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W. A BROWN, Proprietor.
Inriiiin CnpatU of Handling Own Fi
nancial Affairs May do so Spend
thrifts Will lo Held In Cite as in
the Past Onlor Made at Agent's
Tvirri'Iv throurh the efforts of Ma
Jor A. E. McMatrldge, agent upon the
reservation, the government will
henceforth allow Indians much more
latitude in the handling of their fi
nancial affairs. Within a hort time
the sum of $75,000 now held In trust
for the Indians will be raid them and
this money they may use as they see
At the Joint conference with the
Indians and a delegation of business
men, held at the agency yesterday
afternoon. Major McFatrldge announc
ed the department's new ruling and
also admonished the Indians to be
careful In the exercise of their new
In a speech which was Interpreted
to the Indians by Joe Craig and Leo
Sampson the agent told the Indians
that those who squandered their mon
ey would be placed In the Incompe
tent class and would then receive only
enough money to secure the necessi
ties of life. He especially warned the
tribesmen against the evils of "fire
water." The business men of the city were
also asked to aid the government In
the experiment by treating the In
dians fairly.
Order From Valentine.
The ruling just made is the direct
outgrowth of Agent McFatrldge's trip
to Washington some time ago. While
before the bureau of Indian affairs
Major McFatrldge argued In favor of
the new system which has long been
asked for by local Indians and also
by business men.
The following is the order from Mr.
Washington, April 9. Arthur E.
McFatrldge. Esq., Superintendent
Umatilla Indian School, Pendleton,
Ore. Sir: Hereafter when In your
opinion an Indian Is competent to
manage his own affairs, and such In
dian has funds deposited to his Indi
vidual credit, over which the govern
ment exercises control as trustee,
you are authorized to turn such funds
over to the Indian owner, and this
letter is your authority for so doing.
In order to accomplish this you are
directed to have each Indian draw a
check to the order of the cashier of
the bank, to be countersigned by you
in the regular way, which check will
serve as voucher to your accounts.
When the checks are received at the
bank the present a counts of the In
dians should -be closed and new ac
counts opened with them, which will
not be subject to the usual restriction
regulations. Each regular designated
depository in which you have placed
trust funds belonging to the Indians
should be furnished with a copy of
this letter for its Information.
You will be expected to confer with
the Indians and advise them that the
office, in pursuing the course herein
indicated, believes that it will be for
their .best Interests. It will be your
duty to counsel Indians In all matters
pertaining to their Individual accounts
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n 5 Hi
Whole Body Raw with- Eczema-
Life was Intolerable Was Even
Incased in Plaster Discharged
from. Hospitals as Hopeless.
" From the aee of three months until
If teen years old, my son Owen's Ufa
was made intoler
able by eczema in
iu worst form. He
was all right until
a red rash broke
-out on bis fore
head, but we were
not alarmed at first.
Very soon, however,
the rash began to
spread over his head
and shoulders, and
it caused him great
discomfort. I took
him to a doctor and tried half a dozen
other treatment, ail with the same
result: no improvement at all. The
disease gradually spread until nearly
every part of his body was quite raw.
We had to strap him down in bed, for
he used to tar himself dreadfully in
his sleep. The agony be went through
is quite beyond words. No one thought
we would rear him. The regimental
doctor, a very clever man, pronounced
the cae hopeless; at least, he said the
only hope was that he might, if he
lived Jong enough, outgrow it to some
extent. We bad him in hospitals four
times and he was pronounced one of
the worst caw, if not the worst, ever
admitted, from earh he was dis
charged as incurable; in fart he got
wone undpr the successive treatments.
At one hospital they incawd hirn in
placter, and this neemed to aggravate
the gorfiietig terriMy. He looked so
badly that no one likr-d to go n-ar hirn
and his life wan a burl-n to hirn. We
kept trying remedy ufu-r remedy, but
we had g't alni'ist pat hoping' for a
cure. Kix months ago we purchased
a ft of f'uticura Soap, Ointment, and
Resolvent Tills and persevered with
them. The result wa truly marvelous
and to-day he is x'rf-ctly cured, his skin
not having a blemish on it anywhere.
Mrs. Lily Hedge, si , Vaiighan Road,
Oildlirtrbour Iine, t'amblewcll Green,
Eng., Jan. 12. )'mi7."
hend to nenr'ht depot for free Cutl
cura book on Trt-atmerit-f Skin Li iwg.
rntirurt Remeiji-are wild ihrrmrhwit the w.r4.
I ;.'. lifiO'j. St. I tiarwn'eiw- tMi ; eru- : yt
rt- In Inil, A u-t raha. H. 'I 'in rm t r, , t-(J:iy;
t" Vi'S. a i.i,'. n. 1,'1 .(I,; in n. -K : 1' S A
l-uittr Mm 4l Clicia. Corp, ttui f R., Uma
and to Impress on them the benefits
that wilt accrue to each depositor,
both financially and morally, from a
conservative use of the funds the gov
ernment has placed at their disposal.
When, however, an Indian has been
given a fair chance to show his ability
to properly care for and manage his
affairs, and the superintendent is con
vinced that such Indian does not
measure up to the standard which in
his opinion would be for the best in
terest and protection of such Indian,
the superintendent is hereby author
ized to place the Indian In the incom
petent class, and thereafter his funds
will be distributed under governmental
supervision. It will bo seen from
what is said that the office Is desirous
of giving a greater number of Umatilla
Indians a chance to handle their own
affairs to give them the same oppor
tunity enjoyed by their white breth
ren. Finally, I will be pleased to have
you inform the Indiana that you, as
superintendent, have been largely In
strumental In procuring the necessary
action, which will lead to the removal
of restrictions from the Individual ac
counts now In bank to their several
credits, and that after careful consid
eration the nrocedure herein Indicated
will be carried out for the advance- j
ment of their general and Individual
A last word of caution. This is an
experiment of the greatest value to
the service at large. Failure In It will
de Irremediable damage; success, un
ending good. Go slow and succeed.
Very respectfully,
(Signed) li. G. VALENTINE,
Acting Commissioner.
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criticism from the San Francisco 'Call'
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The newspapers of the coutry art
commenting generally upon the ter
seness of Presldnet Taft's first spec
ial message to Congress. Rollin Bond
Beresford's representative, who was
In Pendleton today, Is much cast
down. He thinks the President might
at least have mentioned to congress
how much he laughed when he at
tended Mr. Ur-resford's performance
of "Who's Your Friend?" at Augusta,
Ga., on Saturday, January 9; and also
In view of the fact that laughing at
Beresford's performance has been not
only a national but an International
affair. And he telis us that, on that
same date, the newspeper men of
Augusta gave a banquet at which Mr.
Ilerexford was the guest of honor, and
when the toastmaster. in the course
of h!s remarks referred to Mr. IJeres-
ford as "the only live comedian in
captivity whose head could not be
turned by having in his audience at
one time a President-elect of the
T'nltedStates, the Governor of a great
slate and most of the Legislative body
t that state, manifesting their plea-j
sure in no uncertain way." Mr. Beres-
ford acknowledged that "his head bad
been turned many times during the,1
course or his career as a comedian,
and add'd that the surest way to turn
bis bead was to "come to the theatre
late and wear creaky shoes" all of
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I.' 75.

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