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Don't Overlook the
Little "Good-to-Eats"
In addition to the great stock of staple
groceries there's a large assortment of ap
petizing relishes and the little luxuries
which add to -the enjoyment of a meal.
Many helpful suggestions will be noted by
glancing over our counters and shelves.
Standard Grocery Co.
Where small orders receive the'same
attention as the large ones.
Phone Main 96
Popular Echo Roy Stands Good Show
of Winning Beautiful Pony and
Handsome Cart Friend In Sur
rounding Towns Are Helping With
Coupons and Subscriptions,
Echo, Ore.. Nov. -13. (Special.)
Togo is coming to Echo as a Christ
mas present for manly young Fred
Markham that is If the friends of
the young contestant keep up the sup.
port they have thus far given him.
Fred U meeting with great success in
his work in the East Oregonlan-Jour-nal
contest, and no contest ever held
in this county has ever created the
interest and enthusiasm about Echo
that is felt over this.
One reason for the popularity of
the contest is the popularity of the
contestant, for there are few young
fellows in Echo better known, or bet
ter liked than Fred. But another rea
son Is the fact that the contest ia be
ing conducted In a manner that In
sures an absolutely square deal to
each contestant, and because of these
facts the people of Echo propose to
see Fred win.
Fred Is 14 years old and has lived
SIES FOK $7000
W. J. Brown, as adminlstra-
tor of the estate of C. B. Stur-
devnt, has brought suit against
A. J. Sturdevant. the former
Pilot Rock merchant, claiming
the sum of J7000 for services
alleged to have been performed
by the deceased In the manage-
ment of Mr. Sturdevant's store.
C, E. Sturdevant was in charge
of the store, according to the
complaint, from October, 1900,
to August, 1906, and deducting
certain merchandise credits, the
plaintiff asks $7000, or pay at
the rate of $125 per month for
the services rendered.
practically all his life In Umatilla
He is a deserving boy and is fully
entitled to the consideration being
given him by his friends. Several of
these, in Umatilla and surrounding
towns, are remitting direct to the East
Oregonlan with Instructions that their
votes be credited to him.
Tne irery hour a cold starts la tfcs
time to check It. Don't wait It may
. . . . i ii
become deep-seated ana tne euro wiu
be harder then. Every hour lost t
the start may add day to your suf
fering. Take
F & S
Cold Capsules
Used in time they save all that
might fol'ow ilctness, worry, ex
pense. They never falL
Tallman & Co.
Leading Druggists.
An auction Bale will be the big fea
ture of the hospital fair III the Renn
building tonight, and with the assist
ance of John M. Bentley, purchasers
of the articles - de luxe will be able
to buy them at their own price.
Also on Saturday, beginning at 10
o'clock a. m. and continuing until
the fair's close, the auction will be
maintained. This! arrangement will
bo greatly appreciated by those at
tending the fair.
Tonight at the fair Johnson's or
chestra will furnish music It will be
a delightful place in which to spend
the. evening and meet one's friends.
On Saturday evening the fifteen ar-
-icles which are to be given to the
lucky purchasers of tickets will be
given away.
At the fair last evening, and on
the streets yesterday and today the
six pretty nurse girls met with big
success in selling tegs for "tag day,
anil with the sales tomorrow no
doubt the whole town will be proper
ly "tagged" for the benefit of the
Eye Symptoms
Do you have headaches?
Do your eyes water?
Do they ache?
Does print run together?
Do things appear double?
Do things become dim or swim?
Are your eyes inflamed?
Do your eyes tire after reading
Does a bright light pain them?
Many People
Have deefets of which they are
unconscious and while they
suffer no inconvenience or pain,
they should wear glasses for the
f-aye of their future eyesight.
Po.-toffice Clock.
The Balfour Guthrie company today
is moving Its offices from the soutn
side of Court street across to the
room across the street formerly oc
cupied by the Maze saloon. The front
of the building has been remodelled
and the new quarters will make light
and very convenient offices. Lot
Livermore will also have offices in
the same room.
iLi-gii-l-ithv Dt-lt-utlon Await the
PINisurt of l.iHtU IVolc ITtX'ut
Aihmi Crowdi-d Brunch Asylum
IH'smtl in ICa.Htt-i'ii Oregon for ('II
iimiic Reason- Would AImi Saw
.E.K'IIM '
Do the people of Pendleton want to
ha.ve a brancn asylum located here
or Ui .this vicinity? If so, such an In
stil tition may seemingly be had, pro
vided proper steps are taken In the
At llie present time the asylum at
Salem Is overcrowded und for some
time part the idea of a branch asylum
In eastern Oregon hus been discussed.
Upon good authority it Is said that
Dr. H. E. L. Stelner, superintendent
at the asylum. Is favorable to a branch
institution this side of the mountains.
For two reasons It is urged there
should be an asylum this side of the
Cascades. Perhaps the most import
ant one is that the climatic conditions
at Salem are bad for many patients.
The brisk cheery climate of bunch
grass would bring many back to men
tal health more quickly than will the
fog of the Willamette valley.
The other argument in favor of a
branch asylum Is that by having one
this side the mountains the state
would be saved the expense of trans
porting patients from this portion of
the state to Salem.
Under a constitutional amendment
which was drafted by Senator C. J.
Smith of this city, it is now possible
to locate state institutions at other
places than the state capital. How
ever, appropriations for such institu
tions must be submitted to the peo
ple for ratification.
Should a branch asylum be created
for eastern Oregon it will very prob-
ubly come here because this place is
by far the best point, geographically
Up to this time nothing has been
done towards presenting a bill for a
branch asylum at the coming session
of the legislature. However, the
members of the Umatilla delegation
have talked the matter to some' ex
According to Senator Smith, senior
member of. the delegation, it may be
possible to secure the branch asylum
provided there is a sufficiently strong
sentiment in favor of it. However,
he does not wish to take the matter
up, nor do his colleagues, unless
local people manifest some enthusi
asm upon the subject and are willing
to do the work that will be required.
Time to Plant Bulbs.
A discount on all bulb and chry
santhemum plants tomorrow at For
shaw's, the florist Plant hyacinth,
tulips, etc., hOW.
Havana, Cuba., Nov. 13. There is
a feeling of unrest here on the eve
of the national elections tomorrow.
Upon the manner In which the elec
tions are conducted depends the fu
ture of the Cuban republic.
The candidates for the presidency
are Jose Miguel Gomez, leader of the
lihorAt nartv. and General Mario
Menora. the conservative. The lat
ter has announced that if elected he
will rule with a strong hand.
Lot Livermore has had the room on
Court street, formerly occupied by
the Maze saloon, fitted up for office
purposes and he is now moving into
the new location. It makes a splen
did office room and will be con
venient for Mr. Llvermore's clients.
In addition to his real estate and
insurance business, Mr. Livermore is
also school clerk In this district.
Iwlston. Ida.. Nov. 13. Figures
which have been compiled and an
nounced bv a railroad expres otn
clal on fruit shipping from the Lew-Ifcton-Clarkston
valley, show five mil
lion pounds of fruits were shipped
this season, which is practically ena
ed and that the returns to the grow
crs will amount to a qjuarter of a
million dollars. The apple crop was
the best ever known.
Scarcity of Drunks.
For the first time during the pres
ent month Judge Fitz Gerald haa no
drunks before him this morning.
Pastime Parlors
"Jim" Estes, Prop.
Cigars, Tobacco, Candie3, Soft Drinks
Shooting Gallery.
Judge Fee is attending the United
States court sessions at Portland.
There pitrniy of huii:
bug in tea; not one ounce
in a ton Schilling's Best.
Tour stout returns jraui bob U jm 4m1
K iu m turn
Good Banking Service,
Together with ABSOLUTE SAFETY, Is what every one de-
Ttit. vin i.t .f-rvicA a n nntv tu ivfn Viv PTnerlenced bank
ers who devote their whole time to the banking business.
This bank confines its business to the safe keeping of its de
posit and in the loaning of Its resources in such a manner that
they will be perfectly safe and can be collected when due.
Vim iMfT vnn ah.nl n r safety in our ample resources and in
the experience of our officers, and we solicit your account
Commercial National Bank
"United States Depository
La Porte, Ind., Nov. 13. It was an
nounced today that a session of the
trial of Ray Lamphere, charged with
murdr of the Gunness family,- will
be held Saturday and that the case
may continue for two weeks.
Dr. S. ('. Mack, the coroner, testi
fied to the finding of the bodies of
Mrs. Gunness, and her three children
after fire had destroyed her home.
Lamphere showed signs of breaking
down under the strain wnile tne cor
oner was on the stand.
Minister Fllt!s Extradition.
In the custody of Sheriff Fenton
itev. Mr. Summers, or Clark, arrested
at Gardiner, Ore., last Saturday, Is
fighting extradition to Throckmorton,
Tex., where ho is said to have been
Indicted in 1904 on a charge of ob
taining money under false pretenses
The minister claims it is a case of
mistaken Idetnjty.
Will Not Admit Chinese.
Chinese butchers and meat mar
ket men of San Francisco, who some
time asro made application to become
affiliated with the international body
of meat cutters and butchers, are ais
annnlntorl with the action of the in
ternational body, which turned their
petition down.
Raker City, Ore. According to in
formation from the general offices
of the O. R. & N. Co. at Portland it
is learned that the new depot to be
erected in this city is to be con
structed of pressed brick and trim
med with native stone. The new
building will occupy the site of the
present depot.
Men's and Boys' Suits and Overcoats are
Where? Bffi? Only!
You have often heard of Sales where they claim to cut
the price in two, but when investigated are not what they
seem. Here we are giving all the Men's Youths' and
Boys' Suits on our tables Half Free.
Just Think of It! You Can Get
$30.00 Stein-Block Suits for only .
25.00 Suits of all kinds for only
20.00 Suits, many of them for only .
15.00 Suits, and great bargains for only
40.00 Overcoats are Half Free, you pay ...
30.00 Overcoats are Half Free, for only
20.00 Overcoats are Half Free, it just takes .
10.00 Overcoats are Half Free, they cost you
5.00 Children's Suits given half away for
$3.00 to $5.00 Values in Boys' Knee Pants Suits, all styles,
fabrics, patterns and colors, only . .
Boys' Pants, 75c to $2.00 values for only
. $12.50
35 c
Get Yours' and the Boys' Winter Suits Here and
Now and get them for HALF.
Roosevelt's Boston Store
Where You ALWAYS Trade to Save.
lit DAY
Pendleton and Baker City High
Schools Are Struggling for Cham
pionship of Eastern Oregon In Lat
ter City Tills Afternoon Ijoeal
nova Go Over In Special Coach
Hopeful of Victory,
This Is Friday and the 13th.
The ominous coincidence is being
borne out in all the horror of its
suggestiveness this afternoon on the
gridiron at Baker City. Some one's
hopes of the high school champion
ship of the state of Oregon are be
ing blasted.-
The East Oregonian has been un
able to receive from Baker City any
rtrwirts that would Indicate with any
certainty upon which banner victory
is perched, but if the Pendleton rei
inivs are nutting up the game that I
warranted by their practice at the
school grounds last evening, Baker
r:.iv is looking sharp to her laurels.
'The Pendleton team, accompanied
by an enthusiastic bunch of rooters
wt this c:tv last night on a special
i-.ir for Baker, being accompanied by
Prof. Hampton of the faculty. Among
nih...s In the narty was Mark Moor-
house, who will act as official for the
Pendleton boys. The band was un
able to accompany the team on its
The lineup against Baker this ar
tpmoon Includes:
fhnntaln. center: Struve, left
gun:l: Hlnderman, right guard;
Bean, left tackle; Devine right tackle;
HoskiriH, left end; Sturgls, manager.
rii?ht end: Baker, captain, fullback;
MeCarty, left half; Storle, right half,
and Kimball, quarter. Subs: Milne,
Thompson and W. Chapman.
for a train to leave Enterprise and
La Grande simultaneously at 8 o'clock
each day except Sunday, and to ar
rive at the opposite destination be
tween 2 and S o'clock of the same
day. It will remain for Saturday to
bring out the minute details of the
Large Portion of Details Have Not
Yet Ti?vn Made Public.
The new train service which will
extend only to Enterprise for the
present, will'go Into effect next Sat
urday morning, says tho La Grande
Observer. The running time, the
manner of running the first train
from Enterprise to La Grande, and
all other details In connection with
the Inauguration of service is yet un
announced. The same thing Is true
of the matter of conductorship. How
ever, It is now definitely announced
that Enterprise will be connected with
the outside world by train service next
Saturday. This Is the official an-
nouncemcnt from M. J. Buckley this
The unofficial schedule provide
Faithful St. Bernard Gives Life Try.
Ing to Prevent Hold-Pp.
Aroused to the defense of his mas.
ter, a magnificent St. Bernard dog
owned' by F. W. Lutkemcler, saloon
keeper, at 49 Union avenue, was shot
and killed after midnight last night
by a masked robber, who then coolly
lined up the proprietor and three
customers In the resort against the
wall, with their hands In the air,
walked behind the bar and rifled the
ensh register of Its contents. In all
about $15, says the Oregonlan. The
dog was one of the most perfect
specimens of his breed In the city, and
Mr. Lutkemeler had refused $300 for
The hold-up was promptly cxecut
(d. The man dodged quickly Into
the saloon, masked. The dog seemed
to know by instinct that the robber's
errand was an evil one, and without
waiting for a command from his mas
ter launched his 150 pounds of weight
at the thug's throat. He was shot
and killed Instantly. The robber took
only the money In the cash register
and was out in the street again and
gone inside of a few seconds.
Because he evinced a desire to read
the works of his favorite authors and
current literature, rather than' pa
trol his beat in the Capitol Hill 'dis
trict. Patrolman H. A. Aslund was
dismissed yesterday by Chief Ward.
Police Sergt Frank Bryant, the offi
cer In charge of Aslund's squad,
made, the report that resulted In tho
dismissal of the patrolman, says the
Seattle P. I.
Bryant, was recently put In com.
mand ot the resldcnco district squad
and since being in charge of It has
started a general shaking up. He re
ports that Aslund has been In the
habit of sitting around grocery stores
or other places on his beat reading
when he should bo out covering his
Read tse East Oregonlan,
Becoming a mother should be a
source of joy, but the suffering
incident to the ordeal makes
- its anticipation one of dread.
Ivtl KTl?Mr'S F,iCnd is 11,0 on,v rt'm"
Afl rt A Mr tc'y w'''k-"'' ivliLvvs worn i n of
a QBS2 modi (f le rujn 0f maternity;
this hour, dreaded as woman's severest trial, is not only inaJe less pa::v
ful, but danger is avoiJeJ by i'.s use. Those who u.;e this remedy an
no longer despondent or gloomy; nervousness, nausea and other distress
ing conditions are overcome,
and the system is prepared for
the coming event. "It is worth
its weight in gold," say many
who have used it.
II 00 per bnttln. Rook of Ttilmt to
all expectant niotbuni mullrd t rvo.
Tie Bradfidd Rcfnlitor Co., Atluti, Ca.
Off for the Pendleton Busi
ness College. The best in
Oregon. Come learn to be
! an expert accountant or ste-
Write to J. Glenn Miller for catalogue
and other information you may desire

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