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Stylish Well Wearing Correct Fitting
awarded at onue so that thoy will be
In the possession of the winners bjr
Christmas day,
Should the winner of the contest
for the county so desire hw or she
may take $200 In cash instead of the
pony outfit. The winner of the city
contest must take the $250 pony out
fit. Boys and girls wishing to enter the
contest should turn their names Into
the East Oregonian office or give
them to Blaine Burton. Further par
ticulars concerning the contest may
then be learned.
East Oregonian and Oregon Journal Have Tempting Offer.
Win a Christmas Present.
Combination Circulation Offer Retween Ent Orcponliut ami Portland's
Great Evening Dally Open Only to Children I'mler 13 Years of Ago
Two Wooded SUmuiihI Ponies and Caru Will Ho Given to Winners
of Contest Rend the Particulars.
Here Is a chance for 'Jie boys and
girls of Pendleton and Umatilla coun
ty to secure something that Is the
dearest wish of every youthful heart
a blooded Shetland pony, harness
and a cart.
What boy has not dreamed of
owning a Shetland pony rig? Here
tofore, when wide-awake, you may
not have dared to expect your pony
dream to come true: but now any
boy, or girl. may. cherish a lively
hope of having it come true, if you
will but do a little work.
Tlx' Pony Offer.
By agreement between the East
Oregonian and the Oregon Dally
Journal, will have charge of the con
test for that paper.
Details of Omet.
This Is the way the contest will be
conducted: As subscribers for the
East Oregonian or the Journal are
secured by the contestants votes will
be awarded to them according to the
following schedule:
For one new yearly subscription to
the East Oregonian or Journal 1500
For one old subscription, renewed
for one year, 1000 votes.
For one six months new subscrip
tion to the East Oregonian or Jour
nal, 600 votes.
Congressman W. R. Ellis recently
presented the Pendleton high school
and the Pendleton academy with
nearly 1000 volumes of government
reports and other books which he
had In his library at Washington. The
books arrived today and are being
added to the libraries of the two lo
cal schools.
C. O. Pederson, who has been farm-
nlg north of town for many years, is
now preparing to move to tan Ber
nardino, Cal., where he recently pur
chased an orange orchard.
Journal, two pony outfits, valued at
$250 each, will be given to the boys
and girls of Umatilla county. The
conditions of the gift will be as fol
lows: One pony outfit will be given to the
toy or girl, under 15 years of age,
who secures the most subscribers,
new or old, for the East Oregonian
and the Journal, or for either, from
within the city of Pendleton.
The other pony outfit will be given
to the boy or girl, under 15 years of
age, who secures the most subscrib
ers, new or old, for the East Oregon
ian and Journal, or for either, from
Umatilla county, but outside of Pen
dleton. The contest will commence Mon
day, and the business will all be han
dled through the East Oregonian
office. Blaine Burton, Pen
dleton circulation agent for the i
For one old subscription, renewed
for six months, 400 votes.
For one new three months sub
scription to the East Oregonian or
Journal, 250 votes.
For one old subscription, renewed
for three months, 175 votes.
For one new one month's subscrip
tion to the Es.'t Oregonian or Jour
nal, 75 votes.
For one old subscription, renewed
for one month, 50 votes.
When subscriptions are secured for
both the East Oregonian and the
Journal, the number of votes will be
multiplied by three. For Instance:
If the contestant secures a new year
ly subscription for both the East Or
egonian and the Journal he or she
will be credited with 4500 votes.
A Christmas Present,
The contest will clo"? on. December
22 and the pony outfits will the", be
National Questions
Are either settled or abandoned as the
years go by, but that one important pro
blem "WHAT TO EAT" will remain until
We are here to help you "solve it, and
our patrons are "good livers."
Standard Grocery Co.
Where small orders receive the same
attention ras the large ones.
Phone Main 96
Commercial National Bank,
Pendleton, Oregon
Condensed Report of Condition render
ed to Comptroller of the Currency,
Sept 23, 1908.
United States bonds .; 78,455.81
Loans and discounts 158,752.45
Overdrafts v, 9.28.61
Bonds and warrants (city
and county) 15,959.75
Furniture and fixtures ... 8,800.00
Cash on hand and In banks 117,722.80
Capital Stock 60.000.00
Surplus and undivided
profits M98.91
Circulation 48,000.00
Individual de
posits $258,273.26
United States.. 25,000.00
Hanks 168.96
Total deposits . 2834442.21
1 II
CoiifiTcsninii Conferred With Secre
tary Wilson Last Winter anil Re
ceived Virtiinl Promise of Funds for
Irrigation Experiment Station
Will Work for Same Tills Winter.
At the Commercial association
rooms a meeting of the experiment
station committee was held last eve
ning and during the same Congress
man W. R. Ellis declared his belief
that the federal government can be
Induced to provide funds for main
taining the station.
According to the statement made to
the committee by Judge Ellis he con
ferred with Secretary Wilson of the
department of agriculture upon this
subject last winter and he says that
the secretary virtually promised to
eupply funds for equipping the sta
tion and maintaining It.
Immediately upon his return to
Washington Judge Ellis will take the
subject up again and he has strong
hopes of succeeding In having the de
partment of agriculture handle the
matter direct.
Until last night It was the Inten
tion to raise the money for equipping
the iftation through popular subscrip
tion and to ask the legislature to ap
propriate money for the maintenance
of the station.
Hut it was the concensus of opin
ion that Congressman Ellis' plan Is
better If the governmental support
can be secured.
The committee that has the experi
ment station movement in hand is
composed of Dr. W. O. Cole, D. C.
Rrowncll, Addison Bennett, H. G.
Newport and Dr. II. W. Coe.
At the meeting last night numerous
Interested parties were present aside
from the members of the committee.
Most of those present were from Her-mlston.
- MEN'S SUITS FROM $20.00 to $35.00.
BOYS SUITS FROM $ 2.50 to $12 00.
Fair visitors should visit this Store and acquaint themselves with thenew styles and
patterns for winter's wear no trouble to show goods.
Tf rift (o) Hf
11 lit' Ull
First-class Shoe Repairer in connection with Shoe Department.
Two divorce cases were filed In the
circuit court today, desertion being al
leged In each case. Edward S. Judd,
Jr., asks for divorce from Nellie J.
Judd and the complaint recites that
the two were married at Saratoga,
Wyoming, October 31, 1900. Peter
West Is attorney for the plaintiff. .
The other suit filed Is that of Loren
Leach versus Myrtle Leach, and It
was filed last evening by Lowell &
Winter. Mr. and Mrs. Leach were
married here In 1900.
45 per cent of Individual deposits on hand.
I W. I Thompson, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly
..,.' .hat the above statement U true to the best of my knowledge and
j"f. W. L, THOMPSON, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 28th day of September, 1908.
ssKiitusraiias CH,S-
Paris, Oct. 3. Prince Balatoff, a
second cousin of Czar Nicholas, who
has devoted his life to the study of
aeronautics has been so fired by tne
success of Wilbur and Orvllle Wright
that he today announced his Inten
tion of flying across the English chan
nel. Prince Bolatoff has ordered an
aeroplane modeled upon his own de
sign, and will make the attempt as
soon as It Is completed.
By giving two prizes when he had
only agreed to give one, J. J. Ham
ley, the popular harness man, has
ncnln demonstrated that everything
held In connection with his store must
be strictly square and absolutely fair
to all concerned.
All during fair week there has been
a reelster kept at the Hamley booth
In the pavilion and every visitor to
the fair has been Invited to register
and make a guess as to the numher of
stitches that would be taken by the
famous Campbell stitching machine
during the five days, from Monday
morning to Friday evening. Tne
guesses ranged from a few thousand
to more than a million.
The reward for the one guessing
teh closest was to be given a lady'e
riding saddle, a set of harness or a
pair of chaps.
Long before 10 o'clock this morn
ing, the hour appointed for the an
nouncement of the lucky number, the
the store was Jammed and the crowd
extended across the sidewalk and but
Into the street.
Every stitch taken by the machine
Is registered and by reading the at
tached meter Monday morning and
again Friday evening, the number of
stitches taken was ascertained.
When the envelope was opened it
was declnredonly 2319 stitches hat
hoon taken. As this number of
stitches Is frequently taken by the ma
chine In one hour It was seen that a
mistake had been made In reading
the meter.
With his usual spirit of fairness Mr.
w.imlev nuleklv settled the problem
which had arisen by declaring that
the man having the numher nearest
should be awarded the prize and also
that the men holding the number
nearest the flirure which should he
found by examination to be correct,
should be given one.
An i anilnatlon of the meter on the
machine soon disclosed the fact that
a mistake of 100,000 stitches had been
made and that the correct number
was 102,319.
The man having the number near
est the first one read was W. M.
Smiley, while the one holding the
numher nearest the right one was F.
F. Fletcher of Nye.
Little Wheat Sold.
Though many farmers have ex
pected to dispose of their wheat this
week, having taken advantage of the
district fair to come to town, it is be
lieved that very litlte has been sold.
After going up to 78 cents the price
almost Immediately dropped down
again and Is now only a little better
than 76. While this Is generally con
sidered a pretty good price, most of
the farmers are loath to let go at that
For Sale.
One of the very best wheat farms
In Gilliam county, Oregon, consisting
of 800 acres, all plow land, and all
now In summer fallow ready for sed
Ing; fair Improvements with drilled
well, yielding plenty of water, on
place; situated near Olex, on county
road. Address R. T. Cox, Portland.
Masonic Meeting Monday Night.
There will be a regular meting of
Pendleton lodge. No. 52, A. F. &. A. M.
on Monday evening, Octoher 5, at
which time there will be a banquet
and work. All members are cordially
Invited to attend.
La Grnnde Editor Here. i
Editor George H. Curry of the La,
Gande Observer, Is a visitor In the
city today taking notes of Pendleton's
highly suceesful fair and otherwise
enjoying the event.
Sacred Concert Sunday Evening.
De Caprlo's band will blve a sacred
concert Sunday evening In the pavil
ion, from 8 to 10.
"Cut prices" In all lines at Good
man Hardware company's . We are
retlrlnc from business and no goods
.... n .1 l....l..r mtt rlrn 1
I I'M! I I U MUlllir, " v..
The very hour a cold starts la thi
dme to check It. Don't wait H m.u
become deep-seated and the cure wll
6e harder then. Every hour lout a'
the start may add days to your uf
terlng. Take
F & S
Cold Capsules
Used In time they save all that
might follow sickness, worry, ex
pense. They never fall. ,
Tallman & Co.
Leading Druggists.
in n ry
ft! U III
You toil
A Piece of
in Your Home ?
One of those large fancy
cases or a few plates Just to
embellish the surroundings? If
so, come In and look over our
CHINA department. A full
stock of Pickaid's hand paint
ed China Is now on display.
Fine plates, 2.50 to $10.00 each
Vinslow Bros.
Post Office Block.
Wanted The address of an artist
who can paint the signs of the times.
J. J. Hlnderman, who moved In
from the country about threw months
ago, left on the noon train today for
Milton, where he will make his home.
Mr. Hlnderman has been a reader of
the East Oregonian for several years.
The Hottest Yet
Howard Heating Stoves,
$18, $20, $22, $22.50
W. J. Clarke Go.
Phone Main 21. 2 1 1 -2 1 3 . Court St.

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