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Tnn nTfmniiT wake jj
m. ft jm i m
We have th xclusive
agency for this famous
popular price line in
Pendleton. Our line of
over 1 00 patterns to
choose from at
$8.50, 10, 12,50.
1 3.50. 15. 16.50,
-18 and $20.00
enables you to get what
you want and saves you
money on every suit.
It''oiiiiin-ii(l Tliut Fulr A.HMMintioii
ItcfiiHC to Give Premiums to Ex
lilhitornWIio Show IiiiX'rfc(l
Wormy or Diseased Fruits Want
Standard SI.ch for Exhibits Miiny
Entiles .iM-iir liHlcr Wrong
I 1908 b Fnend brother
Comptny Mil.iuke
We have the novelties and regular cut
Suist and Coats, and Raincoats too. Our
purchases this season in this range of
prices were larger than all the other re
tailers in Pendleton combined.
If you have failed to see our line you have failed
to see an assortment that does justice to any city.
Every garment has Friend Bros." guarantee label
in the inside pocket look for it.
F. E. Livengodd & Co.
Teutsch's Old Stand
Wi I I I
City Brevities
Fine Havlland at Ingrams.
Fresh fruits, vegetables, Ingrami.
Try La FonUlne'i Sunday dinners.
Fresh Olymplu oystera at Hohbach's,
Home mado broad Ingram's Saturday.
All kinds of good dry wood. See
Minn in.
riot your tickets now for the sacrej
Home cooking Thursday and Friday
lit Ingrams.
1-atcst records for Columbia graph
oplwncs at Graliam's.
Best nut coal. Give us a chance.
Oregon Lumber Tard.
Children's bear skin coats at $2.75,
worth $5. Wonder Store.
Second-hand hack for sale cheap.
Inquire, nt Ingram's grocery.
See Mlnnls for good dry wood that
burns. Lots of It on hand.
Home made brown bread and white
bread at Ingram's Saturday.
Every fruit on the Pendleton mar
ket can be found at Ingram's. .
Bed sheets, 72x1(0 inches, at 49e each,
worth 7r.e. The Wonder Store.
Protect your family and yourself,
Join the Fraternal Brotherhood.
Be sure and see us before you get
your fuel. Oregon Lumber Yard.
New shipment of quinces and Isa
belle grapes Just arrived at Ingrams.
'I'hone In your order for u nice
drescI chicken at Ingram's Satur
day. Get our prices pn Cascade fir wood
and slab wood. Oregon Lumber
Unfurnished housekeeping rooms
for rent. Fnnulrc at East Oregonian
All kinds of transfer work done
A dainty scarf pin Is one of the
neatest pieces of Jewelry a person
can own. We have a nice stock of
them In either gold or gold filled,
ranging from 75c to $10.00 each.
Call and see them. No trouble to
show goods at our house.
Louis Hunziker
Jeweler and Optician.
72S Main St.
promptly. Stansberry A Mime, phone
Main 6.
Havlland, crockery, glassware and
kitchen utensils of every description
at Ingrams.
Notice Furnishings for sale and
rooming house to rent. Inquire 621
Garden street.
For Sale 500 tons alfalfa and cor
rals and water. Address O. F. Thom
son, Kcho, Oregon.
We have what you want. The Fra
ternal Brotherhood pays accident, as
well as Insurance.
Wanted Good boy not younger
than 16, to work In printing office.
Apply at this office.
For saK Scholarship In Pendleton
business college at big reduction. Ad
dress Box 74, Echo, Ore.
Dr. Cole has resumed practice. Of
fice Judd building, rhonu Main 137.
Residence phone Main 188.
Wanted To rent a good four or
five-room cottage with bath. Must
be close in. Address P. O. box 5.
Lost at the f:ilr Lady's belt pin,
hand painted china, gold mounted.
Finder leave at this office. Howard.;
Lost Ladles' gold watch, Initials
U. S. engraved on same and picture
In back. Will pay reward If return
ed to this office.
"Cut prices" In all lines at Good
man Hardware company's . We are
retiring from business and no goods
reserved during our cut price wile.
W. B. Graham, whllo In Portland
recently, purchased a fine line of Co
lumbla graphophones to be added to
tlio stock of the Pendleton Furniture
Don't overlook our big reduction
salo. Everything In the hardware
line at greatly reduced prices for the
next 20 days Goodman Hardware
Be sure and attend the sacred con
cert Sunday evening in the pavilion,
given by Do Caprlo's concert band.
Two hours of musical enjoyment, no
confetti selling or noise to mar the
t eiilng's entertainment.
To Fair Visitors Buy a farm In
southern Oregon for $200 and you
get a town lot In Lakevlew free. Pay
able $10 a month. Get particulars
of Pendleton Investment company,
American Natlonol bank building.
(Continued from page S.)
For Sale.
One of the very best wheat farina
In Gilliam county, Oregon, consisting
of 800 acres, all plow land, and all
now In summer fallow ready for sed
Ing: fair Improvements with drilled
well, yielding plenty of water, on
place; situated near Olex, on county
road. Address R. T. Cox, Portland,
under two years.
Bain Bros., second on suckling colt.
Mrs. Mary Jackson, second on best
under two years (gelding).
Mrs. Anna B. Richardson, second on
mare under two years.
Chris Breding, first on gelding
three years and over.
John Crow, first on best two
years and under three.
Tom Thompson, first on suckling
colt, best 2 year old stallion.
A. B. McKwen, first on best under
two years old and second on two year
olds,, gelding over three, suckling colt.
Thos. Thompson, first on best lady
driver and horse.
C. E. Nelson, second on gelding four
years and over.
Thos. Thompson, first on yearling
mule and best pair of mules.
A. B. Cooley, first on Jack.
M. J. Foster, first and second on
suckling mule colts.
C. E. Cameron, first on Jack.
Cnttle Hcrftmls.
Ed Morgan, first on cow in milk.
Grade Slock.
Ed Morgan, first on cow and first
on calf.
J. E. Smith Livestock Co., first on
heifer under two years.
M. J. Foster, first and second on
mare three years old and over.
Fichard Thompson, first on brood
mare, four years and over.
H. Raymond, first on driving team.
J. M. Swnggart, first on gelding four
years and over.
S. A. Storie, second on best lady
driver and horse.
Mrs. Frank Frazler, first on single
That stringent rules regarding the
exhibition of imperfect fruit at the
fair be adopted by the fair manage
ment Is the recommendation of Mes
dames C. M. Shields of Milton and S.
L. Carson of Irrlgon, who together
with S. H. Clark of Milton, are the
Judged of that class of exhibits.
Tbe ladies last evening complained
bitterly that the exhibitors them
selves, especially in apples and pears
had not taken better care In selecting
their exhibits. Only one perfect ap
pie display was found among all the
individual showings and the rest, to
gether with all the pears were affect
ed with worms, scale, or bitter rot.
The peaches and grapes were gener
ally pretty cl"an fruit.
The ladies w'U recommend that no
premiums be ( in on any Imperfect
fruit next yec Another recommen
dation will be I the individual dis
plays entered l. placed In one loca
tion Instead of distributed among all
the booths a the custom this year.
The Judges have found their task
very arduous, having in many cases
to pass Judgment on a box of apples
as compared with the entry of a plate
of the same variety. They believe
that a uniform Hlzed exhibit would
be of great value.
fine feature of the task that showed
a negligence upon the part of the ex
hibitors was the misnaming of many
exhibits Some fruits exhibited under
wrong names would have taken first
prizes hnd they been properly enter
ed, but were under the circumstances
thrown out.
The objections raised by the Judges
are based upon a desire for more Ju
dicious and earnest work In bringing
the fruit standards of 1'matllla and
Morrow counties up to the highest
Mrs. I.lnnle Cook, wife of S. R
Cook, and a bride of six weeks, died
this morning at her home on the cor
ner of Marie and Bluff streets. Death
was due to an attack of typhoid fe
ver. The deceased was the daughter of
C. Bronson of 715 West Railroad
street, and had lived In this city all
her life. She was born here January
15, 1890. She was married to S. B.
Cook August 18 of this year and was
taken with her fatal illness four
wveks ago.
No arrangements have been made
for the funeral na relatives are ex
pected from Walla Walla and Top
penlsh, but It will probably be held
Pendleton Cloak & Suit Ilouso
High grade Clothes, Suits,
Coats, Skirts, Waists, Voile
and Panama Skirts, Furs
a nice line to select from.
Suits at $20 and $25, good
styles in plain effects, with
the fashionable semi-fitted
long Coats and gored Skirts
Dozens of styles to choose
One lot of Ladies' Coats in
Blue, Brown and Black
worth $25 to go at $16.50
At the
The First National Bank
Pendleton, Oregon
It Is with pleasure that we call your attention to the statement below,
of which we are Justly proud. If careful, conservative management In
a bank appeals .to you, and you aesjre every detail of your banking busi
ness given careful attention, we would respectfully solicit your account.
Report of the Condition, September 23,
To the Comptroller of the Currency.
Carney & Kennedy, proprietors of
the city livery stable, are now mourn
ing the loss of one of their saddle
horses. He has been gone for three
days and circumstances Indicate that
the animal has been stolen by the
' customer who hired him.
Several days the man appeared at
the stable and hired the horse to ride
to Hoidman. There was nothing in
the appearance of the fellow to excite
suspicion and he was given a mount.
Hut he has not yet returned the steed
and this morning the stablemen no
tified the sheriff's office of the matter.
Loans and discounts . . . $
United States bonds....
Other bonds and warrants
Bank building
Cash on hand. J146.019.60
Due from
banks 4S2.S14.2S
fund 7,000,00
Fresldent rulllam refuses to decide
the protests raised in connection with
the New York-Chicago games before
i be end of the season,
Capital stock $ 200,000.00
Surlpus and undivided
profits 83.14&.05
Circulation 137,500.00
Due other banks 32,880.78
Deposits 1,421,46.8 QJ
$1,874, 995.92
I, G. M. Rice, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
G. M. RICE, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 25th day of September, 1908.
(SEAL.) Notary Public for Oregon.
Bad storm In North.
Prince Rupert, Can., Oct. 2. One
of the worst storms that has occurred
In months in northern British Colum
bia has been raging here for several
days with little sign of abating. The
deluge of rnin frequently changes to
.hull. Many light houses are being
blown to pieces.
The Fraternal Brotherhood pays
four ways, accident, disability, old
age and death. For further Informa
tion apply to J. T. Mahoney, deputy
supreme president, 612 Willow street,
telephone Black 3433.
Think Murderer Ul Knife.
Bclllngham, Oct. 2. T rn police
believe that J. K. Tho..i if
confessed wife munle- d :.:
wife Instead of shooting heiore bury
ing the remains in the back yard.
Thomas still Insists that he used the
Vrlgllt Gets Reward.
Paris, Oct. 2. The Aero club today
sent Wilbur Wright, the Ohio aviator,
a check for $1000 ns a prize for hav
ing made the longest flight ever ac
complished over the prescribed
Read the East Oregonian.
People let their sink spouts empty
on the ground near their wells, and
then wonder where they or their chil
dren "could have caught diphtheria
or typhoid fever."
Hyomel Cured Bronchial Catarrh Af
ter He Had Given Up In Despair.
"For many years I have been a
sufferer from bronchial catarrh, and
had despaired of anything like a cure.
Judge of my pleasant surprise when
I first used Hyomel, which brought
complete relief. Hyomel has been a
veritable godsend." Rev. Charles
Hartley, Sardinia, Ohio.
Thero are many readers of the
East Oregonian who are suffering
from catarrh, either nasal or bron
chial. Many of these despair of ever
being cured. They have soaked their
stomachs with nostrums until they
are disgusted with all medicines, and
are now traveling In their miserable
way, allowing the devilish germs of
catarrh to sap them of their health,
energy and vitality.
But let us reason together. Tall
man & Co., the druggists, have a
guaranteed remedy for cattarrh, colds,
coughs, bronchitis, croup and all In
flammatory diseases of the nose,
throat and bronchial tubes. The
name of this remarkable remedy Is
Hyomel, and If It doesn't cure Tall
man & Co. will give you your money
Hyomel (pronounced Hlgh-o-me)
Is medicated air; you Just breathe It
through the Inhaler over the Inflam
ed and germ ridden membrane, and
Its soothing antiseptic properties will
allay the Inflammation, destroy the
germs, and restore the entire respira
tory tract to Its normal conditions.
A complete Hyomel outfit. Includ
ing a hard rubber Inhaler, costs but
$1.00. and an extra bottle of Hyomel,
If afterwards needed, costs but 50
cents. See Tallman & Co. about It
Cor. Main & Court Sts.
A. C Friedly, Mgr.
Entire Change of Program
Hot or Cold Bottle
The new vacum bottle, will keep
oontents hot for 24 hours, warm
for 48 hours, and cold for 72
hours. Two sizes, pints $5.00,
quarts $7.50.
For sale at the East Oregonian office Large bundles of newt
papers, containing over 100 big papers, can be had for 25c a bundle.

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