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Iowa Will Lead Revolt to Prevent III
Reelection 08 Sneaker of tlie
House AH Northwest Stales Ex
ported to Join In Uie fight "Uncle
Joe" Prevents All Reform Legisla
tion. ,
An organized effort Is said to have
been discovered to defeat "Uncle Joe"
Cannon for speaker of the sixty-first
congress If the republicans carry the
house. He hus been tagged as an
undesirable reactionary and' muBt be
eliminated, so the report goes.
Iowa Is expected to lead the revolt
against the Illinois congressman. In
the first place. Iowa has wanted the
speakership honors for years as a
tribute to her old veteran, Col. "Pete"
Hepburn. In the second pluce, the
state Is not In sympathy with some of
Cannon's policies.
The action of republicans In Guth
rle county, Iowa, adopting resolutions
calling upon Representative Walter I.
Smith,, one of the most Influential
men In the house, and one who Is gen
erally regarded as needing no Instruc
tions, to vote against Joseph G. Can
non for speaker, 1b said to be the first
step In the campaign. Other Iowa
organizations will follow suit, and It
predicted that many of the congress
men from that state will have the
organizations, upon which they de
pend for election, demanding the de
feat of Cannon and the selection of
Hepburn to succeed Him.
Should Iowa lead off in this mat
ter, most of the northwestern states
will follow her, It Is calculated. Wis
consin Is said to be up In arms against
the drastic rules of the speuker that
have squeezed the La Eollutte dis
ciples so hard that they have been
able to do nothing more effective
than to make a futile protest. Not
one solitary crumb of reform have
they been able to bring forth to the
hungry reformers In tho Badger state
and they say It Is all because "Uncle
Joe" will not allow them to do any
thing to save the nation. Some of
them have spoken their minds on the
floor of the house, while others con
tented themselves with breaking over
puny lines wnen tne speaker cracked
the whip to carry out some of his
Minnesota, .Michigan, Nebraska,
California and Kansas, are counted on
to vote for a change In affairs In the
house, while scattering representa
tives, disgruntled by the way things
have been run In tho house during the
last three congresses are classed with
those who will vote against the Illi
nois member.
It Is said that organized labor will
urge on the fight against Cannon. The
speaker's opposition to the pasage of
legislation demanded by the Amerl
csn Federation of Labor and his fight
at Chicago against the antl-lnjunc
tlon plank In the republican platform
has whetted the hatred of organized
labor for him. If some of the repub
lican representatives, booked for the
disapproval of the American Federa
tion of Labor are willing to pledge
themselves to vote against Cannon,
they may'effect a compromise with
the federation.
Colonel Hepburn Is not the only
man in the house who would like to
succeed Cannon. There Is Represen
tative Burton of Ohio, regarded as the
most effective orator, deepest think
er and profound student on the floor.
Representative Boutell of Illinois, Is
olso said to be good timber.
Should the democrats by nny
chance gain control of the house It Is
generally regarded as certain that
Representative Champ Clark of Mis
sotirl, will be chosen speaker. In the
last five years, Clark has grown Im
mensely in the house, and besides be
ing level-headed. Is a first-class ora
Last of tht 8psnlih Fleet st the Bat
tle of Manila Bay,
"What was It like, that battle of Ma
nila Bay, do you nHk?"
The thunders of heuveu, would have
been lost in Its din. It was fierce and
fast, like the rolling of all the drums
In tho world or tike bolts of heavy sail
cloth torn Into shreds by the wind.
What a picture it would make that
battle, .the last of the Spanish fleet, the
Don Antoulo de Ullou. She fought,
sinking a foot a uiuiutel Gun after
gun went under, and when the last
onset was made only ber bow gun re
mained. Its crew, waist deep in water,
fought ns though victory was crown
ing them. It was theirs to fire the last
gun upon that eventful day, and we
cheered them as they sank.
These are the things men will write
about, but memory alone can pnlnt a
picture so terrible that the moon, that
old night watch of the universe, hid
behlud friendly vapors that she might
not see the embers of war as they
glared through tho portholes and upon
sons of half sunken ships, while ever
and anon exploding magazines would
teur the waters, and flames of yellow
and red flaunt above all that was left
of Spain's wreckage.
Surely Wellington was a Solomon
when he wrote, "Nothing except a bat
tle lost can be half so melancholy as u
battle won."-St. Nicholas.
8aved From a Great Army of Ravenous
Driver Ants.
In her "West African Studies" Miss
Klngsley tells this story about the fa
mous "driver" ants: "I was In a little
village, and out of a but came the
owner and his family and all the
household parasites pcllmell, leaving
the drivers In nowsslon. but the
mother nnd father of the family, when
they recovered from this unwonted
burst of activity, showed such a lively
concern and such unmistakable signs
of anguish at having left something
behind them In the but that I thought
it must be the baby. 'Inhlni far cor
ner for floor!' shrieked the distracted
parents, and into that hut I charged.
"Too true! There In the corner lay
the poor little thing, a mere Inert
black mass, with hundreds of cruel
drivers already swarming upon it. To
sclzo It and give It to the distracted
mother was, as the reporter would say,
'the work, of an instant.' She gave a
cry of Joy and dropped It Instantly
Into a water barrel, where her hus
band held It down with a hoe. chuc
kling contentedly. Shiver not, my friend,
at the callousness of the Ethiopian.
That there thing wasn't an infant. It
was a ham!"
Some Epigrams.
Tom Tlood cast epigrams at himself
in the face of death. His wife was
preparing a large mustard plaster to
apply to his shrunken chest. "My
dear," said Hood, "that's a terrible lot
of mustard for a small piece of beef."
Sir Walter Raleigh expressed hlm-j
self lu a similar mood after be mount
ed the scaffold. Feeling the edge of
the ax, he said to the executioner,
"This Is a sharp medicine, but It Is a
cure for all disease's."
An Italian nobleman, probably be
guiled by patent medlclue advertise
ments, left this Inscription for his
gravestone: "I was well, wanted to be
better, took physic and died."
Charles Knight suggested that "Good
Knight" would be sufficient for bis
memorial tablet.
A brother Scot who did not sympa
thize with his peccadillos in life, when
asked to suggest an appropriate epi
taph for Scotland's national poet, said,
"Ills nln uamc'8 enough Robert
Burns." Boston Tost.
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Givers of Best Values
Old Maid Daughter of King Edward
May Become Brido of Dr. Nansea.
London, July 2. Persistent rumors
are being circulated In London to the
effect that Princess Victoria, the old
maid daughter of King Edward, will
shortly marry a commoner, Dr. Frld-
Jof Nansen, the famed explorer, who
was until recently the Norwegian am
bassador to London.
The princess is now nearlng her I
40th milestone, but her affection for
the gallant descendant of the Vikings
is alleged to be none the less warm
on account of her mature ago. Hav
ing withstood the flattering attentions
of scores of princes and nobles, she
has at last succumbed to the tender
It Is ulieged that Dr. Nansen left
the court of St. James because of his
attachment for the princess and the
consequent displeasure of her royal
The Princess Victoria, however, like
her royal grandmother, Is capable of
exercising a will of her own and it
Is whispered in social circles that the
king and queen may yet give their
assent to a marriage with the untitled
suitor of the princess, It Is known
that the king entertains' a respectful
admiration for the Norwegian explor
er, and, as man to man, would prob
ably consider him a desirable son-in-luw.
That our stock of Harvest Sup
plies is the largest and most complete
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-1 tli of July Excursion Rates on the
O. R. & N.
Selling round trip tickets between
all points on its lines within the dis
tance of 200 miles. Friday and Sat
urday, July 3 and 4, at the rate of
one and one-third fare round trip.
Tickets good returning July 6th.
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.t Grand Family Medicine.
-u gives me pleasure to speak a
good word for Electric Bitters." writes
Mr. Frank Conlan of No. 436 Hous
ton street, New York. 'It's a grand
family medicine for dyspepsia and
liver complications; while for lame
back and weak kidneys It cannot be
recommended too highly." Eloctrlc
Bitters regulate the digestive func
tions, purify the blood, and Impart
renewed vigor and vitality to the
weak and deblllntcj of both sexes.
Sold under guarantee at Tallman &
Co.'s drug store. 60c.
Amateur Scribes Meet.
Mlllwnukee, Wis., July 2. Editors
and contributors to amateur periodi
cals are beginning to arrive In Mil
waukee today to take part In the con
vention of the National Amateur Press
Association, which will be held in this
city during the next few days. While
most of the delegates .are youngsters
there is a sprinkling of older men and
women who, beginning their literary
careers as amateur Journalists have
since become professional newspaper
workers or have atalned success in
other lines. There Is every prospect
that this will be the most successful
national gathering of the scribes since
the birth of the organization 32 years
Wholesome Advice For Boys.
Now, you lads who want to leave
school, don't lie In such a hurry to be
earning something. Think of the fu
ture vsped rather than the present
advantage. The man who can do
stffnotliing really well, whether it be
the making of a table, the building of
a bouse or the writing of a book, will
very seldom be unemployed. It is tho
boys In a hurry who are "Httlo mil
lionaires" on 8 shillings a week nt
fourteen and "big loafers" on nothing
at eighteen, with no trade in their
fingers and no prospect but the life of
a day laborer. Go slowly, boys-you'll
go farther. Hurry Is a dog that often,
goes off on a wrong scent. Patience
and foresight are two dogs which hunt
together. They are slow at "finding,"
but they are always "In at the death."
London Scholars' Own.
That Is, give him some interest, how
ever small, in the rewards of Intelli
gent husbandry.
Three-quarters of coffee
ii such that we can't
touch it; we make five
grades of the top quarter.
Teer tracer return rear Bent? If yes deal
Hie fcbUUac't Beet; t sarjtla. '
8poiled Musiolans.
Rubinstein disapproved of marriage
for musicians. Just before his death
be spoke sadly of his Russian lady pu
pils. "What have I wasted all my time
on them for?" he asked irritably.
"Every one married! It's too provok
ing! Here they are, spoiled forever for
art life. What did they study for?"
The London Musical World remarks
that "those who ask why we have no
great lady composers may be left to
think on these things."
e l .
I VAT , s.
A Nice, Polite Man.
There's iome good things in town
this week," said the girl who was hint
ing for an Invitation to the theater.
"Well," responded Mr. Grouch. "I
ain't one of 'em."-Kansas City News
book.' They Noticed.
"Maude was afraid the girls wouldn't
notice her engagement ring."
"Did they?"
"Did they! Biz of them recocnlced
It at once." Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Occupation is the necessary basis of
all enjoyment Hunt
It is well to plan the" work, but be
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