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"oiienfaced" collars, and has a pen
chant for red neckties. He Is smooth
faced, with grey hair pretty thickly
scattered over his head except In one
spot where the pink of his scalp show
Champ moves slowly with dignity
ns befits all big things. He has a cur
ious little way of poking his shoulders
and head forward as he takes each
step, and always begins his speeches
negligently musses his opening words
up so that hardly anyone knows what
he Is saying. Having thus slurred over
"Mr. Speaker" and his opennlg phras
es, however, there Is no one In the
chamber that can possibly plead In
ability to hear. He has a monstrous
rasping voice that penetrates.
Clark, too, like Payne, hae been in
Congress a long time. His service be
gan 1S96 and he has been returning
every years regularly.
Thcr arc two leading performers In
the drama, or farce take your choice
of revising the tariff, which is now
holding the boards In the House of
Of course. Serene Ellsha Payne, of
New Tork, author of the bill and Re
publican floor loader, gets most of
the pot light. But just the same.
Champ Clark, of Bowling Green. Mis
souri, the Minority Leader , breaks
Into the piece at frequent Interval
and speaks his part with gusto.
Serene Ellsha Is a large rotund party
He probably hefts the scale at 275
pounds. A plentiful share of white
hair clines to his massive head, and a
white moustache Just matches his
white eyebrows on a quizzical, kindly
It is a study to watch Payne's face
while he is speaking. His eyes twin
kle and shine, and funny little wrin
kles piny about his mouth when he
take? a Mrcastle shot at the minority
ride which Is often. He has a pro
found knowledge of the tariff, talks
Intelligently about Us technicalities.
Its ramifications and Its application:
knows nance and governmental ad
ministration from A, to Z( and. what
Is more, can tell what he knows In
a clear, concise, to-the-point manner.
Payne Always Setvne.
Nothing reaiv ever disturbs Payne,
or confuses him. He tries to make
believe that rapid-fire questioning up
sets him, but it never really does.
When he made his famous two-day
speech in the House at the opening of
the special session, explaining the tar
if bill, he had eight solid hours near
ly continuous grilling at the hands of
the whole House an almost steady
stream of questions from members,
ranging from queries as to what ad
varlorem meant, to how many pounds
of tea are used each year In the Unie
ed States, in Germany, In England,
and elsewhere. And not a single ques
tion went unanswered. If he evaded
one. It was done so skillfully that the
questioner semed satisfied.
Payne has served on the ways and
Means Committee just 20 years. He
has been member of Congress for 22
years, and has seen the framing and
ra?sase of two previous uriff meas-i
ures. He Is the trusted lieutenant of
the Speaker,
consistent alwaj-s-on-the-Job support
er of the House machine. He never
walks he slides along with a sort of
waddle. He Is big enough around the V"n? "sc'1 ul" "f"""
middle to wear President Taffs tmu-' qu!tting the Presidency was to hand
sers, but would be clean lost in his
Clark's Bl(t Voice.
Champ Clark's principal character
istic is his voice. When properly har
rassed and warking perfectly, Champ
has a fog-horn "beat to a frazzle." He
is fond of homely phases; like Uncle
Joe Cannon, he often refers to the
Bible for an illustrative incident, or a
precept, and has a goodly fund of an
ecdote. There is Just a faint sugges
tion of the South in his speech.
"Misher Speeeeeee r," says Clark
as he rises majestically, removes his
spectacles slowly, swings them around
Carelessly in one hand, and sticks tht
other in one of those old-style hori
zontal trousers pockets that he ef
fects. When he gets "net up" prnper
Jy Champ discards the spectacles, and
cuts little circles !n the atmosphere
with the free hand; pounds ft on the
desk, or else tucks It away In the
capacious trousers pocket. Sometimes
he leans forward and pticks his head
out pugnaciously. He has one peculiar
mannerism. When he stops to collect
his thoughts, he purses up his mouth,
and then, suddenly, "puffs" vehement
ly. When he Is real excited the puff
sounds like a locomotive exhaust. He
Is tall and weJl-fed In appearance. He
always wears one of the old-rtyle
"If ex-Senator Chandler will only
show up now. the fatted calf may be
killed, for all the Prodigals will have
returned." remarked a Congressman
at the White House as the lean form
of Senator Stone disappeared in the
direction of President Taft's inner of
i '7t does beat the Dutch." continued
I the Representative, "how all the old
members of the Roosevelt In Bad Club
the Undersirables, the Malefactors
of Great Wealth, the Mollycoddle
and the Shorters and Vgliers are all
snuggling up to the new President , It
was only a few days ago that we saw
Senator Bally and General Miles come
up here to 'pay their respects' to the
Executive. Every time they paid their
respects to President Roosevelt they
did it with brickbats. As a rule, every
time thew did it, they got a biff with
the Big Stick in return.
"There w-as Representative McCall,
of Massachuetts, who declined a col
lege presidency Just so that he could
stay in Congress to whack the Roose-
I .-L nnlU!cd tlO CT-Q B fin t it' A Ap
and a most vigorous and! 'J'1 " , , .u
the new head of the Administration.
So was senator Dick, of Ohio. One of
the last things Roosevelt did before
Dick an assortment of Jabs in the way
of appointments that were calulated
to make all the Dickltes in the Buck
eye State sick unto death.
"Senator Hale, of Maine, whom
Roosevelt delighted to poke with a
sharp end of the Big Stick, and who,
on the other hand, always acted tickl
ed beyond measure when he could
thwart the Rough Rider, was one ot
the callers at the White House last
week, and had a perfect love feast In
j the sanctum sanctorum. As near a8
! I can make out, the President has won
i about all Roosevelt's old friends over
to him and has made an excellent
start Into the rank of the enemies. He
has been in office now a whole month
and has not, to my knowledge, called
anyone a liar,'
Dr. Andrew C. Smith will not be a
candidate for mayor of Portland.
This Is his announcement made this
morning after careful deliberation. He
Is out of It owing to the fact that he
could not make arrangements for the
care ot his personal business and
practice, says the Journal. All dny
yesterday Dr. Smith deliberated on
the question and sought to so ar
range his affairs that he could see
his way clear to get Into the fight.
He continued his efforts until long
past midnight and then decided that
he could not take the step. He an
nounced his final decision a short
time before noon today.
"If I had been In the city." said
the doctor this morning, "I would
not have allowed my name to be giv
en so much prominence unless I had
decided that I could be a candidate.
I would like to enter the race, but I
do not see how I can arrange my
business. I have spent 81 years In
building It up and I cannot afford to
completely sacrifice It now. In spite
of my desire, therefore, I am com
pelled to keep out of the contest."
'Td Rather Die, Doctor,
than have rtiy feet cut off," said M.
L. Bingham, of Princeville, Ldd.,
"but you'll die from gangerene (which
had eaten away eight toes) If you
don't", said all doctors. Instead he
used Bucklen's Arnica' Salve till wholly
cured. Its cures of Eczema, Fever
Sodes. Bolls, Burns and Piles astound
the world. 25c at Tallman & Co.,
Pendleton Drug Co.
Bring the Forest of Pine and
Eucalyptus to Your Home.
Germs cannot live when Hyomel
(pronounced HigTi-o-me) Is used.
You Just breathe in this soothing yet
most powerful antiseptic air and re
lief Is immediate. It is exactly the
same air as you yould breathe In the
forests of pine and euclyptus of Aus
tralia where catarrh or consumption
was never known to exist
If you have catarrh and are con
stantly embarrassed because you
must hawk, spit and snuffle, surely
you will give Hyomel the attentlonu It
deserves, when Tallman A Co. will
guarantee this pleasant remedy to
cure ail this distress or humiliation,
or will give you your money back.
Hyomel kills catarrh germs, te re
lieves the . soreness and distress In
five minutes. It stops hawking and
snuffling and makes you feel like a
pew man in a wetk. It i the surest
and most satisfactory catarrh treat
ment known and gives comfort and
relief to consumptive.
A complete outfit, including Inhal
er, costs but $1.00, and extra bottles,
if afterward needed, cost but 60c.
A few minutes' time each day is all
you need to quickly cure the most
chronic case. Hyomel is sold by all
leading druggists.
Cures Indigestion
It relieves stomach misery, bout sterna
'vh, belching-, and cures all stomach dis
ease or money back. Large box of tab
lets 60 otata. Druggist in all towns.
Washington. Just what President
Taft's policy in the Indian office will
be is a matter of much conjecture
among those who have been following
the ups and downs of that bureau for
the past six years. Commissioner
Leupp, who is a thoroughgoing Roose
velt man and under whose adminis
tration the office was taken away
from the politicians and placed on a
business basis, has expressed a long
ing to be away from the cares of po
litical life.
Pursuant to his determination, he
turned in his resignation to President
Taft March 6. when Balllnger became
Secretary of the Interior. It is under
stood that Leupp would be willing to
serve for a while if this were neces
sary to ensure the perpeuallty of the
reforms that he has Instituted and
that his resignation was turned In or
der to relieve the new administration
of any possible embarrassment In case
it was desired to make a change. Pre
sident Taft Immediately returned
Leupp's resignation with the request
that It be witheld "for a while."
Whether "for a while" means Inde
finitely, Is not known. Meanwhile,
the President is being besieged with a
swarm of applicants for the place.,
For Sale, a Bargain.
Modern house, good condition, 8
rooms, bath, separate toilet, recep
tion hall, first class plumbing, lot
60x100, S2600; or two lots, 60x200,
$3000. House cost $2600 four years
ago. Jusct right for rancher with
room for barn, or will add third lot,
with barn, wagon shed and harness
room for $3600. See property, 616
Jane street, Pendleton. Address J. T.
Van Orsdall, 349 Taylor street, Port
land, Ore.
Suite of unfurnlsher housekeeping
rooms for rent in East Oregonlan
building. Electric lights, steam heat
and bath. Enquire at this office.
Buy a lot In Columbia Beach either
for a summer home os as an Invest
ment Both are good. Terms sasy.
Hotel Pendleton Arrivals.
Walter B. Day. Boise, Ida.; A. R.
Winters, Chicago; Y. B. Dowel!, Dal
las, Texas; C. H. Schieck, San Fran
cisco; II. P. Curts, W. J. Curts, He
lix; John Clancy, Thos. Nester, J. W.
Bolston, Portland; W. L. Kinney, Ta-
coma; R. M. McCrae, A. M. Nels, Eu
gene Wright, Spokane; J. W. Hender
son, X. Patno, Starbuck; S. J. Camer
en, North Yakima; A. Schccord, W.
S. Sterling. Chas. H. Green, Port
land; T. S. Dickens, San Francisco;
M. J. Manning, Portland; E. W.
Kreamer, Portland; Geo. A. Fergu
son, city; Charles Burrow, D, M. D.,
Portland; Carl Cooley, Portland; C.
O. Eppinger, W. M. Peterson, city;
J. K. Levy San Francisco; C. Carlson,
Portland; R. Lakeridge, Philadelphia;
R. P. Kearns San Francisco.; J. T.
Wallace; C. W. McMahon, Portland.
W. S. Sterling, Portland; A. Neuman,
St. Paul; E. Jefferson, Seattle; D. A.
Pickard. F. L. Pulliet, Portland; H.
L. Hamer, N. Y. C; S. C. McClellantl,
S. R. Walters. Spokane; E. E. Alex
ander, Chicago; A. M. Elder, Chicago;
C. W. Graves, P. A. Clancy, Portland;
P. J. De Slearcy, Seattle; G. D. Gal
ley. Portland; M. H. Patton, Spo
kane: C. F. Vandewater. Walla Wal
la; W. R. Roberts, Spokane; R. D.
Ball. Portland; J. A. Cooper, Walla
Walla; Arthur Moses, Starbuck; J.
L. Wallace, Portland.
Read This.
J. L. Vaughn, 122 W. Court street,
phone Main 139, local agent for the
Pacific Electric Iron, states there will
be an advertisement In Colliers
Weekly April 10 and In the Satur
day Evinlng Port April 24, describ
ing the good qualities of the Pacific
Hot Point iron.
Sorrow's plow cuts the furrows for
Joy's harvests.
are known to exist in this country by thousands because
freed from pain and suffering by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Could such a record be made without actual and supe
rior merit? Read what this woman says, and realize that
the results secured in her case could not have been made
except by a very good medicine.
Detroit, Mich. "For more than ton yonrs i suffered with
all the troubles women have. 1 had one doctor after another
without receiving any benefit. They advised an operation, but
I refused to have one. My body and feet were swollen, caused
by my female trouble. I was very nervous, bad no appetite,
indigestion and heart trouble.
About six months apo I heard of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound and decided to try It, and In six weeks 1 was
well and strong'.
I have had the pleasure of seeing five friends made well
by this medicine, and I want to say to all suffering women take
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. If any woman is in
doubt she can write to me and I shall bo most happv to irlve her
all the information I can." Mrs. Freida lloseuau, fWJ-4 Meldrum
Ave., Detroit, Mich.
Science in sursrerv and electricity has advanced much
in the past 30 years, but the treatment of disease by the old
fashioned roots and herbs method has never been improved
upon. The fact that this leader of them all Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is to-day the largest
seller of any similar medicine in the world, is proof positive
of its value and superiority, for with all our entei-pri.se
and advertising we could not keep fooling the people for
30 years. Merit and merit alone is what has made Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound the standard medicine
for treating diseases peculiar to women.
For 30 years Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound has been the standard remedy for
female ills. 'o sick woman does justice to
herself who will not try this famous medicine.
Made exclusively from roots and herbs, and
has thousands of cures to its credit.
Mt if the slightest trouble appears which
fcr-V you do not understand, write to Mrs.
Pinkham at Lynn, Mass., for her advice it is
free and always helpful.
Money to Loan.
C C. Hendricks, agent for the Ver
mont Loan & Trust company, will
place loans on Umatilla farm lands
For particulars call at room 3 over
Taylor Hardware company.
Gold Watch Given Away.
On Monday evening, April 19, the
Dime theater will give a way a
14k gold watch free. Either lady's
or gentleman's. See watch In Ken
ley's window.
Free Srin Carmva
April 26 to May 1 , Inclusive
FEATURING the largest trained wild animal show in the world. 200
wonderful animal actors, including Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Pu
mas, Panthers, Tigers, Bears, Dogs, Ponies, Monkeys, Coats,
- Etc. Two large steel arenas and one elevated stage.
a ca's greatest aerialist, in feata of skill
Twice daily. . m fang on trapeze and wire.
the volcanic gap on a bicycle. . .
DAINTY, DETERMINED DE- ny mule clown.
MONA looping the loop in a hollow . CONCERT daily by Parker's fam
balL First season in America. ous concert band.
THE BROADWAY BELLES, a Musical Comedy Production of unusual merit 20 People
"PHAROAH'S DAUGHTER," the Feature Attraction at Luna Park, Coney Island, New
York, last season.
PARKER'S $20,000 CARRY-US-ALL, the largest and finest riding device of its kind on
THE MESSINA DISASTER, a realistic and accurate portrayal of the horrors of the re
cent earthquake in Italy a masterpiece of electrical and mechanical skill
The Baby Incubators. ' The Human Laundry.
The Giant Ferris Wheel The Funny Katzen jammer Castle.
The Home of Came Nation. T, ... , m ,
Hale's Tours of the World. e BcauUful Tyrolean Alps.
Monkey Land RagUme Op'
The largest portable electric light plant made, supplying electricity and power for the 18 big ,
shows. ':
A city of tents! A Glitter of gold and silver and bronzed hand wood carving and. a glare of
electric lights 1 Bigger and better than any circus I ''
W. A. nilOWN, Proprietor1.
Kii rrri r
Si - h
Telephone and fire alarm connec
tions with all rooms.
Headquarters for Traveling Men
Commodious Sample Uoonis.
Free 'Bus.
Special rates by the week or month
Excellent Cuisine.
Prompt dining room service.
Meal tlcke old.
nilllard Room In Connection.
Only Three Mocks from PojKits.
Cass Matlock, Prop.
Latest Moving
Pictures and
Illustrated Songs
A Comfortable Theatre
Entertaining and Instructive
Shows afternoon
and evenings
Adults 10c. Children un
der 10 years 5c.
Next door to
French Restaurant
Every Woman
ti Intermlcd nd vhoold know
about lb wonil.rful
Marvel V?
Aril ronr droinrirt for
It Ir h unnot inppl
th MARVEL. uccDt na
trmuwl honk ml. It ctTM roll
tavflffilar. mrtA rtirarttnna liiT.lti.hlft
toUdUa. MARVEL CO 44 E. 234 St., Htm Twft
Scott's Santal-Pepsin Capsules
For Inflammation or C.tirrh
of the Itladdei nd Dunned
Kldnejr. No curt bo pty.
Cum quickly sad Perms-ni-ntly
ths wont esses o
(onorrhoft and Gleet, no
matter ot how long land
Ins. Absolutely harmless,
Hold by druggiiti. fries
II on, or by inall. postpaid.
,l (, 8 boxes tl.lL
it n tiH Hrmllrtoa ftnuj OrJtnpMU
I Irritation, ar le.ratlons
ct bii.ii sambrsos.
HEVMSCHtlinUC, dI or polMBOtu.
1 a m! In al.ln. wimf.
I' by iikm, araaald, lot
if.ao, or I bettlM ai.T.
mw aw. i.bji.
at m ..
II. B. A- a
Notice Is hereby given that the un
dersigned, as Trustee in Bankruptcy
of the estate of C. C. Anthony, bank
rupt, will, pursuant to order of
Thomas Fits Gerald, Esq., Referee In
Bankruptcy, offer for sale at public
auction to the highest bidder, for
cash, at eleven o'clock In the forenoon
on the 19th day of April, 1909, at the
front door of the store room 'ately
occupied by said bankrupt, situated
on the east side of' Main street be
tween Alta and Webb streets In the
City of Pendleton, Umatilla County,
Oregon, all of the property and assets
belonging to the estate of said bank
rupt, consisting of a stock of goods,
wares and merchandise, and furniture
and fixtures now in said store room,
and one lot of claims, debts and open
accounts claimed to be owing to the
bankrupt's estate. An Inventory of
said properties can be seen In the of
fice of said Referee in Bangduptcy
In the City Hall, corner of Cotton
wood and Alta Streets, Pendleton,
Oregon. All sales will be made sub
ject to confirmation by the Court.
Dated April 2, 1909.
Trustee In Bankruptcy.
Daily East Orrronlan by carrier.
only 15 cento per week.

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