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PAGE ixcn.
PnbiishtNl Dilly. Weekly and SomlWekly,
at Pendleton. Oregon, by the
Pally, on jear, by mall $5 00
Dal 'i, all months, by mall 2.1S0
Dally, three montha, by mall 1.25
Dally, one month, by mail AO
Dally, on year, by carrier T.iSO
Dally, tx months, by carrier S.T3
Daily, three montha, by carrier 1.0,1
Dally, one month, by carrier B3
Weekly, one year, by mall l.M
Weefci.v, alx months, by mall 75
Weekly, four montha. by mall IM)
fteml'W eekly, one year, by mall l.nO
Semi Weekly, six months, by mall... .73
8eml-WecLiy. four months, by mall.. .30
The Dally East Oregonian Is kept on aale
at the Orecon ewa Co.. 147 Stn street,
Portland. Oregon.
Chlrapo Bureau, 009 Security building.
Washington, D. C, Bureau, 501 Four
teenth street.. N. W.
Member United Press Association.
Telephone Mala 1
Entered at the postofflce at Pendleton,
Oregon, as second class mall matter.
It's the honest grip
Of comradship
Makes a fellow t:ike heart again;
It's the word of cheer
From a friend sincere
Makes him feel life's not In
When the way is dark
And the luckless barque
Is drifting from safety's strand,
Why, God bless the men
And the women who then
Hold to us a helping hand.
When you're out of luck
And you're out of pluck
And the . fight doesn't seem
worth while,
What will give you heart
To do your part?
Whv, a hand clasp and a smile;
So when all Is black
And we've lost the track
In a world we can't understand,
Then God bless the friend
Who is there to lend
A smile and a helping hand.
Next spring thousands of people
from the middle states will come
westward to secure new homes In the
states along the Pacific. Conditions
are favorable for a heavy colonist
movement in the spring. The coun
try has recovered from the panic and
people in the middle states may now
dispose of their property in that sec
tion, which they could not do this
fall. The fair at Seattle will also
bring many thousands to the western
coast. Many of these will be seek
ing investments.
To those who will be after new lo
cations Umatilla county has much to
offer. This county has approximately
5C.000 acres of newly irrigated land
cpen for settlement. It has some
400,000 acres of other tillable land
capable of supporting several times
the number of people now living up
on It. V."
But Umatilla county will not get its
share of the new people if those now
here sit supinely by and allow other
sections of the northwest to reap all
the benefit from the migratory' move
ment. It is going to take work to popu
late this county. It will take much
the same kind of work that U requir
ed to build up a mercantile business
advertising and proper attention to
prospective buyers. The amount of
effort put forward by the people of
this city and county is going to Iarge-I.-
determine the number of new set
tlers who will locate here.
Th East Oregonian believes that
the most effective work may be done
through an organization such as th3
f'ornrner'ial association. A properly
r-nuipp'-d association, with publicity
I urr-au attached and a manager capa
ble of handling the work in all its
Oepartments. will be able to do much
in b'-half of the county next spring
un.l summer. It will be the "busy
sas'in' and that is; the time to do
l-usln ..
This is why the association should
be rejuvenated now. Within the next
few months the association should be
gotten into Hhape for the hardest
v.ork fver done in its history. The
quart, 14 should be Improved so as to
make th".m In keeping with the rest
o' the town. The association should
b"1 equipped for work.
At this time a committee is engag
ed In soliciting money with which to
remodel the association rooms and
accomplish the other improvements
loeded. If you want to forward the
development and settlement of Uma
tilla county help the movement.
SPOUT IX Vlssoritl.
Any man with a fair constitution, a
i ason.ibly clear conscience, a hun
ter's license, a field dog and a shot
tun may taste of the Ideal sport this
month in Jlinsourl, wys the St. Louis
I'ost-Dlspatch. We say the Ideal
sport advisedly, for it seems freely
conceded by the great majority ot
Xlmrods that when all Is said and
done there Is no other to approach
quail shooting.
No gamier birds animate the sport
man's world than the quail of Mis-
si url. and never have they been more
plentiful in this jurisdiction. "Sends
o' birds" Is the unanimous report
ftom the Interior, and those who have
penetrated It fetch back feathery
1 roof of the truth. Added to the
plentifulness of game, the conditions
under foot have been nearly perfect,
while those overhead have latterly
been beyond compare. Adding the
ploturesquenesa of this broken and
rolling country and Its colorful aspect
at this period, and there Is a sum of
conditions that could not be over
painted in the Ximrod's dream of an
earthly heaven. Some Thomas Gray
might fittingly turn an elegy upon It.
Mar the poem as you will, profane
it when the dog, in a moment of pre
occupation, stumbles prematurely on
the covey, when n shot misses a clean
striilght-away that nobody ought to
have missed, when the birds flee the
open to the difficult, timber, when
barbs from the fence pierce the flesh,
and the burs beset the spirit, when
the legs grow weary with plodding
through tangled corn tows, and night
brings aches and exhaustion still the
joem of a November day's quail
hunting in Missouri Is a poem that
must write Itself indelibly in the pages
of the Ximrod's memory.
Seldom does a city have such a task
a that which confronts San Fratv
cisco in eradicating the Ruef-Schmltz
gang and its influence. Info every
corner of the municipality penetrat
ed the evils they nurtured and this Is
what makes the graft prosecutions so
Speaking of the city's determina
tion to become clean and the diffi
culties involved the San Francisco
Star recently said
"There is corruption in San Fran
cisco, but the city is not corrupt; and
even though It be said that San Fran
cisco is corrupt, it cannot be said that
she is "corrupt and contented." For
the corruption that exists within her.
San Francisco Is discontented. Not
cr.iy is there discontent, but it Is .t
wholesome discontent, and with It is
a determination to become clean.
"We do not need, nor will we ac
cept, the mingled scorn and prayers
of those who say that San Francisco
is one of the most corrupt cities. There
is much housecleaning to be done,
end In the way of the housecleaners
are many obstacles, most of them
elected by men called, In our com
mercialized vocabulary, "Business
"Yet what could these men do, In
the way of placing obstacles In the
way of civic disinfection, were it not
for the "reptile press," maintained by
pirates of Industry? The sources of
public information are poisoned, the
mouth of the press is for the most
rart gagged.
"Nevertheless, San Francisco's
heart is right and the great mass of
the people of the city are right and
This Is true. At heart the people
of San Francisco, or a majority of
them at least, are honest and true.
They do not believe in corruption and
hey will not stand for it continuous
y. In the course of time the right
nili prevail In California, as it does
everywhere, and the city by the Gol-
en Gate will again hold up Its head
nd smile as it did In the days of old.
Major J. P. Kennedy, republican
county chairman In Multnomah coun
ty last June, says he has faith enough
In the honor, the Integrity and the clt
izenshlp of the members of the legis
lature to believe that Governor Cham-
brlain will be elected senator upon
the first ballot. In this statement he
r fleets the sentiment of the body and
soul of the republican party in Ore
Pendleton is a prosperous little
city. There is nothing under the sun
v rong with the town. Business Is
Good and the city is growing. But
there is much work to be done. What
Is needed Is earnest united action on
the part of local people. Towns are
'. l";, tlicy 1 not grow. Throw off
ycur coat and go to work.
The Tribune has frequently been
criticised for Its lack of ability a a
newspaper. This criticism Is merited.
It is a well known fact that the most
of the local news Is taken from the
Hast Oregonian and hashed over.
When the Tribune reads in the other
paper that some one Is intending to
make a trip to southen Oregon, It
should at least look up the person
and find out the particulars instead
of copying the article verbatim. Pi
lot Rock Record.
While thawing dynamite at the Val
1 y Dew mln, near Orient, Tuesday,
David Hodnet, superintendent of the
mine, was instantly killed by the ex
plosion of the dynamite. His body
was found shortly afterwards.
("He was a friend to man, and he
lived In a house by the side of t he
road." Homer.)
There are hermit souls that live with
drawn In the place of their self content;
There are souls like stars, that dwell
In a fellowles firmament;
There are pioneer souls that blaze
their paths
Where highways never ran
But lot me live by the side of the
And bo a friend to man.
Let me live in n house by the side
of the road.
Where the race of men go by
The men who are good and the men
who are bad,
As good and as bad as I.
I would not sit in the scorner's seat,
Or hurl the cynic's ban
Let me live In a house by the side of
the road
And be a friend to man.
I see from my house by the side of
the road,
By the side of the highway of life,
The men who press the ardor of
The men who are faint with the
But I turn not away from their sriiiles
nor their tears
Both parts of an Infinite plan
Let mr- live In my house by the side
of the road
And be a friend to man.
I know there are brook-gladdened
meadows ahead
And mountains of wearisome
That the road passes through the
long afternoon
And stretches away to the night.
But still I rejoice when the travelers
And weep with the strangers that
Nor live in my house by the side of
the road
Like a man who dwells alone.
Let me live in my house by the side
of the road
Where the race of men go by
They are good, they are bad, they are
weak, they are strong,
Wis.1, foolish so am I.
Then why should I sit In the scorn
er's seat.
Or hurl the cynic's ban?
Let me live In my house bv the side
of the road
And be a friend to man.
Sam W. Foss.
He who sells out his friends lays his
own soul on the bargain counter. Ex.
The Badge of Honesty
Is on, every wrapper of Doctor Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery because a full
list of tlin ingredients composing it is
printed there in plain hnglisu. Forty
years of experience has proven its superior
worth as a blood purifier and invigorat
ing tonic for the cure of stomach disorder.
and all liver ills. It builds tip tuo run
down system as no other tonic can In
which alcohol Is usej. Tho active medic
inal piiiiCiiM's i.f native roots smh as
Golden Seai and Queen's root, Stone a;:cl
Mandrr.!;o root, Kloii!root and VAv.rU
Cherrybark are extracted and preserved
by the uso of chemically pure, triple
refined glycerine. Send to Dr. R. V. Tierce
at Buffalo, X. Y., for free booklet which
quotes extracts from wel'-recognized med
ical authorities such as Drs. llartholow,
King, Sctidcier, Coe, Lllingwood and a
host of other, showing that these rocts
can be depended upon for tlicir curative
action itall weak states of the stomach,
accomptjiied y inuiccsticn or dyspepsia
as well ft infll bilious or liver complaints
and In stfjwastlng diseases" where there
is losinlcsh and gradual running down
of t'strength and system.
The "Golden Medical Discovery 'irmkcs
rich, mire bloo'l and so invigorates b
regulates thst,ir:nth. livfr and' bows!
jd, through them, the wnolo system.
us all skin affections, blotches, pimples
and eruption us well h scrofulous swel
lings aiid old opon ruiuio.ii sores or ulcers
are cured and healed. Ia treating old
running sores, or ukcrs, it Is, well to In
sure their healing to apply to them Dr.
Pierce's All-IIealing Salve, If yourdrug
glst don't happen to have this Salvo In
stock, send fifty-four cents In postage
stamys to World's Dispensary Medical As
sociation, Dr. R.V. Pierce, Pres.', Buffalo,
N. Y and a large box of tho"Ali-Healing
Salve " will reach you by return post.
You can't afford to accept a secret nos
trum as a substitute for this non-alcoholic,
medicine of known composition, not
even though Die urgent dealer may
thereby make a little bigger profit.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate
and invigorate stomach, liver and bowels.
Sugar-coaled, tiny granules, easy to Uke
as candy.
Grand Shoe Specials
r Over 3000 Pairs
slv To be sold this week at
jCost and Below
The Big 6 Store
Insures delicious, health
ful food for every home, every day.
The only baking powder made
from Royal Grape Cream .of Tartar
made from grapes.
Safeguards your food against alum and
phosphate of lime harsh mineral acids which
are used in cheaply made powders.
A Ho vino Jng.
Pave Leahy has located a cow In
Wichita that goes on a spree. The
animal was tied to an apple tree for
half a day. Lying around in the
grass were a lot of windfallen ap
ples, and most of them were overripe.
She proceeded to consume all of the
apples that the length of the rope
and her neck would permit. In the
afternoon the owner of the eow. a
Mr. Skinner, went to the orchifrd to
bring her home, and found her lying
on the ground, apparently dead to
the world. Stie was breathing heav
ily mid snoring. Persistent Jabs In
the ribs failed to arouse her. So n
We Give
The Pendleton Savings Bank, always known as
the staunch Friend of Farmers, Stockgrowers
and Merchants, is now a National Bank, con
ducting its business under the supervision of
the U. S. Government, under the name of
The American National Bank
NO. 9228
Capital, Surplus and Profits $250,000 j
4 per cent. Interest on Time Deposits.
Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent,
"Once Our Customer, Always Our Friend."
Byers' Best Flour
Is made from tho choicest wheat
Burley always on hand.
W. S. BYERS, Proprietor.
ii ii i i i i i ,pia
veterinary was called. After looking
her over the doctor gave his diagno
sis: "The cow, sir, Is very, very
drunk." She had eaten too many of
the fermented overripe apples. Medi
cine was applied. Kansas City Jour
The postoffice heretofore exlstlni
at Crook. Ore, will be abandoned ot
and after November 30 next. Thi
nostofflee has been the distrlbutini
I colnt for at least 75 ranch families
I for many years and Its abolition will
make It necessary for the ranchers
themselves to Journey the 62 mih
to Prineville after their mail.
Savings Bank Facilities
National Bank Security.
thai grows. Mood bread It "
is used. Bran, Short. Steam Rolled J
Ten Good Reasons Why
You Should Stop at
"The Cornelius"
The Best in Portland.
Situated In the center of the
shopping district
One block from the clanging
street cars.
Not so expensive as some other
hotels .
Sixty rooms with private bath.
Long distance and local tele
phones In every room.
Writing desk In every room.
Carpeted throughout In the best
velvet carpets.
The rooms are furnished in solid
Every room contains a heavy
solid Simmons brass bed on which
Is a 40 or B 0-pound hair mattress.
The furnishings and general ap
pearance of the public rooms must
be seen to be appreciated.
Aider streets, Portland's newest
and most modern equipped hotel,
solicits your patronage and assures
you good service and courteous
treatment. An exceptional hotel
for Eastern Oregon families who
.some to Portland shopping and
When next In Portland give us
a chance to make you look pleas
meets all trains.
N. K. CLARKE, Mgr.
C. W. Cornelius,
Sf. Joseph's Academy
Pendleton, Oregon
An Ideal School for
tBoys and Girls.
Under the direction of the Slaters of
St. Francis, of Philadelphia. Resident
and day pupils. Special attention
given to music and elocution. Stu
dents prepared for teachers' examina
tions for county and state certificates.
For particulars address
Sister Superior
They Stiind the Strulil.
Our Winona Wagons and Hacks,
and Rex Buggies are built to stand
Let us show you our Fairbanks
Morse Engines and Scales the best.
We solicit your wagon repairing,
machine work and carriage painting.
Charges are moderate and only skill
ed workmen are employed.
Don't you take any chances with
your fuel supply this winter pur
chusc our Rock Springs coal and you
will receive a product that will posi
tively give the maximum of heat with
tho smallect of consumption.
Our wood can't be excelled.
Office, Pendleton Ice A Cold Storng
Company. 'Phone Main 178.
Also Fine Fresh Meats
Delivered Promptly at
Reasonable Prices.
'Phone Main IS.

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