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Boston. Aug. 10. Union printers
from every state and from Canada
England, Cuba, Porto Rico and the
Philippines are the guests of Boston
today, the assemblage marking the
opening of the 54th convention of the
International Typographical Union.
Tor the first time, the London Society
of Frlnters has sent a delegate to con- i
fer with the printers on this sldo of
the ocean, giving the meeting more ot
n International character than It has
ever had. Boston Typographical
Union, one of the first organizations
of printers, will celebrate Its 60th an
nlversary during the week. All of
the sessions will be held In Ford hall
Following the formal opening of
the convention today and the trans
action of preliminary business, ad
Jcurnment was taken until tomorrow
and the delegates will spend the
afternoon on a harbor and bay ex
curslon. Tomorrow will be ex-dele
gates day and will be marked by
trolley trip to Lexington and Concord
over the Paul Revere route. Many
other entertainments will be held
under the direction of Boston union
No. 13. The local union, despite Us
hoodoo, number, has had a ' highly
successful career and Is now In the
obest of condition. The local has pre
pared an elaborate souvenir booklet
of 150 pages for distribution among
the delegates.
The International Sterotypers and
Electrotypers' union will also hold Its
convention here during the week, as
will the ladies' auxiliary of the Inter,
rational Typographical union. It Is
expected that the total number of del
egates and visiting printers and ster
eotype", with their families, will
reach at least 5000.
As this Is the first Important con
vention held by any labor organiza
tion following the two national party
conventions. It will be watched with
especial Interest to see If legislation
will be Introduced bearing on the two
anti-injunction planks adopted at
Chicago and Denver.
Various Important questions are to
be discussed, among them being the
Sherman anti-trust law, the employ
ers' liability bill, the eight-hour law
for government employes, the use ot
Injunctions, the printing paper ques
tion and the subject of Insurance.
The union conducts a union print
ers' home at Colorado Springs, the
first and only Institution of its kind
In the world, where aged and infirm
printers to the number of 300 are
cared for at no expense to themselves.
The first old-age pension measures
ever adopted by a trade organization
lti Boston have been recently adopted
by the union and went Into effect
August 1.
Addresses will be made at the con
vention by labor men from all over
the country. Representatives are pres
ent from the American Newspaper
Publishers' association, with which the
International Typographical union
holds a special arbitration agreement
running until 1912, which guarantees
both sides against strikes or lockouts,
and provides that any disagreement
must be settled by arbitration. This
agreement has been In force for about
six years, having been renewed In
1907 for a second five-year term.
The selection of the place fornext
year's convention is eagerly sought
for by Seattle, Wash., and Ft. Joseph,
Mo., and boomers from both cities
present, working to secure thp con
vention. The present officers of the Interna
tional Typographical union are: Pres
ident, James M. Lyneh, Syracuse, X
Y.; vice-president. John W. Hays
Minneapolis; secretary-treasurer, John
V. rtramwood, Denver.
The Typographical union Is a free
association of economic equals, men
and women, for be It known women
are admitted to membership In this
organisation upon the same basis as
are men, one of the cardinal princi
ples of the union being equal sen-Ices
perrormea. Tne International union
1 composed of unions scattered
throughout the Unite! States and
Canada and its Jurisdiction extends
from Alaska to the PUIppInes. Each
local union administers Its local af
fairs In conformity with International
rules and regulations, said rules and
regulations being- developed by the
combined local unions and adminis
tered by a central body known as the
executive council In the Interest of
all the locals. This executive council
Is composed of certain of the Inter
national officers, who are elected by
the referendum for terms of two
Steamship Man Says ne U the Vic
tim of Conspiracy.
New Tork, Aug. 10. Magistrate
Corrlgan Is expected to announce a
decision tomorrow in the case of
Frank Zottl, the Crotlan banker and
steamship man who was recently tried
on a cnarge or grand larceny. Zotti
claims to be the victim of a consplr
acy to ruin his business and named
J. P. Morgan as one o fthe conspir
ators. N'o defense was made at the
trial, attorneys for Zotti claiming
that the prosecution failed to prove
Its case. If Zottl is acquitted, it Is
alleged the "conspiracy" charge will
be laid before the grand Jury.
At the previous hearing Zotti had
said there was a conspiracy to wreck
is business, and Postal Inspector
Klnkade said that Zotti told him that
P. Morgan was the man responsi
ble for the wrecking of his steamship
Broklyn, plying between this city and
Mediterannean ports. The Brooklyn
went ashore on one of the Azores
about two years ago. Zottl has also
said that "three Pittsburg men" had
conspired against him. Klnkade said
that he had ten complaints a day for
while from some of Zottl's custom
ers. He said he showed a list of the
complaints to Zottl and that the bank
er promised to pay all the complain
ants. The complainants later told rh.
Inspector that when they went to see
Zottl they were put out of the bank.
Cut out, sign and leave the contract printed below, with 65 cents at the East
Oregonian office and receive all three of these national magazines for one
year, absolutely free. Old or new subscribers may take advantage of this offer.
Excellent Health Advice.
Mrs. M. M. Davidson, of No. 379
Gifford Ave., San Jose. Cal.. savs:
The worth of Electric Bitters as a
general family remedy, for headache,
Diniousness and torpor of the liver
and bowels Is so pronounced that :
am prompted to say a word In Its fa
vor, for the benefit of those seeking
relief from such afflictions. There Is
more health for the digestive organs
In a bottle of Electric Bitters than In
any other remedy I know of." Sold
under guarantee at Tallman & Co.'s
drug store. 50 c.
Pendleton, Oregon 1 908
East, Oregonian Pub. Co.
Gentlemen : In consideration of your delivering to me as a premium
one year's subscription to the following magazines Spare Moments,
Mother's Magazine and Dressmaking at Home, I hereby subscribe
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' Paper starts
You will have to hurry, as our contract with these people expires August 3 1 st.
Fast Being Realized by Pendleton
. A little backache at first
Dally Increasing till the back la
lame and weak.
Urinary disorders quickly follow;
Diabetes and finally Bright' dis
ease. This Is the downward course of
kidney Ills.
Mrs. Laura McClure. living at Ills
Madison avenue, La Grande, Ore.,
says: "I have used Doan's Kidney
Pills off and on for three or four
years and the best possible results
have always been obtained. Any over
exertion or the contraction of a cold
often served to bring on backache
and at such times by kidneys would
be weak and I would be greatly an
noyed by dizzy spells. I would be
restless and nervous and as a result
of the loss of sleep, would arlst In,
the emorning feeling tired and worn
out. Learning of the merits of
Doan's Kidney Pills, I procured a box
took them according to directions and
they relieved me at once. I have
kept them them in the house since
as I have the greatest confidence In
them When I feel any of the at
tacks coming; on I Immediately resort
to Doan's Kidney Pill and they never
fall to give the desired result."
For sale by all dealers. Price 10
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo
New Tork, sole agenU for tho Uni
ted States.
Remember the name Doan's
nd take no other
Governor and Attorney-General
Oklahoma in a Squabble.
Guthrie, Okla., Aug. 10. Argu
ments will be heard today by the Ok
lanoma supreme court on the right
of Attorney-General West to bring an
Injunction suit In the state's name
against the Prairie Oil & Gas com
pany, a Standard Oil subsldary with
out tne approval of the governor. It
Is declared bv Oovprnnr TT:i aboil that
,l ,,;. .ni , . , . , , . i BiaiiuuiuuiciB lilt? UIU XJUlUIl
the su,t will be inimical to the bestiDunkard fiimea of wefltern Penn.
Interests of Oklahoma.
i no injunction suit brought by
West Is to restrain the Prairie com
pany from building additional pipe
linos in Oklahoma without first be.
coming a domestic corporation. The
district court, in a. decision, upheld
West's jurisdiction and asserted that
he was qualified to bring such suits
In the state's name without the au
tnority or. the governor. Governor
Haskell's Interference Is bitterly de
nounced by Attorney-General West.
To Nominate Conpressmun.
LouiHvme, Ky., Aug. 10. Democrats
of the Fifth Kentucky district are
holding their congressional conven
tion at the Seelbaeh today. Repre
sentatlve Sherley, who at present rep.
resents the Louisville district In con
gress Is opposed for the nomination
by Harmon D. Newcomb.
For Sale.
Fine bunch grass stock ranch of
2000 acres, situated on the middle
fork of the John Day river, in Grant
county, Ore. Price $6 per acre;
terms liberal; a bargain. If inter
ested write for terms, plat and full
description to T. F. Hall, Mt Ver
non, Ore.
Northwest Fair Dates.
Following is the list of northwest
fair dates:
Belllngham, Wash., Aug. 26-29.
Big Timber, Mont., Aug. 26-29.
Bozeman. Mont., Aug. 31-Sept 4.
Everett. Wash., Sept. 1-5.
Rclo, Ore., Sept. 2-4.
Roseburg, Ore., Sept. 2-5.
Pocatello, Idaho, Sept. 7-9.
Eugene, Ore., Sept. 7-12.
Seattle, Wash., Sept. 7-12.
Miles City, Mont., Sept. 8-10.
Dillon, Mont.. Sept. 9-11.
Salem, Ore.. Sept. 14-19.
Centralla, Wash., Sept. 14-19.
Glendlve, Mont., Sept. 15-17.
Missoula, Mont., Sept. 21-25.
Portland, Ore., Sept 21-26.
, Victoria, B. C, Sept. 22-2?.
Anaconda, Mont, Sept. 23-26.
Marshfleld, Ore., Aug. 26-29.
Pendleton, Ore., Sept. 28-Oct. 3.
North Taklma, Wash., Sept.
Oct. 3.
Helena, Mont.. Sept. 28-Oct. 3.
New Westminster, B. C, Sept.
Oct. 3.
Spokane, Wash., Oct. 6-10.
Caldwell, Idaho, Oct. 6-10.
Davenport, Wash., Oct. 8-11.
Lewlston, Idaho, Oct. 12-17.
Walla Walla, Wash., Oct. 12-17.
Baker City, Ore., Oct. 13-17.
Boise, Idaho, Oct. 19-24.
sylvania have made and used "Hick
ory Bark Cough Remedy" ana reared
their families on It for a hundred
years. Now you can buy It of your
dealers. Ask for It and use it, be
cause it Is pure; because It is tho best
cough remedy .made today. Try it
For sale by any druggirft and all deal
ers everywhere. Pendleton Drug Co,
Rook of Oregon Poems Out.
"The Song of the Oregon Pine,"
little book of original verse by Bert
Huffman is now out and Is on sale at
the Frazler book store. Price 60
cents, printed on fine Daner and
highly illustrated.
If you take Kodol in the beginning
the bad attacks of Dyspepsia will be
avoided, but If you allow these little
attacks to go unheeded It will take
K.oaoi a longer time to put your
stomach In good condition again. Get
a bottle of Kodol today. Sold by
Tallman & Co.
Read the East Oregonian.
Wanted, at One.
Good clean rags; market pries paid.
East Oregsnian o fries.
It Is seldom that we hear of ox
teams nowadays, but there are many
people who feel so lazy and dumpish
that If an ox team came along they
would not feel able to get out of the
way. For such people there Is no
remedy equal to Sexlne Pills, the
great nerve and body builders. Price
tl a box, six boxes $6, with full
guarantee. Address or call the Pen
dleton Drug company. This Is the
store that sells all the principal rem
edies and does not substitute.
(Ymow Luxl)
BKAMANI Ererr Inch a man, as nature
intended vou to be. NEWVITA TABLETS will
quickly restore your heal lb and strength. The
only reliable medicine for lost power, shrunken '
orvansand all evil taut ft ot youthful Indiscre- !
tion or the excessive um of tobacco, liquor and I
NERVITA TABLETS hare a record for i
twenty years. Tent of thousands of happy and
prosperous men know of their peculiar potency.
Write for booklet. Sent by mail on receipt of I
price. 11.00 per box; 6 boxes $5.00
The Hot Summer Sim
Hervita Pills "
Against their restorative powers there can be
no possible resistance. Their influence over all
nervous disorders is simply supreme. Of pecu
liar potency for the upbuilding of the nerve cen
ters and restoring vitality to weak, nervous,
hysterical, anxmicwomenand girls. Brings the
pink glow of health to pals checks. Uwd In
the private practice of Dr. West for nearly thirty
years without a suggestion of failure. Sent by
mail on receipt of price. 80 cents per box or
6 boxes for $2.80. At all Druggists.
Pendleton, Oregon
Pastime Parlors
A quiet game, orderly place for a game
Pool, Billiards or Bowling
Cigars, Tobacco, Confectionery and
Soft Drinks.
Best Tables In the city.
brings no terror to the woman who knows that her
kitchen will not be turned into a veritable bake-oven,
Why ?
Because She Cooks With Gas,
no heavy coal scuttles to lift, no wood to handle, no
fire to feed, just the touch of a match and your fire
is in readiness.
. . .
uur specialty is
the Family Trade
We are fully prepared to fur
nish you the best of lard, sau
sages and fresh, smoked or
cured meats and fish each day.
Central Meat Market
Carney & Tweedy,
Phone Main 616.
.811 Main Street
Columbia, Edison, and Victor Talk
ing Machines, Records, Cabinets and
Musical Merchandise.
Ideal Summer Resorts
Easily reached via Northern Pacific Railway with
frequent train service.
for the round trip to
St Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, Sioux City, Omaha,
Kansas City, Etc
Chicago $72.50 St Louis $67.50
Ask your nearest Northern Pacific Agent regarding
train service, rates, etc., or address
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Portland, Oregon

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