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Just o-l
Anyone who is feeling juft "so-so is
not well. Liver not acling right is the cause.
Bad liver means bad health, bad stomach
and bowelsoften bad kidneys unhealthy
complexion blues headaches all kinds
of ailments,
A bad liver becomes a good, heahhy active one when
treated with
I err, o S pat omce:
Better than pills for liver ills.
Never gripe, sicken, nor act violently always effective.
Take an ($ tablet to-night
and you'll feel better in the .y jfl
Get a 25c Bex
A- H. Lewis Medicine Co.,
St. Louis, Mo.
The following information concern
ing the beet sugar industry of Italy
is furnished by Consul Jamea E. Dun.
nlng of Milan:
All the sugar 'produced In Italy is
refined from the sugar beet. No cane
sugar is produced, and therefore a
small quantity is Imported to meet a
special demand, the Imports in 1906
amounting to only 12.412 tons, the
largest import since 1902, when it
amounted to 20,011 tons. Austria
supplied more than one-half the total
Imports In 1908, France, Belgium and
the United Kingdom following in their
respective order.
The 100,000 acres under sugar cul
Ovation in Italy were formerly al
most waste ground, with the excep
tion of a small amount -of fruit grown
thereon. Today this ground yields
from $40 to $60 worth of beets per
acre. This increase means a great
deal to Italian agriculture in general.
It raised the wages paid for farm la
bor about 2 2-3 cents per acre and
gives employment tu large numbers
of factory hands, at from 60 cents to
$1.10 per day. Thei-e are at present
about 26,000 persons employed In the
sugar Industry In Italy.
By-Products Cost of Growing.
The by-products are also used to
good advantage, mostly for feeding
animals. The price of these by-products
is about 45 cents per ton. To
produce the Italian sugar output it is
necessary to use 1,100,000 tons of
beets, and these yield enough of by.
products to feed 30,000 cattle. For
merly the by-products from the pre
vious cultivations on the ground
where the beet is now grown fed only
EOOO cattle. It is also stated that
the waste of the refinery process Is
commencing to be used as a fertil
izer. In many other ways the Indus
try has been useful.
The molasses waste of the beet in
Italy is not manufactured, on account
of the high cost of that process, but
is sold in the open market for the
distillation of alcohol.
It takes 9.S4 tons of sugar beets to
produce a ton of sugar 100 per cent
pure. The Itanlan refinery must pay
the cultivator an average price of
$4.65 per ton of beets, including
transport expenses from the field to
the refinery. Therefore $43.54 must
be spent for beets to make one ton
of sugar 100 per cent pure. The cost
of manufacture, excluding interest on
capital, amount to about $19.21 per
ton of sugar. After refining expenses
are paid, excluding interest on capi
tal, a ton of sugar 100 per cent pure
costs In Italy about $62.62, or nearly
three cents a pound,' not Including the
government tax on production, which
is six cents per ponnd.'..
Lack of Suitable Sow! Sugar Price
" Rffulation.
The various sugar beets cultivated
at present in Italy are grown from se
lected imported seeds, although re
sults obtained are not entirely satis
factory. Italy stands in great need of
native seed. The damage resulting
from the Importation of seed amounts
to from three to four grades less in
richness. Italy imports annually
about $3,647,700 worth of seed of all
kinds. It often happens that the im
ported seed is of inferior quality. The
Italian demand for seed can not at
all times be supplies by foreign seed
exporters, and in such cases the seed
is collected immature' and sent in that
condition to Italy.
The "Xnione Zuccherl," with main
offices in Milan, is an organization of
Italian refineries to control produc
tion. The union establishes the quan
tlty of sugar that each refinery may
produce in any given year. Every
Italian refinery, except one, is a mem
ber of the union. There are 34 re
fineries in Italy todayf and the con
structlon of the thirty-fifth was start
ed about six months ago.
The union deermlnes the selling
price of sugar In Italy, which has al
ways to be lower than that for which
Imported sugar sould be sold. The
union forms what is believed in Italy
to be the best way to carry on the in
dustry with success.
It does not speculate, nor can It
create special and abnormal prices on
the Italian market. By its aid It is
next to impossible to turn out an
overproduction, such as, happening
often, would mean the downfall of
the Industry. There is about $24,
000,000 invested in this Italian Indus
try at present.
Reclaim arid wastes.
Produces perfect fruit.
Causes the desert to bloom.
Makes a prosperous country.
Lessens the danger of floods.
Insures full crops every season.
Yields large returns to investors.
Makes the farmer independent of
Multiplies the productive capacity
of the soil. '
Adds constantly to the security of
Creates wealth from water, sun
shine and soil.
Utilizes the virgin soil of the
mountain regions.
Affords a 'sure foundation for the
creation, of wealtti.
Makes farming profitable In waste
places and forever forestalls the ghost
of drought
Improves the quality and often
times one-fourth the size of fruits,
vegetables and grains.
Makes the production of the choic
est fruits possible, and prolongs the
harvest periods of various crops if so
Improves land at each submerg
ence, ind consequently does not wear
out the soil; produces support of
dense population.
Sortt Z. IlemleMm Weils Miss Har
riet Mulkcy.
Announcements were received in
the city this morning of the marriage
at Spokane last night of Scott Z.
Henderson, formerly managing editor
of the Evening Statesman, to Miss
Harriet Mulkey, formerly superin
tendent of nurses at the Walla Walla
hospital, says the Walla Walla States
Both young people are well known
here and have a host of friends who
wish them well. Mr. Henderson is
now owner and editor of the Kenne
wlck Reporter, which under his man
agement is becoming one of the most
Influential papers In that part of the
country. The newly wedded couple
will be at home in Kennewlck after
July 8.
No nombug.
No humbug claims have to be made
for Foley's Honey and Tar, the well
known remedy for coughs, colds and
lung troubles. The fact that more
bottles of Foley's Honey and Tar are
used than any other cough remed
is the best testimonial of its great
merit. Why then risk taking some
unknown preparation when Foley!
Honey and Tar costs you no more and
is safe and sure. Pendleton Drug Co.
liquors at Cost.
My entire line of wines, liquors and
cigars must be disposed of by July
1. To do so. everything will he sola
at actual cost, nothing reserved. Now
Is the time to secure absolutely pure
goods cheap. The Mint, J. P. Med
ernach, prop.
Mrs. S. Joyce, Claremont, N. H.,
writes: "About a year ago I bought
two bottles of Foley's Kidney Rem
edy. It cured me of a severe case of
kidney trouble of several years
standing. It certainly Is ft grand,
good medlcne, and I heartily recom
mend it" Pendleton Drug Co.
Free to Yxi and Every Sister Suit
faring Iroiii Women's JUTmenle
lime woman.
I know woman'! anffarfags,
1 hara found tha cars.
I will mail, free of any eharg-e, my home treat
mcnt wit full instructions to any sufferer from
woman's "ilirwnt. I want to tell at women about
Hum cure you, my reader, for yourself, yot.r daughter,
your mother, or your lister. I want to tell you now
to cure yourselves at home without tha help of
I docUr.-. Men cannot understand women's suffering.
What we women know Irani xDerience. we know
I better than any doctor. I know that my home treat
ment i aafa and aura cure for Leucorrhoea or
Whitish dlscharns. Ulceration. Displacement or
Falling of the Womb, Profuie, Scanty or Painful
Period!. Uterine or Ovarian Tumors or (irowthsi
also pains In tbe head, back and bowed, bearing;
down feelings, nervousnnss, creeping; lectins; up
tbe seine, melancholy, desire to cry, hot flashes,
wearinesi, kidney and bladder trouble! where
Caused by weaknesses peculiar to our sex.
I want to send yon complete ten day's treat
ment entirely free to prove to you that you can cure
yourself at home, easily, quickly and aurely. Ka
member, thst it will cost you nothlmr to rive the
treatment Complete trial ; end if you should wish to continue, It will cost you only about 12 cents
week, or lass than two cent a day. It will not interfere with your work or occupation. Just send
me your name and address, teli ire how ym sufTer if yoa wiuh, and I will lend you the treatment
for your ease, entirely f re. in plain wrapper, by return mail I will also send you free af cost, my
txwk-"WOMAN'S OWN MHU1CAL AOVISiiR" with explanatory illustrations ahowin why
women suffer, and bow they cen csL!y cure themselves at home. Every woman should have it, and
lean to think for herself. Then when the doctor aays "You must en operation," you can
decide for yourself. Thousands of women have cured themselves with my borne remedy. It cures aal,
sad or young. To Mothers of bout burs, I will explain a simple home treatment which speedily
asid effectually cures bsueorrhoea. Green 8ickne and Gainful or Irregular Menstruation in Young
Ladies. Plumpness and health always results from tta use.
Wherever Too live, I can refer yuu to ladles of your own locality who know and will fladh tell
any sufforar that this Moms Treatment really cores sl women's diseases, and makea wusnen weO,
atrone, plsunp and robust. Just send a your address, and the free ten day's ties In lent is yews,
also tbe peek. Write today, as yoa may not see this offer acain. Address
MRS. M. SUMMERS, Boi H. . . . Notre Dame, IrvfJ.. U.S. A.
-x V' - ,; .
,i , 1 . - fry '' . .-. : I
Warranty Dmls.
J. A. Lane et ux, to William A.
Vanderbllt, 1. South half section
16, west half section 26, township 4,
S., R. 33, E. W. M.
Charles H. Howe et ux to William
A. Vanderbllt, $1. East hulf section
36. township 4 S., R. 33, E. W. M.
Sanford Strout et ux to Myrtle
Sturtevant, $900. Lot 3, block 7, In
Pilot Rock.
J. E. Cherry et al, trustee's to Fan
nie A. Campbell, $750. Lot 3 in
block 4, in Llvermore's addition to
Robert McEwen et ux, to John Mc-
Ewen, $8500, an undivided one-half
Interest in northeast quarter and east
half southeast quarter section 34; al
so the west half section 35; also
southwest quarter northeast quarter
and east half southeast quarter sec
tion 35, all In township 5 north, range
36 E. W. M., except 61.08 acres here
tofore deeded to A. Hopson.
W. A. Ferguson et ux to John Mc
Ewen, II. Northeast quarter section
36, township 5 north, range 36, E. W.
W. J. Burns, trustee, to Robert Mc
Ewen, $9000, same land as described
In deed from Robert McEwen to
John McEwen.
Clean Coffee
is routed by a direct flame,
which, burns off all impuri
tiei tod unclean matter.
Weighed and packed by
machinery m aroma-tight
tins No hand touches the
Coffre until it reaches the
consumer.Order whole roast
and let your grocer grind it,
or, better still, grind it at
J. Ae TmigT Ek CwU.
Kodol is the best known prepara
tion that Is offered to the people to
day for dyspepsia, Indigestion or any
stomach trouble. Kodol digests all
foods. It Is pleasant to take. It is
sold here by Tallman & Co.
Long Relay Race.
Cleveland, O., June 20. One of the
longest relay races ever held will be
that starting Monday from Cleveland,
with Cincinnati as the objective point
to be participated In by the best
spriners of the Young Men's Christian
associations throughout the state. On
Monday at 11 o'clock Mayor Tom L.
Johnson of Cleveland, will hand a
message to the first section of the
relay, and It will be passed from hand
to hand of the long relay until It
reached Mayor Markbrelt of Cincin
nati on Wednesday at noon, If the
schedule Is adhered to. Each boy
will have two miles to cover, this lim
it having been fixed in order that the
race may incur no danger to the contestants.
"The Strike of a Sex" la Brought to
Pans tn England.
London, June 20. "The Strike of
a "Sex." described in Miller's novel,
will become a partial reality tomor
row, when thousands of women in all
parts of England will desert home
and husband and children, In order to
attend a monster mass meeting In
Hyde Park. It is declared that near
ly 300,000 women will take part In
the strike, which Is scheduled to last
two weeks. Leaders In the movement
have urged the strikers, when they
"walk out" tomorrow, to solemnly
resolve not to perform a single house
hold duty for 14 days. By that time,
It is hoped the men of England will
be starved Into submission, and will
be ready and willing to accede to the
demands of the women for the ballot.
The suffragettes from the provinces
will be met at the railroad stations
by delegations' from the London or
ganizations, and seven processions,
each headed by a military band, will
march on the park from different
points of the compass.
Twenty speakers, all women, will
harangue the assembled masses until,
at a given time, buglers will announce
that the resolution to parliament de
mandlng the vote Is about to be put.
An ancient law prohibits demon
strations from approaching wlthfn a
mile of the house of commons The
police will .have a strong force on
hand to prevent the house from be
Ing beselgcd.
Mrs. S. L. Bowen of Wayne. W. Vs.
writes: "I was a sufferer from kid
ney dsease, so that at times I could
not stand straight. I took Foley's
Kidney Remedy. One dollar bottle
and part of the second cured me en
tlrely." Foley's Kidney Remedy
works wonders where others are a
total failure. Pendleton Drug Co.
Notice to Ice Tteers.
There will be no delivery on Bun
days. All parties wanting Ice for
Sunday must have same delivered
When you need to take something
take it promptly for the Btomach,
but take something you know Is re
liable something like Kodol for Dys
pepsia and Indigestion. Kodol is
pleasant to take, it Is reliable and is
guaranteed to give relief. It Is sold
by Tallman & Co.
Hunortl Commencement.
Cambridge, Mass., June 20. With
the traditional exercises, the 272nd
commencement of the nation's oldest
educational institution will be observ
ed next week at Harvard. Many
prominent alumni have promised to
attend and addresses will be made by
several men of International fame
who claim Harvard as their alma ma
ter. Last year the Harvard com
mencement speakers were Secretary
Ellhu Root, Ambasador Bryce and the
Duke of Abruzzl who has since at
talned popular place through his en.
gagement to Miss Katherlne Elklns.
W. R. Ward of Dyersburg. Tenn.,
writes; "This Is to certify that I hnve
used Foley's Orlno Laxative for
chronic constipation and it has proven
without a doubt to be a thorough,
practical remedy for this trouble, and
It it with pleasure I offer my con
scientious reference." Pendleton Drug
Wanted, at Once.
Good clean rags: market price paid
East Oregenlan office.
When your feet feel heavy as lead
a box or two of Sexine Pills will dis
pel that tired feeling. Sexine Pills
are guaranteed to overcome all forms
of weakness that can be cured. Price
$1 a box. six boxes $5, with a money
back guarantee. Address or call the
Pendleton Drue company. This is
the store that sells all the principal
remedies and does not substitute.
"Known For Its Strength"
What It Moans
Many people do not know what a bank's
capital means to its depositors, or the differ
ance between a bank of little or no capital,
and one with a large capital. One of the
functions of
A Bank s Capital
is to protect its depositors from possible loss;
therefore the larger it is, the greater protec
tion the depositors have.
This bank has a
Capital of . . . . 200,000.00
Surplus Fund of . . 50,000.00
Undivided Profits . . 25,000.00
Additional Shareholders
Liability .... 200,000.00
A TOTAL OF 475 000.00
This means that this bank must lose prac
tically half a million dollars before depo
sitors could lose a cent.
This protection is for YOU.
The First National Bank
The Franklin Car Has
Stood the Practical Try
out Test.
It has made good every
day in the year and under all
road conditions, in Umatilla
County as ,well as elsewhere
its as consistent and reli
able as an express train.
Pendleton Auto i Co. ;
l . - f
f. ''-.?
T "
atV'li:. 'Li''.l
MMSsl'riT.S?tB.tslsl SrlSi"m''
Daily East Orep;onian, by carrier, 15 cents per week.
Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup
Is the one that children like so well
to tAke at it tastes nearly as good as
maple sugar. It acts gently yet free
ly on the bowels and thereby It drives
the cold out of the system. It Is sold
by Tallman ACO.
Notice to Ice Ueera.
All parties wanting ice delivered to
their homes please hang out cards by
7 o'clock each morning where they
can be seen by driver of wagon. Hen
ry Koplttke.
If you see It In the East Oregonlan.
It' to.
The Most Beautiful Homes
Built Today, Are Being Made of Concrete Blocks.
They are pret
tier, more sub
stantial and far
more comporta
ble in either
hot or cold
See my many
beautiful de
signs in con
crete blocks
before you
, build your
ill .y . . .vii'
i t km'"
i "si."
e W -A .... V ml
.. 4 .
- run ' in
Concrete stands
for Basements,
Walls, Fences
and Curbing.
It looks better
and lasts longer
than stone.
I will furnish
you estimates
for any class of
work on
Cor. Rcil
road acid

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