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Canvas Oxfords
Now being closed out at the
Monster Bankrupt Sale of the
Teutsch Stock.
Just 148 pairs left. They come in grey and white, heavy
or light soles. Every pair must go.
1.75 Grade now 98c
2.00 Grade now 1.25
2.50 Grade now 1.45
3.00 Grade now 1.75
None higher price. All sizes for Ladies only,
2 1-2 to 8.
F. . Livengood (Sh Co.
Teutsch'sJOld Stand?
City Brevities
Ice cream at Hohbach's.
All kinds of good dry wood. See
More new runs Just received at
Pendleton Furniture Co.
See Mlnnls for rood, dry wood that
burna. Lota of It on hand.
Dressed chickens every day. Stark
Poultry House. 'Phone black I7l.
Unfurnished housekeeping rooms
for rent. Enquire at Bast Oregonlan
office. .
All kinds of transfer work dons
promptly. 8tansberry & Milne, phons
Main 5.
The Pendleton Furniture company
has Just received another shipment of
swell rugs.
For Rent Store room on Main
street In the East Oregonlan building.
Apply at this office.
For Rent Furnished house at 22i
Perkins avenue, on north side. In
quire of J. M. Bentley.
Hotel Bowman Cafe is now open.
a. m. to 10 p. m., a la carte. Straw
berries and Ice cream also served.
'Man cook wants Job cooking foi
harvest crew; no difference how
large. Address 206 E. Alta street.
Lost An Elk tooth, Initials F. W,
I), lodge No. 288, between Court
street and depot. Finder please re
turn to Bond Bros.
creased cost. The Pacific coast ex
tension of the St. Paul was begun
about two years ago. It Is 1380 miles
long and continues the road from the
former Western terminus In North
Dakota to Seattle and Tacoma on the
Pacific coast.
KXTltA $5,000,000 TO
Milwaukee Extension to Tacoma
Amply Provided Willi Funds,
New York. July 18. The cost of
the Pacific coast extension of the
Chicago, Milwaukee & Sa. Paul rail
way, which It Is expected will be dp-
ened for Traffic July 1, 1909, will be
about $5,000,000 more than the com
puny originally reckoned on, it was
said yesterday by an officer of the
road. This additional cost Is due to
a decision to run the road at a lower
grade over the mountain division than
was at first planned. The total cost
of the project Is now put at 177,000,
000, but as $100,000,000 of the pre
ferred and oommon stock has been
Issued to provide a balance for future
contingencies, there will be no short
age of funds, notwithstanding the ln-
Have You
Eyesight ?
If so, place your case In the
hands of a competent Optician.
We use the latest, most scien
tific and most thorough method
of testing the eyes. We use
nothing but the best lenses.
Our charges are reasonable
and work guaranteed.
Louis' Hunziker
. Jeweler and Optician.
7J Main St.
George Maslker Victim of Peculliir
Hood River, Ore., July 16. George
Maslker, a well known resident of
Hood River, died Sunday as the result
of an accident two weeks ago. Masl
ker was In a tree with a double-bitted
ax, chopping off some of the limbs,
when the limb he was standing on
broke and threw him over backward,
causing him to drop the ax. The tool,
which reached the ground first, stuck
in the soil and the unfortunate man
fell on It backward. The sharp blade
entered his back, cutting through a
rib and penetrating one of his lungs.
Maslker gave evidence of recovery,
but a few days ago blood poisoning
set In. Maslker, who has been mar
rled but a year, leaves a wife and
Goes to HI Death Willi Curses on His
Canon City, Col., July 16. Calling
down the maledictions of the most
high upon the Roman priesthood, and
shouting In Italian "Long live Italy;
long live the Pretestants," Gulseppe
Alia, was carried to the death trap
exactly at 8:30 o'clock last night, and
paid the extreme penalty of his crime.
Perhaps a more sensational and
thrilling scene was never beheld by
any of the 16 persons present, than
the execution of this misguided Ital
ian murderer, whose cries and
screams were only hushed by the au
tomatic springing of the mechanism
which forever silenced the tongue
that cried for vengeance against those
whom Alia hnd considered the de
stroyers of his home and happiness.
Tom Mllarkey, Jr., left this morn
ing for Walla Walla.
The Misses Darr of Adams are
among visitors In the city today
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Bush have
moved to Weston to reside temporar
D. McConnell of Narnpa, Idaho, IS
a guest of Hotel Bowman while in the
city today,
Charles Bond left today for a three
week's outing at Long Beach and
B. F. Ogle the Athena pioneer,
came down this morning on a brief
business trlp;
O. T. Carncs of Pilot Rock, Is a
guest of Hotel Bowman while In the
city on a business trip
Miss Mary Nelson has returned to
her home In Weston after visiting
Pendleton friends for several days,
Mrs. E. P. Dodd came up from
Hermlston last evening and Is visiting
with her mother, Mrs. R. Alexander.
A. S. Pearson the Freewater real
estate dealer and electric line promot
er, is in the city today on a business
Mrs. Walter Adams returned today
from Helix where she had been vlBit
ing friends in that vicinity for a short
George Campbell returned this
morning to his home In Spokane,
after a few days visit with friends In
this city.
Mrs. R. Thomas, accompanied by
her two children, came In from Helix
today to visit with her mother, Mrs,
L. Klnman, for a couple of days.
Mr. and Mrs. John McEachren and
son of Helix are in the city today on
their way to Lehman springs, where
they will remain for a few weeks.
Ralph E. Nolan of Pendleton, spent
the Fourth In the city as the guest of
Glenn Sturdlvant, returning home on
Monday. Hood River News-Letter.
Miss Edith Piersol has arrived from
Fortland and Is the guest of Mrs.
George Perringer. Miss Piersol has
been spending the past several months
in California.
Mrs. Roland Oliver accompanied
Mr. Oliver to Portland yesterday an
will visit In Portland with her sister,
Mrs. Fisher, while her husband Is at
the state rifle tournament.
Master Robert Pattlson, son of Mr,
and Mrs. Bert Pattlson, went over to
Pendleton this forenoon for a week
visit with his cousin, Arthur Mc
Crary. La Grande Observer,
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Crawford of
Hermlston, came up last evening for
a brief visit in the city. Mr. Craw
ford is one of the leading real estate
dealers In the Irrigation town, and he
says that lands continue to sell at
rapid . rate.
Miss Delta Crawford left this morn
Ing for Portland, where she will Join
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Craw
First Train Crowwd tlie Columbia at
Vancouver July 14, 1908.
Vancouver's new railroad bridge
across the Columbia river carried Its
first train of passengers yesterday,
from the Washington to the Oregon
shore and back again, sayq the Port
land Oregonlan. The passengers were
visiting members of the American So
ciety of Civil Engineers, most of them
from Portland, on one of their occa
sional trips to the important engineer
ing works that are going on about
this city.
The men went to Vancouver in the
Port of Portland's big tug, John Mc
Craken, viewing on the way the ship
ping In the port, the dredges Portland
and Columbia, which are scouring out
the bottom of the river and filling the
lowlands for the North Bank road
the big dry dock and the new railroad
bridge at St. John.
The steamer McCracken was placed
at the disposal of the association
members by the Port of Portlana
commission. The extensive harbor
work of the Port Commission and Its
big drydock and dredge plant surpris
ed the visitors.
Limit of Machine on Ground Is 300
Feet Work Financed by Spokane
Drilling on the oil prospect near
Rosalln, Wash., has reached a depth
of 1200 feet, the last 150 feet being
bored through a stratum of hard rock.
The well li on the right of way of the
Colfax division of the Spokane & Is
land railroad, about five miles this
side tof Rosalia. Ths mpenses of
making the bore is being met by a
group of Spokane men, who were led
to believe that there were oil Indica
tions In the Palouse country by the
reports of several experts.
The limit of the drilling machine
which Is being used Is 3000 feet, one
third of which distance has been
reached. No opinion as to the prob
able course that will be pursued In
case oil is not reached In 3000 feet
can be obtained from the men backing
the project.
ford who have purchased a home
there. Mr. Crawford will probably
go to California again In the fall to
remain during the winter for his
Oscar Cain, the newly elected city
attorney of Walla Walla, is In the city
today a guest of Hotel St. George on
legal business. He says the election
in nana Walla was a surprise to
every one and completely knocked
out the Ankeny organization In the
Garden City.
Cloudburst SwccpM Down Canyon
Carrying Away Trestle.
Santa Fe, N. M., July 16. Great
loss of life was narrowly averted In
Arroyo Chames when a terrific cloud
burst swept down the canyon, and
washed out a trestle Just before the
arrival of a passenger train on the
Santa Fe road.
Three hundred feet of track is miss
ng and hundreds of dead sheep mark
the path of the torrent.
The cloudburst occurred late Wed
nesday. A wall of water 10 feet high
rushed down Arroyo Chames. The
roar was heard for miles.
Pastime Pleases Crowds.
Among the most attractive pictures
at the Pastime are "The Lost Pocket
book," which is In beautiful colorings
and tells an Interesting story. "Around
tho Coast of Brltnny" !s also beautl
ful. The Illustrated song, "When
Summer Tells Autumn Good Bye" was
one of the best yet presented. There
will be a change hre tomorrow.
Mrs. Anna Selkirk Norton, who re
cently went to Walla Walla to locate,
Is at home to her friends at 572 Uni
versity street In that city.
lot or Cold Bottle
The new vacum bottle, will"keep
contents hot for 24 hours, warm
for 48 hours, and cold for 72
hours. Two sizes,
quarts $7.50.
pint sH$5 .00 ,
Sugar Being Extracted From Residue
The sugar factory will begin within
the next few days the usual summer
run, says the La Grande Star. This
run Is made for the purpose of ex
trading the sugar from the fall run of
last year. Superintendent Taylor is
unable to state how long the mid
summer season will continue, but he
expects the run will last from 20 to
30 days.
The factory has been receiving dur
ing the past few months a large quan
tlty of slab wood and other fuel, a!'
though the deliveries In that line have
fallen off in the past week.
The factory has been put In good
condition for the work ahead and has
passed under the inspection of Gen
eral Manager Rolapp, who has been
here on an official visit the past two
days. Mr. Rolapp left yesterday for
tho east.
Harvest Begin In Morrow.
The headers are out and the wheat
Is 'being cut and goon Morrow county
will be In a condition to again fur
nish more than Its quota of wealth
to keep America at the head of the
list of the wealth producing countries.
The new method of mulching the
wheat land s proving a success in this
county and while It is considerable
work to go over the land three or 'four
times, those farmers who have no
lazy bee In their bonnet will this year
hove as good a banR account as last
year. lone Proelalmer.
Falls to Uy.
Toledo, O., July 16. Roy Knaben-
shue started from this city at noon
today In an effort to fly to Cleveland
in his new passenger ship which he
believed marks the beginning of suc
cessful air transportation. He was
forced to abandon the flight after
spending a short time In the air. Tho
ship was out of ordor. He brought
It down on a roof and will make n
second attempt.
New Rooming House Now Open.
Tho Empire rooming house In the
Schwartz & Greullch building, corner
Webb and Garden streets, Is now
open to tho public. All the rooms
are nicely furnished with new furni
ture; hot and cold water nnd electric
lights In every room. Rooms, 60
cents and $1.00. Special rates given
by the week or month. Mrs. Rose
Call, Prop.
Shirt Waist, Sale
Now is the time to secure your
, Summer s Shirt Waist at a.
Most Wonderful Bargain
We' ve secured a Drummer s
samples and will offer them to
you at 1 -3 off.
eBautlful Persian lawns, India lin
ens, mull, etc, also a Splendid line of
taffeta silks In blue, brown, Copen
liagen and black. We offer them at
same price. Come and secure one or
more of these elegant waists; no trou
ble to show goods.
Pendleton Cloak &
Suit House
Buy of us and it's all right
Local GuordMiiien Will Join Third
IlatUUlon at Portland and Proceed
to American Lake Encampment
Will Re Big Event More Interest
ing Ttian Seaside Meet Last Year.
Regimental orders for company L
to participate In the coming maneu
vers at American lake were received
here this morning by Captain Dan P.
The orders direct that company L
leave this city on train No. 5 at 1:05
a. m., August 3. Upon its arrival in
Portland the company will Join the
third battalion under Major. T. N.
Dunbar and It will leave for American
lake on the third section out of Port
land, departing at 11 a. m.
The third section will be command
ed by Lieutenant Colonel John M.
Poorman and will consist of compa
nies A. I, L and M, third infantry,
and A. C. F. H. G, fourth Infantry,
and one baggage car.
The remainder tf the Oregon
guardsmen will leave Portland In two
sections, the first leaving at 7 a. m.
and the second section at 9:30.
For the coming encampment the
service uniform Is to be worn but the
men are also directed to take their
blue blouses with them.
An outline of the work to be done
at American lake has also been re
ceived by Captain Smythe and it indi
cates that the encampment this year
will be much more Interesting than
the one at Seaside last summer. The
forenoons of the first five days are to
be devoted to battalion and regimen
tal drills, the afternoons to advance
and rear guard; outpost and recon
nolsance; formations for attack and
defense by company, battalion and
On August 10 and the night of the
Oth and 11th there will be a problem
maneuver for all troops, both regu
lars and guardsmen, consisting of at
tack and defense of positions by, day
nd night. During the encampment
the different regiments encamped will
be thrown Into brigades for the pur
pose of illustrating the drill of bri
gades In battle.
The orders for the encampment re-
ulre all officers and enlisted men of
the O. N. G. to attend, though com
pany commanders may excuse men
or sickness or for reasons of era-
loyment when the excuse Is consid
ered sufficient.
City Will Spend Over $5,000,000 for
Public Improvements.
There Is general rejoicing through
out the city as a result of the favor
able decision of the supreme court of
Oregon, rendered yesterday morning,
in the case of Francis I. McKenna
against the City of Portland, In which
was Involved several very Important
charter amendments and the validity
of 12,225.000 of bond issues, says the
The suit was a friendly one, brought
for the purpose of testing the legality
of the bonds and the amendments.
Now that this matter has been set
tled, the amendments being now a
part of the charter, the city can pro
ceed to carry Into effect these new
New Temperance Drink.
The East Oregonlan has Just receiv
ed sample bottles of Maltona, a new
temperance drink manufactured by
the North Pacific Brewing company
of Astoria. This Is a soft drink of a
high class and contains but one per
cent of alcohol In weight am) but 1.1
per cent In volume. The North Paci
fic Brewing company Is the sole man
ufacturer of Maltona and has (laced
It bn sale In this city.
If you sea It In the East Oregonlan,
It's so.
See the Twin-Dime Across the Street.
Moving Pictures Like Life
Songs by Robert Fenner from the Salt air Palace, Salt Lake
All Music Furnished by a Real Pianist.
Absolutely fire-proof and the best
ventilated theatre in the city.
A Better Show at the Same Price
Show Sliop Attracts.
The Show Shop has been attracting
good crowds the past few days with
the finest line of pictures that have
ever Been snown mere. Among tne
best are "The Chorus Girl," "A Rus
tic Heroine," "Daniel Boone" nnd the
beautiful Illustrated song, "By the
Old Oaken Bucket, Louise." The man-
gement announces another change
for tomorrow.
Dime Change Tomorrow.
The New Dime has been attracting!
the usual good crowds the past few
Ays, nnd there will be another change
tomorrow The late selections here
re entirely new and have never been
seen In the city before. The change
tomorrow will continue over until
Cloyd Oliver of Echo and Mrs. Dlx
D. McBeo were united in marriage
here last evening, the ceremony be-
g performed by Judgo Glllllnnd.
Northern Pacific Railway
Visit Yellowstone National Park
Stopovers allowed on all tickets to enable
trip being taken through Park.
To all points In the middle and eastern states.
Apply to any ticket agent Northern Pacific Railway and have fares
quoted, routes explained, and berth reservations made, or call on
or write
Gcnl. Agt., Walla Walla, Wn.
Agent Pendleton, Ore.
Portland. Oregon.

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