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President Roosevelt Speaks at Lincoln's Birthplace, While
Bryan Speaks at Home of Martyred President,
President's Address rroiiouiifed Most . Remarkable lie Ever Made Illue
mill Gray llrottht Closer Today Thau Ever Dcforcs Confederate
Army OfficiT Deliver One of .Most Simvre Sxi'ln-w of tin1 Day
Slave. Former Slave Holders ami Sur i ln Members of Itolh Armies,
Vic Willi Hull OHht In Doing Honor lo One of World's Greatest anil
llt .Men Distinguished Statesmen of Foreign Omiitrlis I'nlle Willi
Greatest Citizens or Till Country "Washington ami Miieoln Two
Greatest Good .Men of ull Time," . Says Roosevelt.
Hodgevllle. Ky Feb. 12. Never
since Appomatox have the blue and
gray been drawn doner together than
they were today when Roosevelt,
standing on the spot that a hundred
years ago Rave the world one of Its
greatest men. today delivered the
most reiiiarkublp address of his car
eer In the presence of six thoUHiind
lieople Luke Wright, the former
confederate artillery man, Joined In
the tribute to Uncoln. Democratic
and Republican committees ccme
from Iulsvllle together, while (Sov
ernor Wlllson apolnted 26 negro citi
zens to represent their race.
The enthusiastic crowd represent
ed every phase of America's greatest
struggle. Former slaves together
with men once slave holders, gather
ed to pay tribute to Lincoln's mem
ory. The words of no other speaker
were more sincere or more eloquent
than those of Wright.
A canvas covering had been ar
ranged about the marble memorial
and enclosing the fog cabin where
Nancy Hanks brought the child of
destiny Into the world.
Then ver3 . rommodutlons for six
thousand, but more than this num
ber were on the scene at daybreak.
General Rodger Williams of Loxlng
ton, was the chief marshal of the day
In charge of the arrangements.
The presidential party was escort
ed to the scene nmong deafening
cheers. Roosevelt's greatest recep
tion during his political career was
Insignificant compared with today's.
(iovernor Joseph Folk of Missouri,
Hi president of the national Lincoln
farm association, opened the cere
monies, followed by Governor Wil
son Secretary Wright voiced his
sentim"iits then and was followed by
Roosevelt whoso remarkable address
w;is the crowning event of the day.
Roosevelt's Speech.
Roosevelt's remarkable address In
full follows;
We have nu t here to celebrate the
hundredth anniversary of the birth of
one of the two greatest Americans; of
one of (he two or three greatest men
of the nineteenth century; of one of
the greatest men ill the world's his
tory. This rail splitter, this boy
who passed his ungainly youth 111 the
dire poverty of the poorest of the
frontier folk, whose rise was by
weary and painful labor, lived to lead
his people through the burning flames
of a Ktruggle from which the nation
emerged, purified as by fire, born
anew to a loftier life. After long years
of iron effort, and of failure that came
more often than victory, ho at last
rose to the leadership of the re
publc, at the moment when that
leadership had become the stu
pendous world-task of the time.
He grew to know greatness,
but never ea.se. Sucuetu came to him,
bill never happiness, save that which
springs from doing well a painful and
a vital task. Power furrows deep
ened on his brow, but bis eyes were
undlmmed by either hate or fear.
HIM gaunt shoulders were bowed, but
his nice! (hews never faltered as he
In. re for a burden the destinies of
bis people. Mis great and tender
heart shraug from plvlng pa'n; and
the task allotted him was to pour out
like water the life-blood of the young
men, and to feel In his every fiber the
sorrow of the women. Disaster sad
dened but never dismayed him. As
the red years of war went by they
found him ever doing his duty In the
present, ever facing the future with
fearless front, high of heart, and
dauntless of soul. Unbroken by
hatred, unshaken by scorn, he work
ed and suffered for the people
Triumph was his at the last; and
barely had he tasted It before mur
der found him. and the kindly, pat
lent, fearless eyes were closed for
Washington anil Llncolit.
As a people we are Indeed beyond
measure fortunate in the characters
of the two greatest of our public men
Washington and Lincoln. Widely
though tbey differed In externals, the
Virginia landed gentleman and the
Kentucky barkwoodsmar, they were
alike In essentials, they were alike In
the great qualities which rendered
each able to render service to his na
tion and to an mankind such as no
other man of "his generation could or
did render. Each had lofty Ideals,
nut enen in striving to attain these
lofty Ideals was guided by the found
est common sense. Each possessed
inflexible courage in adversity, and a
soul wholly unspoiled by prosperity.
Each possessed all the gentler vir
tues commonly exhibited by good men
who lack rugged strength of cnarac
tcr. Each possessed also all the
strong qualities commonly exhibited
by those towering masters of mankind
who have too often shown themselves
d void of o much as the under.-tand-Ing
of the words by which we signify
the qualities of duty, of mercy, of de-
the right, of lofty disint.
In battling for the goo,)
vi t Ion to
Xo Two (ireat Men, A (;r.ol.
There have been other ni"ii a great
mill other men as good; bpt In all the
history of mankind there nre no other
two great men as good as these, no
other two good men as great. Widely
though the problems of to-. lav differ
from the problems set for solution to
Washington when he founded this na
tion, to Lincoln when he saved It and
iiee( ine slave, yet the qualities they
showed In meet'ng Ihese problems are
exactly the same as those we should
show in doing our work to-day.
Lincoln saw Into the future with the
prophetic Imagination usually vouch
safed only to the poet and the seer.
He had in him all the lift toward
greatness of the visionary. without
any of (he visionary's fanaticism or
egotism, without any of the visionary's
narrow Jealmioy of the practical man
and inability to strive In practical
fashion for the realization of an ideal.
He had the practical man's hard
common sense and willingness to
adapt means to ends; but there was In
him none of tjiat morbid growth of
mind mid soul which blinds so many
practical men to the higher tilings
of life. No more practical man ever
lived than this homely backwoods
Idealist; but he had nothing in com
mon with those practical men whose
consciences are warped until they fail
noxious, t
community, if
and coiitrolb.'d
muial sense.
An i:aoqilc To I'ullo.v.
V.'e of this day mu:'t try to solve
many social and Imlustriul problems,
(requiring to an especial de;;ree the
combination of Indomitable resolu
tion with cool-headed nanity. We can
profit by the way In which Lincoln
us"d both these traits a.-; he strove for
reform. We can learn much Vif value
from the very attacks which follow
ing that course brought upon his head
attacks alike by the extremists of
revolution and by the extremists of
reaction. He never wavered In devo
tion to his principals, in his love for
the I'nion. and in his abhorence of
slavery. Timid and lukewarm peo
ple were always denouncing hl.n be
cause he was too extreme; but as a
matter of fact he never went to ex
tremes, he worked step by step; and
because of this the extremints hated
and denounced him with a fervor
which now seems to us fantastic In its
deification of the unreal and t.ie Im
possible. Not Without Oil it.
At the very time when one side
was holding him up as the apostle of
social revolution because he was
against slavery, the leading aboli
tionist denounced him as the "slave
hound of Illinois." When he wa
the second time candidate for Presi
dent, the majority of his opponents
attacked him because of what they
termed his extreme .radicalism, while
a minority threatened to bolt his
nomination because he wac not radi
cal enough. He had continually to
check those who wished to go forward
too fast, at the very time that he
overrode the opposition of those who
wished not to go forward at all. The
goal was never dim before his vision:
but he picked his way . cautiously,
wfthout either halt or hurry, as he
strode toward It, through such a mor
ass of difficulty that no man of less
courage would have attempted It
More Than Million Dollars
Will Be Asked for General
Expenses of State.
McaMiU' Curries An Emergency
Clause and Will He Kuslicd Through
llolli Houses Introduced Yester
day by Ways and .Means Commit
tee of tlu House .More Than $50,
000 Asked for ExiM-nst-s and Sal
aries of Slate Railroad Commission.
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Iii'.rni'tor in the Science Department
of the High School fining to Cali
fornia for Ills llcallli IVof. Pot
ter Hciimics Head of Deartnienl
Miss Horn Walker Assistant.
memory of
has been honoring the
Lincoln today In a very
fitting manner, although the occasion
Is not being observed as a business or
legal holiday.
In all the public schools of the city
and also at the Pendleton academy
appropriate programs were held. The
academy program was held nt 11:45
this forenoon and a more complete
account of the same Is given else
where. At the high school the pro
gram was held during the last hour
of the forenoon session. The pro
gram aiiiiouncel yes.terday was fol
lowed out in detail. No school work
Is be'ng carried on this afternoon.
In all the grade schools the Lincoln
programs were given at 2 o'clock this
afternoon. The programs consisted of
patriotic songs' and other selections
by the pupils as announced yester
.i me n;g .Mcinouist cliurch Un
people of the city will unite in a me
morial program this even'ng. It will
commence at 7;.m and from appear
ances the church will be crowded.
All the schools and nearly all other
organizations of the city have been
Invited to attend and many of them
will do so as organizations.
The high school students will meet
at the Congregational church at 7:15
for the purpose of attending as a
body. Company L will form In the
Armory at 7:15 and from there will
march to the church.
At the program this even'ng Circuit
Judge II. J. Hean will preside. The
principal address will bo by Rev. T.
R. Ford, pastor of the church. - In
addition to the address a splendid
musical program will be rendered.
Prof. W. K. Allen has resigned as
instructor In seence in the high school
faculty and at a special meeting of
the school board held this forenoon
his resignation was accepted. At the
same t'me a vote of regret was ten
dered Mr. Allen, the members of the
board being sorry to lose him.
Ill health Is given by Mr. Allen as
his reason fur resigning. He desires
to go to Monterey. California, where
his family is now located. Tliev left
Pendleton for that c;ty about two $!00(V
weeks ago, ! fieneral
At the hoard meeting this morning i
if was decided to leave Mr. Allen's
work In the science department to1
Professor Potter, who until now hasl
been assistant in that department. At j
the same time Miss Flora Walker, j
teacher In the seventh grade at thel
Wash'ngtmi school, was chosen to)
take Mr. Potter's former place. Miss'
Fanehlon Rorie, daughter of Mr. and j
Mrs. J. A. Rorie, was chosen to takel
Miss Walker's place In the Washing-j
ton school, J
Was "fiyin'' Director.
Ry Prof. Allen's resignation the
('iininiert'lal association gymnasium
will also lose Its idiyslc.il d'rector.
During tlie winter Mr Allen has been
serving as physical director for that
institution mid has met with good
success. What will be done for a di
rei tor has not been determined. It is
possible some other local director
may he secured to take up the work.
The gymnasium is now being con
ducted upon a self sustaining ba
sis and its affairs are managed by a
committee, of which R. K. Tarbet Is
Containing an emergency clause
and with the understanding that It Is
to be rushed through both houses, the
genera: appropriation bill of the pres
ent legislative session was introduced
in the house yesterday by the ways
and means committee. It aggregates
11,321,280. The biggest single item
is for the care of the insave.
The appropriations are for the two
years beginning January 1, 1909, ana
ending December 31, 1910.
The principal items contained In
the bill are as follows:
Governor's salary, $10,006.
Governor's private secretary. In
cluding his sularies as clerk of various
boards, $4800.
Salary of the secretary of state
$9000. Traveling expenses of the
same official, $250.
Salaries of the clerks and stenog
raphers In the office of the secretary
of state. $28,000.
Saiary of the state treasurer, $9000
Traveling expenses of the same offi
cial, $250.
Salaries of the clerks and stenog
raphers In the state treasurer's of
fice, $17,000.
the Justices of the su
comniissloners, clerks,
bailiffs, crier and of
with general and con
tingent expenses, $70,000.
Salaries of the circuit Judges, $108,-
000. I
Salaries of district attorneys and
deputies. $98,400.
Salary of the attorney general, $7,-
Salary of the assistant attorney gen--val,
Salaries of the chief Jan'tor, assist
mt. firemen, night watchman, mes-
seccer an 1 gardeners nt the capltol
gr. uinds. J16.S00.
S-ilaries and expenses of the master
f:s warden and deputy. $11,400.
S'l.ivy mid expenses of the com
m'ssjoiier of labor, stat'stlcs and in
spector of factories and workshops,
Pal -try and expenses of the state
board of horticulture, $12,000.
Services and expenses of the state
game and forestry warden and special
deputies. $SI00.
Expense of printing, binding and
delivering 9uo copies each of foui
volumes of supreme court reports
:i; LIST
Washington, D. C. Feb. 12.
Notwithstanding the efforts of
a strong lumber lobby, the
house ways and means commit
tee has placed lumber on the
free list. This was 'positively
Mated today. The committee
:,.,.,u;lu:,';:1..,..h,;arl,n.irs " th. t Passes Senate Late This Af
ternoonBill Had Already
Passed the House,
lumber tariff yesterday and act
ed upon the assumption that
lumber Is controllable by the
trust and no longer needs pro
Salaries of
preme court,
fical reporter,
One More Day and Grind Will He at
An End.
One more day of examinations and
the teachers will be through. The
county examinations will be com
pleted tonight, and Saturday night
will see the finish of the state ex
aminations. The questions today In
cluded physiology, geography, alge
bra, English literature and the sci
ence of law, for the state papers, and
the examlnaton for county certificates
was on geography, science ' of law,
civil government and English litera
ture. The board of exam'ners came very
nearly being without the questions on
the subject of the science of law, for
when they opened the sealed package
that contained the questions it was
found that the package held only one
paper with the necessary questions,
while the others were all on the the
ory of teaching. Thinking that the
two packages had been mixed the
"theory of teaching" package was
opened, but this was found to be all
It was only after a search had been
made that the one paper was found
and it was necessary for the questions
to be read to the applicants while
they copied them down.
Superintendent Welles says that the
questions are not difficult and that
the applicants usually, pass at the
first attempt. The reading and or
thography tests were unusually long,
however, the time taken In completing
the subject being nearly three times
as long as In previous years. :
Stale Printer Placed on Flat Salary
and State Printing Hoard to Cre
atcd Legislature Adjourns to Par.
ticiiMite In Memorial Exercise
Constitutional Amendments Made
Special Order for Monday Rail
road Question Comes tip Monday.
A private "phone message re
ceived today from Salem gave
the information that the coy
ote bill passed the house of re
presentatives this afternoon
with but 14 votes against the
measure. It is believed the bill
will also pass the senate.
Salem. Ore.. Feb. 12. The Senate
this afternoon passed the water code.
rnn miirrr i urn
run vvntH in mi
Transaction Recorded Y'estcrilay
Shows Rapid Increase in Land Val
ue"! In County Not Many Year
Since Land Was Not Considered
Worth Nearly so Much.
Salem, Ore., Feb. 12. In the sen
ate the entire morning was consumed
in discussing in committee of the
whole the irrigation code that passed
the house. It is opposed by mining
and water interests from sections of
the state that do not wish to come
under state control or regulation.
The bill will probably reach a vote
late this afternoon.
The house passed the bill putting
the state printer on a flat salary of
. four thousand and creating a state
j printing board composed of the gov
, ernor, secretary of state and state
The legislature will adjourn this
I afternoon to participate in the Lia
! coin celebration.
In the house all proposer constitu
tional amendments have been made a
special order for Monday afternoon.
a portrait or uenerai urant was ac
cepted by the house on behalf of the
j The state-aMcd railroads amend
ment to the constltutalon and the bill
creating a citizens commission to
enrry It into effect, was
special order for next Mondf.
made a
Seattle. W'n , Feb. 12. In ease the
coining Washington Marathon race
for amateurs February 22 in this city
l a success, three wealthy Alaskans
will put up ten thousand dollars to
bring Dorando, Hayes and Maloney,
and other famous Marathon runners
to Seattle for a race in May. This
statement was made today by Waliac'
MeDougall. the moving spirit in the
coming event.
Czar Will Visit Emanuel.
Rome, Feb. 12. It Is stated posi
tively Unit the Czar will visit King
Emanuel at Qulrinal In the middle of
and contingent expenses of
the capitol building and grounds,
i.tgtit. water and fuel for the cap-
itol building and grounds, $12,000
Salaries and expenses of the state
penitentiary, $121,000.
Transportation of convicts to the
penitentiary, $12,000.
Salaries of officers and employes
and general expenses of the Insane
asylum, $490,000.
I Transportation of insane persons to
j I he asylum. $15,000.
Salaries and expenses of the re
I form school, $58,000.
Salaries and expenses of the home
I for deaf mutes, $45,000.
j Salaries and expenses of the insti
lute for the blind. $20,000.
I Salaries and expenses of the do
i mestic animal commission, $6000.
I Salaries ami expenses for the insti
tution for the feeble minded, $60,000.
Salaries and expenses of the rail
road commission, salary of the sec
retary of the sheep inspector, $12.
000. For public printing, ruling and
binding, including the school record.
books and blanks, and purchase of
paper and election supplies, $SO,000
Per d.em and mileage of senators
and representatives of the 25th leg
islative session, with contingent ex
penses, $50,000.
The sum of $26,500 in a pretty big
price for a half section of land, but
tills Is the amount that was paid by
Dan and Alex McKenzie for 320 acres
lr. the vicinity of Atliena. The record
of the sale was made yesterday, the
land being bought of Melissa A, Wat
rus and the heirs of Lyman M. Wat
rus. The price neluded the build
ing and other Improvements on the
This seems to be the top notch price
that has been paid for land for some :
time, and shows the increasing val- '.
uc of wheat land in the county. It 1
has not been many years rince a half
section of the same kind of land could :
be bought for five or six thousand I
Boise, Idaho, Feb. 12. Represen
tative Alvord created a mild sensa
tion on the floor of the house today
by making the charge that $73,000
had been raised by the liquor Inter
ests to defeat the local option bill
under consideration. Several mem
bers who oppose the measure Jump
ed to their feet, resenting the charge.
An effort to pass the bill, under sus
pension of the rules, has failed. It
was a special order for Monday.
Ogden, Vtali, Fel). 12. Elated by
a request to apper at a local school to
take part In a program in comnier- i
ation of Lincoln, Lucy Watkins, aeed i
thirteen, ran all the way to school 1
and dropped dead from exertion as
she was entering the room. I
Washington, Feb. 12 Charging
that Representative Rainey of Illi
nois, received from former convicts
the information upon which he based
his charges of mismanagement in the
purchase of the Panama canal. Rep
resentative W. C. Lowering of Mass.,
this afternoon, threw the house into a
turmoil. He became so personal !n
his attack upon Rainey that the house
refused to allow him to proceed, in
Rainey's absence.
P.rltish Consul for Nome. ,.
New York. Feb. 12. Col. J. Stuart
Wetheriy, the PriMsh consul assigned
to Nome, Alaska, arrived yesterday.
11 IS
IX .1 All.
Marshall McUeynolds arrived In the
city today from Pilot Rock with the
man arrested for the theft of a horse,
buggy and harness from various resi
dents of the town. He was met at
the train by Sheriff Taylor who took
the prisoner In custody.
The Washington state live game
exhibit at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific
exposition will show ail the wild game
of the region.
M rs.
Fug Goey, not being able to
bonds which had been set bv
Justice court nt $500, is now in j
county jail for the alleged theft I
of $400 which was
room of Fug Joe.
jail this morning
taken the money
thought some of
taken It and had
crime. Xo trace
house in which tin
committed belongs
now in China, and
the moin v was h'i
taken from the
When seen in the
she denied having
and said that she
the Chinamen had
accused her of the
alleged theft was
to Goey, who is
tiie room ::i which
Iden in th- trunk
has been found of
the missing money and it Is possible
that she is the victim of a plot wh'ch
was hatched up among the men with
whom she does not find favor.
It seems there Is a factional enmity
between the north and the south side
of the street, and while she is held
In favor among the north slders. that
she Is disliked by residents of the
south side, upon which her own and
her husband's property Is located. The
has two keys, of which Mrs. Go, y lias
After the arrest and search had
been made yesterday, and she was not
able to get bail, she was taken to the
i it"oy piaee io pacK sucn or ner d uties
a she would need while conf:n
I ed in the jail. As soon as site had
made arrangements to leave she took
a package of punks from a drawer
and carefully div'ded them into two
bunches, an equal number In each
package. Then she lighted the first
bunch and placed them In a recep
tacle on a shelf.
Then she lighted the other bunch.
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