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Wholesale Prices
The following articles
to be sold at cost:
Ladies' Silk and Net Waists.
Misses and Children's Coats.
Ladies, Misses and Children's
Golf Gloves and Mittens.
Children's Toques and Bonnets.
All Holiday Goods at Half Price.
Department Store
Givers of Best Values
nisms THE
Begin the year right by taking ac
count of your stock as the merchant
cloey of his. See that you are not
carrying wliat the merchant calls
"shelf-worn" material. Are any of
your horses unsuited to j-our needs?
Get rid of them. Are your sheep de
teriorating? Breed up. Are any of
your cows unprofitable boarders?
Weed them out.
Curry your mules with patience.
Turn the colts out In a yard for
exercise every fair day. Xever leave
them out in storms.
Xine times out of ten when a horse
has a tantrum, somebody else has one
first. Don't let that somebody be
If your horse is developing a shoe
boll, do not neglect It until It Is large
and hard, but get some liniment and
begin to use it at once. Strap old
sacks around the offending hoof at
"Any old thing" won't do for pigs
if you wish to handle them for profit.
A pig will never foul his sleeping j
quarters If allowed any sort of a
chance to keep them clean.
When rgg fight In the trough, you
will have to do a little fighting for
the underlings. Get the bosses by
themselves at once.
If calves are dropped now, put
woolen blankets on them to guard
against sudden changes of tempera
are. Use pieces of old woolen blankets
that have been washed and are clean
and soft.
Fasten with strong strips of muslin j
sewed on to tie around the neck, un
der the belly and aroundf each hind
This will keep the blanket In place.
As the calf grows, let out the strings.
Those who keep their cows tied up
all winter in a tight barn, and milk
them nearly up to the time of calv
ing, must not expect them to produce
good calves.
Nov please don't use any more old
cotton rags as covering for your Jars
of butter. Tou can get the nicest but
ter paper for this purpose, very cheap
and It looks so much better. It is
tetter, too,
When you brush off a cow's bag
with an old bran sack, you simply
set the dust floating about the rnnnv
That doesn't help much; it will settle clearlnS t an area equal to a good-
cThlef Foivstw rinehot Doclarw Cus
tom Ioes Xot Mcnnco Conservation
or i orest Iloa Xunibcr of Trees
'Conxiimcd Is Comparatively Inljr
'iilfleaiit In tills Way Tliey Serve
"Valuable Use.
misnington, D. C, Dec. 29. The
comrtry's forests again have been call
ed upon to supply about four million
Christmas trees, and again many per
sons have asked themselves and have
queried the United States forest ser
vice, "I the custom a menace to the
movement for forest preservation?"
in me millions of happy homes
over the country where the younger
generation has "made the Christmas
tree the center of play since early
Friday morning, there are many
mothers and fathers who have given
the question more or less thought.
From Sunday schools and other or
ganizations also, which hold an an
nual celebration around a g-ayly
trimmed evergreen for the benefit of
the little ones, has come the question
whether it Is consistent to urge con-
servauon or rorest resources and then
to cut millions of young trees every
year to afford a little Joy in the pass
ing holiday season.
"Yes, It Is consistent and proper
that the custom should be maintain
ed," has been the answer of United
States Forester Gifford Pinchot in
every case. "Trees are for use, and
there is no other use to which they
could be put which would contribute
so much to the joy of man as their
use by the children on this one great
holiday of the year.
Cut Llitlo Figure.
"The number of trees cut for this
use each year is utterly Insignificant
when compared to the consumption
for other purposes for which timber
is demanded. Xot more than four
million Christmas trees are used each
year, one In every fourth family. If
planted four feet apart they could be
grown on less than 1,500 acres. This
The country is flooded
with soaps which look
like, and claim to be "as
good as," Ivory.
Avoid them!
They are imitations;
and, like all imitations,
they lack the peculiar
and remarkable qualities
of the article which they
Ask for Ivory Soap
and see that you get it.
Ivory Soap
99o Per Cent. Pure.
l:i the pall Just the same. But wipe
the udder and the flanks of the cows
with a damp cloth and you have done
something worth while.
The age of sheep can be told by
meir teetn. v nen tney are a year
and a half old they shed their two
center teeth and two wide ones grow
in their place.
it you want to keep a good many
sheep, divide them Into small bands.
Where too many are kept together.
they are apt to get diseases which
wiu greatly reduce the profits. Jan
uary Farm Journal.
Almost Covered with Eczema No
Night's Rest for Nearly a Year
Feared Lifelong Disfigurement
All Treatments Failed and Limit
of Endurance Seemed Near.
Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 29. It Is
expected that the three Mexican "pa
triots," Magon, Villarreal and RIvert,
who have been held 'incommunicado'
In the Los Angeles Jail since July 7,
will be placed on trial next month on
the charge of violating the neutrality
laws of the United States. The prls-
n oners, two of whom, ere editors and
mo imiu a. conetje proiessor, are
members of the organizing Junta of
the Mexican Liberal party, and are
alleged to have been engaged in fer
menting an armed revolution against
the DI82 government from the terri
tory of the United States.
In an appeal for funds for the de
fense, which has been circulated
throughout the United States, it Is
admitted that "after President Diaz
destroyed the right of a free ballot In
Mexico, the Liberal party called up
on all Mexican citizens to fight for
their constitutional rights."
"With the exception of his bands and
feet, my son Clyde (thirteen years old)
"was almost completely covered with
eczema. Physicians treated him for
nearly a year without helping him any.
(While they were very kind and did all in
their power, yet nothing seemed to re
'lieve him. And I had tried many rem
edies sent to me by kind friends but they
ail failed. His head, face, and neck were
covered with large scabs which he would
rub until they fell off. Then blood and
matter would run out and that would be
worse. Many a time he looked as if
his ears would drop off. Friends com
ing to see him said that if he got well fas
would be disfigured for life.
"When it seemed as if he could pos
sibly stand it no longer, I decided to
try Cuticura. I bought a cake of Cuti
cura Soap, a box of Cuticura Ointment,
and a bottle of Cuticura Resolvent. I
used them in the evening and that was
the first night for nearly a year that he
alept. This may sound exaggerated
to you, but in the morning there was S
great change for the better. In about
six weeks you could not have told that
be had ever had an y t hi n g wron g wi t h hi ra.
I treated him twice a day for six months
and at present he has a fine complexion
and not a scar on his body. This story
may seem overdrawn, but neither words
nor pen can describe Clyde's suffering
and how he looked. Our leading phy
sician. Dr. . recommends the Cuti
cura Remedies for eczema. Mrs. Algy
Cockburn, fchiloh, O., June 11, 1007."
Freqiient shampoos with Cuticura
Snap and weekly dressings with Cuti
cura stop falling hair, remove crusts,
scales, and dandruff, destroy hair para
aites, soothe irritated, itching surfaces,
stimulate the hair follicles, supply the
roots with nourishment, loosen the scalp
akin, and make the hair grow upon a
sweet, wholesome, healthy scalp, when
all other remedies fail.
OwnplM Fxtrm1 M Itrnal Tmtmnit lot
CMJrara Omtmni iUk ) to Hi u Ski, and
Cutwirm RMoivratffiOrj.'artatbcfonnofCboenteu
Plili. V. P" Of Wl U Ktinfy U Htnod.
BM loruuc bout to world. Poiwr lint A Chut,
Cvrp., Hnv front. ffc-t". Mm.
. mrUMmi rra. Cuucun Hut M aus Mnas.
Oklahoma Educators.
Shawnee, Okla., Dec. 29. Gather
Ing for their third annual convention,
members of the Oklahoma State
leacners association are pouring
into Shawnee today for what prom
ises to be the most successful educa
ucnai meeting ever neid In the new
state. The program for the next
three days is an Impressive one, the
speakers Including Bishop Quayle,
Hamlin Garland, the poet; Professor
Charles Lane, of Georgia, and Pro
feasor O. J. Kern, of Illinois.
Kansas Teachers.
,Topeka, Kan., Dec. 29. Kansas
educators to the number of several
hundreds arrived In Topeka today to
take part In the convention of the
State Teachers' association. A pre
liminary meeting this evening will
open the session. Governor Frank
Hanly, of Indiana, and Professor W.
C. Wilcox, of Iowa State university,
are among the speakers who will ad
dress the pedagogues.
Cviureh Venus Saloon.
Roanoke, Va.. Dec. 29. Roanoke's
forty-four churches are arrayed
against the forty-five saloons of the
city in a struggle which means life or
death for the latter, and which will
culminate tomorrow In a local option
election. The closing dav of the cam
paign has been one of the most ex
citing in the history of Roanoke. Both
the "wets" and "drys" have waged
f-nergetlc campaigns and the result
of the contest Is in doubt.
sized farm each Christmas should not
be a subject of much worry, when It
U remember that for lumber alone
It is necessary to take timber from
an area of more than 100,000 acres
every day of the year.
"It Is true that there has been se
rlous damage to forest growth In the
cutting of Christmas trees In various
sections of the country, particularly
In the Adirondack and parts of New
England, and In these very sections
me damage through the cutting of
young evergreens for use at Christ
mas Is lnfinltesmal when compared
un me loss or rorest resources
through fires and careless methods of
lumbering. The proper remedy Is not
to stop using trees but to adopt wiser
methods of use.
It Is generally realized that a cer
tain proportion of land must always
be used for forest growth. Just as for
other crops. Christmas trees are one
form of this crop. There is no more
reason for an outcry against using
land to grow Christmas trees than to
grow flowers."
forest Service Uphold Custom.
The forest service upholds the
Christmas tree custom, but recognizes
at the same time that the Indiscrimi
nate cutting of evergreens to supply
the holiday trade has producotl & bad
effect Upon many stands of merchant
able trees in different sections of
the country., Waste and destruction
usually result when woodlands are not
under a proper system of forest man
agement. Foresters say that it Is not
by denying ourselves the wholesome
pleasure of having a bit of nature In
the home at Christmas that the prob
lem of conserving the forests will be
solved, but by learning how to use the
forests wisely and properly. The rav
ages through forest fires must be
checked, the many avenues of waste
of timber In its travel from the woods
to the mill and thence to the market
must be closed, and almost number
less Important problems demand at
tentlon before the Christmas tree.
Germany is conceded to have the
highest developed system of forest
management of any country, yet its
per capita use of Christmas trees Is
greatest. The cutting of small trees
for Christmas Is not there consider
ed In the least as a menace to the for
est, but, on the contrary, as a means
of Improving the forest by thinning
and as a source of revenue. It Is
therefore, constantly encouraged.
There is little doubt but that the
time will come when the Christmas
tree business will become a recognlz
ed Industry In this country, and that
as much attention will be given to It
as will be given to the growing of
crops of timber for other uses. This
time may not be far off, for It is al
ready understood that only through
the practice of forestry, which means
both the conservation of the timber
which remains and carefully planned
systems of reforestation, will it be
possible to supply the country with its
forty billion feet of lumber needed
each year, as well as the few million
little trees used at Christmas time.
.spena lour jioikiny vacation at
Pno Koblea.
If complete rest and most perfect
conditions Imaginable for nature cure
are what you need, spend your holl
days at Paso Robles Hot Springs, Cal
Ifornia. A week or two, and even a
few days there will accomplish more
n the way of restored energy than a
much longer period and more expen
slve treatment elsewhere, because
good old Mother Nature Is nurse and
raso uoDies is taxing tne same
rank In America and enjoying the
same fame for wonderful cures that
Carlsbad and Baden Baden do In
urope. The hotel is a marvel of
comfort and luxury, and the bath
house built by the city, free to all, Is
said to be one of the best In the world
Is a stubborn ailment and a hope
less condition of physical breakdown
that the mineral waters and hot mud
baths of Paso Robles will not heal In
short time.
Call In agent at Pendleton, Ore., for
descriptive booklets of Paso Robles,
and he will also tell you all about
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh Tliat
Contain Mercury
as merenry will surely destroy the sense
of smell and completely derange tbe whole
mem when entering It throuen tbe mu
cous surfaces. Such articles should never
be used except on prescriptions from repa
table physicians, as tbe damage tbey will
do Is ten fold to tbe good yon can possibly
derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney A Co., To
ledo. O., contains no mercury, and Is taken
Internally, acting directly upon tbe blood
ana mucous surfaces of tbe system. In
buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sura you
get tbe genuine. It Is taken Internally and
maae in xoieao, unio, dj t. J. LDeney
Co. Testimonials free.
sola oy all druggists. IT Ice 75c per
Take Hall's Family rills for conitlpa
At Taso Robles Hot Springs.
Among the many charming stop
ping places In California is Paso Ro
bles Hot Springs.
Here are conditions Ideal for rest
ful recreation; quiet, congenial sur
roundlngs and modern, almost luxuri.
ous accommodations.
Paso Robles Hot Springs Is a Win
ter Resort hotel with the hospitality
of a home; a healing Spring without
the atmosphere of a sanatorium; an
enchanting country place with the
conveniences of a great resort
Ask any O. R. & N. Agent for illus
trated booklet, "Paso Robles Hot
Mrs. McRaney's Experience.
Mrs. M. McRaney, Prentiss, Miss.,
writes: "I was confined to my bed
for three months with kidney and
bladder trouble, and was treated by
two physicians but failed to get re
lief. No human tongue can tell how
I suffered, and I had given up hope of
ever getting well until I began taking
Foley's Kidney Remedy. After tak
Ing two bottles I felt like a new per
son, and feel it my duty to tell suf
ferlng women what Foley's Kidney
Remedy did for me." Pendleton
Drug Co.
Traveler Elect Officers.
St. Louis, Dec. 29. T. D. Wilcox
was elected president of the Western
Commercial Travelers' association at
Its annual meeting In the Jefferson
lwrtel today. Bight directors were
also elected.
Are your harrow teeth aching out
r. some snow-drifted fence corner? If
so, why? .. ,.
Ing ClirlHtmas Stocking.
New York. Christmas stockings 10
reet long ana made of canvas were
hung from the lowest points -on the
new Queensboro bridge, which spans
the East river, on Christmas morning
by members of the Queensboro bridge
celebration committee. Intended for
river men, the stockings were hung
so they can be reached from the deck
of a tug with a pole. Tobacco, serv
iceable gloves and other practical gifts
were placed In the giant stockings.
Joy in religion is but another word
for genuineness, ' '
One unfurnished room for rent In
the East Oregonlan building. Elec
tric lights and steam heat Bath, hot
and cold water on floor. Rate very
reasonable. Enquire at E. O. office.
Gus La Fontaine has Just received
a fresh lot of crawfish, crab and oys
ters In the shell at the Quelle.
LADIES, You Can Do Your
No Smoke)
No Dirt
No Ashes
No Carrying Wood and Coal.
and use the new
for $4.00
Saves Time, Temper, Trouble and Money.
Always Ready for Use.
Get the Sad-iron from
W. J. CLARKE ,'& CO.
and the Gas from
Northwestern Gas & Electric Co.
Next Door to Fair Grounds
Sunday and Monday
Dec. 27 and 28
Martha Florine
and her
Spotted Leopards
Orpheum Theatre
J. P. MEDERNACH, Proprietor
Change of Program
Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.
Absolutely New Pictures.
Johnson's Orchesira will Play Evenings.
Best Picture Machine Made.
Adults 10c, Children 6 to 10 years 5c,
' Children under 6 years, free.
The Most Beautiful Homes
Built Today, Are Being Made of Concrete Blocks.
They are prat
tler, mora sub
stantial and far
mora coraporta
ble ia either
hot or cold
See my many
beautiful de
slfna In con
crete blocks
before you
build your
1 1 y't
I t t. r -r
:'''Vr: '
Concrete stands
for Basements,
Walls, Fencea
and Curbing.
It looks batter
and lasts longer
than stone.
I will furnish
you estimates
for any clan of
work on
Cor. Rail
road amd
1 i

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