful new dis
covery and a book that tells all about it,
both sent free by mail. Address, Dr. Kil
mer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When
writing mention reading this generous
oiler in this paper. Don't make any
mistake, but remember the name.Swamp.
Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the
address, Binghamton, N. Y., on every
the teams and two officers and three
enlisted men were sent from the cav
alry and six officers and one enlist
ed man from the Infantry. The trip
will toke from six to eight months
and all to compete for places on
teams which will meet the teams
from the navy and marine corps and
40 states and territories In the great
est rifle' match America has yet seen.
Captain Allen holds the records for
shooting under the Australian skir
mish system. Beginning at 600 yards
he fired 40 shots at the silhoutte tar
get above described, stopping at 200
yards. Out of these 4 0 shots he made
30 hits. The total exposure of the
silhouette was 60 seconds, but allow
ance must be made for the time n
takes to cover the distance. This al
lowance Is .8 seconds at 600 yards
and for the first five halts amounts
to about 10 seconds. Therefore,
Captain Allen fired a shot every sec
ond and a quarter tlfat the target
was exposed and every four shots
found their lodgment In the head and
shoulders of the "enemy" peering
over an embankment.
Australian Skirmish.
"In the Australian skirmish unlim
ited ammunition Is allowed," said
Captain Allen, whllo in Washington.
"This Is as It would be In warfare,
presuming there was plenty of am
munition available. The firing Is at
unknown distances and the 'enemy'
appears only long enough to fire a
shot and exposes nothing but the
head and shoulders as woufl prob
ably be the case In actual warfare.
He Is dressed In olive drab or kakhl
and his clothes mingle with the land
scape so as to make him almost In
visible at 600 yards. We fire and he
'ducks.' We advance and the same
maneuver takes place. By the time
we have reached 200 yards It Is safe
to Bay that every man of the enemy
who has poked his head above the
embankment has been killed or dia
abled and the subsequent charge Is
attended with little danger. When
we started this practise a total of 15
shots on a figure was a big record
After several weeks of practise the
teams averaged 25 hits per man. No
enemy could expose themselves over
the breastworks long enough to fire
shots and live In the face of an attack
by such sharpshooters.
Attorney for Murderer Think They
Won't lie Given Fair Deal.
Change of venue to some other
county than Walla Walla la asked In
a petition filed In superior court to
day by E. C. Mills, E. F. Barker and
Oscar Cain, attorneys for Bud Barnes.
They claim that Barns would be un
able to get a fair trial In this county,
owing to the prejudice against him In
the minds of the people, obtained by
reading the papers and In discussion
and attendance at the trial.
Answer to the petition, together
with affidavits will be filed by Attor
ney Rupp for the state, late this af
ternoon or tomorow morning and the
petition will be argued tomorrow
In an affidavit Attorney Cain sets
forth that he defended Barnes at his
last trial that since th trial he and
his associate Frank Garrecht have
been criticized for defending Barnes,
the jury has been condemned, and
people have had a very hostile atti
tude toward Bud Barnes. Further, he
swears that he has frequently heard
on the streets that Barnes "should be
hanged and that the same treatment
should be accorded the Jurors who
sat on the trial."
Affidavits setting forth that the
public Is against a fair trial in Walla
Walla county are also filed by A. H.
Harris and Rev. Andrea Bard.
Marlon Barm Located.
Marlon Barnes, the brother whom
"Bud" was, by some, suspected of
having murdered, has been located In
Glenwood, Klickitat county, Wash
ington, where he Is in the employ of
J. C. McDonald as a sheepherdcr
says the Walla Walla Statesman.
Such Is the Information given out
at the sheriffs office this morning. J.
F. Loundagln, who got the letter from
the missing boy, was in the city to
day. It seems the letter he got was
not from Heppner, but from Arling
ton, where McDonald lives. Further,
It Is positively given out that Marion
was alive and well a week ago.
It seems that Marlon Is In the hab
it or working ror McDonald every
year until harvest, at which time he
returns to this country and spends
that season near here. Having finish
ed, he always returns to the employ
of McDonald. This year, however,
on account of the trouble In which
Bud" Is engaged, he will not come
up. It Is stated on the best authority
however that he Is alive and well.
A Grand Family Medicine.
"It gives me pleasure to speak a
pood word for Electric Bitters," writes
Mr. Frank Conlan of No. 436 Hous
ton street, New York. 'It's a grand
family medicine for dyspepsia and
liver complications; while for lame
back and weak kidneys it cannot be
recommended too highly." Electric
Bitters regulate the digestive func
tions, purify the blood, and Impart
renewed vigor and vitality to the
weak and debillated of both sexes.
Sold under guarantee at Tallman &
Co.'s drug store. 50c.
Prohibition Growth.
Saratoga Springs, N. T., June 20.
Eight states at present have prohibi
tion and a dozen more will be added
to the list within the next three years!
according to speakers at today's ses
sion of the World's Temperance Con
gress. Other nations are alleged, to
be falling In line and It is enthusi
astically declared that another cen
tury will mark the final passing of
the drink evil.
New Plan for Day School on the Nez
. Pore Reservation.
Lewlston, Idaho, June 20. Indian
Agent O. H. Llpps will advertise for
bids for the construction of a four
room employes' cottage, which are to
bo built this summer at Kamiah for
the first day school on the Nes Perce
reservation, the bids to be called for
Immediately after July 1, when the
Indian appropriation bill will be
available. The buildings will be con
structed from uniform plans adopted
by the department of Indian affairs.
The schoolhouso will contain four
rooms, one as a kitchen, one as a din
ing room and the other as an indus
trial room In which domestic science
will be taught. The government will
furnish food and allow the Indian
children to cook their own lunches.
The cottage will be occupied by the
teacher, who will be under civil serv
ice Jurisdiction. The entire plant will
cost $10,000, and It Is regarded as an
experiment ori wthJs "reservation,,,, al
though schools are. common on 'some
of the eastern reservations. It Is ex
pected that 25 Indian children will be
enrolled when school begins next
I Ionic for Hoys.
Salt Lake City, Utah, June 20,
Officers of the grand council of Uni
ted Commercial Travelers today laid
the cornerstone of a home for boys,
to be erected by the order at Canyon
Crest ranch.
Bees Laxative Cough Syrup for
young and old U prompt relief for
coughs, croup, hoarseness, whooping
cough. Gently laxative. Guaranteed.
Sold by A. C. Koeppen Bros.
Hundreds of people who suffer
from backache, rheumatism, lame
back, lumbago and similar ailments
are not aware that these are merely
symptoms of kidney trouble. Pln-
eules for the kidneys act directly on
the kidneys, bringing quick relief to
backache and other symptoms of kid
ney and bladder derangements. 30
days' trial $1 and guaranteed or mon
ey back. Sold by A. C. Koeppen &
Bros. .
Oregon Girl Awarded Moilnl.
St. Louis, June 20. Miss Esther
Hult, Colton, Ore., who has been
studying sculpture In the St. Louis
School of Fine Arts, Nineteenth and
Locust streets, St. Louis, was one of
the medal students of that Institution
this year. Miss Hult received the
reeond highest honor," a bionze medal,
for her excellent work In the life
sculpture class.
Flneules for the Kidneys, 30 days'
trial 11, guaranteed. Pineules act di
rectly on the Kidneys and bring relief
In the first dose to backache, weak
back, rheumatic pains, kidney and
bladder trouble. They purify the
blood and Invigorate the entire sys
'tem. Sold by A. C. Koeppen & Bros.
Fruit Shippers Organize.
Fruit shippers of the Yakima val
ley have formed an association, the
avowed objects of which are to secure
advantageous railroad rates and uni
form tariffs Into new markets tmd
the improvement of the methods of
grading and packing fruit. Practi
cally all of the buyers have Joined the
Our Special Inducement
For you to dress well on the Fourth of July and
during your Summer Vacation.
We will put on sale commencing Wednesday June 1 7,
our entire Spring and Summer line of Stein-Bloch Smart
Clothing at 25 per cent (1-4) off this grand offer will
last until July 5th 1908.
The man of 1 7, the man of 30, the man of 50 All
have different views AH are reflected in their Clothes
tastes and in Stein-Bloch Clothing .'.
We can please yon all at a sacrifice of 25 per cent while this sale lasts
See Big Window Display
The Alexander Dep't. Store
Store Closed all day Fourth of July
That our stock of Harvest Sup
plies is the largest and most complete
in this city. We have at all times.
Chain Belt
Leather Belt
Hard Oil
Babbitt Metal
Sheet Iron
Oil Cups
Machine Oils
Water Bags
Oil Cans
Butt Chains
Axle Crease
Bring Your Want List to Us
W. J. Clarke & Co.
Phone Main 2 1
211-213 E. Court St.
1 West Show
Is the art of making "vinegar pie"
one of the lost arts?
Of Herpldde la la Giving It m Thor
ough, Trial.
There la only one test by which to
judge of the efficiency of any article
and that Is by Its ability to do that
which It Is Intended to do. Many hnlr
vigors may look nice and smell nl.-e.
but the point is do they eradicate Dan
druff and Btop railing hair?
No, they do not, but HerplclJe doe.
because It goes to the root of tho evil
and kills the germ that attacks t'e
papilla from whence the hair gota its
Letters from prominent reople every
here are dally proving that Newbro's
Herpicide stands the "test of use."
It la a delightful dressing, clear, pure
and free from oil or grease.
Bold by leading druggists. Send 10c, in
stamp for sample to The Herplclde Co.
Detroit, Mich.
Two ilae SO cents and S1.00.
A. C. Koeppen Bros.
Saturday g Sunday
Juno 27 and 28 at 2:30 p. m.
Trained Saddle Horses, Mexican
Rope Spinning, Bucking Bron
chos, Roman Hippodrome
Races, Hurdle Races
and all Kinds of Cowboy Sports.
All Outlaw Horses Brought in Will
Be Rode Free of Charge.
Just Received
Nice line of Men's
Tan and Patent leath
er Shoes at the old
Shoemaker's on Court
JIKE Sit TO JTLY 31, 1B08
Gooraea in Biology. Cbrmi.trr, Education, EngTiah
Literature, German, French, Spanish, HiaUoy,
Mathematics, Physic. Full corps of Instructor.
For catalogue a4rfrM the
ratrrui, iiiyeisitt or ohooi, tiuit, now
A quiet resort for the healthful exer
cise of
Only first-class tables use 4.
Ufrars, conrectionery, toDacces ana
oft drinks.
Large Quantity of the Famous
Rock Spring
C a
Now on Hand
The coal that produces heat'
and not dirt. Also fine lot of
good dry wood.
Dutch Henry
Office. Pendleton Ice & Cold Storage
Company. 'Phone Main 178.
l Persian Cleaning and Dve Works I
Ladles' and tents' clothing cleaned and pressed. Ladles' On gar- X
menta a specialty. All work guarantied.
F. M. LORIMER, Proprietor
'Phone Main 194. Main Street, Near Bridge.
Tour Weight, Doable ChJa, BtasV
Abdomen, Hips and Fatty Heart Re
Dr. Snyder guarantees his treat
ment to be perfectly harmless -in
every particular. No exer
cise, no starving, no detention
from business, no wrinkles or dis
comfort Dr. Snyder has been a spe
cialist In the successful treatment or
obesity for the past 25 years, and has
the unqualified Indorsement of the
medical fraternity. A booklet, tell
ing all abeut It. FREE. Write today. .
O. W. F. SNYDER, M. D.
BIS Marqnam Theater Building.
Fairbanks-Morse Gasoline Engine
for pumping, spraying, sawing,
grinding. Outfits complete.
Fairbanks Scales for weighing.
Fairbanks-Morse Dynamos ana
Motors for power and light.
Fairbanks-Morse Windmills and
Fairbnnks-Morse Grinders, FeeiJ
Choppers, Well Pumps.
All first quality goods at lowest
prices. Prompt reply to inquiries and.
quick shipments. Write for cata
logue and prices.
Pendleton, Oregon.
Portland. Oregon.
Dally trips between PendleUn aatT
Jklah, except Sunday. Stage leaves
Pendleton at 7 a. m., arrives at TJktehi
at t p. m. Return stage leaves Ukiaia
at 6 p. m.. arrives at Pendleton at E
p. m.
Pendleton to Uklah. 13.00; Pen
dleton to Alba, $1.75; Pendleton to
Ridge, $1; Pendleton to Nt 11 60.
Pendleton to Pilot Rock, tli

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